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Tryndamere Build Guide by Foreign

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Foreign

How to make them QQ

Foreign Last updated on July 21, 2014
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Hi i am FOREIGN ("seifeaufheben") i have started playing League of Legends 1 year ago just made it into Gold V thanks to my Tryndamere build. I think my build is the best Tryndamere build and that's why i want to share it with you guys. So here you can see my stats in case you are interested:

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Why you should play Tryndamere?

Because Tryndamere is the champion that deals the most damage of all League of Legends Champions. He has insane carry- and Snowball potential which allows you to win games that seem unwinnable. He is specialy good for winning normals and Bronze games, because "noobs" can't deal with him. Give him a Try with my build and with enough practice you will climb elo easy.

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There are those who choose not to live in one of the great city-states of Valoran. Instead, they live in remote locales, often as part of a nomad or barbarian tribe. While perils abound in these untamed lands, there is also great freedom in being removed from the politics of Valoran. Tryndamere was born a member of one of these barbarian tribes in northern Valoran. Even as a young boy, it was obvious that he would grow in martial prowess to become one of his clan's greatest warriors. However, as his clan moved south between the Howling Marsh and the Ironspike Mountains, they came across strangers in black garb, brandishing symbols of a beast's skull. Despite Tryndamere's pleas, his elder went out to speak with the strangers; they cut him down mercilessly. From there, they began to slaughter every man, woman, and child in the clan. Tryndamere, the sole survivor, hid under the bodies of his dead parents. Upon their bloodied corpses, he swore eternal vengeance on those who took his people from him - the assassins of Noxus.

To train himself, Tryndamere voluntarily served under all the great chieftains of the barbarian tribes, learning the ways of the barbarian warrior. Not only did this make him the man he needed to become in order to exact his revenge, it has also garnered him friends and allies among the most powerful barbarian leaders of Valoran. This recently allowed him to unite the barbarians into a single, powerful force - all under his command. Now he has joined the League of Legends to earn enough influence to find a permanent home for his people... and to slake his rage on the champions of his hated foes.

"The next true power will come from the far north, and it will involve Tryndamere - one way or another." - Graccus Mightstone, League Senior Political Scholar.

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Pros and Cons Tryndamere

+ Tons of Damage
+ OP as fck vs noobs
+ Spin to win
+ Crit to win
+ GG easy after you have full build
+ His right arm is a lot stronger than his left arm

- Gets countered by slows, stuns, poke, escapes (almost everything)
- Good Players know how to deal with him

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Abilitys and Skill Sequence


Tryndamere gains 5 Fury for striking a unit or 10 Fury for a critical strike, and 10 extra Fury for killing a unit. When out of combat for 8 seconds, Tryndamere loses 5 fury every second.Each point of Fury grants +.35% Critical Chance.

Passive: Tryndamere thirsts for blood, gaining 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 Attack Damage plus 0.15 / 0.2 / 0.25 / 0.3 / 0.35 per 1% Health missing. Active: Tryndamere consumes his Fury, restoring 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 Health (+30 (+1.2 per Fury consumed)% of Ability Power), plus 0.5 / 0.95 / 1.4 / 1.85 / 2.3 Health per Fury consumed.

Decreases surrounding champions' physical damage by 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80, and enemies with their backs turned also have their movement speed slowed by 30 / 37.5 / 45 / 52.5 / 60%. Lasts 4 seconds.

Active: Tryndamere spins through his enemies, dealing 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 / 190 (+100% of ability power) (+1.2 per bonus attack damage) physical damage to enemies in his path. Spinning Slash's cooldown is reduced by 1 second whenever Tryndamere critically strikes (2 seconds upon critically striking an enemy champion).

Tryndamere becomes completely immune to death for 5 seconds, refusing to be reduced below 1 Health and instantly gaining 50 / 75 / 100 Fury.

Skill Sequence

Undying Rage> Bloodlust> Spinning Slash> Mocking Shout

#1 Undying Rage is OP as fck. Use it to avoid dieing and allowing you to be unkillable for 5 seconds.

#2 Bloodlust gives you Tons of Damage and heals - feels good to be Tryndamere.

#3 Spinning Slash allows you to escape or get into fights, deals damage. I always skill it first, because the damage is at Level 1 higher than your auto attacks.

#4 Mocking Shout slows and reduce attack damage of noobs. You want to use this in every fight.

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About The Items used in my build

Starting items:
+Normal start: Always start with Long Sword and 3x Health Potion. This will allow you to Level 2 Allin with full health or to stay in lane as long as possible together with your Bloodlust.

