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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Morzanoth

Jungle How to play Fiddlesticks Jungle

Jungle How to play Fiddlesticks Jungle

Updated on December 17, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Morzanoth Build Guide By Morzanoth 38 4 243,475 Views 13 Comments
38 4 243,475 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Morzanoth Fiddlesticks Build Guide By Morzanoth Updated on December 17, 2018
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Runes: Damage focused

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Nimbus Cloak

Zombie Ward
Ultimate Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

How to play Fiddlesticks Jungle

By Morzanoth
About Myself
I first started playing league towards the end of season 4. Jungle has been my main role since mid-way through season 5. If you have any questions, add Morzanoth on EUW and I'll be happy to try help you as much as I can. Please leave a like if you found the guild useful, it does help me a little. Otherwise enjoy, and goodluck.
Summoners spells
Smite is your essential damage spell when jungling and is take with all junglers.

I recommend Flash for quick escapes over walls or to help you keep up with enemies escaping from your Crow Storm or who are out of range of Dark Wind
Please do understand that these are my personal preference when playing, this is not necessarily the best setup for you or for the champion in general. That being said I hope you find this page helpful ^^ The comnination of Sorcery and Domination give you bonus AP so your abilities do a little more damage early on when you are clearing.

Summon Aery Aery Is very useful in sustained fights. Although you don't gain much benefit from the shielding ability, you are able to proc this a lot in a fight dur to your semi-sustained damage nature.

Nimbus Cloak Fiddle's most powerful tool is his ultimate. Unfortunately it is only good when you can keep people inside the Area of Effect. This give you a nice burst of movement speed along with your passive which helps you close the gap and stick to targets.

Transcendence Despite Fiddle's need for CDR, many of his core items lack CDR as a stat. Transcendence helps with his because at 10 min you will gain 10% cdr for free. This allows you to path into more aggressive items earlier. Additionally if you do overcap on CDR you can gain even more AP.

Scorch Scorch can be a really nice poke tool early in the game, but once resistances apply the damage isn't actually too noticeable. Waterwalking and Gathering Storm are viable options but I personally am not a fan of them on him.

Zombie Ward Vision is a really important part of the game. Fiddlesticks is heavily reliant of abusing gaps in enemy vision to engage but also using your own vision to find opportunities to fight. Since you start of with a sweeping lens pretty early you can start getting some early vision when you clear out wards. It also allows you to track enemy movements so you can maybe catch them by surprise.

Ultimate Hunter A scarecrow is only as good as how scary he is. Fiddle's ult is the scariest thing about his so making sure you have it up as often as possible is very beneficial. Just make sure you use it when it is up.

Ingenious Hunter Reducing item active cooldown is sometimes underrated. For champs like fiddle, who engage fights, defensive tools can be the difference in late game teamfights. If you have a lot of item actives to use, this will reduce the CD on them significantly.

Bonus Stats
First Row: Take either Adaptive Force or the CDR. The CDR is nice if the game goes late but you shouldn't be in most cases.

Second Row: Take the Adaptive Force. More damage means faster jungler clears.

Third Row: Tank the 5 Armor or MR depending on the enemy team. You don't really lose HP in the jungle so the 5 armor is not a must. Don't take the HP.

Resolve Primary Alternative
It has become quite common that engage champs with high base damage and low tankiness to start taking aftershock as a primary keystone. This allows you to start fights and survive long enough to get off your damage and for your team to assist you. This is the Resolve primary tree I would recommend.

Aftershock On CC'ing an enemy you gain a substantial amount of Armor and Magic Resist for a short duration. This will enable you to engage fights and tank out a bit while sustaining yourself with your W ability.

Demolish Normally I wouldn't recommend demolish on champs that don't itemize towards HP. However, due to the slow auto attacks and low base damage fiddle can benefit greatly from this. When you successfully gank you can now push for turret plating with serious threat early on. This will allow you to grow your lead a bit faster.

Bone Plating When taking damage the next 3 auto attacks or spells on your deal less damage by a flat amount. This will increase your survivability in fights.

Revitalize This increases the healing you get back from your W ability. This allows you to take 1-2 point in it early and then to max it last.

Inspiration Primary
I don't recommend going for this if you are unfamiliar with your damage and playing as Fiddlesticks. This build works well when you understand your engage windows and abusing the lack of vision. Rather use a more standard build until you get used to how fiddle and his very unique playstyle.

Glacial Augment The slow on your auto attacks along with the freezing zone from item actives that slow make this a pretty useful keystone on fiddle. It allows you to have fantastic zone control, making it incredibly difficult for people to chase you or run from you.

Perfect Timing Basically the is the best option in this row for fiddle. You will build a zhonya's at some point in the game and having this in your inventory will either build into one or it can help you pull off some riskier plays earlier than your enemy will think.

Future's Market This allows you to purchase your core items a little faster and can really be useful when short a bit of gold.

Approach Velocity This works well in your build with your itemization towards slows. The MS is useful with sticking to targets and makes you very annoying to deal with.
So before we get into it I must just clarify a few things. This ability path I have chosen is how I like to play Fiddlesticks. You may feel weird doing this at first, but I've found this has made playing fiddle a lot easier and a lot more competitive.

