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Jinx Build Guide by SkollArt

AD Carry I wanna try something fun right now! Jet Fighter Jinx WIP

AD Carry I wanna try something fun right now! Jet Fighter Jinx WIP

Updated on October 14, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkollArt Build Guide By SkollArt 13,307 Views 11 Comments
13,307 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SkollArt Jinx Build Guide By SkollArt Updated on October 14, 2013
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I don't expect anyone to read this thing, but sort of using it as a reference for me. Well, saying that I guess I should write more.

This guide focus on the issues Jinx have, instead of making her uber powerful she is rather standard. An explanation of Jinx weakeness, which mainly is her speed. She got a nice feature that allows her to move quite fast. Get Excited! grants her a speed of 175% for under 4 seconds which it really decays over 4 seconds which you only get 175% in one second which at the beginning it sounds all fun and great, but after playing plenty of matches with her I've discovered she's really easy to kill against characters that have pulls and can instantly kill her.

Jinx deals a blasting early power, with a fast attacking speed, but however she lacks the ability to sustain in the lain and she's slow, even though she should be fast. I realized that Jinx can be a Jet fighter due her skills, machine gun, rockets, 'nades and a nuke, but what is she missing? Oh yes, that is right, speed. So I had three Speed Movements quints lying around and used them, what I sadly found out is that she can be fast, but she needs a lot of healing, by sacrificing some of her speed and using Life Steal quints found the perfect balance.

Take in consideration that this build is by no means stay in one spot. If she takes down an enemy you better move away (if you are all alone, or stay away from bushes and walls that can get you pulled). Or a turret, if you take it down, they will know you were taking it down and will come for you, don't push the lane, instead flee away and help other lane or something. Seriously.
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Pros / Cons

  • Great Early Damage
  • Zap! is a sniper rifle
  • Strong CC
  • Great Sustain in early lane
  • Low Cooldows
  • She's a jet fighter, excellent harrass and sustain with items.

  • Mana hungry if abusing Fishbones
  • No escapes, you are trapped
  • Hard to Master
  • Can't look away for too long
  • An easy target early game
  • Zap! takes a while to load, and can be seen and easily blocked.
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Why would you need this? Cause of that 35% speed boost for Jinx. Remember that Jinx is easy to kill and a pull would get you into your enemy, a good player would know to take you down ASAP, therefore you aren't a tank, they'll get you. Your best option is to hit and run, trust me, they'll try to gank you plenty of times.
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Press the Attack
Summon Aery
Lethal Tempo
Arcane Comet

I use these for the early advantage for farming, though I've been curious to use greater mark of armor penetration instead, I can't give you an idea right now, but after testing them I shall add more information about this.

The Seal of Armor is very important due the early game they will, I repeat, will try to kill you. She's a dangerous champion to have her due her farming skills. Under one hour she can easily farm more than 200 creepers if left alone. Therefore you'll become a victim of poke early game.

Pretty much the same than above. Though I want to try to use Glyphs for Crit Chance or Attack Speed instead. They might be more useful than magic resist. Not sure, not enough IP to buy them all of them right now, but I'll update it once I get them and test them.

I'm using two Life Steal and one Speed Movement quintessences. The reason behind this is cause one Life Steal won't offer as much sustain as two would, three would be great, but you'll be slow as hell, one movement speed quintessences offers you with the right amount of speed in early game you need without having to buy a boots, this allows you to buy Doran's Sword for that life steal you need early game.

And the extra speed. After using Attack damage, penetration I realized that having that extra +1.5% of speed does makes a difference early game for dodging some attacks. Later on it becomes a nice boost, allowing you to escape all attacks that are coming.


Okay here I'll explain a bit of math. The damage output by her isn't as much as others, however her speed makes up for it. In DPS she does more damage over time than other buildings. She does almost more damage by 1/2 sacrificing 20 points out of 300. She does 280 Damage per attack, with an attack speed of 121 meanwhile others do around 300 damage under 70 Attack Speed. I added a bit more of cri chance, not much, but it does help early game.

