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Talon Build Guide by Ryuuki.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryuuki.

Huehuehue *Dead*

Ryuuki. Last updated on October 14, 2011
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When I first saw Talon come out I thought yeah hes probably going to be alright,

Then when I bought him I thought wow what a cool,fun,versatile champion this guy is. I've played quite a few games with him in solo queue and found him very fun to play and is strong both early and late game as the games progresses.

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+Good early game burst
+Great at farming minions/waves
+Low cd ultimate
+Fun to play and get used to


-Squishy/focused a lot
-Can be denied
-item dependant

Now every champion has his/her Goods and Bads but Talon has a little bit of all which makes him a good champion, hes not too op or under powered.

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This rune setup lets you have that early burst you need for minion farming and harassing. Focuses on your early armor and Mr too. The second rune setup that I sometimes use is just a full ad page for some huge harassment against squishes its like having 2 s at the start :O

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The First mastery page is based mostly on his ability and a little Attack damage 17/0/13.
Talon's ult does have a fairly low cooldown and along with and your ult will be a near cooldown of 26 seconds if I remember correctly :D

Idealy you can go 21/9/0 for the second page if you do like that extra damage and your early game armor and MR

It all comes down to player preference, its what you prefer :) these are just suggestions and what I use.

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Summoner spells

it is essential on Talon because he doesn't have much spells he can use defensively other than ,flash can also be used offensively too.

Best spell for any burst type champion and good against etc.

Good against other hard Burst champions like
not the best since Talon can close gaps with hisCutthroat though you can take this if you simply prefer it over flash.
if your going to solo top then take this.

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Its an ok passive but for a burst type champion Like Talon id say its not as good as if it was on say for instance: other Auto attackers etc.

Good spell for last hitting minions and adding that extra burst to your combo. It resets your Auto attack timer so its best right after you land a auto attack, this also works on turrets.
Casting beforeCutthroat will trigger when you land behind your target.

I like to max this second

Talons Bread and Butter skill. The slow proc is very goos since it can hit up to multiple enemy's and its great for harassing and clearing out minion waves. Once you got yourB.F Sword and your around level 9 you can a whole minion wave in one go.

I like to max this first.


Talon's cc ability. It silences them and appears behind them. Its got quite a simple explanation to it. Basically you want to max it last since the effect of the spell doesn't increase by level and it doesn't do damage.

I take a point in this at level 2 and max it last.

Talons cool awesome ulti :D. This is also self explanatory and can be used in two main ways.
1st is for escaping, something goes wrong? ult and you'll gain some nice movespeed and stealth, the stealth gives you enough time to get away along with the movespeed. though be careful not to activate it again or you'll become visible again. 2nd Is some extra burst damage or last Hitting champs. If you activate it quickly it can dish out some nice damage with with AD. This skill isn't as good for initiating because you really shoudn't be initiating in the first place so its best to always save it as insurance, in case something goes wrong. This is also good for clearing out huges stacks of minions quickly along with your would be incredible farm.

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Throughout The game

Start off with and x3 gives you great lane sustain and mobility, you can idealy start with a if your going to 1v1 solo top since you want to dominate them. Other than that you want to try get your ASAP, it will late get upgraded but not too soon. You want to keep farming for yourB.F sword and untill you have that you'll become a big threat. Each time you b back to base its necessary to get additional health pots for lane sustain because you can get harassed quite a lot, most of the time you wont have enough for your B.F sword or other items anyways so spending 105g on 3 pots won't hurt much. Once you got your bf sword you should be around level 10-11 and even have your upgraded from You want to get your Boots upgraded toBoots of Lucidityor either a if other team has hard cc and Magic damage. Once you have one of your core items built and at level 11 your ult should have two points in it already so haveing the boots lower the cooldown even further which helps when you might get ganked in a lane. Next focus on getting your Around this point you still want to get some farm in the lanes but also try help and assist the other lanes, gank them push for tower etc. Idealy you whould bot if your duo lane, so that leaves dragon to you and when your jungler or team might decide to get it. After I like to start either my trinity or my frozen mallet. If your doing well first of all you want to get your phage this can either then build into a or mallet for extra tankiness and slow, trinity is for, well a bit of everything but the Q proc works great with your

Once you've chosen either the two I would start looking to a as a late game item. Here where most people would idealy start building some armor, you want to counter that. So a whisperer will do just fine.

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Last words

Well this sorta sums up all what I gotta say.

Talon is fun and a worthwhile champion to buy and play. If you feel something is not right in this guide please feel free to post a comment, put your thoughts down, and yeah thats about it :)

Happy playing!