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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


How to get out of Bronze Tier (Full guide) [S5 updated]

How to get out of Bronze Tier (Full guide) [S5 updated]

Updated on June 20, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NightReaper Build Guide By NightReaper 23 2 665,715 Views 18 Comments
23 2 665,715 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NightReaper Build Guide By NightReaper Updated on June 20, 2015
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General introduction

Hello summoners! I´m NightReaper775, a Gold III player in South Latin America Server that has climbed out of Bronze, I´m here to tell you how to do it.

I have played 1300+ ranked games, I started playing ranked games in Season 2 and I was placed into Bronze III when Season 3 started.

I was an unexperienced player, and I rapidly went down to Bronze V in 20 games or so. after this happened, I started doing what I´m going to explain in the following guide, please enjoy.
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Elo Hell? Does that exist?

Elo Hell, in those times when ELO still existed, was known as a point in the ELO scale when you are usually pared up and against "noob" players, trolls, people that go afk, rage quiters, etc.
Players still use this term in today's league system.

The League system has advantages and disadvantages.


- You need to play a lot more matches in order to advance to the next division or league, making luck not an important variable.
- There are so much more divisions and subdivisions, that the chances of getting paired with people far better or worse than you is almost impossible.
- The system makes you practice ranked games at least once a month, if you don´t play ranked games for a long time, you start to descend Divisions and even Tiers (Leagues)
- If you continue to win games with a good KDA ratio against people in a higher league than you, you can then skip your promotion series and advance to the next league when you reach 100 LP.


- The placement system is ridiculous, when you get to level 30, after playing 10 ranked games, you will get placed in Bronze, Silver or Gold League, depending on the win ratio of that 10 matches. The problem is that new level 30's are still "noobs", that usually don´t know a lot of things about the game, and that people, instead of getting paired with other New in Rankeds, they get placed with people that have a lot of experience, or enough, which almost always leads to a defeat.
- As the amount of games you have to play in order to pass to the next division is higher, you have to spend more time playing League of Legends. (Why not?)

Elo Hell, therefor, can exist in any league, not only in Bronze (where "bad" players are more common), so, with this new league system, Elo Hell stops existing, as it is everywhere and anywhere.
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How to win? Introduction

"My team is bad". What can I do?

I have to start this section by telling you that you can´t always win, and you can´t expect a 10 win row in Ranked games (However, there is nothing stopping this from happening, in theory).

Also, you have to remember that this is a team game, by so, you can´t win alone, even if you think you are doing such thing sometimes, that is not real.

Let´s suppose that you are far better than your team or the enemy's in terms of experience and game mechanics, you will likely get an advantage in the game in comparision to any other player. You might have a score like 10-0, 200 CS (Creep Score) at 25 minutes and have pushed 3 towers in the same lane, sometimes destroying the inhibitor, if you hadn´t stop pushing.

You may think: "I'm the only one doing something, what a bunch of ******s", firstly, that's not true, even in a situation like the one above, your team still hold lanes, defend their base, and will make things in order for you, as a team, to win, things that are in their posibilities, if they are level 5 players, don't ask your support if he/she is going to build Aegis or Solari, for example, they don´t even know what a support is.

Your team is not ******ed, they have another experiences and ways of playing, even if they´re doing bad, suspect they're better than you.

So I can't do anything about it? What do you need to win?

In order for you to help your team to win, if you think your skill level is higher that your team's, or you have more initiave or power in the game, you have to think about a lot of things, which would be better explained if I created chapters for each one.

Normal scorecard of a Ranked Bronze match:

Score Card
<tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> J </td> <td class="hiliteW"> Player 1 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/fiddlesticks-38" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'38' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/fiddlesticks.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 5 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 6 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 10 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 153 </td> </tr> <tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> AP </td> <td class="hiliteW"> Player 2 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/ryze-5" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'5' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/ryze.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 5 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 3 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 8 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 260 </td> </tr> <tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> AD </td> <td class="hiliteW"> Player 3 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/caitlyn-67" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'67' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/caitlyn.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 13 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 7 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 4 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 297 </td> </tr> <tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> T </td> <td class="hiliteW"> Player 4 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/kennen-49" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'49' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/kennen.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 2 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 3 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 6 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 246 </td> </tr> <tr class="player"> <td style="width:30px;" class="role c"> S </td> <td class="hiliteW"> Player 5 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> <a href="/league-of-legends/champion/taric-32" class="ajax-tooltip { t:'Champion',i:'32' }"> <img src="/images/champion/icon-small/taric.png" /> </a> </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 1 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 3 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 20 </td> <td style="width:25px;" class="c"> 39 </td> </tr>
Team 1 K D A CS

