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Vayne Build Guide by 22Drift

ADC 🏹 Improving your Vayne - [Patch 11.21 Ready] ✔️

ADC 🏹 Improving your Vayne - [Patch 11.21 Ready] ✔️

Updated on November 11, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 22Drift Build Guide By 22Drift 33 2 62,725 Views 2 Comments
33 2 62,725 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 22Drift Vayne Build Guide By 22Drift Updated on November 11, 2021
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Standard for every game
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

🏹 Improving your Vayne - [Patch 11.21 Ready] ✔️

By 22Drift
My Vayne
What's up I'm Drift! I'm a Vayne main and she is absolutely my favorite champion ever. People tell me that I script on her. I was rank top 250 in s4 and have a record of ending 65-1 during s6 with no duoqueue. I play very aggressive and reaction flash directly through abilities (sion ult, ashe ult, varus ult, nami ult, yasuo tornado, etc) to win fights. I'd rather embarrass the hell out of myself trying my best than to hold out.

I have a YouTube and Twitch if you want to check me out!

I see some Vayne mains making bad guides and spreading terrible information all around. I wanted to make a straight forward guide that did not have walls of text/over-information. If you want to play better than Gosu, then take a look.

When you pick Vayne
When you pick Vayne, you're immediately putting a target on your head. Vayne is meant to fight. She is very unique in the sense that she has incredible DPS and movement. She HAS to auto attack to deal damage. You're this powerhouse ADC that has the potential to hyper-carry and 1v5 a team. She is the most mechanical champion in the game and requires constant targeting and movement. She can be very flashy and rewarding to play. She is completely single-target; Vayne is the only champion in the game that has absolutely no AoE. There is nobody like her. She was built to deal true damage. A great Vayne is a pleasure to watch.

Pick Vayne into tanks, low CC, and any comps that you are able to fight into. She excels in situations where she can run enemies down or kite. Being able to dish out your damage is a must as Vayne.

Choosing Vayne already means the game bout to be different. Don't ever be afraid of doing something just because you're afraid of failing. Just do it with all of your heart. That's the only way you going to learn and get better. By doing it. Try to see what you can do better for each game and make that your growth. It ain't about being in your comfort zone all the time. Things will always be changing. Become automatic and trust your gut. Improve your skill and your game.
Strengths & Weaknesses


1. Best DPS dealer with true damage
2. Best tank killer
3. Incredible mobility/dodging
4. Stealth/invisibility
5. Condemn CC
6. Fast at killing baron, dragon and rift


1. You know exactly what she does
4. No AOE abilities
2. Weak wave clear
5. Single target damage dealer
6. Mechanically intensive
7. Everybody wants to kill Vayne
How to Play Vayne
Your job as Vayne is to kill everything. You are the tank destroyer, a true damage machine, and made to fight. This is why she is great to pick into tanks/high HP targets. However, you are also a glass cannon and can be very vulnerable. Especially to hard CC or burst damage. That is why you need to farm. Getting as much CS as possible to get your items and level up. Every advantage you have especially through gold is a direct way of winning. You want to kill the enemy team and push to win!

It is very important to fully take advantage of her kit. Her is a fixed distance roll in whatever direction you want that is an AA reset. It allows you to reposition very often and it will separate the best Vaynes from the rest. Abuse and your auto attack mechanics. Always use in the right moments, it has a long CD but using it effectively will hands down win you so many fights. Whether it is against a wall or not, use it the moment you need to.

When you play Vayne, how you move and attack is everything. You want to be constantly orb-walking (canceling AA animations) and utilizing every bit of movement between your attacks if necessary. Abusing your distance and ability to get in and out, and never hesitating to fight or deal the final blow. Your auto-spacing and how you position yourself is extremely important. Vayne has a very upfront and pursuit style of fighting. She is innately one of the best duelists in the game.

Collapse on opportunities and make winning plays. Consistency is a huge part of league so you want to make sure you're always staying active every single game.
While laning as Vayne I like to keep it simple. Show up, farm as much as I can, and stay aggressive.

I ALWAYS go on Vayne and recommend it fully. It gives you awesome extra damage when you hit an enemy 3 times consecutively and synergizes very well with Vayne. It is awesome early in lane and for skirmishes. I prefer it over * because it scales better and also gives exposure damage.

I truly believe that being aware and having active information of what's going on in the game is crucial. Knowing when and where to be, what abilities there are, and being a go-getter. That means following up and using my team is important to me as an ADC. I believe in showing up to fights and communicating what we need. I do not believe there is a certain number of CS you need per minute, or just waiting for your enemies to make mistakes. I believe in showing up, and making the best out of everything.

