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Kassadin Build Guide by woutertje99

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author woutertje99

Insta-Gibbing with the Void at your side!

woutertje99 Last updated on January 4, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi i am woutertje99, a Silver 2 player from The Netherlands, EUW. I am busy getting myself to gold, and doing a good job for now, but this is where i a now. This is my first guide so plz leave comments below on how i did, even if it is really bad. I made this guide because Kasssadin used to be OP, then he got nerfed, and people started playing him not so much anymore. These days, i rarely see him, and if i see him almost any time top. I played Kassadin a lot, and i can tell you something about him you never thought of. At least i hope so :)
Now let's rush into the guide. In the late-game chapter is the math i did to show his dmg.

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- Really good ratios
- Reliable escape
- Good initiation with Ulti + Zhonya's
- Can comeback if behind like 0/2/0
- Late-Game is so good, i would almost say 'too good'
- Roams really good to other lanes
- From Level 6 you have kill pressure on enemy laner.
- Ganked? Nope, got my ulti boy.

- Really weak laning phase. Like REALLY weak.
- Hard to comeback from far behind, saying 2/9 or something.
- Hard to know when to jump in and when to wait a bit longer.
- Needs a Visual Update fast to fit in the new map.

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Early game (Levels 1-6)

Okay, this is the reason why no one picks Kassa anymore. His early game is close to one of the worst in the game. But this can be ignored by using the runes above. If you use your Q on the enemy everytime it comes off cooldown, he'll be gone if he doesn't have some good form of sustain (damn you Nidalee). You'll want to let the enemy push the minions into your tower, then push it out and try to freeze it. If they still come in tower cause the enemy laner pushes too hard, no worries, try and farm as best as you can under turret. Wait until you are level 6, that's where the fun comes in. His early game might be bad, but late-game you will make people cry because you killed them with almost nothing to do about it.

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Mid Game (Levels 6-?)

Okay, so we have our ultimate. It is our escape, initiation, chase ability, wall hopper and basically it's just another flash. On top of that it also does dmg. Everytime the enemy uses an important ability (like Jayce's E Q combo, or Diana Q) you ult on them, Q W E and walk away. Ever since the nerfs your E slows a very good amount, so you will be able to create some distance, all while their main ability is on cooldown. Very little counterplay, trust me.
Around this time you should have Lich Bane, and use it together with your W for some nice damage. Roam a lot to top/bot, whatever lane needs help most, and kill the laner. You can take the kill if you want, but in most situations it is more important to give it to the laner. Except if he is 0/9/0, then you want to take the kill yourself, so you can stand up to the fed enemy laner. This way you might be able to contain the dmg dealt.

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Late-Game (Levels ?-18)

Okay, let's just say you are full build. You have the core items and took a DFG as last, because of their fed Vayne. Now this is the math:

- Lich Bane 80 AP
- Rabadon's Deathcap 120 AP
- DFG 120 AP
- Void Staff 70 AP
- Zhonya's 120 AP
- M.Pen Boots

All together that is 663 AP if you include Rabadon's passive. This is only Items, i haven't included masteries/runes/Elixers. On Level 18 Kassadin has 125 AD.

His W does (140 + 60% AP)
Lich Bane does ((75% AD) + (50% AP))

W = 140 + 397 = 537
Lich bane = 93 + 331 = 424

Together that is 961 damage, with 1 Basic Attack with your W. Someone tell me that isn't insane. If you add up the dmg from Q and R and maybe E, you can kill any carry immediatly, and when coupled with DFG, oh boy that's scary. This is why i still pick Kassadin. You can literally teleport through a wall on their carry, blow your combo and stomp them away, then Riftwalk away, and repeat this.

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Not Yet The End! :)

Tell me what you want to see here and further in the guide. I want to make the guide bigger cause i know how much i like the more detailed guides myself. So i am gonna update this, but tell me what you want to see first. Matchups? More tactics with ulti and combo's? How to get through is laning phase? Tell me and i will add it in this guide.