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League of Legends Build Guide Author KungFuMilf

Hybrid Sion - Best of Both Worlds

KungFuMilf Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Ever played AP-sion? Well, as an AP-sion you have two great skills and two useless skills. Sure, great burst, but there are AP-champs with 4 AP-scaling skills, and they will with the same farm own you. Your ult won't help you out at all and why would you want extra ad?

Ever played AD-sion? Sure your ult is great, and you dish out quite some damage late-game, but your spells just don't do any damage, and compared to other AD-champs you are weak.

Getting tired of this? Why can't you play sion and actually benefit from ALL of his skill? Well, you can with this build.

I proudly present: Hybrid-Sion - The best of Both Worlds.

I'd like to add that I'm open for input on everything, be it itemchoices, masteries or summonerspells. I have not tested everything, nor done the math needed to really support any of my choices, so feel free to comment on that. Haven't really seen any Hybrid-Sion guides out there, so I thought I'd just share my thought on that with you guys

btw: I suck at this, so there won't really be any pictures or so for you to enjoy. I'm surprised I even managed to colour the text red.. ^^ ... ooor, wait a minute, let's give it a try...

yayyyy =)

One last thing: I ain't going to teach you how to play Sion, I'm just going to present my thoughts on Hybrid-Sion, and why I think it beats the **** out of every AP/AD/AS/TANK/TIAMATSTACKING-SION. ^^

Best Regards

KungFu, proud member of the Milfs

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Pretty self-explanatory but here it goes:

- Every caster loves magicpen and so does Hybrid-Sion.

Greater Seal of Replenishment - For the early mana-issues you'll have. You gotta spam those stuns.

- Lower CD = More damage, More stuns, More shields.

Can't really decide which Quintessences I prefer, so I just threw some of the possibilities in there.

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I wanted to get all the needed offensive masteries and then put what was left in the Utility-tree. The important part is getting both the magicpan, the armorpen and the attackspeed. You are a carry, and you need to do damage, so I chose to go 16-0-14.

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- All hybrids benefit alot from this item, and it gives you some POWER early on ^^ And ofcourse it builds into Trinity Force, the main item of this build really.

- Extra crit, attackspeed and movementspeed, need I say more?

- Boots are really up to preferences, use these for more magic damage, use Mercury's Treads vs. heavy CC-teams or Berserker's Greaves if you want a boost to your close combat and your ult. Depends on your team, and the enemy team really.

- I. Love. This. Item. It has all you need, you can exchange it for a Lich Bane tho, but then I would suggest getting some more AP.

- Attackspeed and Ability Power all in one item? Yes, please. This combined with Trinity Force will let you dish out quite some damage, and you should now be pretty much owning most enemies in a 1v1.

- You now have plenty of attackspeed, now it's time to maximize your damage with this awesome item! Get this and OWN EVEN MORE!

or - Both will help out a lot, which of em you choose really depends on if you choose to focus on AD or AP.

The last itemspot i leave open, I rarely get to buy the last item, and when I do I'm either really fed or it is of little importance, you could get yet another Hextech Gunblade or just any other AP or AD item really.. Malady could be an option too, but only if you haven't got too much AS, cause you'll be close to the cap already. If you chose to buy Trinity Force and Youmuu's Ghostblade a The Bloodthirster to boost your AD and lifesteal would be great to as you have alot of AS. :)

One a sidenote: please remember that this is just what you should get if there is no need to counter any opponents or similar, or of your team is perfectly balanced when it comes to damage-output. If the enemies have allot of CC - build a Banshee Veil, If your team has alot of AD - build more ap. You have to adapt to your team and the enemiy team or else I can assure you that you. will. fail.

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Summoner Spells


- I use ghost on most champs. I just like it ALOT - great chasing/getaway spell imo.


The other one is up to you really. I use Flash, but here are the ones I find good:

- Same reason as Ghost

- Great for getting kills early on, or to kill that Master Yi who activates ult at 50 hp and runs for his life.

- Comes in handy during the laning phase, and later to secure towers/ clear out minionswaves/ Backdoor/ Defend vs. Backdooring.

- Very good for chasing, or even in a 1v1 situation, reduces the enemies damage and slows them. Also great for first blood.

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Quick Summary: Hybrid Sion - WHY?

As stated in the introduction, Sion doesn't really benefit from all of his skills when he chooses either AP or AD. His ult is AWESOME for an AD-sion but it doesn't really help at all for an AP-sion, and the shield doesn't shield for **** when playing him AD.

Sion is a great char, but to get to use every bit of the potential that lies within this char, you need to build in a way that boosts all of his skill and the answer to this is simple - Go Hybrid <3

- Quick
- Good Farmer
- Both High Sustained Damage and Burst Damage
- Not too squishy: Gets alot of Lifesteal and Spellvamp with items and ult and his shield can stand quite a lot.
- He's awesome
- He's awesome
- He's awesome
- Does not rely on eiter a burst or having to be in close combat all the time: He can do both.

So I hope I've helped out some of you, haven't really seen any Hybrid-Sion guides around so I thought I'd just share my thoughts on it.

I'll update this build from time to time, when change is needed or if there are any new patches. Please let me know what you think of all this :)

Best Regards

KungFu, proud member of the Milfs

And as I usually say to my teammates be4 every game: Good Luck, Have Fun, Don't Feed, Buy Wards ;)