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Lucian General Guide by dentje30

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dentje30

insta kill lucian, how to kill people in just a second

dentje30 Last updated on August 1, 2014
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Hello, my name is henky001 and i play on the euw west server. I am currently gold V and i've found an amazing build with lucian that i want to share with you all.

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Pros And Cons

Why do people say that lucian is the best adc ? Why is he better than the others ?
Here are sime pros and cons


[*] amazing burst because of Lightslinger
[*] he has an escape that removes slows ( Relentless Pursuit)
[*] nice poke damage
[*] crit works with Lightslinger

[*] cc destroys lucian
[*] can have mana problems
[*] has only 500 range :(
[*] The Cullingis hard to land

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what will this build give you

this build will give you alot of bonuses that can help you survive. Some of these things are :

  • amazing movement speed that will help you kite alot better (you can also us the active of Blade of the Ruined King
  • almost full attack speed, this will give you more burst damage, better kiting and more damage with your ultimate (more attack speed = more shots with The Culling)
  • 55 % crit chance, this means that you'll have alot of crits every basic attack and with the amazing attack speed ur burst will be great.

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abilities (lightslinger)

After using one of his abilities, Lucian's next auto attack within 6 seconds will strike twice. The second shot deals 50-75% of Lucian's AD based on level, but fully applies on-hit effects. Minions and monsters take full damage from the second shot. The second shot can critically strike.

  • If the target dies to the first hit of Lightslinger, the second shot will target another nearby enemy unit. This will prioritize enemy champions, and minions with low health.
  • ALWAYS use an ability when you are going to trade blows with another enemy, this will increase your burst.

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abilities (piercing light)

After a 0.4 second delay, Lucian fires a laser in the direction of the target enemy: dealing 80/110/140/170/200 (+60/+75/+90/+105/+120 Bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies in a line. Minions take 75% damage.

  • Try to use this ability on a minion when the champ is in the same line as the minion.

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abilities (ardent blaze)

Lucian fires a shot that explodes upon hitting an enemy or reaching the end of its path, damaging enemies in a cross pattern for 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+90% AP) (+ 80% bonus AD) magic damage and marking enemies hit for 6 seconds.

If Lucian damages a marked target with his basic attacks or abilities, he gains 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 flat movement speed bonus for 2 seconds. This does not consume the mark.

  • try to use Ardent Blaze when you chase someone because it will give you bonus movement speed ( the items in this build will also give you an amazing movement speed so you can chase everyone all day long :p)
  • use this ability when you are kiting.

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abilities (relentless persuit)

Lucian dashes a short distance.

  • you can use this ability to dash over walls (WARNING: you cannot dash over all walls)

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abilities (The Culling)

Lucian starts firing shots in the target direction for 3 seconds, each shot dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits. The number of shots fired scales with his attack speed. The Culling deals quadruple damage to minions but not monsters.

While using The Culling, Lucian's basic attacks are disabled and he cannot activate Piercing Light or Ardent Blaze. He can, however, move freely and activate
Relentless Pursuit.

  • don't hesitate to use this to clear minion waves (this will do alot more dmg on minions)
  • try to use the culling when someone like Warwick cc's the enemy or use it when you are being chased to scare them off
  • you can use Flash, Ghost or Relentless Pursuit while you are shooting

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Item Explanations

Berserker's Greaves : normal adc attack speed item

Infinity Edge : i take this for the early game high burst

Phantom Dancer : for the amazing attack speed, crit and movement speed that you get. Also for the passive of it (you can run thought minions). it is nice to chase people with this item

Last Whisper : I get this item because it is amazing against tanks so you can also instakill a tank

Blade of the Ruined King : i get this item for the lifesteal and the attack speed and the passive is nice to kill tanks and the active is amazing for chasing or kiting

Zephyr : i get this as my last item for more damage to have full attack speed and more movement speed.

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why so much attack speed ?

i know that this build is very strange and why almost full attack speed ? I get so much attack speed with lucian because it fits him. Because of the Infinity Edge your crits do alot more damage and with the Phantom Dancer you have 55 % crit so with full attack speed you burst someone instantly. and don't forget the passive of Blade of the Ruined King and Lightslinger.

