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Nidalee Build Guide by fennrius

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fennrius

Instinct Guides my step AD Nidalee Dominion Build

fennrius Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, names Fennrius and this build is for Attack Damage Nidalee Nidalee is my favorite champion and i love playing her in dominion. whether we win or not, this build really helps and can actually do something! if played right, you can literally have approx 13 kills with 2 deaths. no forget about the 2 deaths, 13 kills minimum with no deaths! but that depends on how well you know your stuff! You can find yourself with a positive score. leave any suggestions if you have any ;)

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Pros and Cons

-spears really hurt early game
-can heal herself and allies
-is mobile and is able to escape easily
-can stop enemies trying to capture a point with a spear toss
-goes into cougar farm and captures points quicky, can escape through bushes!
-if played right, she's actually not that squishy at all. her escape is epic.
-javelin toss,pounce, and swipe hits stealth (can kill eve with a pounce while she's invisible with low health)

-Can be Crowd Controlled
-Easily low mana if you waste skill shots
-if you don't know when to pounce in, you'll end up dead
-if you go AP nid, you really need to work on your aim with spear toss. that's mainly what you rely on
-if your behind in items, it's hard to keep up if your team feeds
-those who don't know when to go in will be useless

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Greater Mark of Desolation

The Marks are optional.
If you want spears to hit more early game go with Insight, but if you want more armor pen for late game cougar form go with Desolation.

Greater mark of insight - 1.89% x 9 magic penetration (it really helps spear toss do approx 40-60% of their hp early game

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater mark of desolation - 1.66% x9 armor penetration (helps with cougar farms scaling AD dmg! your Q or Takedown will REALLY HURT)

Greater seal of potency - 0.59 x9 AP (i'd like to have an overwelming amount of magic damage early game so spears will really harass them)

Greater glyph of potency - 0.99 x9 AP (same case, i'd like to have as much AP as possible at lvl 3 to 6 so harrassing with a javelin is really important)

Greater Quint of Insight / Greater Quint of Potency - one of them is for magic pen and the other is for additional AP (this is really up to you, for me i'd like as much AP as possible so i'd go with Potency)

+ My runes to start off
8.5 Magic Penetration
29 AP
i want as much AP early game as possible JAVELIN TOSS! cannot stop stressing this! at level 1-6 you are pretty weak! so rely on javelin as much as possible!
with boots of speed, blasting wand and those runes i get
71 FLAT AP to start off.

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Masteries (working on it)

The new masteries allow a lot of flexibility. I am currently working it out.

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Guinsoo's Rageblade will give you a lot of Attack Speed and Ability Power per stack (Stacks to 8.) Guinsoo will also give you base AP and Attack Damage. I can say that this is Nidalee's main item.
Boots of Mobility will give you that extra speed to get away or to roam around trying to capture points.
Trinity Force bonus damage is not 150% of your total attack damage, or your bonus attack damage. It is strictly 150% of your base attack damage. This is your champion's attack damage as it increases per level, without bonuses from runes, masteries, or items.
Sanguine Blade +15% life steal, +60 attack damage. Unique passive: On hit, you gain +5 attack damage and +1% life steal for 4 seconds (maximum 7 stacks).

We all start off with (1375gold)

1)boots of speed (350) blasting wand (860) 3 blue pots (40 each) and 1 hp pot (35)
2)on the way back i would get a Guinsoo's Rageblade (2235) the blasting wand from 1) builds into it. if you do not have enough money to buy the full piece, grab the 975 Pickaxe if you don't have enough money for that either, get your boots of mobility (1000) now if you don't have enough money for that either, i would suggest you buy some more pots and go out there and try killing some minions.
3)now you that you have your Rageblade and boots of mobility , you need to grab a sheen as soon as possible. Since Nid's skills are so very very spammable, sheen will really give you the additional dmg boost. if you don't have enough for sheen , i suggest you get the Sapphire crystal because Nid's MP isn't that high at all. ofcourse after Sapphire , grab a the book that builds into sheen .
4) now you might have enough money for a Phage , once you have a phage , immediately grab your zeal . in the end you should have Trinity force , Guinsoo's Rageblade , and your Boots of mobility
5) i found that nidalee still needs that dmg output late game (20 min+) i would get a Sanguine blade .
5) this final step is really optional. by the time i get my sanguine blade , we should have won because if you have this mouch money, it shows that u were capable of killing enough people to win your game unless your team isn't all that good and you have to scream and yell at them to get their butt down or up to the points. i would probably go for an Infinity Edge . Reason:you just need more sustainable dmg