Other starting posibilitys:
+High risk high reward start: Doran's Blade, 1x Health Potion. You dominate or get dominated if you start like this.
+Very save start: Doran's Shield, 1x Health Potion. Very good vs ranged champions to reduce their autoattacks and to stay longer in lane even if you get dominated by them.

On your First back you should buy Bilgewater Cutlass. If you can't affort it just buy a Vampiric Scepter, because you need the lifesteal to stay in lane and outsustain your enemy.

On your second back you should have enough Gold to finish your core items:
Bilgewater Cutlass
Berserker's Greaves
The main Idea behind this core is to kill your enemy or at least outsustain him. For killing
you need full Battle Fury: Use Spinning Slash to get into the fight. If your enemy turns around/not around use Mocking Shout+ Ghost+ Ignite. When mocking shout is over use the active of Bilgewater Cutlass. Zeal and Berserker's Greaves will help you to get more auto attacks on your victim.

Around minute 20 you should be able to afford your mid game items:
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Phantom Dancer
Always get Youmuu's Ghostblade first, because the active will help you to destroy towers and hunting enemys which is very important in mid game. It also helps you to join or leave fights depending on the situation on the battlefield. Phantom Dancer is the second mid game Item you want to own. The main purpose of this Item is more/stronger autoattacks and faster movement which is very important around the 20 Minute mark.

Luxury Items are:
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper
The Bloodthirster
You should always get Infinity Edge first, because you have 100% Crit Chance after you finished it and it will your Crits be even stronger. Buy Last Whisper second, when they start getting armor. If they don't get armor sell your Bilgewater Cutlass for a The Bloodthirster, because of the DAMAGE!!!.

Other very good Items that are situational

+ Mercury's Treads are perfect for Tryndamere, if you struggle against heavy CC teams. You should give those boots a try.

+ Blade of the Ruined King It's the alternative to Bloodthirster with a nice active, and also it's cheap because you can build it out of Bilgewater Cutlass.

+ Ravenous Hydra makes your wave clears insane fast.

+ Statikk Shiv for faster wave clears.

+ The Black Cleaver if you fight against insane amounts of armor.

+ Maw of Malmortius I only build this vs heavy AP, beacuse it is very expensive and my doesn't fit into build since it depends on the enemy Team composition.

+ Sword of the Occult only build it vs noobs. It's a stupid item that only works vs stupid players.

+ Zephyr fits perfect to a splitpush playstyle, but i don't feel like it gives you enough reward for it's price. So i almost never buy this.

+ Trinity Force i don't think this item fits to tryndamere but every champion can be played with this garbage item since it gives all stats even mana (very usefull on Tryndamere °_°)

+ Guinsoo's Rageblade good item, but it dosen't fit into my build.

+++ Greater Vision Totem must have item for warding baron or Dragon during the lategame.

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This guide setup:

Greater Mark of Attack Damage for easy last hitting and a strong Level 2 Allin

Greater Seal of Armor for beeing stronger against minion/monster/tower damage.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for better defense against Ability Power.

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal because Lifesteal is OP on Tryndamere and will allow you to stay in lane longer.

Other good runes:

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed and Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed for more attacks. I know a lot of people here are fans of attack speed runes, but i feel like they are overrated and useless during the early game.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage is still a good choice on Tryndamere, but lifesteal runes are in my opinion the better choice, because you need lifesteal to stay longer in lane if you don't do well pre level 6.

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Standart 21-9-0, because you want to deal Tons of Damage.

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Early game

Try to hit Level 2 faster than your enemy and then go allin for the kill with full Battle Fury, Spinning Slash, Ghost and Ignite.

You get first blood = Congrats you will dominate the lane.
You die = Congrats you are fcked and have to play passive till you are level 6 or have your Mid game Items.

Mid game

Always watch the minimap to see if you can push your lane or/and help other lanes. Its all about map awareness and objective control. Red Buff will help you a lot during this phase.

Late game

Go into fights after the enemy Team used their stuns/slows/... and prepare for owning hard once you have your full build. You will make them QQ now.

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Hall of QQ

#1 got fed at start

#2 killed all their towers

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Last Famous words

This is my first guide and it is finished now. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I got a hughe succes with this build and i really think that at the current state of the game this is the strongest and best Tryndamere build. Some feedback would be awesome. But since nobody is perfect i gonna update this guide from time to time, because Tryndamere is my favourite champion and i want to make this guide as perfect as i can. However i hope you enjoyed this and always remember everything chances even in League of Legends or in life and that's why we always need new and more guides and we all know that...: