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Singed Build Guide by Amvill

Top How to become a Professional ****** [READ NOTES]

By Amvill | Updated on April 27, 2021
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Runes: Aftershock Singed

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Second Wind

Taste of Blood
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Go this if lost
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #19 in
Top Lane
Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

How to become a Professional ****** [READ NOTES]

By Amvill
Before setting off
This guide is not meant to be a guide on a way to play singed, it is more of a way for you to find out on your own how he is played and how to get use to his playstyle. Since you are reading this chances are you don't know a lot about singed, which is normal. If there is anything league has taught me it's that the best way to learn something is the hard way. I want this guide to be a way to get you started on learning the in's and out's of singed rather than just telling you. If you think a build or strategy might work, go try it in a normal game and see. Who knows, maybe you will learn something you never knew could work. To play singed to the best of his abilities, you should have an open mind and constantly experiment. If you want more info about Singed and his mechanics, I highly recommend checking out Minishcap1 on either Twitch or Youtube. He is a Challenger Singed player who is always explaining his thought process while he is playing. He is often trying new builds or strategies for fun and in competitive. Some of the information in this guide is from his videos on Youtube. Great guy, check him out if you want to get the juicy Singed goodness.
The mind of Singed Back to Top
There are some things you have to know before playing Singed. I will mention these points in later parts of the guide to be as informative as possible. First things 1st.....
You have to go into a game with the mindset the you are the weakest champion in the game Lv 1. Once you hit Lv 6 is when you can start playing aggressive, and only when you have your ult up. This is because one jg gank can spell your end unless you are ready. Singed is inherently a scaling champion needs ganks to be super relevant in top lane. His TP ganks and inherently strong due to his cc and movement speed so I run it almost all of my games.
Secondly, don't be afraid to just bit the bullet and play safe. Sometimes giving up farm for a roam to get your team rolling is what you have to do to win as Singed. It's a cruel truth, but it is what it is. In some matchups, you just have to build tanky and trade some HP for some farm to still be in the game.
Singed, as of right now, feels very weak in season 11 due to many factors. He has many bad matchups, lots of his items are expensive and not very good, and he struggles to carry games due to his lack of pick potential without his team. If you are the only one fed and the rest of your team is eating it, you are in trouble.

Now, onto the actual guide...
Runes and Build Back to Top
Runes and items are your tools to strategize against your opponents, weather it be early, mid, or late game. The runes listed up above have notes that briefly explain their uses and possible strengths. Also, Singed can use lots of different runes in the secondary tree, the Domination tree is just my personal favorite. During champ select, think about what your best options are and use your big brain to shift the odds in your favor. The item builds for singed are bit less customizable than the runes, but you can still build tons of different items on him. The items listed above all have their purposes, strengths, and weaknesses, so try and use them to their fullest potential. It's one thing to know all of these things, but singed isn't exactly the most mechanically challenging champion, it's mostly strategy and understanding the game state. Remember, the runes and items are your tools, and Singed is your craft.
Goods and not goods Back to Top
I don't know how well singed can fight 150 different champions both in lane and outside of it. Mainly because again, the best way to learn is the hard way. However, I am confident in explaining Singed's pros and cons as a champion in order to help you recognize those hard lanes and easy counterpicks.

Singed is especially weak to champions who can do one of three things against Singed very well.
Lockdown with cc (usually point-and-click)
If a champion can do any of these things with likely success, they can counter Singed pretty well. Champions who can do more than one of those things should be on your ban list. If you think a champ can do all three of those things with relative ease, perma ban them. Also any champ that can steal movement speed are strong counters to Singed.
There are also weaknesses that are attributed to his kit and his playstyle as a teamfighting offtank. He ...
Is VERY weak Lv 1
Can feel weak without ult.
Can have high mana costs
Lacks burst options
Needs JG ganks to be able to play the game to his max.

Singed is good at a number of things and can be a very good addition to a team. these strengths are...
Kiting immobile champs
Pushing lanes
Damage over time
Scaling with items
Roaming with Predator
And running very, very fast.

Take those strengths and weaknesses as you will, especially if you want to build around them.
Tips and Mechanics Back to Top
While Singed is pretty easy in terms of mechanics, he does have a few tricks up his sleeves. One of the most well know being his W root. If an enemy is flung into you W while it is already on the ground, it will root them for a second or two. This is really good when trying to escape being flanked or trying to escape from a gank.
Another trick is to basic attack someone after flinging them with your E. This one is tricky to pull of and requires practice to get the hang of. It is a bit hard to explain in text so I will link a video link here on how to perform this tactic in game.
Clarities Back to Top
Given that Singed is as unique as he is, he has some fundamental gameplay actions that not only set him apart from the majority, but can also be hard to grasp just by playing him. So there are a few topics I've come up with as well as other more experienced Singed players have shared.

The 1st is the basic gameplay patterns Singed has when being used effectively. Singed's 1v1 patterns go sort of like playing tag except you're always it. It goes something like this...
Run in and tag the enemy(s) with your Q
Run away when you know the enemy will throw out a skill shot
(You can just keep running around them if you know they can't win the fight)
Run back in and attempt to get the pick (usually by flinging them away from
their escape and killing them with Q)
Rinse and repeat until you get the dub on the enemy gamer
To put it into simpler words, Singed is the KING of rotations and just being uncatchable. However, this sort of playstyle only works if you have the items to deal damage and be fast, so what do you do if you don't have those?

Singed's gameplay changes quite a bit when he is behind. Instead of going in and out constantly, he plays more like an Urgot or Swain in the sense that he is basically a trap for the enemy team to fall into when over-extending. The way it works is....
Wait for people to catch with your W or wait for your team to land an engage
Either run in and fling the enemy into your team (might die yourself)
Or let your team run in 1st and focus on pealing for your carry(s) or fling
their carry(s) with help from the movement speed from your passive

There are more strategies I want to cover later on in the development of this guide like tank, enchanter, and assassin Singed 0_0 so stay tuned.

Another important aspect of singed is his R. It has a long cooldown, but it gives singed every stat he could want in one ability. Given that, it sounds like an ability you use at the start of a fight to stat check the opponents and win the fight right?? Well yes, but actually no. This ability can literally be used for anything from pushing waves to winning fights to surviving all in's. This ability should never be off-cooldown for longer than 1 minute unless you know a fight is coming soon and you need to save it. One of the biggest mistakes a Singed can make is holding his ultimate, its a bad habit to get into. It is also why I like to go Ultimate Hunter so much, since the ult haste let you play more aggressive in the mid to late game. Your ult also lets you get away with some funky build since it gives you some of the states you need and can fill in the wholes left by more unconventional items like Moonstone+Enchanter items or more tank centralized items like Gargoyles or Thornmail. Ignoring the potential and use of your ult is like a Yasuo thinking he doesn't need wind wall to win a poke lane. Your R is a fundamental part of Singed's kit, almost as much as his Q.
Conclusion Back to Top
This is my first guide on mobafire so I don't know how all the BBC code works and might attempt to add some to this guide later if I find the time. I hope you can raise your winrate with what is technically the oldest champ in league of legends as well as having a great time in the process. Now you can say you won with singed without just doing what a guide told you to do, but rather by actually learning a champ and getting better. Also, don't be afraid to have a mindset like what the guide mentions while playing other champs. The newer champs and inherently more complex and researched just as much if not more than Singed. That was my guide on how to become a Professional ******.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Amvill
Amvill Singed Guide
How to become a Professional ****** [READ NOTES]

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