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Ezreal Build Guide by Ooiboy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ooiboy

In Anticipation for Pulsefire

Ooiboy Last updated on February 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Riot needs to release this skin already. After seeing the introduction of this skin, I immediately began to play ezreal again. I had fun and won a lot, often carrying my team. Ezreal, he/she's such a great champion.
Also, I really can't tell what ezreal is. I'm going to be referring to him as a "he" throughout this guide.
I think the pulsefire ezreal skin would clarify that a little...with the puberty and all.

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    Extremely fun to play
    Best dance in the game.
    Good early game harasser
    Able to dish out lots of damage late game if you get the right items
    Long Range. Can snipe minions for easy last hits.

    Very Squishy early game
    Mana problems
    Difficult champion to use

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Doran's Blade x2. Two Doran's build. Helps your last hitting, helps your sustain with the lifesteal and health, and makes you all the less squishier. Cheap item that can later be sold. Well worth the stats early game.

Berserker's Greaves I get Berserkers' Greaves rather then the usual Ionian boots of Lucidity because Berserkers' Greaves are more useful on an AD build. Ezreal doesn't need CDR as he already has low cooldowns. 15% off 2 seconds isn't exactly worth 300 extra gold. Especially since his Q is already a Cooldown reductor.

Trinity Force Ezreal's main item. It gives him AP which scales off all of his abilities, attack speed, a slow from Phage that can be used with his Q, a little bit of Critical, and the Oh so beautiful Sheen ability, which also happens to proc with his Q. A must have.

The Bloodthirster 100 Damage, 25% lifesteal, which also activates off your Q for only 3000 gold. This is what gets Ezreal to 500 AD late game, and how Ezreal survives in teamfights. In this build, I put two, but usually you won't need more then one. You can probably replace one of them with another Situational item.

Last Whisper Later on in the game, your opponents will realize that you're 20/0 and that you need to be stopped. They'll start building armor. Last Whisper counters this and the armor that you get every level. You'll get more then just the 40 damage buff. Make sure you have runes for this before though, because it's 40% armor pen and not 40 armor pen. If you don't have runes for armor pen, get a The Black Cleaver

My second to last spot is usually filled a Madred's Bloodrazor or an Infinity Edge. Sometimes, I get defensive items. Depends on what you really need.


Infinity Edge Deals a ton of damage and the crit always helps, but Ezreal's Q does not crit (Thanks to VorikVolens for pointing that out)

Phantom Dancer I guess one The Bloodthirster could be replaced with a phantom dancer. extra crit, movement speed, and attack speed means more damage and more life steal. It makes you deal damage faster, but it requires you to be in battle longer instead of the more usual scenario in which you're dashing in and out poking at someone till they're dead or when you're chasing someone. The only situation this extra attackspeed could be used in is a 1v1 which SHOULDN'T be happening often. Still a usable item though.

Youmuu's Ghostblade Not bad of an item. Could also replace the last The Bloodthirster. Gives armor pen, CDR, and damage, and a pretty good active. I don't pick this item because I am horrible with actives. I never remember to use them. So this item on me is wastede, but if you're good with that kind of thing, go for it. You should get a The Brutalizer early on and upgrade it into Youmoo's last.

The Black Cleaver I don't get this item as much as I should because i prefer Last Whisper. Last Whisper is a cheaper more effective item, sacrificing a little attack damage. Get this instead of Last Whisper if you lack armor pen runes.

Banshee's Veil If the enemy team is AP heavy and you find yourself dropping quickly without being able to do any damage, fit a Banshee's veil into the build. Mana helps, health helps, the Passive helps, and the MR helps. Good defensive item.

Madred's Bloodrazor I get this item when the enemy team has a lot of HP. It cripples them and helps you shred them down quickly in teamfights.


Manamune I always see this item on Ezreals. it is not worth it. Late game, it barely gives any bonus AD. If you max it out, you'll have about 2000 mana. This item will give you 60 AD which is sad and pathetic compared to other items. You also don't need that much mana. You just need to conserve and not spam abilities as much and you're fine.

