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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by Oudiematic3000

ADC How to praise Twitch like the Rat-brother you know you are

ADC How to praise Twitch like the Rat-brother you know you are

Updated on September 30, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oudiematic3000 Build Guide By Oudiematic3000 125 4 179,459 Views 21 Comments
125 4 179,459 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Oudiematic3000 Twitch Build Guide By Oudiematic3000 Updated on September 30, 2021
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Runes: ratirlStare

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
ADC's run heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Champion Build Guide

How to praise Twitch like the Rat-brother you know you are

By Oudiematic3000

Hello my friends,

My name is Oudiematic3000 and I've been hardstuck Bronze for a while now but mostly because my teammates are bad and the enemy team is hacking. Though I peaked Silver IV in the S11 preseason. My favourite streamer's (Elite500's) chat has often described my climb as 'really sad' and 'Weirdchamp' and it's this type of positive reinforcement that keeps me going, especially on the hard days. I'm an ex-Twitch OTP with around 200k mastery (M7 achieved at 160k) and I believe he is the greatest champion in league of legends.
Pros and Cons


Insane teamfighting
Highly meme-able treasure trove of fun
Will cuddle you softly if you don't touch it because he licked it first
Will usher in a new era of filth
Potentially infinite other good traits
Insane teamfighting



Passive - Deadly Venom

Hope that gets infected...

Deadly Venom on AD Twitch does pretty much nothing. Occasionally it'll kill a minion that was left on 1 health after you auto'd it, and then you can clip it and post it to r/Twitchmains with the caption, 'Poison came in clutch!!! OP!!!!' for 3 karma. On AP Twitch though- It makes Liandry's Torment complain about being power-crept on Twitter. At 6 stacks in the mid game this'll do around 100 true damage per second and it's at this point that you may start referring to Liandry's Torment as Walmart Deadly Venom.

Q - Ambush

Sneaky, sneaky...

Ambush is honestly hilarious. it makes you disappear faster than my LP and gives you a spicy boost of attack speed when you reappear. Not to mention it resets on takedown. It also gives you a slight movement speed buff and a bigger one if you're running away from an enemy. (Note: this part of the ability is irrelevant as mama didn't raise no ***** *** *****.)
Ambush is great for repositioning in fights as well as greeding for kills and dying with the extra MS.

W - Venom Cask

Now there's a smell you can feel!

Venom Cask is just plain stupid with AP twitch. This piss pool practically replaces both Ignite and Exhaust by slowing your enemies by so much that it might even be possible for your support to land a skillshot on them and applies up to 4 stacks of Deadly Venom which should melt their healthbar by approximately 2 billion true damage per second. Venom Cask is otherwise kinda meh on AD Twitch. The minor slow helps but mostly it helps you stack that sweet poison.

E - Contaminate

You're looking a little green!

Ah yes. Contaminate, the execute button. Contaminate does a burst of damage to all enemies affected by Deadly Venom with the damage increasing depending on how many stacks they're grooving with. As AD Twitch, unless you're really fed, a 6-stack Contaminate will kill any non-tank with a quarter health left. You want to wait for 6 stacks in order to kill someone. (Unless you're building AP in which case you can generally remind them how good League looks in black and white at however many stacks you feel like.) Getting 6 stacks on multiple people with Runaan's Hurricane in teamfights and getting a fat E is pretty much a free win.

R - Spray and Pray

Sewer skewers for everybody!

Spray and Pray is a one-button Viagra for your auto attacks. This ability combined with Runaan's Hurricane allows you to damage the entire enemy team at once and rake up those sweet stacks. Spray and Pray gives you piercing bolts, a range boost, a damage boost and an elo boost.

AD Twitch - ratirlStare

This is my favourite way to take people to see colourless movies. AD Twitch excels at scaling into the late game to ubercarry everyone and your inting jungler's grandmother by dealing consistently tilting damage to the entire enemy team with autos from across the map before pressing E Contaminate and typing /mute all before the enemy team's pitiful ADC can complain about your champ requiring no skill. This is the build I feel is the most fun way to play AD Twitch (and I saw RatIRL play it once or twice maybe.)