As you can see, there is a high quantity of kills and deaths, usually product of unecessary fighting. However, all the members of the team had good CS and won the game by doing a great push, destroying the inhibitor, then doing baron, killing all members of the enemy team and winning the game at 40 minutes.
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Part #1: Banning

Champion Selection is, maybe, the most important phase in Ranked games, not only you start thinking how the game would be when referring to LoL mechanics, but as you get to know each other's personalities, you can or can't expect some things to happen.

Banning: What to know

Most picked

Most banned

These charts are very important, these statistics show us what champions are strong at the moment, popular, and danguerous to face in Ranked games.

Entering Bans

The first thing that happens after starting champion select are Bans, a Ban is basically not allowing a certain champion to be chosen to be played in that match. There are 6 bans in every game, it is divided by turns, and it is the player with the higher MMR of every team that has the oportunity of banning, commonly known as First Pick Player, every team bans 3 champions. Bans can be "lost", if you don't ban anything during the given time, you lose the possiblity and it's the another team turn to ban.

So, as you have limited time, it is compulsory to have an idea of what champions you don't want to have in the enemy team.

You should communicate with your teammates about Bans, if they don´t want Jayce to be played, you can analyze the situation and Ban or don't Ban him.

A lot of people think that if they are in the team that is the first to pick, they should avoid certain bans and pick that champion/s for themselves. This is a good technique to apply in low ELO matches, as the players and game are very influenced by Crowd Control effects and Area of Effect skills.

Who to Ban?

As I said on the last paragraph, High CC (Crowd Control) skills, Global (That can be applied in every part of the map, not depending on distance, like Karthus's Requiem) ones and AoE (Area of Effect) damage defines most teamfights, especially at lower ELO.

Also, champions that apply huge pressure to lanes, as Renekton, can Snowball (Getting very powerful with every kill, more than normal), as Akali or Draven, or characters with problematic skills, as Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab, are bound to be banned.

The most important thing to remember is not to forget to ban this type of champions at this level.

Who to Ban: Personal Tier List

I don´t want you to ban the same champions over and over again in every match, however, there are champions that are considered more "powerful" than others, and that is why they're banned frequently. This champions may vary depending on skill level.

List (Bronze League skill level Bans)

Champions that have too much influence in the game.