If you get Phantom Dancer earlier with this build you'll get 440 movement speed all natural. Once you get the 175% speed boost, oh boy, you get a 775 Movement Speed which to be honest no one will ever catch you. Activate Ghost after that and you'll get 594 Movement Speed if you get someone trying to ambush you, along with flash and seriously, you become a true Jet Fighter in the field.

Though something important to consider, you are not there to engage for more than a few seconds into a fight. Specialy against Katarina or others Marksman. Remember, this is a hit and run build, think of a Jet Fighter.
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The two spells I'm using are for build. These are Flash and Ghost. The reason why I'm using these two instead of exhaust or ignite, or even barrier, is because in late game barrier would do not as much help as it should. IMO, is a waste, specially with heavy dealing guys.

The main reason why I get this is cause of guys like Thresh, Jarvan IV, Blitzcrank, Fiora, Katarina, etc. You see, these things are not meant to guarantee you a kill, but rather survival, an escape. Never use them for trying to get a kill, it would go to a waste.

Hecarim, Katarina, Master Yi, Fiora, Vi. They will all chase you and try to catch you, but with this ghost they'll find it hard to catch you. Pretty much they will cry cause they can't catch you. Like seriously. Use these with Flame Chompers! and will only be looking at your butt they could even chase you back to your base and they would never touch you.

By using both Flash + Ghost it allows you to escape as fast as you can, even if you get slowed down but using Zephyr + Boots of Swiftness it allows you get away, if you can get the alacrity as well, they'll just see you running. Try to catch a Jet Fighter by going on foot. I dare you.

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Skill Sequence And Some Tips

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is an amazing ability that only triggers when you assist/kill a champion or a turret under 3 seconds of their death, which means is something you can't abuse. It is great to use when your opposite team are fleeing, however you they have full health and are a tank built, then you should use it to escape if your team mates are about to die or stuff.

This is the main skill I like to max ASAP, the reason is the nice passive firing boost you get from it, allowing you to use your Life Steal quintesssence and also you can tear down turrets with this. Plus having the rockets help you a lot to push lanes. This seriously will help you to stay in lane without having to B all the time, farming and healing at the same time, but to be honest do not abuse it, use Fishbones when your are being pushed back to your turret and they can take it down or late game for fast farming/pushing lanes.

This is the sniper skill, as it will hurt and has a long range attack that is unfair, yet this skill has huge downsides, easily blocked by creepers, no piercing effect, and you are standing still while charging which means it leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds. This is a great skill for poking when they are hugging a turret and busy killing your minions, use it there when there have no minions. In team fights your opponents will try to flee away, iyou can use it to slow them down from a safe distance and help your team get another kill.

By no means you should abuse this skill, this is by means the only way to stop anyone chasing you early game or preventing from fleeing, a skill that must be rarely ever used unless you know when you can us it, even though Jinx got slow cooldowns this one starts with a 20 sec recharge timer. It would be great for spaming, but it is not. So you must absolutely only use them when A) Your enemies are on low health and fleeing. B) Your enemies are chasing you. Remember to set them ahead of you as well, when fleeing as this once spammed on the battlefield takes a second or two to get activated.

This is pretty much like Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow, but much faster to travel acros the map and its cooldown is also shorter. A very hard to use skill, but much better than Ashe's for sure. Once you master this one, you'll be hated by everyone. Trust me.
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I like the get Doran's Blade as a starting item due her two quints of Life Steal, but this means you can't engage into a fight with someone that have 3 quints of Life Steal. This build is by no means. You can farm enough to not return back to base for buying anything, even around 2000 or 3000.
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First of all, the idea of a Jet Fighter is due her passive boost, and arsenal. I tried multiple guides from this site which never fit my gaming style and to be honest I can't adapt myself to that, I do love to stay and fight, but I realized that I'm just wasting a lot of potential in here with Jinx. I mean why would you waste 175% speed boost on just for getting another kill or taking a turret and a kill? I realized the arsenal is similar to a Jet Fighter, and usually what they do is bomb/destroy a building and flee. So here is the logic and the strategy of this build.

