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Sion Build Guide by fungling

Top Inting Sion Season 12 (Strategically Minded Sion)

Top Inting Sion Season 12 (Strategically Minded Sion)

Updated on January 15, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author fungling Build Guide By fungling 75 11 135,685 Views 4 Comments
75 11 135,685 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author fungling Sion Build Guide By fungling Updated on January 15, 2022
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Grasp of the Undying

Minion Dematerializer
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Inting Sion Season 12 (Strategically Minded Sion)

By fungling

Inting Sion

This guide is only a futile attempt to recreate the sacred texts for the new season:

Original guide

If you don't know what a strategically minded reddit inting Sion is, then it basically means that you commit suicide a bunch, mainly to destroy towers, and using Teleport or R to get back to dying faster. But you'll find that one of your main focuses will be wave clearing so you can hit your inting themed powerspike.

Stages of the game

When you have Hullbreaker, you can deal more than two platings on a tower even if you're taking turret aggro and without minions! Once you get your third item and laning phase is more or less over, running it down is your profession and you can start running it down whatever lane you want. At this stage, while having minions to tank for you is preferable, if tanking the turret will catch your enemies by surprise, then it's worth it.

Try to predict which lane will be the most annoying for the enemy to deal with you in. Make sure to put Stealth Wards close to towers if you want to Teleport there later.


Trinity Force deals considerably more to towers than other items except Hullbreaker since the passive procs on structures. It's more important than Hullbreaker, though, since it helps you kill enemies and towers equally. Remember to use abilities before auto attacks every 1.5 seconds on towers, or anything else, for more damage. W recast doesn't proc the passive but Death Surge does.

When you have a siege minion , at least stand near it if it's being attacked or attacking a tower to apply the buff. While you shouldn't int towers straight away, you should constantly push your wave from the start of the game to demonstrate dominance. Hullbreaker is fantastic for inting Sion, for obvious reasons. Buy it first vs non-bruisers.
By the way, if you decide you just want to go normal tank Sion, don't take Hullbreaker if you're vs a bruiser, and go Sunfire Aegis or Frostfire Gauntlet as your mythic, and that's a perfect tank build which can both teamfight and splitpush well.

This item is essential for inting Sion since gives you all the stats you need and helps convert your bonus healh into damage, even onto towers. However, it's only equal to other items at the moment you buy it as your 3rd item since you won't have much bonus health. It's less valuable at that moment than other items despite the cone of damage on-hit helps a lot for your CS. So buy a situational item 3rd if you want one, and then buy Titanic Hydra 4th. If you don't need any situational items, Gargoyle Stoneplate is a better option.


Take if you can reliably take advantage of the passive, like when you're still dueling mainly one enemy.

Take Sterak's if you want damage and health. Don't take it if the enemies have or will have Grievous Wounds, in that case Gargoyle Stoneplate may be a better choice. It's mainly useful when you're 1v2ing or plan on entering teamfights or enemies are bursty. Can also be taken simply for more tankiness. Or instead of magic resist, since Sion doesn't have many great magic resist options.

This is a good late game item, but can be bought before Titanic Hydra if there's no better situational items. It's good vs %max hp damage dealers if you can get a use out of both armor and magic resist. Like Sterak's Gage, it's more effective vs multiple enemies. I classify this as situational because it can be taken at any time in the game, but I think it's good to take at some point every game.

You can usually just buy Quicksilver Sash wheneve you need it vs high CC enemies and only upgrade into this once your other slots are full.

Good vs lots of auto attacks. If you don't think you need the mana, or you are against a lot of crits, Randuin's Omen is another option.

Great against healing, synergy with other armor items, and good against attack speed.

Alternative to Thornmail if the enemies have healing but won't auto attack you, like Vladimir.

Good first back item if you're vs a healer in lane, who relies on auto attacks occasionally. Can build later into Thornmail

Cull is a good first back if you don't need immediate stats, in an easier lane. Good against any non-bruisers and some other easier matchups.

Alternative to Bramble Vest if the enemy has healing but won't auto attack you, like Vladimir. Can build later into Chempunk Chainsword

First back if you're against a heavy auto attacker, like ADCs. Can build later into Thornmail
Strategy details

Early counter jungling (because why not?)