Your E does bonus damage to jungle monsters so it is a lot more effective at clearing camps than your W is which is why you put 3 points into it very early. Your Q is your main form of crowd control so after you hit level 6 and are looking to ult people you need the extra duration on the terrify to deal some extra damage. You take a second point in your W so that you don't get too low when taking objectives, there is no reason to max it in the jungle because your E gives you faster clear times on most camps(look at the first clear section to see why this is). This will take some getting used to at first, but as you play with this skill order you will start to understand it a bit more.
In terms of priority, my build path is normally to finish Runic Echoes ASAP followed this with your Sorcerer's Shoes. Your second major item is situational in my opinion. Most fiddle players rush Zhonya's hourglass for the CDR and stasis it provides. I sometimes only buy it as a third item. My second item is normal a Rylai's Crystal Scepter so that you have a bit more utility with it's slow. If you took glacial augment then you should get the Hextech GLP-800 instead. Finish off your build with a rabadons and then Magic Pen.

So this is probably your most common smite and enchantment you will be getting on fiddle. It gives a nice amount of AP and CDR which is really needed when playing Fiddle. Once you get this you shouldn't have any mana issues when clearing your jungle and you can start giving over blue buffs to laners who might need it more(Though take it if you really want to :p).

So I personally love the movement speed these bad boys give along with runic echoes. It just allows you to move around the map more efficiently and helps you get in range of most fleeing targets.

This item I would say is the most crucial item on fiddle. The CDR it now gives is essential on fiddle. The active is nice as well though only really needed when you get focussed. Most people tend to run from an ulting fiddle so only really use it if people start going for you.

Now this is your standard AP buy if you basically like dealing a lot of damage. Not much to say about it. If you are ahead id same maybe consider this as a 3rd item but more often than not you get this as a 4th.

If they start stacking mr and have a support with a Locket of the Iron Solari get this. It's your best late game option that helps deal with tanks if you go the full AP build.

This is a nice buy if you need some HP to survive burst champs and the passive slow gives you amazing sticking power and some extra cc in teamfights all the while giving you a nice chunk of AP.

The item gives you a nice amount of CDR which you need so you can ult more. I would only recommend building this if you are going to use the Glacial Augment keystone since you get the added slow from active items.

So you'd only buy this item if you are going to use the off-tank build for fiddle. Rylai's is a must with this item as they compliment each other. The passive burn increases your damage so you can poke and then look to engage. Also your drain will keep you alive while amping your own damage.

I would only recommend buying this if the enemy team have a lot of squishy targets or powerful healing champs like Soraka or Vladimir. The bonus magic pen increases your damage early on so pick it up as a third or forth item.

You mainly buy this for some surprise burst and a nice gap closer in its active. It also gives a nice amount of HP for a bit of tankiness.

IT gives a nice hit of AP and the MR it now gives just stops you getting one shot before you can do anything. The passive spell shield allows you to channel your ult with little fear of being interrupted. Buy it for the active mostly.
First Clear + Early Game
My first clear on fiddle is pretty unique. You start at your Wolves,taking E first so you can AOE the camp down really fast. You can smite the big wolf so you move down to your blue + gromp faster. This is were the clear is a bit tricky and very risky. You want to leash both the blue buff and gromp so that your E can bounce between them. You then move to either take a scuttle or the rest of your jungle. Start out with a control ward so you can ward your other jungle entrance to watch for invades. You can also start with a health potion to make the blue/gromp take a little safer until you are comfortable with it.

When playing fiddle, it's probably best to just farm. Your ult is your most effective ganking tool and it really crucial for you to start having a big impact on the map. Prioritize farming above everything else until you have access to your ult. And when it is on cooldown, just look to farm and help laners push out their waves.
When/How to Initiate
When playing Fiddlesticks, knowing when to jump into a fight is key to your success. Once Fidllesticks has his Ultimate, your engage paths are almost unlimited. When engaging, try channel your Ultimate from behind a wall, this will allow you to catch your opponents off guard.

As Fiddlesticks, your main objective in team fights is to focus on catching the most enemies in your Ultimate, preferably the high damage squishy carries. Fiddle is generally one of the last to engage, but your timing is important. With a Zhonya's Hourglass, your engage is a lot safer and enables you to jump in a bit earlier. Without it, you need to be very careful as you are very squishy and easily killed.

Let your tank engage a team fight, following closely behind. When the enemies start bunching, start channeling your ultimate. Aim to land as close to your target as possible, immediately terrifying them to activate your passive. In the jungle, this is a lot easier as you can easily engage over walls. If they start focusing you, use your Zhonya's Hourglass, your ultimate will continue even though you are in stasis. At this time, you have 2 thinks to think about, SURVIVAL and DISRUPTION. Giving away kills can turn a seemingly easy win into a crushing defeat, so try escape ASAP if you think you are in danger, but stay in the area to help pick off anyone left. If you think it is save, use your W(Drain) and continue fighting, BE WARY ON CROWD CONTROL . Depending on where your team fight is(in the jungle or in a lane), disruption is one of you primary objectives. Using Dark Wind (E), you can silence most of your enemies and Terrify(Q) for general disruption. Despite both only lasting for a short duration, they can make a major difference in a team fight. Using Terrify and Dark Wind on the enemy Carry(Such as Miss Fortune or Katarina) could allow your team to burst them down or allow your team to kill their team mates, and with you Enhanced Cooldown Reduction, you should be able you keep them busy for a while.

Another really interesting thing I discovered is that Fiddle is really obnoxious to fight as a melee champion. Fiddle's passive give's him movement speed after standing still or channeling an ability for 1.5 sec. Furthermore his Q fear lasts 1.25 seconds at rank 1. This means that if you try and trade with him he can literally silence and fear you. Cast drain on you, healing whatever damage you did, and then you will not be able to catch him since he will gain a movement speed burst. This also means he is really annoying to run away from when he has red buff.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Morzanoth
Morzanoth Fiddlesticks Guide
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How to play Fiddlesticks Jungle

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