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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Heimerdinger Build Guide by Iknoscott

AP Carry How to Heimerdinger!

AP Carry How to Heimerdinger!

Updated on October 8, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Iknoscott Build Guide By Iknoscott 6 1 89,302 Views 4 Comments
6 1 89,302 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Iknoscott Heimerdinger Build Guide By Iknoscott Updated on October 8, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Hello all, and here is the list of updated features of the guide:

- added a video for turning around ganks

- added a section that included the viability (word or nah?) of the summoner spells that Heimerdinger players normally use

- added a section on how to beat your hard counters

- added a section on proof of success from my personal account in the form of a screenshot

- added a section for items/what i use most often, and other viable choices you may see me with

- added a section for how to play Pusherdinger

- added a section for how NOT to play Heimerdinger
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20000+ Views!

At a loss for words. I can't believe that this guide has gotten so popular, and it is all because of you guys.
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A ton of you guys asked me to add a screenshot of how this guide has affected my play style as dinger, please, enjoy this screenshot taken on august 20th.Please ignore the thresh game...I can not support. At all.
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Introduction to the Author

ch-1 electron storm grenade
Hello! Welcome to my guide for everything Heimerdinger! This guide will cover the basics you need to succeed, advanced mechanics for those of you who want to get better than average. My start to learning Heimerdinger came from watching my friend Waylon play the champion, Waylon was in Gold 1 at the time and I was in Bronze 5, so I didn't know how big of a skill cap there was, and he dominated. I dreamt that one day I could become as good of a Heimerdinger player as Waylon. After watching him go something like 15 and 1 with Heimer, i began doing research into the champion. My first stop for research was youtube, and that lead me to this video. After watching the video, having little success due to me lacking the same skills as Gen Doukeshi, I went to a guide made by my friend Kryptonian, Kryptonian's guide is no longer on Mobafire. Another source that has been a huge help to me is Instamid's guide on split pushing as Heimerdinger, and Ponyboy127's Guide on DunkerDinger. These 3 guides, and stuff that experience has taught me about Heimerdinger, has completely transformed me into the complete Heimerdinger package.
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+ Great push champion
+ Extremely fun to play
+ Rarely played, thus not many people have experience against him
+ Makes for a great unpredictable champion
+ Great objective getter
+ Great at defending your other carries
Heimerdinger excels at peeling for your adc in team fights. He can also "force" an engagement by making your presence in lane unmanageable, forcing the enemy team to either fight back for their tower/objective, or let you have it. Most of the time the team engages on you, and you can shred through the team.


- Extremely squishy if played improperly
- Takes a while getting used to what ultimate ability to use
- Other than his ultimate, not much cc
- Really slow
- If you don't position your turrets correctly and they get destroyed early on, you're virtually useless in team fights
Although the goods outweigh the bads when it comes to Heimerdinger, its important to remember that you aren't invincible as Heimerdinger, and if you mess up on some simple mechanics, Heimerdinger will feel weak and not fun to play as.
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Masteries+Abilities+Runes=Your Foundation

I'm going to dig a little deeper into the Runes/Masteries/Ability Sequence part of the guide, I feel that currently most guides don't explain their runes and masteries well enough. Here we go:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Ok. so basically the reason why I talk about this so much is because there really isn't any other reason you would need to startCH-1 Electron Storm Grenade or Hextech Micro-Rockets. Even when you play against a champion like Syndra who severely counters you, you should always max your Q, because in team fights you don't have enough burst damage to be an assassin, and you don't have enough sustained damage to be a caster mage without it.