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Rising Spell Force
This makes Ezreal deadly when fighting and makes his attack speed extremely high per spell cast. Don't initiate on your enemies until this is at five stacks. This passive is why I play Ezreal as an AD champion.

Mystic Shot
One of the Most fun abilities ever. You can snipe your enemies and use it to last hit minions. I max this out first because it's the main damage dealing ability in Ezreal's arsenal.It can lifesteal, it can slow, just like Gangplank's Q.

Essence Flux
This ability increases the attack speed of allies. I mainly use it as a way to get more then one Rising Spell Force stack at a time, as every enemy it passes through gives one stack. Use it on your allies while destroying turrets or grabbing baron. It aids the team a lot. I max this out last because it's fine at level 1.

Arcane Shift
Ezreal's main escape and initiate spell. You can use this to dash in, do tons of damage, and then dash out quickly if you can get the EWQQQQE combo done correctly. I max this out second because the cooldown is rather high. Use this ability over walls as a second flash. You can synchronize this with flash with other champions that have spinny abilities like Tryndamere's Spinning Slash by Arcane Shifting through the wall and then flashing back over. It's a very versatile ability.

Trueshot Barrage
This ultimate is what Ezreal is mostly known for. You can get many easy steals and kills with this Ult by blasting it across the map. The damage is tremendous, and with the low cooldown and the cooldown reduction from Mystic Shot you can fire it almost every minute. This also gives you stacks on your Rising Spell Force so use it wisely. This spell can also be used to save turrets by blasting minions.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Alright, now as you can see from this chart, I max out Mystic Shot first. I pick Mystic Shot because it has a long range, can pick off targets and do a LOT of damage with your Sheen. It's your main damage dealing ability. It also has a fairly low mana cost and a really short cooldown.

Arcane Shift comes second because:
1) you don't need Esscence flux and
2) you want the cooldown on this to be as low as possible.

The ability maxing out priority should be

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I like to get 21/0/9 Masteries for the damage output and the mana help.

I try to get as much of the AD masteries as I possibly can. This, plus the runes, allows me to do a LOT of damage early on and wreck the enemies. Now I get the 9 in utility for the mana. It aids my sustain and keeps me in lane for a lot longer. With the mana regen, I don't have to go back to base every couple of minutes for mana, or buy 10 mana pots every time. I also get Runic Affinity to keep my buffs longer. I find myself stealing blue and taking red a lot of the time, and it's just nice to keep them for longer.

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Summoner Spells

What I usually take

You can use Flash to trick people with the Flash Arcane Shift combo. Insta-escape.
This can be replaceable with Ghost. It's all based on preference, really. If the enemy team has a lot of CC, make sure to take flash instead of ghost. Ghost would be wasted if all you did was get stunned before you could activate it.

Wins 1v1 fights, but isn't as usefull late game. You can use it to pick off straggler's or to weaken their Tryndamere. Early game, however, this is how you ensure your first blood or your escape.

You can also use Ghost. It's a replacement for Flash. Ghost is both an escape and a chase spell, but it's more widely used as a chase spell. People take Ghost because Ezreal already practically has a Flash in his original kit. Pop Ghost, and you'll almost definitely get first blood

Don't you just hate it when enemies run away with 2 health left? Or when the enemy lane is soraka with heal? Use ignite. Pop it when the soraka is about to heal and watch them gain 20 life. I prefer Exhaust over this, but if the enemy team has many healers, then Ignite is a better option.

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Laning Against...

Sivir: When laning against sivir, you have to make sure to dodge her Boomerang Blade as that is her main damage dealing ability. Attack once her Boomerang Blade is done, and kill her or harass her as much as you can. Also, use your Mystic Shot to harass as much as your mana allows you to. Don't let her get a gank on you however, as her ult is dangerous. Also, make sure you make your abilities unexpected. Also, make sure that when you're firing your ult, her Spell Shield is down. Don't wanna waste that Trueshot Barrage

Vayne: When laning against a Vayne, make sure to stay on the top part of bot lane so she can't land her stun. Also, make sure that when she gets two rings around you with her Silver Bolts to run away and wait for them to go away. the third shot always does massive damage. Same goes for when she Tumbles.

Graves: Stand far away and poke at him. Don't let him get to close to you. If he initiates on you with his dashy thingy, I would suggest that you run away with your Arcane Shift unless you're certain you can take him. Be careful, his burst damage is strong. If you think you could take him, Arcane shift behind him to dodge his initial Q. Graves will almost always use his [[buckshot after his dashy thingy.

Ashe: Ashe's buff has made her scary. Make sure to dodge her ult. Once she hits level 6, if she gets extremely aggresive be wary and get your Arcane Shift finger ready. Also beware if a sona gets paired with ashe as the ult combo is deadly. Early game, she is really squishy though so try to kill her early on before she even gets any other ability. Make sure her first hit is on a minion and not on you so the critical damage doesn't get applied on you.

Tristana: Tristana is scary. You want to poke her as much as you can early game. If she jumps at you with Rocket Jump you want to immediately run away and Arcane Shift away as a gank or an initiate is going to happen. Jump away and throw down some damage. Early game is your best bet at harassing her, because later, her range is going to be much greater than yours. Late game, it's going to be harder. Try to get around her and get her out of the picture. If your enemy picks a Tristana, then i would say get Exhaust.

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Laning Phase

When laning with Ezreal try to get a Soraka or a Sona to support you at bot lane. If you manage to get a Soraka play passively and last hit and harass with your Q. The constant Mana refreshing from Soraka helps a lot. If you're with a Sona you need to take a very aggressive role. Try to get first blood, and kill your enemies as soon as possible as Sona's early game damage is devastating. Make sure you last hit well, as that is how you will get your items if the enemies happen to be careful. You always want to be able to last hit better then your enemies and you always want to be a higher level. Try to get your support to zone the opposing AD carry. Make sure to use a jungler to your advantage and to ward the usual points.

When initiating on your enemy AD carry with Ez, you want to Arcane Shift behind them, and start blasting your abilities away. Lead with a Escence Flux and begin to reduce your cooldowns with Mystic Shot. If they get away with no health, make sure you aim your Trueshot Barrage at where they're walking and not where they actually are.

When you first go back you should have about 2k.
Grab Boots of Speed Sheen and another Doran's Blade. If you have any extra money then buy some Sight Wards.Then continue to your lane and continue to kick ***.

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I take Marks of Arp, Seals of armor, Glyphs of MR and Quints of Armor Pen.
I get Greater mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation for the obvious reason. Armor pen. More damage late game. Win.

I get Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Magic Resist to be able to survive in lane a lot longer. It makes me a lot less squishy, which is better then anything else early game.

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Late Game

By thirty minutes, you should have your The Bloodthirster, Trinity Force, Berserker's Greaves, and Last Whisper already. Your CS should be over 200 at the LEAST.
During late game you play a vital role. As the ranged ad carry, you're going to get picked off a lot. Use your Arcane Shift to your advantage to get around walls to deal damage safely. Let your team take all the damage, your job is to live and do the killing.
Also, you can use your Trueshot Barrage early on before the battle begins to do some damage. By the end of the battle, you should have spammed your Q enough to be able to use it again.
This video is a quadra kill I got from a ranked game. Just to show you guys how to use your E to escape and get around walls and do damage. Manuver guys!

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Creeping / Jungling


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2/4/12 = Guide Created

2/6/12 = Added Masteries, Laning against, and Added onto the Abilities tab.

2/7/12 = Changed some items around.

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Well that's all you really need to know to win with Ezreal. Good luck on your games! :)
Remember to leave a comment on this guide if you liked it or if you have any suggestions. UPVOTE! :) Don't knock it till you try it.

ALSO THANKS TO jhoijhoi for his guide on making guides. It really helped :)