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Amumu Build Guide by BorDD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BorDD

I'm not that kind of paper what you think.

BorDD Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide will lead you on a walkthrough of Jungling Amumu and his nuances. Amumu excels late game but has difficulty in the early phases - however, Jungling Amumu has no problem powering through neutral creeps early game. This build will provide the optimal build order for an Amumu to dominate the early game jungle, still be an efficient ganker, and tank like a boss late game.

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-Very fast jungler with a passive in his E ability that reduces the damage he takes while jungling
-Extremely good ganker coming out of the jungle with a stun in his Bandage Toss
-Very effective tank late game; potentially reaching well over 300 armor/magic resist
-Extremely high AoE magic damage through Despair, Curse of the Sad Mummy, and Sunfire Cape
-Superior to other junglers like Warwick not in his early game speed, but because of his utility late-game and his game-breaking ultimate
-Jungling lets your team have three extremely fast levelers - jungling is typically a must in any higher-ELO game

-Not as fast as some other junglers like Warwick or Olaf
-Weak autoattacking, which can lead to some ganks getting away
-Sometimes difficult to skill-shot his Bandage Toss
-Mana starved and almost useless without the Golem buff early game
-Terrible in 1v1s early game - very poor burst damage and is much more useful as a tank/initiator
-Incapable of ganking enemies early game without the help of allies, unless the enemy is at extremely low health
-Jungles with very low health - very vulnerable to ganks and counter-jungling
-Usually a predictable jungler, as 90% of all jungle Amumu start at blue buff

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Skill Explanations

Cursed Touch is Amumu's passive, and it's what makes him so deadly to many champions. At level 18, you lower magic resistance by a full 35 points - in many cases, this is enough to lower a champion's MR to zero if they haven't gotten any Magic Resist items.

Bandage Toss is a skill shot that has a pretty long range (farther than (Ezreal's Mystic Shot).

Despair is the ability that makes Jungling Amumu possible. It is a toggle ability that creates an Aura similar to a mini-Sunfire Cape. Despair deals constant AoE magic damage that scales with level, and deals an additional amount of magic damage per second based on the maximum health of the enemies around you. Because of this, it is incredibly useful at taking down Golem at level 1, since Golem has a very high amount of health and negative magic resist. The same philosophy applies to the Lizard buff and getting Dragon as well.

In addition, Despair can be useful when taking out other tanks like [champ/chogath.png]Cho'Gath. With your passive lowering their magic resistance, you have the potential to turn tanks to mush. In conjunction with a Sunfire Cape of your own, your area of effect damage becomes significant - it can easily farm waves of minions in a matter of seconds and greatly speeds up jungling, as well.

Tantrum is your E spell and your primary farming skill. Upon casting, it hits all enemies around you for a decent amount of magic damage. Passively, it reduces all physical damage you take by amounts increasing up to 10. This is incredibly effective in mid game and makes you very survivable in the jungle.

Curse of the Sad Mummy is your gamebreaking ultimate all enemies caught in this area will be rooted and unable to attack for the next two seconds while taking substantial magic damage.

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Summoner Spell Explanations

Smite: A must for almost all junglers, in my opinion. Smite drastically speeds up your jungling process, as without it, it would be impossible for Amumu to kill Golem at level 1 unless you somehow got extremely lucky with dodges. Smite lets you prevent people from taking your buffs, whether it is enemies who ambush you or allies who tries to steal it.

Flash: It was a toss-up between this and Ghost for me. I chose Flash because of the insane potential combos using this and Curse of the Sad Mummy. Ghost is a bit more useful for chasing, but the reason I didn't pick it is because Amumu's single-target damage is so mediocre that he can't get reliable kills chasing with Ghost, compared to a champ like Twisted Fate or Xin Zhao.

Ghost: If your team is the kind that lacks mobility or needs chasers, you can easily fill that role. Ghost is great for taking enemies down and also for escaping them, so if (when) they remove Flash, you'll have a handy option available. Ghost is more useful in higher ELO ranked games than Flash is simply because of the higher average mobility.

Those are the only three summoner spells I would ever consider on Amumu, and Smite is mandatory, so it's really a question of Flash vs. Ghost.