- Akali, her roaming, snowballing potential, as well as her sustain and damage in teamfights is just too high to handle in this type of Ranked games.
- Katarina, resetes everywhere, if good player, destroys entire teams in teamfights, too strong as of now.
- Rek'Sai, good mobility, good damage, great map presence, her ganks are very good.
- Graves, one of the best ADC's at the moment, very high burst, mobility and can take more damage than other carries (thanks to his passive).
- Amumu Although nerfed, this champion is great on initiating teamfights, ganking, and fighting tankier champions. His ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, stuns all units in a big circular area around him for 1.5 seconds, devastating in low ELO teamfights.
- Sejuani, great ultimate and a really tanky character to have in mind when banning. Her early game it's not so good, but her late is awesome.
- Shen, Very tanky Top lane or Jungler (can Support if needed), the main problem he causes to the enemy team is his ultimate, Stand United. which teleports him to an ally, also creating a shield on that ally that lasts for the duration of the teleport and lasts a little time after Shen has finished teleporting. However, the casting can be easily interrupted by any hard CC.
- Elise, she is powerful in lane, difficult to kill, and can work as an assassin or an AP caster, depending on which state she is, Human or Spider.
- Blitzcrank, if he grabs you, you're dead, his Rocket Grab, if it connects to you, takes you at him, combine that with his E, Power Fist, which imbobilizes you in the air for a brief moment, and you are not in a good position to be.
- Malphite, difficult to face in lane, and his R, Unstoppable Force, stuns all enemies in a little area, very strong versus Physical Damage based champions.
- Hecarim, his speed is too high for you to ussually get to your tower's protection, very high damage and his ultimate Fear all enemies in the area, mobility in his main attribute, difficult to chase.
- Renekton, one of the strongest champions in the lane phase. He can bully oponnents, out-sustain them with his Q, Cull the Meek, and tank a lot of daamge with his ultimate, Dominus. He's also very mobile.
- Nasus, completely broken if he gets free farm. He has big sustain, a lot of daamge, and can reduce an ADC damage to 0 with his Wither.
- Thresh, very complete Support, he becomes more tanky the longer the games goes, can grab enemies and slow them by a very high %. The main problem he has is his W, Dark Passage, which creates a lantern that provides all allies in the area with a shield, pretty much like Locket of the Iron Solari, and, if someone right clicks on it, they are transported to Thresh's location.
- Kassadin. This champion is like the devil for AP champions, his silence lasts for 2.5 seconds and, paired with high damage and assassination potential, can "flash" (dash) using his ultimate, Riftwalk.
- Kha'Zix, even after the nerf on his W, Void Spike, his Q, Taste Their Fear was buffed, he has very good damage, mobility and poke, and his E, that resets on every kill or assist, can lead to multikills easily, or fast escapes.
- Jarvan IV, his ultimate forces everyone to use Flash, or a dash to escape it, and locks everybody who could not do so in a little area, perfect to land skill shots, like Ziggs's Mega Inferno Bomb or Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage. Also, he does good damage early in the game, can be played as a Top and in the Jungle.
- Yasuo, probably the strongest AD based mid laner. He can block skillshots with his W, Wind Wall, his critical chence is doubled by his passive, and can kill squishy targets in a second. He benefits of konck-up abilities thanks to his ultimate, Last Breath.
- Vi, one of the best gankers, 1v1 duelists and teamfighting junglers in the game. Her ultimate, Cease and Desist, is an instant focus to anybody, which then leads to a 1.5 seconds stun.
- Dr. Mundo, OP, OP, OP, OP, OP, OP!!!! this champion is a beast once he gets a bit of health. He can tank a lot of daamge using his ultimate, Maximum Dosage, and his Q, Infected Bonesaw deals a % hp based daamge that is devastating in the late game.
- Shyvana, her tankyness, power in lane, and push potential makes her a strong pick in these days. She can also focus carries easily in teamfights striking them with her ultimate, Dragon's Descent

Strong champions that can give problems.

- Caitlyn, very powerful in lane, she is often banned due to her pushing potential, her great range and awesome laning phase, winning lanes with ease.
- LeBlanc, bye bye mid laners! A lot of burst, mobility, and a bit of CC in form of silences and snares.
- Jinx, one of the most threatening ADC's, deals tons of damage, gets high amounts of attack speed thanks to her Q, Switcheroo!, so she can push towers really fast, and has global presence with her ultime, Super Mega Death Rocket!
- Lee Sin, early game god-tier jungler, that can gank really easilty and deals high damage to any target until the 20-25 minutes mark.
- Zac, that green flubber thing, what can I say about him? That he can gank you from outer space, be inmune to any crowd control and knock up everyone? Add a passive that helps him to revive and we have Zac, better not to have a good Zac close to you, can be played as a Top, Jungle. Applying good amounts of damage, it's his map presence combined with that stun capability what makes him danguerous.
- Kayle, really strong pick, her ultimate makes her invunerable! Also her damage is pretty high and can burst very well. She can heal and give a MS buff to anyone with her W.
- Gragas, too much damage!!! his Q, Barrel Roll is awesome to poke his opponent out of lane, can 1v1 easily after using his W, Drunken Rage
- Ziggs, high damage, poke, pushing power and an almost global ultimate. This champion has got very powerful recently and is a threat to unexperienced opponent. Mega Inferno Bomb OP.
- Zed, a threat to any squishy (with very low defenses) target. And as he can "jump", using his shadows, his escapes are very good and his damage output is high, he is also a good lane pusher.

6 of these champions have to be banned in every game, in order to have a "fair" game. You could ban Teemo for example, but it is not recommended, as it's pretty sure that the enemy will pick an "stronger" (all champions are good, but someones perform better in more aspects of the game) champion in his place.
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Part #2: Picking champions

When it comes to the roles in a team, you will always want to have the following ones.

- Top
- Jungler
- Mid
- Support

Anything that does not follow this type of estructuring is bound to fail, for example, if you play with 2 top laners, or 2 mids, you have no jungler to secure buffs, gank other lanes early, protect them, push and secure major objectives like baron and dragon.

In ranked games, picks are determined by turns, the first player to pick is also the first player to have banned a champion previously, so your teasm knows whether you have or not the first champion pick.

