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Talon Build Guide by Yamy

Middle How I reached RANK 1 TALON MID CHALLENGER guide

Middle How I reached RANK 1 TALON MID CHALLENGER guide

Updated on February 9, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yamy Build Guide By Yamy 14 0 13,815 Views 1 Comments
14 0 13,815 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yamy Talon Build Guide By Yamy Updated on February 9, 2023
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak
Absolute Focus

Magical Footwear
Minion Dematerializer

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide


By Yamy
Hi i'm Yamy. I used to be a Qiyana otp back in S11 and reached Challenger 850lp under the name of YAMY/Princess Klee. I started playing Talon mid in the middle of S12 and reached Grandmaster 777lp. I'm currently Challenger peaking 775 lp. My gameplay is inspired by YeDaoshen a chinese Talon otp hope you guys enjoy my guide.

Talon mid is different compared to jungle. Playing on a lane means that you suffer from mana issues and bad matchups. Then why should you play Talon mid ? Because it's cool to make fast combos and it feels good. The objective of my guide is to optimize Talon mid to make it as comfortable and satisfying as possible to play.
-Very strong skirmishes early mid game especially with jungler
-Strong transition lvl 1-2 and 5-6
-Map pressuring in fog of war
-Flanking options ( can avoid wards by jumping walls )
-Cheater tempo (one of the fastest champ which gives you opportunities to cheese and clutch by being somewhere ennemies don't expect you to be)
-Different builds and runes possible
-Great mobility which can force ennemies to chase you for a long time
-Lots of bad/hard matchups
-Mana issues
-Weak lvl 3-4 (avoid trades if not good enough for you)
-Ultimate dependant (predictable actions without R)
-Lack of cc/setup
-Hard to be useful if you fall behind
-Gets counter by spells reveal like TF ult, Akshan ult, Rengar E and R, Karma W, Nidalee W ...
-Ahri (Try to proc phase rush (Q A W) when she charms you so you gap close her while being cc)
-Anivia (Bait her Q)
-Azir (Proc phase rush before his R and jump his R, bug can cancel his CC with your E)
-Cassiopeia (Dodge her Q)
-Ekko (Kite/ Chase his 3rd auto passive proc)
-Karma (Space her W if you can't, use max range Q on her while you get cc or jump a wall to escape)
-Orianna (Play on the opposite side of the ball, play around her ball position)
-Swain (Dodge his E)
-Syndra (Dodge stun)
-Taliyah (Don't get stun and dodge her Q with phase rush)
-Xerath (Bait his E )

Phase rush is the optimal keystone against champs that are hard to reach or against champs you have to kite. Dematerializer on casters minions. In case they misstep in early laning phase, look for a Q A W A Passive proc pattern trade and run away with phase rush. Don't get too cocky, phase rush isn't a strong early game keystone. Your biggest weakness is the lack of damages and mana before your firsts back. Stay healthy during laning phase to keep your Absolute focus AD. Learn to give up cs when you have to but get at least the XP. Once you get level 7 Dirk, 2 long swords and Absolute Focus AD your W one shot casters, wave clear and look for roams or pick with waterwalking.
-Kassadin (Shove hard first levels Kassadin struggle farming under tower)
-Katarina ( Don't get hit by daggers, preshot her dash with W)
-Malzahar (kill his monsters before trading)

Matchup tips:

Rare matchups where you decide how it will go. Your transition level 1-2 and 5-6 is really strong, try to abuse it. They either have to greed to shove and cs or play really safe. In case they play safe you can just farm peacefully while denying them as much cs as possible. In case they miss step punish them with short trades, the most important is to not get outplayed or you will quickly lose the control of the matchup. Once you get level 9 you can start looking for roams and picks.
Electrocute 233 / Sorcery 130:
-Akali (dodge her E, don't trade when she uses smoke, Q her to get in melee before her Q hit will force her to kite back to get her passive)
-Fizz ( Q A his Q W)

Matchups tips:

In these matchups hexdrinker is mandatory since you can't dodge their burst while trading. Basically you have to hit each other otherwise you lose prio/matchup which make hexdrinker a good item vs burst ap champ.

Matchups tips:

Buy corruption potion. Dematarializer on casters minions. Against poke mages their objective is to poke you as much as they can to get you out of lane but their biggest weakness is mana and long CDs early game. Your objective is to trade your HP against their mana. Hard shoving waves will force them to either trade you or match your clear which gives you prio either way since you are Talon your roams are better. Try to hit as much cs as possible and your opponent to proc taste of blood. Once you survive until level 7 with 60 extra AD from items or level 9 your W one shot casters. Buying magic resistance is an option to survive to their poke. When Maw is completed 2nd or 3rd item you can either match your opponent on side or commit and focus someone else in teamfights.
-Ryze ( Play around his phase rush and W cd)
-Twisted Fate ( play around his W cd)

Matchups tips:

Compared to others control mages these champs don't have real mana issues or long cd. Their objective as other controls mages is to poke you enough to get you out of lane but since trading your HP with their mana pool won't be enough you need to find good trades patterns. The more trades you get against them and the lower they get the higher chance your jungler will help you.
Buying Mercs can help you against their CC but don't buy it too early. Once you get level 9 your W one shot casters and waterwalking will help you to match their roams.
CONQUEROR 323 or 313 / RESOLVE 023 or 033
-Irelia (Dodge E, avoid fights with full stacks, fights in waves)
-Lissandra (Full tenacity build and sprint on her)
-Twisted fate ( Full tenacity build and sprint on her)
-Yasuo (Dodge his R with your R and bait his windwall, avoid fights in waves)

Matchup Tips:

Start doran blade against melee champs or long sword refillable against range. Your level 1-2 is really strong abuse it to make waves bounce back to you or answer their trades. Try to get as much Conqueror stacks as you can before you get your Q A passive proc. Don't be scared if they force trades with full stacked conqueror and last stand, passive damage is really surprising they won't expect you to one shot them. In melee matchup A Q A is a really important pattern to win your matchup so make sure to use it wisely. Against range champs such as Lissandra and Twisted Fate full tenacity build is an option. Their kit is based on CC lock someone. With enough tenacity you can just trade them however you want.
ELECTROCUTE 233 or 333 / RESOLVE 031 or 033
-Qiyana 333 033 (Trade lvl 1 A Q A be careful she can space you with W and make your Q range)
-Zed 233 031

Matchup tips:

Skill matchup. Your level 1-2 is stronger so abuse it as much as you can. They have to melee to farm under their tower early levels abuse it to poke them with W. Dodge their mains spells while shoving waves with autos. Mana management is really important in skill matchups make sure to use it wisely. Try to proc electrocute as much as you can, HP lead is important. Don't force prio or trade when you are in a weak position just farm and look for roams and mistakes in mid game. In case they engage you, match your ultimate with theirs and outplay him or just run away. Your ultimate has a lower CD so try to abuse it when it comes back.
FIRST STRIKE 221 / SORCERY 330 or 032
-Any other bruiser you can't really trade

Matchups tips:

Mostly the matchups that has almost no counterplay. Use Dematerializer on casters. The most important in these matchups is to stay healthy get as much gold and xp as you can. Once you get level 7 with Dirk and 2 long swords your W one shots casters. From that point after shoving waves look for roams and picks. First strike will get a lot of value in mid game in terms of damage and gold.
W (F) Q R A
W (F) R A Q A
W E R Q A (enemy behind a wall)
Q W R Prowler A
W (F) Q R A Prowler
W R Prowler A Q A
W Prowler R A Q A
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