MINIMUM requirements
+ At level 6 you SHOULD be able to buy full Guinsoo's Rageblade
+ At level 9 you MUST have Guinsoo's Rageblade by now, your boots of mobility , and the sapphire crystalSappire Crystal that builds into your sheen .
+ At level 10 you MUST have enough money for your sheen and a ruby crystal
+ At level 12 you MUST have your PHAGE and DAGGER (which builds into a zeal )
+ At level 13 you should have your ZEAL leaving you around 150 more gold to go for trinity! you should probably have trinity force by now.
+ At level 15, it should be about 15 minutes into the game, you should have almost the full Trinity Force item
+ At level 17 you should have your Trinity force , and Sanguine blade or just a Vampiric Scepter .
+ At level 18, the game really should have ended by now. By you can get an Infinity edge for the bonus DMG!

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Summoner Spells

For summoners spells i go with

GHOST- Ghost will give Nidalee a lot of speed to catch/escape enemy players. Using Ghost within brush will make Nidalee run really fast! This is one of my main summoner spells.

FLASH- Flash gives Nidalee that ground she needs to catch up to others. Imagine finishing off an enemy player with a takedown while in cougar form. Unfortunately, you're a little behind him. No fear, Flash is up! Pounce towards him, and FLASH and insta-Takedown and watch his cry in ALL chat. You just did a Pounce-Flash combo. This is one of my usual main summoner spells.

EXHAUST- Exhaust allows Nidalee to fully cripple an enemy, and it can give her the upper hand in a 1v1. It can also allow time for Nidalee to catch up, and to deliver some major damage. Although i rarely use this spell, it's still optional/viable.

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Heres some suggestions/tips.

Go capture middle or top point. nidalee really shouldn't go bottom because she's the kind of champion that roams (bushes ofcourse!) the reason why i would go middle or top point is because of how easily it is to harass the other team with javelin toss. When they start to capture the point, i just simple throw the spear to interrupt the capture and it usually hits because there is that terrain wall(blind spot between you the wall and the enemy champion) that's in the way of top point (right under the point)you can also grab mid point. since nid's spears hurt so much, imagining going top after your team finishes harassing them and they have approximately 50% hp left. one spear toss can end up allowing your team to grab top point and plus, you have a heal. toss some heals to AD carries. rememeber, if you grab middle point first, you shouldn't use ghost at the beginning. finish capturing mid point then use ghost to catch up to your allies at top point. remember to run through the bushes to gain the extra movement speed. use movement speed (ghost) when ever possible and run through bushes. also remember to build your Guinsoo's Rageblade stacks to 8 when ever possible. You want the maximum damage output no matter what. if you ever see someone (early game) that has under 50% health, try pouncing them and using Q-->E and see your damage for yourself. it really hurts the squishies! don't forget to heal yourself for the extra attack speed. ppounce into bushes when ever possible, leave traps everywhere you go just for the vision purposes. if your playing against a shaco, toss some traps in the bushes, that'll really help you if your stuck and he has tons of JACK IN THE BOX boxes layed somewhere. Nid's Magic resistance isn't all that high, but think about it, if your able to jump onto a squishy champion, they're first reaction is to start running so they're AP attacks usually won't hit you.