After the first person have picked his/her champion, it's the turn of the another's team first 2 players, going from up to down, representing how high your MMR is. The cycle continues until all champions were chosen. Then the game starts after a little time.

Priority in champion select

Choosing your role in Bronze is normally determined by when you called the position, but the oficial way to organise in draft mode picking is by how high you are in the pick order, so, if first pick wants top, he/she has the right to top, if second pick also wants top, he/she will have to pick another role.

WAIT! That guy autolocked and ****ed our composition!

That things happen, people that don't want to fill in some role (normally 4th o 5th pick), decides to autolock a champion and a role that has already been called and chosen, making the team anything but effective. For example, no ADC or no Jungler.

The best way to prevent this kind of things in communication, if a player thinks he/she is on the right of choosing whatever role he/she wishes, if they're not first pick, that is wrong, pick order must be respected to have a better chance of winning. However, there are people that don´t listen to that kind of things, so, if they say they can only top or that they don't want to support, it's preferrable for them to let them pick their role, to avoid discussions, but try to fight for pick order.

Always speak to your teammates BEFORE picking any role or champion, to be certain about problems or people that rage or can't play all roles.

Team composition

Always think what kind of game do you want to play, if you want to play aggresive, passive, or adapt to the conditions and the enemy picks.

High CC teams are, in most cases, the most favourable to win, however, damage output is more important, if you can burst someone down in 1 second, before any CC contacts you, it will be worthless to even have CC in that team. CC is not everything, you need coordinations, defense, disengages (Any CC can be used defensively) and attack power, in lower ELO, people tend to escape or panic after receiving a great bunch of damage, mainly because they get caught or initiate on their own without any alert.

If your team composition has almost no CC, for example:

- Top lane Fiora
- Jungle Shyvana
- Mid lane Heimerdinger
- ADC Ezreal
- Support Soraka

It´s more difficult for you to organise fights, but you can surprise the enemy when fighting in this type of games.

The most stable team composition at the moment could be the following one(according to

. Top lane Shen
- Jungle Nautilus
- Mid lane Orianna
- ADC Varus
- Support Thresh

Why? This team composition, apart from having good CC, poking potential, damage output, global presence and gapclosers, synergizes so well with each other member of the team. This team will have more chances of winning than the previous one, you have to imagine how a team will fight and play the game, and react to that.

How are we losing this? Look at our team composition!

Having a team like the one before is not always a garanteed win, because of the human factor of any multiplayer game, players can disconnect, play badly, not being prepared, not knowing that champion, and not teamfighting as they should.

But a bad team vs a bad team, one with strong CC vs one with little CC is mostly a win for the hard CC one, Crowd Control and AoE skills are just too powerful in Bronze and Silver.

Don't forget, teamfights are more than CC, they also involve buffs, heals, offense and defense, for example, team #1 has more self buffs than team #2, and they would be able to stick and get close to their targets.

Try to get powerful champions, like the ones I listed above, in the Banning section, they do not garantee wins, but it's easier to win with with that type of picks.

A great picks and bans example for Bronze League would be the next one:

Picks & Bans
Team 1
Team 2
Advance to
Silver? ;)
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Part #3: What to do in a match?

Every League of Legends match has 2 phases, and can get to a third phase (Late game) if the match lasts longer than 30 minutes:

- Early game.
- Mid game.
- Late game.

Early game (0-15 minutes): In this phase, champions do not deal great amounts of damage and have low level. You have to focus primarly on farming.

What is farming?

Farming is the act of killing creeps (neutral monsters, or enemy ones, like minions), in order to get gold and experience.

A good CS (Creep Score), should be the following (If you are in lane, not jungling nor supporting):

- 75 CS at 10 minutes.
- 100 CS at 15 minutes.
- 150 CS at 20 minutes.
- 200 CS at 30 minutes.
- 300 CS at 45 minutes.

Some people will say that this quantities are low, but it's the average of a ranked LoL player in Bronze or Silver Leagues.

You will have to practice Last-Hitting, this is, basically, killing the monster or minion to get gold apart from experience, waiting that your ally minions lower the health or the enemy's so much that you can 1 shot them.

By Last-Hitting, you also stop pushing the lane when you don't want to, making you less vulnerable to ganks from the enemy jungler or roaming from Mid laners, Top laners or Bot laners.