Zed can close distance really quickly and kill you if you do not know what you are doing.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Alas, the wonderful world of runes and masteries, where the difference of 1 red can result in a decisive victory, or a demoralizing loss. Lets get started, shall we?
Marks-Magic Pen=Only option, lets not debate this, its better than the 1% CDR you get from reds, or the 2 mana regen/sec, or the .000001 Ability power.
Seals-Three options, all equally viable, if you are in a situation where you have enough IP/RP to purchase extra pages and you plan on maining Heimerdinger, then this would be how you counter your lane opponents:
+ You would take seal of gold against champions like Lux, Morgana, Malzahar, or other champions who are sustained mages, and will most likely just try to out-farm you.
+ You would take seal of health regen/sec/level against champions like Ziggs who deal high burst damage, but then have to wait seconds before engaging again
+ You would take seal of mana regeneration against champions like Talon, Akali, Zyra, Zyra, and Darius (if you're going top-dinger) who requrie them to be shut down early to prevent farming/roaming.
Glyphs-Ok, this is where it gets freaky weird, like AD Janna/Full Magic Pen Rengar/Support Wukong, you get the point. Most people see this, and will instantly rage at their nearest lifeform shouting something like "WHY THE MAGGOT FART WOULD HE PUT CDR?! THAT MEANS MAGES ARE GOING TO WALLOP ON ME!" First of all if this is you, please read the following mini-tips about my Glyphs
+ If you say Magot Fart again, you will have to put a quarter in the swear jar, I mean it.
+ Magic Resist is JUST as viable as CDR! if you really desire, you can have MR.
+ When you get games that last 40+ minutes, CDR is required on Heimerdinger in order to keep replacing his turrets after they get destroyed, one way or another. If you have the CDR in your runes, then you are going to be fine and won't have to worry about getting CDR through items.
+ If you are going to use MR, realize this fact: If they WANT to kill you, they are GOING to kill you. The best way to counter the fed Akali or the Rengar is to simply build a Guardian Angel or Zhonya's Hourglass so they must fix their focus. In the long run, 12 Magic Resist will not save your life.
Summary: These are the recommended runes from ME, the greatest Heimerdinger player in Talon's Crusaders, but that's just me, so I recommend you adjust them to your play style
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Items: Your guide to how you Heimerdinger


Item Sequence

Zhonya's Hourglass 3250
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Banner of Command 2200
Void Staff 3000
Sorcerer's Shoes - Captain 1550
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600

The most important items are often underrated. This is not the case with these boots, basically everybody knows how often they are built on AP mages, and the goal for building these boots is to allow your turrets to hit harder

This item hits extremely hard, it allows all of your abilities to be more dangerous, if you do not buy this item, you probably won't scale as well into late game. I recommend buying this as soon as you buy your Banner of Command

The hourglass seems like it was designed for Heimerdinger. It allows you to go invincible for 2 seconds, although it only gives you AP and Armour, it will allow you to survive through most every AP mid laner's burst

Your turrets scale 15% off of your total Ability Power. This item is special, it not only grants ability power, it allows for more penetration. This item ignore's 35% of magic resist, and that applies before the Banner of Command, meaning you can get 50% extra damage on your turrets with these two items combined

The single greatest item I have ever came in contact too. The designer of Heimerdinger built this item almost exclusively for him. It gives you 20 percent cdr, gives you 80 ability power, allows for 15% more damagae from nearby minions (THIS APPLIES TO YOUR TURRETS), and most importantly this item allows you to upgrade one large minion into an upgraded version. This is key to split pushing with Heimerdinger, which i will continue in the strategies section of my guide. I recommend buying this item first.

Due to the fact that you have sustained damage and you don't even have to cast spells to get it off besides placing the turrets, you can kite your enemies really well with this. If you enjoy split pushing as much as I do, I recommend buying this item last, in order to kite your enemies around the globe
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Items: Other Viable Options

Other than the CDR, this item is basically useless on Heimerdinger unless your team is going for an organized poke/wave clear comp. But nevertheless, this item is still an ok choice on Heimerdinger.

You can never go wrong with magic resist and health. Escpecially when they give you a shield that completely negates any damage received from an ability. If you ever spectate me in game, you might possibly see me role this item frequently in place of something like Rylai's.

This item provides MR, but ironically the most use comes from its ability to counter melee assassins. If they jump on you when you have this item, and you zhonya's, then you can not be killed, and the enemy receives increased damage from magic abilities.

This is where Heimerdinger gets tricky, most people think this item is only for tanks, but they're wrong. If you ever have Master Yi in a game, this item is needed on both carries. He deals true damage, so the slower you can make his basic attacks, the better
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Skill Sequence

Upgrade Priority

> > > ch-1 electron storm grenade

This is your priority, whenever you have a point to put an ability in, make sure you put it in that order. For example, if you can put a point in your R, do it. If you can't, put it in your Q, and if you can't do that, put it in your W, and the same with your E
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Skill Explanation

ch-1 electron storm grenade

Techmaturgical Repair Bots: This passive allows Heimerdinger and his allies to either siege or defend better than they would be able to without him. Heimerdinger's passive provides health regeneration similar to a mini-baron buff, and allows him and his allies to stay in lane longer than their opponents.

H-28G Evolution Turret: This ability is Heimerdinger's main source of damage, and allows him to pressure his enemies, preventing them from roaming to other lanes, and forcing them to farm under pressure.

You're going to want to max out [H-28G Evolution Turret] before[CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade] and before [Hextech Micro-Rockets].

Tips and Tricks
  • Make sure you position these turrets really well, because bad positioning could lead to you dying!
  • When playing against champions with AoE, or strong wave clear, spread the turrets out far enough so they don't get hit by the enemy's abilities
  • Your turrets will deactivate if you are too far away from them, so make sure you are at least close enough to them for them to work

Hextech Micro-Rockets: This ability is Heimerdinger's quickest source of damage, this is considered his "poke" or his skill shot that allows for a large amount of damage, but comes with a significant cooldown (7 seconds) meaning you need to use this ability to either wear and tear the enemy, or to finish the enemy off after you land your stun and get a laser off with your Q.

Tips and Tricks
  • Aiming the rocket close to your body will spread it out, at a max width of 90 degrees
  • Aiming it away from your body will focus the rockets, dealing or damage, but decreasing the chance you will hit somebody
  • When you aim the rocket, think about your goal, if you want to kill minions, push the lane, or go for a finishing shot on a champion with more than 120 health, use the rocket close to your body, if you want to poke the champion and harass him slowly, but surely, aim the rockets close to your body

ch-1 electron storm grenade CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade: This ability is the only CC (Crowd Control) ability that you have, and can either stun the enemy, or slow them.

Tips and Tricks
  • Landing the grenade on the center of the enemy will stun them for 1-2 seconds
  • If the enemy champion gets hit along the outside of the grenade, you can slow him for 35 percent of his maximum movement speed
  • This ability has the longest cool down of any of Heimerdinger's abilities, so use it sparingly

UPGRADE!!!: This is the most iconic ability of Heimerdinger. As far as game-changing ultimate abilities go, this one has to be up there with the best of them. And the cool down for the ability is 42 seconds at max CDR and max level! This ability will completely change the way you play Heimerdinger once you master it. When you hit 6, you will have the option of using your ultimate, and then your other three abilities will light up, giving them empowered effects. Here are the effects that come with each ability:
  • H-28G Evolution Turret This ability upgraded will make you a team fighting monster. Upgrading this turret makes your damage significantly increased from what your basic turrets are, increases its health, and deals AoE damage to enemies hit by it.
  • Hextech Micro-Rockets Upgrading this ability will fire 5 waves of rockets at an enemy. At level 6 with only a Doran's ring you can deal up to 500 damage if you land every single rocket on the enemy.
  • CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade If you chose to upgrade this ability you will increase the range of your stun, the distance it travels, the slow amount, the stun duration, and the radius in which your enemies can be stunned or slowed.
You're going to want to max out [UPGRADE!!!] as soon as possible.

Tips and Tricks
  • Using UPGRADE!!! on your W will allow you to become an incredible threat to your lane opponent, but this ability should rarely be used in team fights
  • Using UPGRADE!!! on your Q will provide excellent sustain damage in team fights, but be careful because if you position it wrong it will not be able to attack enemies, and could get focused down easily
  • Using UPGRADE!!! on your E will provide you with excellent CC in team fights, but if used wrong, it can be completely wasted, and make you look like a scrub

If you would, please, scroll down a few notches and you can read more a more in-depth analysis of what each ability does, and what each ability looks like.
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Now that we get the jist of the abilities that Heimerdinger can do, lets get in depth with his ultimate, UPGRADE!!!
UPGRADE!!!: This is the name of the Ultimate, obviously, and it is used to enhance the next ability you use. Example: You walk into lane, and want to clear the wave, instead of clearing 2 minions with your W, you activate your ult, and press W (RW) then the entirety of the minion wave is cleared. We will discuss the W later in the guide.

H-28Q Apex Turret: This turns your H-28G turret, into an H-28Q turret. I don't know how changing 1 letter makes an ability EXTREMELY over powered, but it does. If you use this ability right, it will burn through enemies, tank and squish alike.

Hextech Rocket Swarm: Upgrading this will give you the burst damage of Brand or Akali. This ability (if aimed correctly, meaning you hit all 5 rockets, and all 5 waves of those rockets, you will literally delete your enemy). The best idea for landing this combination is to land your stun, and THEN upgrade Rocket, this way you get as much damage off as possible.

CH-3X Lightning Grenade: This ability gives Heimerdinger CC that is cray cray (Kanye West voice). Using this ability will increase the range of the stun radius, the duration they are stunned, the slow radius, the duration they are slowed, the percentage they are slowed, and give the grenade 3 bounces (hence the '3X' in the name).

All of these abilities, if used properly, can turn team fights around 180 degrees, IF USED PROPERLY! (See the video on how NOT to play Heimerdinger below if you want to know what i mean)
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Summoner Spell Explanation


Flash: In order to secure your escape from any type of situation, I recommend flash. Although I have ran games without flash, it is extremely risky, and I personally do not recommend doing so.
Pros and Cons
* Flash can be used to disengage with an enemy, simply stun them and flash over the nearest object
* Flash can be used offensively as well, when diving an enemy, you can flash-surprise them and often get a kill
* If you fear getting caught out, flashing can be the smart choice to avoid a Thresh hook, Dr. Mundo cleaver, or Syndra stun
* When running flash, and using it for an escape, the other enemy will most likely have flash, since its used by approx. 95% of summoners

This summoner spell can be the difference between death and a triple kill.

Barrier: This ability is my favorite out of the abilities listed above...except for flash that is.
Pros and Cons
* Allows for extreme pushing
* You can often bait your enemies into believing that you are an easy target
* Allows you to ignore the halved health regen of ignite while the shield is active
* Doesn't give you any team fight pressure besides protection for yourself

Ignite: This ability burns up to 410 (or something) of the enemy's health. This is a single-target spell, and can be very useful if used properly
Pros and Cons
* Use this if your opponent is 1 auto-attack (up to 3) away from being killed, but is out of range, this will secure the kill, and they will watch themselves die easily
* Applied with your other abilities, the combos you can create with ignite can melt virtually anyone
* At max level against a max level opponent this ability does around 10 percent of the total health of your enemy (even tanks if they have less than 4000 health)
* Unless played against somebody with extreme lifesteal/spellvamp ( Dr. Mundo or Vladimir), this ability doesn't scale into late game, and will often be ignored
* The summoner spell Ignite is often only useful in lane, as it offers no late game presence

Teleport: Similar to Twisted Fate's ultimate ability Destiny, this allows you to teleport anywhere on the map, as long as you have an available lane minion to jump on, or a ward/tower
Pros and Cons
* This ability gives you permanent lane presence all around the world (rift)
* If your team is getting ganked, you can turn it around. This is enough to force a surrender in some cases/snowball your bot lane (KEY TO WINNING)
* Great for pusherdinger
* In team fights where everybody is present this isn't that useful unless you can teleport to safety/to a lane to push

Ghost: Ghost is a very strange ability to use. But alas I must admit I have found it useful in certain scenarios. If you are on a team that is built to engage on people, this isn't the spell for you. BUT if your team is very peel-based, this could work perfectly for you. This allows movement through minions and allows you to go really super duper fast
Pros and Cons
* Great for peel
* Extremely fast (survivability)
* Not much else to write about the ability
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Strategies: Beating Your 3 Hardest Counters

Extremely Hard
Why its hard

How to beat

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Strategies: Early game Setup

This is the pre-6/lane phase farm you should follow:
Notice how the Turrets are spread widely apart, but still within range of one another. Also, notice how they are not in a straight line, this setup counters basically every champion's turret clear, minus Syndra's turret clear. This set up allows you free farm, and natural harass to enemy champions who in low elo may not be accustom to dodging skill shots when it matters. Your goal is to read the champion you are against and create a turret set up that works best for you.
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Strategies: Split Pushing

This segment is about the best way to win as Heimerdinger in higher divisions of Gold and Beyond. This involves use of the dreadful Stealth Ward, Vision Ward, and Stealth Ward. In order to successfully split push, you must utilize your wards, or else you will just get killed without being able to achieve anything in return.

Ok now lets get started on how to split push:

- Rush Banner of Command. This item will allow Heimerdinger to deal 15% increased damage with his turrets, and his waves push harder and faster. This will push the enemy up against the tower and force the jungler top, which leads to the next part of split push 101

- Ward! This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT IN ALL ELOS. If you do not ward, you will not know if the enemy is coming to assist in killing you. If you do ward, and you think you can escape, by all means go for it, if you can't, this gives you time to set up your base and fend off the invaders. I've gotten countless double kills because of my wards

-USE Banner of Command. Most people forget you use the Banner of command on the large minion. If you do use it, then you will be able to easily take a tower even if the top laner is there trying to defend the base. This item is the most over powered split pushing item in the game, and will not be receiving any nerfs for a while.