- Nidalee in this build may seen squishy, but because of the way she can jump/pounce away into a bush and heal herself, she can get away with it.
-Dominion is a pretty fast pace game, some people wouldn't bother with defensive items so Nidalee can pretty much kill/harrass pretty hard because her skills scale off both AD and AP
-Toss those spears!
-Run through Medical Kits!
-Go through Speed Boosters!
-Build Stacks on Guinsoo's Rageblade!
-She's actually quite scary at lvl 6 with Rageblade...
-You really need to know when to GTFO or GTFI when you need to, play aggressive or be a scaredy cat.

+ boots of mobility + dominion speed booster + ghost + bush (prowl) = approximately 633 movement speed. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!
+ to get Rageblade stacks, you can drop a W whereever maybe even heal yourself or an ally, press R, POUNCE! (W) and Q! just spam those and you'll have your stacks in no time. just remember to continue the cycle or else you'll have to start all over again hehe :D
+ by the way... it's mating season <3

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Skill Sequence and Abilities

Nidalee's Human and Cougar form skills.

(Innate): Moving through brush increases Nidalee's movement speed by 15% for 2 seconds. This is a great passive because there are so many bushes in dominion.

(Active): Nidalee tosses her javelin in HUMAN FORM, dealing magic damage on impact that increases depending on the distance between Nidalee and the target at the time it is hit. The multiplier caps at 2.5.
■Cooldown: 6 seconds
■Range: 1,500

(Active): Nidalee's next attack in COUGAR FORM will be enhanced to deal additional physical damage plus increased damage based on how low her opponents health is to a maximum of 300% physical damage. This attack cannot be dodged.
■No cost
■Cooldown: 5 seconds

(Active): Nidalee lays a trap in HUMAN FORM that deals magic damage over 2 seconds when sprung by an enemy, revealing them and reducing their armor and magic resistance for 12 seconds. Traps last for 4 minutes.
■Cooldown: 18 seconds
■Range: 900

(Active): Nidalee lunges forward in COUGAR FORM , dealing magic damage to enemies around her landing area.
■No cost
■Cooldown: 3.5 seconds
■Jump Range: approx 375

(Active): Nidalee heals an ally champion in HUMAN FORM and grants them bonus attack speed for 7 seconds.
■Cooldown: 10 seconds
■Range: 600

(Active): Nidalee claws at enemies in COUGAR FORM in a cone in front of her, dealing magic damage.
■No cost
■Cooldown: 6 seconds
■Range: approx 300

(Toggle): Nidalee transforms herself into a cougar; gaining a new set of abilities, bonus armor and magic resistance and 20 movement speed and losing 400 range in the process.
■No cost
■Cooldown: 4 seconds

At level 3, i get 2 points on Q, 1 point on E.

At level 4, i get 1 point on Q
At level 5, i get 1 point on W (YOU NEED THIS OR ELSE YOUR COUGAR CAN'T POUNCE!)
At level 6, you must get your cougar form.
At level 7 to 18, max Q first then E then W. but add R when ever available.

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Harrassing the Enemy

If your spear hits a squishy, they usualy lose quite a lot of health. If you have the guts to charge out after making sure it's safe for the time being, you should be able to kill them immediately. If they have a lot of health i suggest patiently taunting=spearing them and then pounce, swipe, takedown, pounce out. you shouldn't autoattack that much because if you consider they're buffness, theres a chance they will cc you and you might end up road kill. so keep jumping in and out, change into human form, throw a spear behind you, heal yourself, change back into cougar, pounce at them, swipe, takedown, pounce away, human form, spear, heal, and it goes on and on and on~ otherwise, get a teammate for help.

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Thursday November 10, 2011

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There isn't much farming to do in dominion except when a huge wave of enemy minions come pouring in, E yourself, change to cougar form, pounce into them, claw (E), then (Q). Repeat this cycle and this will get you a lot of gold!
but then again... money doesn't grow on trees.

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After all the work I put into this build, I hope that those who try this build find out how powerful it actually is. I will constantly keep the build updated and please throw your suggestions at me. The masteries are still debatable and also the runes, however, I find them most useful for me when I play. Thanks for reading this far :)