I always rush Greaves on AD Twitch because movement speed is incredibly underrated, the attack speed allows for easier farming if you are still getting used to clicking the right mouse button when the little red guys get low and there's nothing more tilting than having an ADC roam mid from base at 10 minutes for some extra cash to pay for the drug known as Dark Seal
If you get even slightly ahead during the early game, grabbing a Dank Seal is great. 'But Oudiematic3000, Dark Seal is an AP item and this is AD Twitch! wtf?? Int???' Even so, Dark seal way to make your opponents say 'HUH? WHERE DID THAT E DAMAGE COME FROM??? HE ONLY HAS BOOTS WTF HACKING???' I don't usually upgrade it and usually sell it to eventually complete build.
Galeforce is my favourite mythic to build on Twitch but if you really hate having fun, you can always build Kraken Slayer. Galeforce is wonderful because its active allows you not only to execute the peasants but also to reposition in fights when that pesky CC bot is creepily walking straight up to you. Gap closer, gap maker, guillotine, friend, lover...
It's mythic passive also gives you movement speed which is great for when you're farming bot and your team has waited for the moment their ADC has left to start a fight mid.
Getting Runaan's Hurricane feels like injecting Red Bull directly into your veins. This item literally unleashes the cosmically horrifying, Eldritch abomination that is Twitch. At Runaan's purchase is generally where you can carry teamfights. The best part about this item is that its bolts are affected by Spray and Pray, so generally you can mega stack the entire enemy team with Deadly Venom really easily.
After this you can just build situationally. Mortal Reminder if their health bars keep magically reappearing after you click on them. Lord Dominik's Regards if they purchased armour or have a Malphite, etc... If you have nothing situational to build, feel free to exert your dominance on the attack speed cap by building Phantom Dancer Blade of the Ruined King is now viable for both attack speed and sneaky speed! This also allows you to not have to build 2 Zeal items, so yea, Bork moment.

AP Twitch - Rat in a Hat

If you want to spend your next 400 games trying to find a way to consistently know your Contaminate damage, AP Twitch is the build for you. I swear, once you get 2 items you simply press W on the nearest group of squishies, make sure its not November, wait till they've hit 4 stacks and press E to instantly nuke them. AP Twitch plays more like an assassin than an ADC. And in my opinion, building AP Twitch after queuing Bot is kind of trolling your team because you lack anything more than burst damage. For this reason I recommend playing AP Twitch support to make your ADC feel irrelevant by dealing 90% of the enemies' healthbars with little to no-effort and then perma roaming.

Nashor's Tooth gives a ton of AP, some good attack speed and lets you apply that AP on autos- everything a marksperson building AP could want. This item will always give you more damage than your mythic and the powerspike after getting this is bewildering.
You'll be buying this whenever you have spare cash for it on a back. You'll be getting Mejai's Soulstealer later anyway and you know what they say: 'Stack em' while they're young.'
Now that you have ascended and become The Rat in the Hat, you can generally clap any squishies you want to. It's at this point you'll start trying to figure out how 4 stacks of Deadly Venom is enough to oneshot anyone who makes the mistake of having you on their screen.
'But Oudiematic3000, only getting a Mythic 3rd item is trolling!!! wtf?? Int???' Listen man, the mythic isn't the focus of AP Twitch. You can also try Night Harvester or Liandry's Torment but after trying both, I find that the healing Riftmaker gives is just the most useful.
Once again, after this you can just build situationally. Morellonomicon if their health bars keep magically reappearing after you press E (highly unlikely). Void Staff if they purchased magic resist or really if you just want straight damage. This amazingly efficient item is still a good buy if you have nothing else.

Moonstaff Twitch - Rat in the Report Feedback

I thought it would be insightful to get a view from the pro scene on Twitch for this guide. So I reached out to the man who defines the League of Legends meta on the daily: LS, aka Lil' Sassy, on Twitter, asking what he though about Twitch.

Predictably, he did not reply to my tweet. But I'm sure that he would have recommended building Moonstaff on Twitch support.

11.8 update: It's dead. This build is dead. And with it- our smiles, our love and our ally healing.

If you do plan on building this, I recommend taking the Grasp runes because if you're gonna L9 it this hard, you might as well play under the assumption that you picked an entirely different champion. Grasp of the Undying is actually fairly easy to proc on Twitch because your poison's tick damage keeps it permanently charged. so auto a minion at full health, wait for your hands to turn that beautiful shade of snot-extracting green, and auto the nearest enemy champion.

Moonstone Renewer is the only reason you can claim this build works when your friends threaten to report you in chat. Moonstone Renewer's effect allows you to heal your allies whenever you affect another champion, (be it buffing an ally or damaging an enemy). So this means that every time your poison ticks on any enemy champion, any nearby ally will get a nice sliver of health back. This allows you to proc Staff of Flowing Water and Ardent Censer and also allows you to say "Holy **** look at my healing!!! wtf?? OP???"
What's more fun than healing your friends and giving them the speed Ability Haste they need to escape the enemy click the buttons again as well as you and your disco ***. It also gives AP which can be extremely fun with some of Riot's patented 'balanced' midlaners.
You can get Ardent Censer before Staff of Flowing Water if your team lacks much AP and you'll get more use out of the attack speed that Ardent Censer gives. Building this for your ADC almost makes up for the fact that you locked in Moonstaff, Grasp, Twitch support- but not really.
I refuse to believe that you made it past 3 items without surrendering but ok. After this you can just build pure AP to help you scale a bit.