Test your lane opponents and see how they are. Matchups are very important at bot lane. Think about their abilities and what your conditions are. Also take note of the jungler, the mid, and how they will gank you this game. If you are able to trade in lane or play aggressive in order to get kills, then do it. Many people think Vayne is extremely weak early but that is not the case. She just has no wave clear and has to straight up fight her opponents with auto attacks. Make sure you're always dodging and capitalizing on them missing abilities. Take full advantage of anything you can. Your is a great playmaking tool at all stages of the game. The moment you need to use this ability you use it. Get it at level 2 if needed. This ability is very powerful especially for wall-bangs in lane.

combined with + is fantastic for dueling. Use it to trade or fight to get kills. Right as you hit level 6 it's go time. Use to propel yourself and fight. Any opportunity that you see to get yourself ahead to win game will be taken. Any fight, any person, any objective, you will take if you can.

* When you use hail of blades it is actually more effective early in the game because you can proc your W very quickly with the attack speed. Although when you scale with it through the game and have those extremely quick 3 autos, it actually diminishes your value because you HAVE to land those 3 autos instantly without moving between each auto.
Build-path / Itemization
Build Kraken Slayer for damage. Kraken Slayer is fantastic for fighting and boosts your damage output immensely. This item alone is a huge powerspike.
Build Shieldbow to survive. You must build this item against team comps that will insta-kill you. It is ONLY meant to keep you alive to deal damage. Otherwise Kraken Slayer is superior for damage.

Base your recalls very accordingly. Pay attention to the map and where to be especially after farming or fighting. Lane and map management are essential and timing is crucial in league. Minions spawn every 30 seconds and there is always an objective up.

is the ideal first buy if you can base with that 1300gold. You increase your value the earlier you get it and it helps with last hitting+wave management.
is a good first item if you have 1100gold. Great against skill shots although you have to utilize the extra attack speed rather than AD for last hitting.
Small budget for CSing (Can 1shot casters after turret shot)
or depending on your gold amount.
Early value buy for sustain and using during fights (USE A POTION AT START OF FIGHT)
Use this to make a game-changing play. It is completely worth the 650g mid-late game if you use it properly. Great for baiting and surviving abilities.

After getting your core items which are your Mythic Item, Upgraded Boots, and ASPD item(PD) you should always build situationally. Most times you build straight into infinity edge and activate the passive.

- Build for damage
- Build for survivability
- Build for anti-heal
- Build against heavy shield comps
- Build against lethal CC (Malzahar ult, Lilia ult, Warwick ult, TF stun, etc)
Using Condemn Properly
is an underrated ability that will make or break a great Vayne player. This ability is extremely powerful allowing you to CC enemies. It has a LONG CD and high mana cost. Early on you can't be throwing this out willy nilly; make sure you get something out of it. You are able to flash during your condemn cast to manipulate your condemn angle completely. It looks awesome. Use it confidently and with intention. It is amazing for surprising people and making plays. That ONE good condemn could be the pick you need to win the game.

1. To stun someone against terrain (GREAT for kills/picks)
2. To push someone (Save yourself, towards/away from an ally, specific direction, insec, etc)
3. To disrupt abilities. Pre-buffer your condemn to stop abilities/channels. You can press your E on an enemy outside of the cast range so the moment they step into your condemn radius it will activate; hitting them ASAP/mid-dash.
It disrupts: , , , , , , , , , , , , dashes, etc
3. To execute with your proc (Use condemn immediately after your 2nd AA proc so it shoots out faster than an AA would for the fastest execute on a killable target)
Using your Ultimate
Vayne's stealth mechanic is one of the most important things you have to master. She can dip in and out of fights like Batman. Her is her bread and butter and should be utilized EVERY single time it is up. It instantly gives you a massive power-spike and makes you able to duel anybody. You will ALWAYS ulti before you .

Right as you press R, you must abuse your increased damage and make the most out of every single AA and tumble. Each person you kill in your ultimate will extend the duration and net you kill after kill. This is extremely important and should be taken advantage of.

There is nobody in the game that can go invisible and fight like Vayne. Use the stealth to move and dodge/pursue, while dealing as much damage as possible with your orb walking/kiting.
2 to tango at bot
Being ADC and having a support is truly a very unique playing style and brings lots of diversity to bot lane. It also means you are 2 whole different people laning with another and you have to work together. Every single game means you are going to have a new support, and have to work together to fight your 2 lane opponents.

This requires skill and communication. It's an everyday thing. While you might get the greatest support ever, the same goes for the opposite. It is extremely easy to get frustrated with someone is not on the same page as you, or someone who perhaps even gets tilted at you. That's why it is even more important to focus on what you can do, bring your best self, and also bring the best out of your support.

If you say or do ANYTHING negative to your support, chances are they are going to immediately start playing different. It is very common and the best thing I learned is to not type or put any attention to negative things they do. If you just look at all the bad things your support is doing or that's your focus, that's all you're going to see. Instead, carry them, use each other, and learn to be a great ADC. You ain't the support, so don't act like you gotta control them or can change how bad they are.
Playing from Behind
The enemies will make mistakes just as your teammates will. Maybe it's you this game. Maybe you're playing perfect. All that matters is you try your best. It's okay that you don't know if you'll win. That's normal. You try your best and you always react because that's the right thing to do.