  • At the start of the game, try to find out where the enemy jungler starts. Invade their buff which is farthest from the jungler before minions arrive.

  • Don't hide in the bush closest to the buff. If the jungler was waiting for you, then instead take raptors/wolves and try to steal their buff after.

  • You should die to kill more jungle monsters and get back to lane faster. Corrupting Potion will help you. If you start Red then try to kill as many Raptors as possible afterwards, but leave at least one small Raptor for courtesy's sake. Starting Blue, you can take Gromp after.

Exceptions to inting Sion

  • While this guide is focused on inting, if you get a chance to kill an enemy you should take it. You can even die to kill them if there's nothing better to do. Your only true value is to take towers, so if that isn't an option, then taking someone's life is a pretty cool choice.

  • If both teams are busy in a team fight, it's your chance to push your lane! But sometimes engaging in the team fight can be a good idea if you have R or Teleport. It depends on how good the opportunity is, in contrast to the opportunity of possibly taking a tower or two. A good opportunity to do this would be if you've attracted a couple of enemies so you can't int the tower anyway, so you can quickly teleport to the teamfight and easily win it since they are missing members.

  • Don't ult down a lane if there is an enemy that can create terrain like Anivia, since they can block you.

  • If you're pushing a tower, having some minions is always good if possible, unless someone on the enemy team is already near the minion wave. If all three lanes have an enemy who is wave clearing, and you can't kill any of them, backdoor the tower if they are far away enough from it on any lane. If not, then chances are that your team can profit off that and take a very important objective like Scuttle.

General tips

  • You can press W before Teleporting or pressing R to be able to recast for damage once you get there.

  • There probably exists a high enough elo for this strategy not to work, it used to work up until around Masters where people knew how to snowball off a strategic mind's deaths. I'm not sure what rank that would be now, or if inting Sion is generally better or worse in this meta, so give this build a chance to find out if it works in your elo!

  • In high elo this can still work as long as you're more strategically minded about when you die, so not really fully inting. Splitpushing is always a threat so this build can still work.

  • You can Flash over enemies if you want to just R down the lane behind them.

  • Your Q outline is invisible as long as Sion is outside of enemy vision.

  • Use E before Q to land it consistently.

  • The end of R can do a bit of AoE damage to towers.

  • If a tower is being protected, you can proxy behind it. Look up thebausffs guide for details, plus you can see thebausffs special. It won't do as much damage in a tank build like this, though.

Grasp of the Undying is an excellent rune for inting Sion since it helps you increase your health throughout the game so your powerspike will hit that much harder. Since playing this build usually makes games last much longer, since how you usually win is only by surgically removing their nexus via splitpushing, this will help you profit off the extra time with infinite stacking potential.
The extra damage that it deals means you can trade whenever you can use it and usually win! Actually you should have W up to trade, but against tanks you only need grasp to trade. Inting Sion doesn't care much for healing but he doesn't mind it, so Spirit Visage helps you gain extra healing from this rune.
Demolish has always been and always will be what makes inting Sion good. Once you hit the late game, this makes towers melt before you. There isn't really much more to say.
Similar purpose to Grasp of the Undying in the sense that it's abusing the fact that you're making games longer by playing this build. Makes you even tankier and all it takes is waiting 12 minutes.
ALSO abusing long games to become tankier. Just have to make sure you CS a lot which you should be doing anyway. A useful way to CS is to R across the lane, and you'll almost always be oneshotting the minions.

Simple way for CSing to be easier despite your tankiness. Using 2 on siege minion s and 1 on a melee minion is a good choice.
Great for movement speed and kill pressure since your E and Q can both proc it.
Thank you for reading!
I appreciate you reading this guide or scrolling straight to the bottom. :) If you decide to try this build, be warned that it gets people mad on both teams at an amazingly consistent rate! I personally take that as a compliment to the effectiveness of the build.

I highly recommend you try this guide (in normals before ranked) when you're sick of the self-righteous players that flood this community, because not only is it always fun to play inting Sion, but you can always piss people off without any effort on your end, and hopefully you'll even win! Let me know how it goes!
League of Legends Build Guide Author fungling
fungling Sion Guide
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Inting Sion Season 12 (Strategically Minded Sion)

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