In this part of the game, try to apply as much pressure as you can to the enemy, try killing your lane matchup, and go to other lanes, if you are Mid or Top, try to gank effectively as a jungler, at least 3 times in total at 10 minutes. And, if you are Support, help your ADC to kill someone before 10 minutes, this is more phychological that anything else, they loose confidence and start playing badly.


Wards are very important, knowing where the enemy is and is not can change an entire game, you can save yourself from ganks and do objectives when the enemy is distracted. Your Support is your main source of wards, but in Early Game, you must always buy wards for your lane or specific points in the map. ALSO REMEMBER TO CONSTANTLY WATCH YOUR MAP! Your minimap is the most important thing to know about if you want to win a Ranked game, you have to know as much as you can about the enemy.

Remember to also buy a Stealth Ward, or a Sweeping Lens at the start of each game!!!!!

Mid game (15-30 minutes): Roam, kill and focus on doing map objectives, destroy towers, push and keep farming.

Mid game phase is very important, you can determinate who will be the winner just by looking at their Mid game.

One of the main objetives in this phase is Dragon, if you make a succesfull gank in bot, and your jungler is nearby, do Dragon as fast as you can, this beast grants all your team members a reward in gold, and if you are near Dragon, experience.

Killing this monster can boost your chances of winning, as you get more initiative, map presence and power.

Don't always try to fight the enemy, get all the CS that you can in the intermediate beetween fights, and don't overextend.

Overextending occurs when you get into an area where you are not secure from ganks or baits. You must keep yourself in your part of the map and not give away unnecesary kills, if you feel like it, group up your team and do something important.

You can do baron if you think you are able to, this beast gives all your team members a high gold and experience income, as well as 40 AD and AP. Great when teamfighting, pushing and finishing the game, turning point of a game in most cases.

Don't forget to upgrade your Stealth Ward into a Greater Totem, or to change it for a Greater Lens if you prefer to do so.

Late game (30+ minutes): Group up, destroy the enemy base, do dragon and baron, complete your build.

So you managed to get to Late game? Know the thing becomes intereseting, both teams are able to kill each other, and you have to make the correct decisions to win the game. If you can't see any enemy in the map, suspect they're in Baron, if there is no ward there (if you are Support, always keep a Vision Ward there to spot and destroy enemy wards).

So you think you are as powerful as a Volibear? Have you completed your build? Great, because in most games you won't be able to do so unless you are very feed or have a lot of CS.

Don't forget to farm!!! Be effective and try to push lanes pushed by the enemy (don't overextend too much). Communicate with your team as much as you can, ward every place in the map, and control Baron and Dragon, try to make a bait there, or push their base as much as they allow you to psuh it, poke the enemy and defend your base from split pushes, be in alert for pushed lanes, it is common to see a Tryndamere split pushing Top at 42 minutes and winning the game by himself when your team is fighting nonsense.

If you manage to destroy the inhibitor, go back, always keep an eye on the enemy's death timers, if they're too long, keep pushing, if they're about to revive, go back, don't fight if you don't need too, prevent as much as you can.

If you win another teamfight, it is almost impossible for you not to win (if you have got an ace), don't loose time farming their jungle... go win! BE EFFECTIVE! remember that.

This is the basic structure of a normal Ranked game in Bronze. Try to remember it and be prepared for everything, everywhere and everytime, stay alert and watch your minimap, communicate with your teammmates and get as much information about countering champions, skills, and mechanics as you can.
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Practice and understanding the game, the key? Final thoughts

League of Legends is not an easy game to understand, it has a lot of variables.

Normal games are there for something, practice, if you need to get good with a champion, play normal games, if you want to improve a role, play normal games. You will need to get in touch with the game mechanics.

But practice is not all, you must know as much as possible about champions abilities and game mechanics, watch streams, read guides like this one, and apply that information into the game, think about possible matchups, imaginate them, what can you do in every scenario.

In this game you don't progress in 2 days, or a week, it takes a long time to get better, not only when understanding it, but when applying that information as practice.

Players vary, they are not a constant, they are a variable, one game is not the same as other, in one game you were godlike with one champion, but in another you might feed with the same character.

There are things that you can't control (for everything else, there is Master Card, just kidding xD), you have to adapt to them, that's the key to climb through Divisions and Tiers.

Thank you, thanks for reading my guide, I hope it helps you in your way to Platinum :)

Greetings. NightReaper775
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