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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Dalems

Indepth AP Mordakaiser

By Dalems | Updated on July 26, 2011

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Hello Mobafire community. This is an IN-DEPTH Guide to playing AP Mordakaiser. So don't just glance at masteries, skill order, runes and items. Please read the whole guild and try it in a couple games before voting and if you downvote it please leave a comment.

I am currently 1500 rating and have a 60% win with Mordakaiser over about 100 ranked games with him.

This build is focused on early game for runes, masteries and Summoner spells because that is were Mordekaiser lacks the most staying power. The items/Some rune choices make AP Mordekaiser a late game AP carry that rivals Annie, Malzahar and Fiddle.

The great thing about Mordekaiser is his ability to cause the largest amount of Area Of Effect Magic Burst Damage in the game over and over again but he doesn't have any Crowd Control effects which makes it hard for him to focus one person.
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 - these allow him it have good early game damage and help getting though MR late game also

Greater Seal of Health x9 - these allow for more skill spamming early game to get you to level 6.

Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration x9 - these allow for your early game harass to be the best it can from level 1 and allow for late game scaling.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration x3 - allows you to hit harder early game and scales to late game.

The reason these runes are the best on Mordakaiser is because they allow you to have 19 Magic Pen. at the start of the game, so when you grab your Sorcerer's Shoes you will have 39 Magic pen which allows your skills to be hitting for 90-100% of the damage they deal to all champions except the ones that build MR as their first items and even then base MR is 30 so your skills will be hitting like a truck from level 1.
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You are probably wondering what kind of drugs I'm on right? Well I'll explain my choices to you.

The 9 points in offense are standard Caster masteries to get the 15% magic pen. the extra 2 I put in are so that Morde's early game is a bit better +10 AP from Ignite and 2 more damage to minions helps keep you shield up that tiny bit more and your harass from level 1 a little more painful.

19 points in defense is all for that extra 48 hp and the extra resists are nice also. Again I get 19 points here for early game survivability and those lucky 2% dodges. Also the 4% Ap is very small but I like to know that I had everything I could throw at someone late game and don't scream "only 20hp soo LUCKY!!"
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Summoner Spells

Flash+ Ignite= Best Summoner spells for Mordekaiser

Why Flash instead of Ghost? While ghost allows you to kite, chase, run away from your enemies for 10 seconds which is really nice, Flash allows you to get in range to hit Mace of Spades, Have Creeping Death whittle them down, Siphon of Destruction and then Ignite+ Children of the Grave someone in a blink of an eye usually resulting in a kill.

Ignite: Why do all good Mordekaisers take ignite? Well Ignite+ Children of the Grave is a very very strong finishing DOT and the 10 AP at early game can help your early game go by smoothly.
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Harassing/zoning as Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser's passive Iron Man is awesome when used correctly even allowing you to semi dive a turret at level 2 and take no damage :D.

Harassing with Mordekaiser: Siphon of Destruction is your main harassment tool know its range and what other champion's skills out range it. ( Volley, Cait's auto attacks, Most Skillshots). Other mages like Annie have the exact same range as Siphon of Destruction meaning that they have to get in range of you to harass you. So what does that mean? IT mean that you want to stand with their minions between you and them so when they go to harass you you can cast Siphon of Destruction gain enough shield to take no damage from their spell and damage them in the process. Since Siphon of Destruction is instant damage spell and most spells have missile speeds your Siphon of Destruction will always hit first counter harassing them.

In mid lane this is really easy to do with someone that has the same range as you just be careful of their jungler cause you will be sitting in the middle of the lane.

When you have the advantage of your lane and you are out harassing your enemy it is time to zone. When you zone someone it is denying them either last hits and/or experience and is done by standing in between the opponents creeps and them forcing them because of harassment damage/dying to not get in range of exp or gold.
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Now this section is the most controversial subject on Mordakaiser because he can be ok with many different item paths but with this one you dominate throughout the whole game when played right.

Early game make sure and grab Amplifying Tome and a health Pot and either head mid or top. Mid is the best lane for you unless there is a Cait. Cait owns pretty much everyone in lane because of her stupid range and traps.

If you make sure and last hit with your auto attacks and not with you skills you will have enough health to counter harass you opponent very very well.

When you have enough gold for Kage's Lucky pick go back and get it you should be level 4 at this point and only go back if you are wining your lane and the enemy champion is at 3/4 or full heal because they are being careful and you can't harass them. If they are at 1/2 or a 1/4 hp stick around until you either kill them or they blue pill because when you hit level 6 and your opponent is at 1/3 hp or lower you can kill them automatically. even when you go back and get {Kage's lucky pick]] you will have 2-3 waves to harass them before you both hit level 6. When you go back either after you got a kill mid because the person was stupid (in higher ELO players know how to play their champions and how to play against others very well and will not give you a kill mid) or you hit level 6 and have enough money for Sorcerer shoes and/or Hextech Revolver Morde is one of the best farmers in the game so you should go get them and a ward or 2.

Now you can either go gank a side lane or go back and farm your Hextech Revolver in mid. When you get your revolver your Casting Health issues should go away as long as you are making sure to use your spells wisely and hit the most targets possible. Continue to farm your Hextech Gunblade.

When you get Hextech Gunblade it takes 17-22 minutes to have kage's lucky pick, Sorcerer shoes and Hextech Gunblade depending on how good you are at last hitting less time if you got a kill or 2.

So you've got your gunblade with its sweet active, lifesteal components and insane Hybrid damage output. It's time to go hunting/ganking people.

Your combo: Hextech Gunblade, Flash into melee range, Mace of Spades, Creeping Death make sure to run next to them while it is on, Siphon of Destruction, Ignite, Children of the Grave...this combo should be done on a squishy target or a target will low health you will gain a sense of how much damage you can deal to what people and if your combo will kill them or not WITH PRACTICE.

Next item and paths are situational:
Are you having trouble with Mages or have people build some MR? Get Abyssal Mask.
Are you completely owning the noobs in -1300 ELO? Get Rabadon's Deathcap and watch people explode.
Are you having trouble with a master yi or a AD champion? Get Thornmail (thornmail=middle finger to mid game AD champs).

Next items are late game options
Want your minion and all your spells to slow and need some more AP and HP? Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Need more nuking power? turn that Kage's lucky pick in Deathfire Grasp.
Still raping noobs with Hextech Gunblade active and you combo? get another death cap for the LOLs and win the game.
Need to push towers really hard? Get lichbane and spam your skills, What tower? Get lichbane instead of Abyssal Mask if you are going to get it.

My final build in ranked usually looks like: Deathfire's grasp, Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury Treads, Abyssal Mask or Lichbane, Rabbadon's Deathcap, Thornmail or Rylai's Crystal Scepter. When you complete your build make sure to use extra money to buy all 3 of the elixirs and oracle for maximum damage output.

In Testing! Building Will of the anceints along with Gunblade I will let you know how this goes I think awesomeness is just around the corner.
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Mordekaiser's early game can and should be very aggressive so that you are able to score a kill or force your opponent back at level 4-5 and out farm/level/kill them later in the game.

Mordekaiser can solo dragon when you pick up Hextech Gunblade, He can almost solo baron with the full build or close to it.

Be careful when spamming spells you are harassing yourself!
Mordekaiser can cast spells and fight while at 1 HP! Be a ballsy MOFO.
When all else fail go 1v5 their team and kill 3-5 of them...Profit as your team pushes FTW.

Thank you all for reading my guild if you did please let me know how it works for you.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Dalems
Dalems Mordekaiser Guide

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Indepth AP Mordakaiser