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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn Build Guide by memira

Instant death AP Evelynn

Instant death AP Evelynn

Updated on November 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author memira Build Guide By memira 6 1 66,525 Views 13 Comments
6 1 66,525 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author memira Evelynn Build Guide By memira Updated on November 26, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hey guys! My name is Memira. I'm glad you have taken your time to look at this guide and I hope you keep reading because I'm about to share you my secrets to a successful Evelynn. I started playing Evelynn when everyone had said she was bad. Being me, I wanted to try her out because I really don't like the meta and I love to play uncommon champions. So I bought her and guess what? my first few games failed horribly. I searched and searched for a good build - and sure there were some, but what REALLY helped me play and get used to this champ is by watching Evelynn gameplay videos on youtube.

Specifically, I watched EveLovesLoL 's youtube channel. She plays an excellent eve and has a very soothing voice and awsome background music to go with her videos. I would reccomend you to check her out if you want to watch live on how to build and play Evelynn.

Anyway, back on topic. My first few games sucked as Evelynn and after I watched the videos I started to play WAY better as her. Eventually I started playing her SO much that she was one of my 'mains'. Her rework came, and she became even stronger. Her stealth changed so much and I had trouble at first, but her stealth is a small price to pay for how much damage she can actually put out there. So I'm here to teach you guys how to play Evelynn and how to burst someone down so fast that LeBlanc will be jelous.


Now that AP Evelynn is actually getting some notice (Because they listen to platinum players in the forums.. Not regular players like me), I felt that I needed to make this build for you all to use!
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Pros / Cons

+ Extreme burst damage.
+ Good sustain damage.
+ Extremely mobile.
+ Good ganker.
+ Built in mana regen
+ Good chaser/escaper.
+ Good pusher/wave clearer.
- Vision wards will shut down your ganks.
- Very squishy.
- Hard CC will destroy you.
- Item dependant.
- Melee range.
- Hard to master
- No utility.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Summoner spells

Flash: Allows you to escape from bad situations.
Ignite: Great for finishing off enemies.
Smite: Ofcourse, get this when you are planning to jungle!
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Ability Explanation

  • Shadow walk: This passive is what makes Evelynn. This allows her to be undetected by minions or sight wards. However, she can be seen by true vision ( Vision Ward, Turrets). Additionally, if you stray too close to an enemy champion they will be able to see you. This passive breaks if you use an ability or get hit by one. Don't worry though, it will be up again in 6 seconds! Also passively regenerates 1% of your maximum mana every second you are stealthed.
  • Hate Spike: Your spammable spell. This is your wave clear, your way to farm and your sustained damage. It has a decent range of 500 units. It is an AOE line spell that favours targets that have recently taken damage from you.
  • Dark Frenzy: This ability gives you an extreme boost in movement speed for 3 seconds. It also breaks any slows you are currently affected by. It gives you even more movement speed passively each time your spell(s) hits an enemy champion. This really complements Hate Spike because hate spike is a long range spammable spell. Spam hate spike to build up the movement speed stacks, whether it's for chasing or running away. The cooldown on this ability is refreshed each time you get an assist or a kill.
  • Ravage: Your single target nuke. Deals incredible damage to a single enemy. After, you will get an attack speed bonus for 3 seconds. This bonus AS really helps with split pushing - Use this ability on a minion and then proceed to attack the turret with your buffed attack speed.
  • Agony's Embrace: one of THE best ultimates in the game. It deals % AoE damage to enemies. While dealing incredible nuke damage in an AoE area, it also slows down their movement speed and gives Evelynn a shield. This is your bread and butter for insta-bursting someone down!

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Abilites Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • You want to max out Hate Spike because it is your wave clear, your sustained damage, and you way of farming without putting yourself out too far.

  • Then Ravage as it is your nuke damage.

  • Obviously we want to max out Agony's Embrace as fast as possible.

  • As for Dark Frenzy, take a point in it at level 3 for the mobility and utility and escape it provides, but max it last.
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With the new DFG nerf, It is no longer logical to rush a DFG on eve. It should now be your 4th - 5th item to buy

Item Sequence

Deathfire Grasp 3100
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Lich Bane 3100
Hextech Gunblade 3000
Guardian Angel 3200
  • : Allows you to penetrate through magic resistance.
  • : Key item for eve. Without its active effect, 25% of her burst is missing.
  • : Basically needed on every mage!
  • : You have 2 abilities that do % magic damage, this will help you penetrate through the MR to get your full % on them. Some people rush this before Rabadons, which is completely fine, but I personally still get Rab over void.
  • : The passive on this ability provides Evelynn with even more burst. Really goes with her spammable Hate Spike. Allows her to push down towers easier, while also giving her more movement speed. What can go wrong?
  • : Amazing defensive item for any champion. A must-have for survivability.