-Roam. This is another tip that is extremely underused in all elos as Heimerdinger. Most people push to the tower, and free farm. Well if you are pushed, and you go top/mid/bot then pick up a double kill against the enemy laner and jungler, then you have earned a whole 6 waves of CS. You can not get fed faster than getting kills

-Use Barrier. This will give you excellent survivability if you get ganked. This can allow you to bait and potentially get double kills. This allows Heimerdinger to split push safely due to its low cool down

Learning how to split push will take some time getting used to, but I promise you, you will get just as fed as if you went kill hungry and just ganked all day. This is the correct way to win games. Not only does split pushing get towers, it allows room for objectives. All of these add up in team gold and can help carry your team to victory. OBJECTIVES WIN GAMES
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Strategies: Turning a Gank Around (Even works in Ranked!)

Ok, this is a very risky move to do, so if you are not ONE HUNDRED AND 10 PERCENT SURE than you can turn a gank around, do not try it. Check out this video about how I turned around a very well played gank from Jarvan IV and Zed from what could have easily been a free kill into a double kill for me:

Take notice:
+ I have Vision of him on the arch
+ I know that Zed is at least 2 flash distances away from J4 when he decides to engage
+ I know that my summoner spell Barrier is up, and can absorb a significant amount of damage
+ I always have my H-28G Evolution Turrets down and ready to go to work!
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Strategies: Bursting

Most people would consider Heimerdinger to be a standard caster mage, but because of his newly reformed ultimate, UPGRADE!!!, they are wrong. Take a look at this short clip me and my friend made on how easily you can 100-0 somebody before they even notice it:

They key to bursting as Heimerdinger is to have your turrets set up, land your stun, and be quick with your RW combo to finish them off
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Strategies: Playing D

One of Heimerdinger's golden spots is defense with defense he can single-handedly:
+ Fend of 3 champions against tower seige
+ Create a fall-back point for allies to go to after they flash into a terrible situation
+ Secure Objectives with zone control
How to properly defend against an assault:

He had the jump on me, the item advantage, and all of that jazz, but using kiting, a well timed UPGRADE!!!+ Hextech Micro-Rockets, and making sure I used my summoner spell Ignite I was able to defend myself against his relentless assault.
How to un-properly defend against an assault:

Notice in this video, I did nothing to kite him, and I foolishly used my UPGRADE!!!+ ch-1 electron storm grenade, and burned my summoner spells, Also, I didn't remember to place my turrets and misfired my rockets.

How to avoid becoming the Bad-Heimerdinger in the previous video:
+ Utilize the kit you have, if you have Ignite, then you should use your Ignite before they pop any self-heals, or for that extra umph in damage. On the same note, if you have ghost, make sure you use that as well to escape, and in a last resort, always carry Flash if you Immediately need to reposition.
+ Kite-to drag along an enemy in a MOBA by attacking it with ranged spells or weapons. This my friends is the definition taken directly from Urban Dictionary Dot Com, this is a perfect definition, and is a huge reason why Heimerdinger gets most of his kills. If you kite along your H-28G Evolution Turrets and out play the enemy in every single way possible by utilizing your Flash and your other summoner spell properly, you can often turn ganks into a 2 for 0 or 2 for 1 situation.
+ Keep your turrets up at all times, if you ever facecheck, make sure you post some turrets up before you enter the bush just in case an enemy Janna is waiting in the bush, plotting on your demise.
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Strategies: Ranked Play

When playing Heimerdinger in ranked, be careful about getting counterpicked by champions Syndra or Orianna. Most people in lower elo will strictly play against you, not to their strengths. I can not tell you how many times i got whopped before I mastered Heimerdinger by champions like Syndra and Orianna. I recommend either practicing in normal games first, or asking somebody lower down the pick order to pick Heimerdinger for you, and trade them after pick selection.

