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Udyr Build Guide by Mop Head

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mop Head

Hybrid Udyr Balancing the Animal Spirits

Mop Head Last updated on May 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys so this is my first guide on mobafire and I hope you guys would be inspired to use this champion.He's a monster when played right but as always being trashed at a noobies control.
Also I will use the word neutrals to define jungle creeps because it's kinda long to type it :)
Hope you guys like it!!!

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Mokey's Agility

I'll have you know every skill will have it's own Chapter where I will Explain the effect.
His passive is Monkey's Agility one of the stacking passives great for the bonus AS and movement speed which Udyr really needs throughout the game.the stacks increases every stance you enter for every skill of Udyr is a stance therefore yeah he has no ultimate.Monkey's Agility lasts for 5 seconds and refreshes every time yu enter a stance.
Important Note:Everytime Udyr enters a stance all of his skills enter a cool down that lasts for 1.5 seconds but no increasing the cooldown of the skills that are currently on cooldown and it doesn't affect active items.

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Tiger Stance

His focusing stance this skill is great for focusing down a single target with it's damage being so high with it on max lvl can reach up to 400 damage without items,(not considering armor).Great skill to learn at jungling and in some ultra rare cases laning but we are in focusing on jungle Udyr.

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Turtle Stance

His deffensive stance that benefit from armor and magic resist to it's not a bad idea to get this it's actually great and awesome.You can use this along with Tiger/Phoenix stance by alternation or even enter turtle then Tiger to activat bonus AS then Phoenix to proc that AoE damage then go back to Turtle but it's not mana efficient that way but great if you have tons of mana saved for it.Can also be used to block Tower damage or skill shots works on any damage even true damage to counter that nasty first blood ignite attempt.

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Bear Stance

His chasing and escape tool can be used as ghost OR with ghost for the speed.Chasing mostly because of it's rend to stun a target with an attack but cannot occur on the same target for the last 6 seconds or with CDR the same cool down as bear stance to ensure a kill.Also make sure that the enemy had recently used a flash or a skill that acts like that to not waste hp and mana.

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Phoenix Stance

His only magical damage and AoE great for the awesome clearing speed and it's mixed damage gives the enemy a very hard time thinking to get armor or magic resist with some AS bonus after hitting the enemy from Tiger stance then switching to bear then Phoenix stance can deal tons of damage around 1500 damage (excluding armor and magic resist) inmerely 3-5 seconds that burst damage only costs you less than 150 mana at lvl18 great for taking down ADCs and Tanks.

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Pros and Cons

-Has two effects for 1 skill
-Strong against buffs dragon and can solo baron at 35 minute mark
-Passive grants insane AS and MS bonuses
-Low mana cost skils at late game
-Low Cool down for every skill
-Legit damage without Items
-extremely Hard to kill late game
-Fast clearing speed
-Skills provide Physical Damage,Magical Damage,Deffense,Sustain,CC,Chase/Escape Mechanism

-No gaps Closer
-No ultimate
-Paper thin if not for a tanky items
-Hard to use
-Easily counter Jungled early game
-Prey for first blood without his turtle stance
-Often killed early before he kills
-Needs teammates full coordination to gank
-Can't kill enemies by himself unless super squishy

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Correct Usage

He needs to be skilled properly as he cannot max all his skills either end up in one skill in kvl3 or two skills at lvl4.The build shows about getting more damage and less sustain And movement speed still worth for the lvl sustain and MS.

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Tiger vs Phoenix

So Iv'e seen a lot of people raging about which is better Tiger Stance or Phoenix Stance.And I decided to compare them in my own way along with some friends' help.

-Strong single target and DoT damage
-Grants massive Attack Speed
-Extremely strong in taking out dragon early in game
-Can be used to take out tanky Champions
-quickly applies on-hit effects
-Beats Phoenix when trying to kill a single champion
-Legit clearing speed

-Takes longer time than Phoenix to clear camps
-Needs to hit small neutrals along with big neutrals because of no AoE
-Sucks when it comes to a 2v1
-Focused down because of the massive damage
-Often thinking you are stronger than you think but tiger scales with AD
-Often fails to kill because enemies are to afraid

Phoenix Stance
-Strong AoE damage
-Fast clearing speed due to AoE hitting small neutrals
-Being able to do massive AoE damage when used with Attack Speed items runes and masteries
-Easier than Tiger stance
-Also able take out dragon early in the game.
-Gives good burst damage in one hit after casting it.
-Legit AoE fire when casted (the fire around Udyr when casts phoenix stance)
-Can beat 2v1 ganks when built both properly and kept calm

-Loses to Tiger when trying to kill an escaping Champion
-Can't gank well when by himself
-Needs some Items to be effective in clashes
-Needs some hp to survive while hitting the enemies cause of weaker killing potential than tiger
-Actually not so good without proper level and runes (that also applies to patience and skill)
-Needs teammate to kill (Most of the time)

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At first start with Phoenix Stance or Tiger Stance then alternate it with Turtle Stance.
When running low on hp and mana spam turtle stance to regenerate and kill the camp then head back to base ,Easy as that don't forget to gank mid and top or mid and bottom depending on which side are blue or purple.Also Udyr can get a smiteless blue or smiteless red but I recommend blue with Smite then smiteless red because your now higher in level when going red.

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Udyr Is one of the if not the best junglers in League of Legends He has alot of uniqueness his skill set is unique that doesn't have an ultimate but to make up for it he has 2 for one skill.
Great passive that gives him everything about speed movement speed and attack speed that stacks up to 3 times.
Main single target damage stance source of great damage to take out single targets.
Main Deffensive Stance grants Temporary Shield,Lifesteal and ManaSteal(Mana steal is unique for Udyr)
Main Chasing and Escaping stance applying a stun to make escaping almost impossible also stunning them then going turtle then again bear would almost always let you escape.
Main Magic and AoE damage stance allow you to kill fleeing enemies by being beside them and brun then or hit a minion that procs the fire to hit the champion.
Combining Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance would mean that you dealt a Massive damage and DoT then Applying the AS bonus to proc your phoenix stance to deal massive burst damage be sure to always have a Frozen Mallet/ Phage/ Trinity Force in your items so that they won't escape.

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Tiger and Phoenix are best together

Remember to use Bear Stance to stun then walk to where they'll escape then use Tiger and continue moving then phoenix to apply Tiger's effect massive damage and DoT then at thye same time applying phoenix's ring of fire and the breath of fire this combo is usually done at level 18 OR lower with my skill build as hybrid.Being Tiger Udyr means shunning Phoenix Stance and being Phoenix Udyr is shunning Tiger Stance all of Udyr's skills are useful so I put in both while not forgetting Turtle and Bear.Animals must love me now (or hate for shunning 1 lvl of turtle and bear).

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Thanks alot for reading my guide and I'll gladly accept comments about me being wrong in some parts and also hope you play Udyr.Don't dislike this because your a better Udyr player if you were better then why in the world would you read my guide? Because your curious about other's playstyle or what? just tell me I won't mind and I will Update this when I have time thanks again for reading :)