    • : ONLY get this item if you are getting destroy by an AP caster or bruiser. Otherwise, do not invest in these as they take you away from your burst items.
    • : Amazing active on Evelynn. Gives sustain with the spammable Hate Spike. Gives bonus AD and AP. Really good item for her. However, late game you will not need the sustain as you are either going to burst or die. The active damage/slow is nice, but your hate spike will be doing the same amount of damage as the active, and your ultimate has a better slow.
    • : Gives a good boost of health and has a really good passive that compliments Evelynn's Hate Spike. However, it falls of drastically mid -late game as you have so much burst that you will not need to kite using the passive slow and the extra health won't be needed.
    • : A Risky item to get, but nonetheless, if you are owning then get one of these.
    • : Good item overall. Excellent active and gives a nice boost in ability power and armor. If you don't like GA, or if your GA is on cooldown then get one of these.
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As an assassin, it is Evelynn's duty to take out the most valued enemy champion. In most cases it will either be the AD carry or the AP carry.

Before a teamfight occurs, you will want to position yourself away from your team and, if possible, behind the enemy team near their squishies.

When you find the valuable target, open with Deathfire Grasp then immediately use your ultimate on the target, if possible, get the AOE onto other targets aswell. If your target is squishy, this combo will burst their health down to around 20-30%. Once that initial burst is done, you will want to use your Ravage on the selected target, and finish of with Hate Spike. By that time, you should have been able to insta-burst them and kill them, allowing you to get a refresh from Dark Frenzy so you can just use the active to get away from the focus. Once the focus has switched from you, go back in for your next target. Spam your Hate Spike ALL the time and use your Ravage on squishies as much as possible.
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Lanes and farming

I take Evelynn mid. She can work in the jungle and top as well, but not as good as mid lane. When Evelynn is mid, she can easily go top or bottom to gank and get back to lane. Middle lane is also one of the harder lanes to gank, therefore she will be safe as she has no gap closers.

The reason top lane is not very good for Evelynn. Most top laners are bruisers. She will have trouble with them until she gets her Deathfire Grasp. Meaning, her laning phase will be really bad.

She is also a decent jungler. However, I find her to be really squishy and only a medicore clear time and medicore ganks.


If you are getting zoned, then use your Hate Spike to last hit. If you think you will miss a minion, then again use Hate Spike to deal the final blow. It should be easy for Evelynn to farm as her Hate Spike is very spammable and it is AoE
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Warding the middle lane

Since you are a solo lane, it is your job to ward your own lane. Do not go crying to your jungler or support if you have just died from a gank. Here is a map of Summoner's rift indicating on where the best ward spots are.The RED dots indicate ward placements from the purple (Upper) side.
The BLUE dots indicate ward placements from the blue (Bottom) side.

I will explain each ward locations. The numbers indicate which location I am talking about.

1. The wraith ward. This ward is extremely important as it gives you information on where the enemy jungler is. It will reveal whether the jungler is on that side or not. It also reveals the enemy wraiths, which you can steal when no one is around.

2. The middle lane ward. This isn't the most important ward. This ward will allow you to see where the enemy mid laner is when you are pushed to your tower. Because of the placement of this ward, you will be able to see if they are about to go gank, if they are just staying in lane, or if they are going back to base.

3. The side bush river ward. This is a more defensive ward so you know if your enemy laner is about to go gank, or if they are hiding in that bush or if they are about to take your wraiths.

If you place these wards down at these location, you will know exactly what your opponent is doing and where he is going.
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Photos of success

Add and contact me on league of legends or PM me here and show me pictures of your successful games using this guide!

Mine:KentaTakashi (GiottoXIII):
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Special thanks

To jhoijhoi. This build would not have been made without their helpful build guide.
This is a link to their guide. Please go ahead and check it out if you need any help in making a guide/ build! Thank you to TheRealEvelynn's video help on how to play Evenlynn. Thank you to all of you who took your time to read this build!
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