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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shaco Build Guide by Insufficient Sanity

Jungle Insufficient Seriousness | Season 9 Shaco Guide |

Jungle Insufficient Seriousness | Season 9 Shaco Guide |

Updated on December 21, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Insufficient Sanity Build Guide By Insufficient Sanity 3 3 10,370 Views 5 Comments
3 3 10,370 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Insufficient Sanity Shaco Build Guide By Insufficient Sanity Updated on December 21, 2018
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Who is Insufficient Sanity?

Hello Summoners
I’m Insufficient Sanity aka Insanity
I’m an Europe Nordic-East / West player who’s known for his

Quinn and Taric and Shaco
Currently I have:

I'm Here to talk to you about my SHACO

As of Patch 7.10 I'm Playing Shaco As as a DPS Bruiser Jungler and a Tank support.

But I Play him as a AP/AD Toplaner too.

For anyone interested in my Social Media
Official Facebook page

As well you can msg me on Discord at @InufficientSanity$9160
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Before you prematurely vote or comment read this!

I do not claim for these Builds/Playstyles to be The Best or The way to go!

Keep in mind that everyone is free to build the way they want to and play how they want to.

I want you to respect the fact that htis is my personal preference and it works rather well for me, it might not work as well for you, and it might work even better. Be fair and give it a try, after you test it you're welcome to give your constructive criticism.

The build ties in together, if you feel like you want to make some changes you're welcome to and you're welcome to call that build your own if it's not the same 3 core item build.

Thank you for understanding.

Love Insanity!
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Summoner spells

Heals the user and and ally for 90 to 345 health and grants them 30% Movespeed for 1 second. If no ally is targeted the lowest %HP ally get's healed

Smite target's a minion or a monster and deal 390 to 1000 true damage and heals the user. Smite is required for jungle items which give you bonuses agains monsters. Those bonuses being experience, sustain and damage.

Reason behind taking Heal is that you can Heal your Clone as Well. Making Heal the only double effective summoner spell Shaco can take.
The argument that Taking heal makes you weak early is true but in cases of 1v1, yeah u might get 1 kill in 10 games more with ignite, but u will also die 3 times more in 10 game without heal.

Shaco scales, he's not an early game champion by any means, you will lose to most champion in 1v1s if you arent smart about it.

In 2v2 Scenarios in top and mid lane, the heal of your Ally might be a lot better then igniting the oponent, in a case where your toplaner already has ignite you will just double ignite someone making it less effective. and let's not talk about people shielding people when ignited.

Try out heal, not in one or two games, more like 5 or 10, you will see that it's not as bad as it seams at first. If you dont like it, my builds will work with different summoners as well.
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Doing Baron as Shaco

Soloing Baron should be a main thing in your game, the build provided is quite decent at soloing it. Some stuff u wanna consider when going for baron solo early:

With 2 Mountain drake u solo baron with Trinity, Machette, Tabi boots.

With 1 Mountain drake u solo baron with Trinity, Machette, Tabi + Lifesteal item + armor

Without mountain drakes is quite hard u should ask someone to help u or wait for 2 full items and lifesteal.

If u have mountain drakes and ravenous hunter u heal off true damage so doing it easier.

At full build and mountain drakes u can sneak baron in record times, but u do need R every time.

Make the clone tank baron, dont get hit at all. if u do you do reduced damage making it harder to kill. There's a specific spot for placing boxes where baron will hit them.

and most importantly. MAKE SURE YOUR TEAM DOES SOMETHING. Getting spotted at baron is quite bad u dont have R for the next fight and you're quite low. u might not even have smite.

Also dont aks for more than 1 person to help u. it's not needed and if u are 5 missing it's obvious you're on baron
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Jungle Clear

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Insufficient Sanity
Insufficient Sanity Shaco Guide
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Insufficient Seriousness | Season 9 Shaco Guide |

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