Learn concepts and strategies on winning when you're down kills or gold. Down objectives. Capitalize on your enemies feeling overconfident and stepping outside of their comfort zone. They be movin' different just cause they're ahead right? We know this. We've seen it with your own team, and we've seen it with the enemies. Don't hesitate for a second when you see them doing something they shouldn't. Punish them for every bad move they make.

Learning to fight in different areas of the map and when to fight is huge. People will get into a very passive mindset and start letting them take everything for free. **** that noise, if you really think it's over then what do you have to lose? Don't let them do that. Step up and fight them for trying to take something they have no place taking.

Some in-game tips:
1. Fully commit to whatever you're willing to do. Don't half-do it or think on some maybe it'll happen. I'll say it again and again, play with intention.
2. When people are very ahead, they can mis-position themselves. Acting too confident or aggressive. This is great for picks in the jungle, or near your base, or anywhere in lane. Capitalize on any chance you get.
3. Think of how Jackie Chan always separates his opponents to quickly make a 1v1 advantage and move onto other targets very quickly.

If you're fighting, use your surroundings. Especially into or out of your base, use it to your advantage and use the door-walls to split opponents. You use this to protect yourself or quickly get into the fight.
4. Don't feed into any negativity from your team. Keep being the best you. Mute someone if it helps you. Typing a lot takes you out of the game. You gotta be in it to win it.
Being your Best
In League, many people tend to give up right as the game starts going downhill. Let's say the enemies are up kills, or you just have a teammate feeding and he gave up. It is easy to get demoralized and thinking the game is already sold. But being up kills, and just being stronger never means that you have already won. That is never how it worked. The greatest people of all time have became who they were because they did NOT give up. The game is never over until the moment Nexus breaks and you do not stop fighting until the game is actually over.

League is about strategy and it's about fighting. It's a team 5v5 game. You might be thinking of your teammates a lot because it absolutely is a team game. But if you're only thinking negatively about them, ask yourself this. What am I doing? Am I doing my part? You can't ever directly control their mind or do their actions for them. Just as they can't control you directly.

Showing up and communicating is an everyday thing. That's why consistency is a skill. Discipline and muscle memory will come through when feelings and emotions are changing. Train yourself and actually be in the game. No that does not mean I actually think I'm Vayne irl. It means to live in the moment and not autopilot. If anyone is sleepin on you, **** em.

Some days you might feel on top of the world. Other days might be brutal. You just gotta try. What if the best fighter in the world gave up the moment he started getting beat up? The moment someone bigger came around? Then it's over. Remember that not everyone is born a fighter. But my man you definitely are. Stay focused. A focused man is a dangerous man.
Do's & Don'ts


1. Tumble to dodge abilities/attacks
2. Orb walk to close distance/kite for maximum damage
3. Proc your W as much as possible
4. Tumble against terrain for quickest AA reset
5. Ulti before tumble
6. Condemn with intention
7. Abuse your passive to hunt people
8. Look at mini-map for information


1. Save enemies with your condemn
2. Tumble in to die
3. Cancel W procs by switching targets for no reason
4. Focus the wrong people
5. Die for no reason
6. If they have hard CC lvl 1 do not get caught by it
Limit test your Vayne and what you're capable of. Every single game is going to be different. The moment you step into game always stay focused and intent on winning. If you try, there's a chance. If you give up, don't ever expect to win. It is your responsibility to try your best in solo-q. Set no expectations of your teammates. Play with confidence, be a team player, and trust your skill.

Be in the moment! Don't look back on a game with regret wishing you could've done more. Looking to blame a teammate or give a reason to why you lost when you're playing bad. That's weak. Losing is part of the game, but it's all about how we hit back even harder. I think I've demoted over 20 times this season. I'm not even kidding. But I just keep trying to get better. It's ok to lose to your opponent. But never ever lose yourself and be scared to fight. Give it your all; you miss every shot you don't take

In my opinion ADC requires much patience and requires the most mechanical skill. You need great positioning and you are the squishiest person. You are not even the highest damage dealer anymore most of the time until late game. The role has changed and that's why utility ADC's are so highly valued. Being able to fully contribute on a micro and macro level.

With all that being said I get tilted often, rage like there is no tomorrow, call my sup dog water when he misses all his abilities + doesn't ignite, and get annoyed at teammates when they give up or are toxic. Every other role is very strong and feel very effective through all stages of the game. They don't have to deal with autofill supports or getting ********ed at bot by mid, jungle, and top who are 3 levels higher. But I love playing ADC the best. It's such a hype role. Like when you just see this brave red goggled mfer who don't give a f*** and goes down fightin til the end. CROSSBOW DON'T STOP SHOOTIN GO CRAAAZY

Best of luck to you guys and have fun. At the end of the day, it's a video game. Do you and live your best life

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