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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IronBridge

[Hybrid Twitch]- Nibble on this

IronBridge Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Hello! I'm new to mobafire and yes, this is my first guide! I've been playing Twitch for a bit as AD. With this being a pretty much cookiecutter stat builf for Twitch I began experimenting, and viola! I fell into hybrid mode, a hybrid Twitch can: Utilize his awesome poison shots especially when stacked. Even a +50 to his poison dmg (magic) can make a great deal of difference especially wen used in a 6 stack expunge. When you have burning embers (ignite mastery) that +10 ap would be clutch for your poisons and expunge in certain situations.

The cons would be: You will have to be more patient before ya do real serious damage, because a crit Twitch would get more early game kills than an hybrid would I think. Money income may not be as fast without that avarice blade.

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Summonor skills

In my opinion Flash and Ignite are perfect for Twitch. While Ignite is a must for my guide (because of Burning Embers ) Flash provides an excellent get away and chase factor. My favorite move is to poison someone up from an ambush, Flash to another side of woods and detonate with an Expunge. It's quick, makes the enemy's super paranoid (as do all Twitch's do =) ) and makes ya feel all round cool.

Other skills to consider-

Cleanse- If you do not enjoy being cc'd
Heal- If you do not enjoy being damaged :P
Clarity- If you want a longer flow of available mana
Ghost- For quick in and outs
Teleport- Constant tower vigilance

Skills I do not suggest-

Rally- If your looking at this guide, this is for an hybrid build, unless you feel like being the king if minion tower killing.
Clairvoyance- It's nice and all but I'd rather utilize Ambush instead.
Fortify- Tower hugging Twitches should never exists
Revive- I'd like to think of this guide as a guide for not dieing as well
Exhaust- While safety is key, you flash to key points should be good enough, and besides you can already slow someone and use expunge on the same stacks, so don't worry. Also a decent Twitch makes quick in and out attacks usually resulting in a dead guy or a fleeing one.
Smite- The only way you could use this is if you really want to make the other team angry by doing a smite while invisible on their near dead baron (hilarious)

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Early Game

I would start out getting a Long Sword, a health pot, and adding a point to Expunge. I use these two first because of the added phys damage and because Ignite (with burning ember's +10AP) would give you an ample amount of stopping power for your expunge especially since this is early game. Sure Ambush would let you get a surprise attack and attack speed but it really isn't that useful especially at the beginning of a match, unless you like to recon. Early game I farm my minions and conserve mana for harassment for the enemy in the form of stacked expunge if they feel like sticking around. I save up to over 1000 then I grab Ionian Boots of Lucidity for faster Expunges and quick Ambush getaways. When you hit level 5 Expunge does a notable mount of damage. I build toward a Recurve Bow for fast poison applications.

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Mid Game

After the Recurve Bow build towards a Madred's Razors for that extra damage and more guaranteed cash flow from minion kills. At this time the enemy would be getting a bit girth to their health on higher levels, so catch up with your dps by completing your Madred's Bloodrazor. By this time, if your enemy team checks your items, they will probably try to stack on magic resist. This is why I get Malady for the magic resist stripping for that oh so fatal expunge. The AP helps as well. I am not that thorough with the item sequence at this point because at the rate of minion farming gold gain and champion killing it varies. Fact is, you shouldn't doubt that the enemy knows how your building and they should react accordingly, which makes the Void Staff a great counter to any magic resist people. Stacking a 6 poison 4 stack Malady with a Void Staffed expunge is serious business.

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At this point while your 18 you should be topping off with a Rabadon's Deathcap which will shoot your ap up bigtime. If you want to be an even more big threat, go for golem runes and use your brilliance potions. This should have you above 500+ ap which would make your short cd expunge a deadly weapon not to mention very hurtful poison shots. As for your last slot, if the game isn't over yet, get item(s) which cater to what your enemy team has. For example, if someone with high crit is picking on you, get some thornmai, its great with yer AP and penetration you have on right now to supplement your fight vs foe. I myself like using a Hextech Gunblade for the ap, ad, and the respective lifesteal factors. Note that I emphasize on AP cause not only it will make expunge stronger, but ups the % of health you take out with your Madred's Bloodrazor.

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Main Strategy

As a Twitch, much less an hybrid Twitch, you should never, by any means initiate a fight. (unless you know you can win). A good Twitch attacks stragglers and comes in middle of fights to supplement damage. Trust me, his ult shot into a group of fighters will have most of your enemies six stacked for that 500+ap Expunge at end. Factor the 500ap expunge dmg plus your Madred's Bloodrazor, Ignite, and Malady with Deadly Venom dots and you'll be a killing machine. Always utilize Vision Wards or sight wards and brilliance potions, they aren't only for endgames ya know! Tanks will fear you more as well!! If you are laning alone make sure you utilize those wards and hit and run, I often find it funny when you hit someone they will run and come back with a stack of poison on them. Just keep on stacking!! **Note** Try to break off of usual Twitch mode, although your not critting 1000's, you should be killing in no time endgame. ie: 10%+ dmg to health (magic) + high AS + 100% AP Expunge + 196 spare AD to boot. Tanks beware.

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Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time for reading this guide. I hope my build helps you as much as it has helped me through many games. I apologize if this guide wasn't thorough enough as it should be. I enjoy both negative and positive feedback as well so please help me tweak this into an ultimate build!! IF this guide goes well I will begin on a Veigar guide as well cause hes my other favorite character!

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5/21/2011 -Changes Title to "[AP Twitch]- Nibble on this" to "[Hybrid Twitch]- Nibble on this" and added Icons thanks to Nome!

5/27/2011 -Changed voting system to require comments, so I know what or what not to fix.

8/11/2011 -Updated some misinformation involving expunge, thanks to BlackIntent, thanks and more power to ya bro!!

9/05/2011 -Updated some misinformation involving poison dots, kudos to Prophecy8. Appearently it does true damage and not magic. Thanks brosef!!!!

11/06/2011 -Added some more rune options for you daring Twitches out there that like to get an early kill or be generally scary (Flat AP Quints). Kudos to Dom Penguin! Keep on Trolling!! ;)