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Core Item Build Sequence

This is the item build that I use on Amumu when jungling, and it is one that I would recommend on all Amumu players, regardless of whether you play lane or jungle. Start off with a Cloth Armor and five Health Potions. After making your Golem to Golem jungle run for the first time, port back to base. You should have roughly 550 gold just from jungling at this point - if you ganked once or twice and pulled it off, you should have more. Buy your Boots and three more Health Potions. However, if you ganked and got a kill/assist, you should buy an early Chain Vest. Get [items/sight-ward.png]Sight Wards if you feel that you can afford them - your improved mobility and tankiness will make it much easier for you to plant wards than for your teammates to. Although you should by no means be spending an extra 300 gold every time you port back to base, you should try to get at least 1 or 2 wards when you can afford it - without gimping your item build. Items take priority over wards, unless your team has been seriously ganked consistently thoughout the game.

Mercury's Treads are the boots you should get almost every game. They give you decent magic resistance, which is great since you don't get any MR items early game, as well as reducing most CCs by a significant amount. These are basically the best boots for a functioning Amumu to have. If the enemy team is full of ranged DPS carries (Ashe, Sivir, AD/AS Teemo, AD/AS Kog'Maw) then it is acceptable to obtain Ninja Tabi. Normally you'll want to stray from that last option though, since the dodge will screw up the cooldown on your Tantrum.

Aegis of the Legion is a truly fantastic item, providing a substantial amount of armor, magic regen, and damage to your entire team. Even taking out the aura effect completely, it is still cost-efficient just based on the bonuses it gives you. Aegis also builds out of the three fundamental early game survivability items - namely Ruby Crystal, Cloth Armor, and Null-Magic Mantle. This allows you to build different items first to accommodate for the type of damage most prevalent on the enemy team. Overall, the benefits on Aegis are too good to pass up.
-Highly recommended. Aegis is a staple item on almost every tank and should not be skipped, especially considering that it is rather cheap.

Force of Nature: This item gives the highest Magic Resistance out of any one item in the game. It also gives increased health regeneration based on your maximum health, so in conjunction with your Sunfire Cape and the 450 bonus health that it gives, FoN can easily keep you alive for long periods of time. Get Force of Nature when facing a lot of MDPS champs, such as Mordekaiser, Singed, Heimerdinger, or other Amumu.

Guardian Angel: Get this if you feel that you're getting focused quickly in team fights - although you shouldn't be, you're the tank. Guardian Angel is most useful late-game when you've pushed into their base or when they've pushed into yours, so until then I don't highly recommend buying this item. However, it does have its uses.

Sunfire Cape: Drastically improves your magic DPS and makes minion farming much easier. While patch made Sunfire Cape's effect unique, you can still get one and speed up your jungling and creep killing. You increase your own magic DPS while decreasing their damage from your armor and health.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: The absolute best part of this item is that it gives you slowing tears. Did you hear that? IT GIVES YOU TEARS THAT SLOW PEOPLE. No, but really, this item is ideal for an offensive tank such as Amumu. As mentioned before, Despair will now slow people, making it child's play to chase. In addition, you get flat health, making you a bulkier tank, and additional Ability Power, buffing the damage on your skills.

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LVL 1. Buy Cloth Armor and health potions 5 Health Potions. Start at Twin Golems and use Smite and 2 Health Potions. LVL2. Go to the Wraith camp, autoattack the big one, then use Despair and Tantrum until they die. Go to the Wolf Camp, wait for Smite to come off CD, use Smite on the big one, then one Tantrum and kill the rest with Despair. (you should have 3 Health Potions left over). LVL3. Port back.

Go to the Blue Golem, use Smite and health potions2 Health Potions. Go to the Twin Golems, then Wraith Camp. Go to the Wolf camp and use Smite on the big one. Port back.

Go to Lizard Buff and use Smite and health potionsHealth Potion. Go to Twin Golems, Wraiths, then Wolves. You are now LVL6.

You can try ganking at lvl 4/5, but lvl 6 is where you really shine, and the way to insure an easy kill.

Or u can do more basic route Blue->Wolves->Wraiths->Red->Golems->Wraiths

There are many different jungle paths you can take, including some counter-jungling, but this path ensures that you stay in your jungle.

Route made buy
Thx for u <3

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U dont belive this build works?

Here are some games i have played with amumu :)