Here's a video detailing Twitch's 100-0 combo. It's fairly mechanically demanding so you'll have to get the hang of it.

100-0 combo


Other than this there's only one other combo that exists on Twitch:

Flash combo

By far the most important aspect of playing Twitch. Skin choice says a lot about you and your values. Depending on your skin choice, this can be a nice detail to add onto your CV when applying for a job. A firm handshake and a Whistler Village Twitch preference is worth a lot more than an engineering degree.

As of April 2021, these are my rankings of Twitch's skins.

Kingpin Twitch

Kingpin Twitch wins the splash art contest by far. But unfortunately, in game it looks like someone dipped my sweet rat in green paint, and his crossbow looks like it was built by Garen or something.

Whistler Village Twitch

Whistler Village Twitch despite having default animations is one of my favourite. How can your opponents not respect the drip when you have a trenchcoat that smashing. This skin feels beefy and precise and the slicked-back, grey hair is badass.

Medieval Twitch

Imagine grinding to honour level 5 for this garbage. The skin even comes with a jester's collar to remind you of how much of a clown you are for picking this over Grey Warwick and then choosing to run it too.

Crime City Twitch

Nothing beats scurrying away in a pinstripe coat just to reappear and introduce the enemy team to your little friend. This skin looks great in game, even with default animations. It has a custom gattling sound for your autos which is a nice touch.

Vandal Twitch

Let them stare. They don't define you. Great sound effects, the most alpha chad in-game design, a moral compass that will allow you to overthrow the tyrannical government. What more could you want?

Pickpocket Twitch

This skin's pretty cute. Turns Rat into a trash panda which is something I'm still trying to decide if I'm ok with. But he looks like Sly Cooper so that's neat.

SSW Twitch

Regardless of the team, this skin actually pretty cool. Sleek design, futuristic assets, spectacles, Gamer headset: activated. The skin looks alright overall, but nothing special.

Omega Squad Twitch

This skin is a real disappointment for being one of the few Twitch skins with custom animations. A quirky gas mask included for muffled voicelines that add 'character' to the skin apparently. The darker poison colour and the passive icon look like what could have been pitched as the base animations for Twitch during the character concept meeting, except whoever thought of this was probably fired and was punished by having their idea repurposed into a skin to make more money for the small indie company, Riot Games. Even then, the worst part of this skin is the auto attack sound. What is this weak ***, pew-pew, garbage excuse for a damage sound that is invading my eardrums? It almost makes the voicelines sound good. Don't buy this.

Ice King Twitch

This is probably my favourite Twitch skin. Really cool design that drastically changes the character. Overall it feels like the most bang for your buck. Light blue animations are refreshing and feel sharper, works really nicely with AP Twitch. All the animations look good, and sound crisp and piercing. Even the auto attacks feel like they do more damage with this skin. Not to mention every chroma it has looks good too.

Twitch Shadowfoot

Purple Schmurple. This skin is for e-boys and TFT players. Pitched-up voicelines are intended to emasculate and humiliate you. Plus this skin has a heavy emphasis on cuteness which implies that Twitch in his base form is not cute. This notion is unacceptable for obvious reasons. The worst part is that it doesn't even look good in game. All it has is purple animations.

Dragonslayer Twitch

Holy **** it's beautiful. The animations, the model, the colours. Finally some variety in the custom animation Twitch skins. I can't lie and say I wasn't hoping we'd get a Crime City Nightmare skin but we'll take it, man. The only gripe I have with this skin is that it's not very thematically correct. Twitch is the king of ****. And this skin is neither kingly nor ****. Other than that- thank you rito I'm gonna go get my mom's credit card right now oh my god tha
Lastly, here is a list of a couple tricks that I may add to over time as more come to mind.
  • You can use Ambush and then immediately recall in the delay before the stealth activate to recall while in stealth.
  • The range of your E and R are the same, so you can use the ring that appears around you indicating your E range when you have a passive stack on something to know how much range your R will give you.

Thanks for reading, friend!

I had a lot of fun making this. I'm hoping it'll be useful in some way or the other, even if all it gave you was an overwhelming sense of disgust and a shameful giggle.

Lotsa love,


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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oudiematic3000
Oudiematic3000 Twitch Guide
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How to praise Twitch like the Rat-brother you know you are

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