This build is meant by no means to engage into a 1v1, the reason of this is just purely this quote from her video:
Do you ever wanna catch me?
Right now I'm feeling ignored!
So can you try a little harder?
I'm really getting bored!

The video shows that she is constantly moving and if she's standing in one spot she'll get bored. Which can only means that she is not playing "I'm gonna stand here, come and get me" rather than she should be across the map causing havoc. Destroying here and killing there when they least expect it. However her Fishbones makes a great defense and her Zap! a great poke to keep your enemies standing back, not to mention a great tool if you don't want to get sight ward. But if your companion won't buy them, and if you are facing someone like Gengar. You really need to get some, for those ganks.

After playing some games I realized how easily she can get CC, and sometimes you can sacrifice yourself for something stupid for the lack of speed and CC protection. You might have a high output damage, but because you are Jinx never except you'll get 1v1, they'll try to get you, at least 3v1, I can promise you that much.

Use the first point with Switcheroo!, you'll need the passive for Pow Pow! and also the extra range for Fishbones. One for farming/healing and the other one for harrassing.

With this build, always get Doran's Blade. It will keep you alive for a while and excellent for a constant early farming which would be what you need, but if you notice they have a doran's blade that would suggest they have more quints that you, try not to attack from distance and use your Fishbones for that, don't use your Pow Pow!

Get Vampiric Scepter and Boots, remember that you'll have to always keep moving and dodge their attacks, you are all about Jet Fighting, the faster will win, not the one that does the most damage. You gotta dodge and heal as much as you can and keep your health higher than them before trying to engage into a fight, if they are ot within your range, use Fishbones. If they are with low health and within your range use your Pow Pow as it will do more damage and wil not consume your mana if you get a kill, cause you'll need your Flame Chompers! for an escape.

If you want to due and get more kills get Berserker's Greaves, but if you want to die less get Boots of Swiftness as it offers 60 Movement Speed and reduces 25% of all slows. A hard choise, but after you get Zephyr you can sell your boots of swiftness and buy Berserker's Greaves, and I susggest the enchantment Alacrity

At level 3, you should have used your second point with Zap! and the third on Flame Chompers!. At level 5 you need to have 3 points on your Switcheroo!. The faster you shoot, the better you farm.
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Early Game Companion

I'll share the experience I have with these champions while playing with Jinx. In the early game. I'll charga what I see that can useful and other as deadly combos, also the inexperience players can do much help for Jinx. Sadly I can't share many of them since I haven't been that lucky, but we'll see. I'll also explain what to except and how to prepare yourself when playing with these champions early game.

Jarvan IV
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Due her Fishbones you can farm, but by no means you should this early game. Stick with Pow Pow! early game, last hitting should be enough, unless you are missing health try to hit every minion you can, remember to keep your health up up all the time. Mid game you can spam 1 or 2 rockets at the minions which should be enough for switching to Pow Pow to farm them all, remember to keep most of your mana.

There is also very important about farming, and that is you can't stay away from your turret early game, if you have less than 600 HP in a lane and you think you can farm, becareful cause of missing enemies and or jungler. They'll try to gank you, specially those with CC's or high jump abilities like Lee Sin or Rengar, know your range and your enemy range as well while farming, such as Thresh he can pull you in or Jarvan IV can jump right in and can get you killed.

Remember that Pow Pow is better for healing than Fishbones and also for farming early game. Later on, when around 10-20 minions are gather as the try to take down a turret use your Fishbones, you'll clean them in less than 5 seconds and the farm you get from them will be greater. You can also farm in the jungle, use your fishbones first, again 2-3 rockets should do it and then switch to your Pow Pow.
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Like I said in the introduction, this guide is just for me, and for my friends. Is the way I found I can use Jinx and I know is the worst for 1v1, even against another Jinx, but the reason why is cause it focus on speed and anti CC's. She's does a heavy damage in speed and flees as well, is not someone that can survive in a 1v1 or 3v1, but she can pretty much come and get kills on distracted or fleeing enemies without using her passive, her passive is a get card for getting away, or getting multiple kills on fleeing enemies.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkollArt
SkollArt Jinx Guide
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I wanna try something fun right now! Jet Fighter Jinx WIP

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