Goals in ranked play (goals when you want to win):

- Objective Control:
Objective controlling is Heimerdinger's strongest point. You can easily push your wave, and call for Lee Sin to come and help you steal a blue buff, invade a red buff, take dragon, or go bot lane, get a double kill and get their turret. If you are going for objectives, make sure you put down your turrets BEFORE you siege, or else enemies may kill you easily.
- Taking out towers:
Taking towers down should always been the main priority, if you have the chance at getting Dragon or getting a tower, always go for the tower. Good thing for you, your Banner of Command you can easily take a tower down in 10 seconds or lessTowers allow you to get closer to the nexus, and get super minions, which can keep pressure on lanes allowing you to get other objectives later in the game. Most importantly, towers keep your team in the gold race, because getting two towers is worth more than the team than you getting 5 kills alone in a solo lane. Towers build confidence, confidence wins games.
- Team fighting:
We will elaborate more in the next section, but team fighting is another strong suit of Heimerdinger's that should not go unnoticed.
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Team Work

Fighting as a team is key when playing Heimerdinger, you should always be trying to use your ch-1 electron storm grenade to stun enemy assassins going for you or the ADC, and then immediately rocket them. If you get engaged on, you need to make sure to place your and kite the enemy away. You will allow yourself time to escape, or even turn the fight around if you have help nearby. Also, if your team lacks CC, use your ch-1 electron storm grenade to stun/slow the enemies and then get your turrets down and spam your rockets whenever they are available. Follow those tips for team fighting, and you should have no problem winning fights as a team. Be careful about your choice of ultimate, it could change the ENTIRE outcome of the fight!

Example #1: The perfect UPGRADE!!! H-28G Evolution Turret

Your allied Caitlyn gets caught out at around 45:19 in game time. This means that her spawn timer would be around 50-70 seconds depending on how fed she is. In order to attempt to save her you use your UPGRADE!!!+ H-28G Evolution Turret to produce the Apex Turret, you now have established your damage, but you aren't done. You have to adress the situation, for example if Caitlyn gets dived on by Zed then your goal is to immediately ch-1 electron storm grenade and then place more H-28G Evolution Turret, if you were to do this in reverse order, caitlyn could be dead, and thus 40 percent of your teams damage with her. The next step is to plan your escape if the situation is going bad, if you are winning, save Flash for a chase, if you are losing, use it to make a quick escape. More often than not, if the team fully commits to chasing down the Caitlyn or you, they will die due to damage via H-28G Evolution Turret. Congratulations, you have just won the game because you used team work, and prioritized keeping Caitlyn alive, over making Zed dead. That rhymes.

Example #2: The perfect UPGRADE!!! ch-1 electron storm grenade

Your allied Caitlyn gets caught out at around 15:22, and you aren't extremely fed, but you still want to save her. You look at the map, and realize that there are only 3 chasing her, and the other two are in their respective lanes, paying no mind to the issue. You then realize that Maokai is on the way, and you need just a little extra time before you can turn, you then see they are clustered, and can get a triple stun off with your UPGRADE!!!+ ch-1 electron storm grenade, you then follow up by placing your H-28G Evolution Turrets and then harass them with your Hextech Micro-Rockets to secure any other leftover kills, you use ignite and, again, Hextech Micro-Rockets

Example #3: The perfect UPGRADE!!! Hextech Micro-Rockets

Your lane opponent Akali dives you at level 6 and deals 4/5's of your health in 1 burst! But then you realize that you're Heimerdinger, and you can easily win the fight! You turn on her, drop down 2 [h-28g evolution turret]]s and then Ch-1 electron storm grenade her, stunning her for 1.5 seconds, then you UPGRADE!!!+ Hextech Micro-Rockets to finish her off! You have made her blame her team mates for her demise yet again!

Those are the best situations I can think of where i have used my ultimate to completely flip the script, and in most cases win the game.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked


Q: What exactly makes Heimerdinger a viable choice in today's meta? I always see Zed Syndra Akali and other burst champions, but here you are telling us about Heimerdinger as if he is a viable choice, elaborate! // I receive this question a lot, and in order to answer this more efficiently you should visit the Pros and Cons section

Frequently Asked


Q: How does Heimerdinger match up against [INSERT OP CHAMPION HERE] // For this I recommend checking out the beginning of the guide, below the Runes and Masteries, I have him compared to each viable champion that goes mid or top, and then some.

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Q: You wouldn't believe that [INSERT STUPID THING THAT HAPPENS THAT GETS YOU KILLED HERE] just happened! What do I do against stuff like this?! Is there any strategies that you find viable! // Great question! check out the Strategies section!
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