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other items (1)

When they want you so bad every time late game you should have another last item, here are some nice picks :

Banshee's Veil: Most standard defense pick up currently. Banshee's is great against CC teams as well as heavy AP teams, gives you a lot of defensive power against pick off champions like Pantheon, LeBlanc, and stops crazy all in-ners like Malphite from locking you down.

Guardian Angel: Standard pick up against Assassin heavy teams. Gives you that comfort of knowing you can't be taken out by an assassin in one combo and leave them dead in their tracks, forcing teamfights to turn into 4v5s for the enemy team. Solid picks against mixed damage teams where you don't really need more health as much as you need resistances.

Spirit Visage: One of those pick ups that you should pick up if you really need to lifesteal your way through a fight desperately. Fits the best with the Anti-assassin build, generally a pretty rare pick up for ADC's.

Randuin's Omen: If you've got a ton of AD champions/AD assassins trying to jump on you ( Rengar, Shaco, etc.) this is the pickup to grab, the active and the passive along with the armor and health are absolutely magnificent to counter them and keep yourself alive.

Thornmail: This is one of those super situational items that you literally only pick for champions that cannot be slowed/or not be stopped when trying to kill you, Master Yi being the most extreme example of this.

Warmog's Armor: Generally you pick this up when you've literally had no problems with anything the enemy team has, and generally you always get into extended teamfights.

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other items (2)

if you see that the enemy is building some armor you should change the build a little

Mercurial Scimitar : amazing item if they have heavy ap with alot of cc (malzahar, amumu,morgana) the active is amazing to remove cc and to run away

Trinity Force : amazing burst item that gives some all round stats. Buy this only if you are dominating your lane and have alot of money otherwise i wouldn't recommend it

The Bloodthirster : good item to have some damage and lifesteal, the shield is also a nice protection against some pokers (nidalee).

The Black Cleaver : Great item against tanks and it gives you a little health and damage

Youmuu's Ghostblade : also a nice item for lucian. It is also great against tanks but if you aren't used with active items i wouldn't recommend it.

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gameplay (early game)

Lucian isn't weak early game but also not that strong ( depends on support). Lucian hasn't that much killing potention before hes first items but that doesn't mean he can't bully people in lane :p. When you gtt your infinity edge you should be around level 6. thats the time you should go for the kills until then farm and take it easy. Also warn your support for this is he isn't aware that you want to farm

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gameplay (mid game)

if you are winning you lane try to play a little but more aggresiver and push alot but wards are than a must, what you also can do after you pushed you lane is gankking other lanes or ask your support to do it and say that you can handle bot alone for a while.

if you are losing : stay at the turret and try to farm try to dodge the enemies abilities ( use ur dash if needed to). ward the bushes around your turret (ask the support to do it) so there won't be any surprises like dives with their mid and jungler. When you see that they are going to dive you ask instantly for help or leave the turret. When they are grouping mid or ganking another lane try to push a little to get their turret, also ask your jungler to give the kill to you so you'll get a little fed

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gameplay (late game)

lucian late game is beast, when you finish your build you are a chasing monster, kiting won't be a problem either with this build. Try to have good positioning in teamfight and don't waste Relentless Pursuit or you will be doomed, try to stay in the backlines until they aren't targetting you anymore, try to deal some damage with your abilities while you are in the backlines.

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Braum : i really love braum as support, your passive will proc a second stack when Concussive Blows is on somebody. Braum also has good protection that is what lucian needs

Leona : leona is also very nice because Sunlight will increase your burst. She also has alot of cc so you can easily hit your piercing light combo or ur finishing combo's

Nami : nami is also a very nice support with lucian. Tidecaller's Blessing will increase your damage and also works with Lightslinger. Nami also has alot of sustain

Soraka : i really love soraka with lucian. She has a heal and mana heal so you can poke all day long. in this case you should but playing more defensivly until they are low.

Thresh : thresh is also great. The CC works well with lucian and you can ult when taking the lantern for a fancy combo.

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The end

This was my build (Until now). i will upgrade this guide more often). This is my first build so please give tips and love =D.


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