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Irelia Build Guide by blubbersbb

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blubbersbb

Irelia ! Fighter - " My blade is at your service "

blubbersbb Last updated on January 30, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Zed Zed? Well he gets a bit depressed when you are having a bit armor , so you can outdamage him fast , you can dodge his skills fast , so that would be all for Zed lewl.
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First of all I want to say sorry for my bad english and my grammar mistakes , if you observe any please let me know so I can correct and make the build better , I am also accepting modifications and other builds / runes / masteries that you would like to share with me.

Ok so in this build we will be talking about Irelia and what pro's and con's she has and when and why should she be played.Most of you know what she can do or not so this build is for begginers feel free to leave a comment .

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Pro's and Con's

Ok so now we will see which are her pro's and which are her con's .


+ Great roamer
+ Very nice late game
+ High Sustain
+ High Damage
+ Nice Mobility
+ Has True Damage
+ Has Good CC
+ Pretty Hard To Match Against
+ Easy To Play
+ Has Very High Potential
+Great anti CC because of passive


- Bad laning till she hits 9
- Item realiable
- She can fall hard in late if harassed in early
- She can be easy trapped
- Can be useless in fights
- Has pretty high issues with mana

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Ok so I picked those runes and I will tell you why , and the I will tell you guys other viable runes for Irelia.

9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage - Ok so I picked them because you need them in early game.

4x Greater Seal of Armor - You need armor versus an AD top laner or jungler I know it's not much but I also picked the Seal of Health for a bit more hp in early game

5x Greater Seal of Health - I picked them because personally I need more health in early game so those Seals help me a lot

9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - Magic Resist is also important because you may be matched against an AP top laner or AD top laner with AP jungler and they are very helpful

Other Viable Options :

9x Greater Seal of Armor - You can pick those if you feel insecure with only +4 armor from runes , because Irelia is usually played 21/9 masteries and maybe you feel insecure because that.
3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - You feel like you do not need attack speed and that you need more damage ? You can pick the AD Quints for the extra damage , but you should consider the fact that without the 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed you wont be able to use them as much as you do when you have ur W .

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Ok , so those are the masteries I use, and I will explain you guys why 21/9 and not 9/21 .
Irelia Already has a "tanky" passive and a high sustain because of her skills and build , so she needs the damage from the masteries because she is a Fighter and soon she'll need to build tank for the mid fights .
Because most of the time Irelia get's Mercury's Treads she won't be needing anything because the boots stack with her passive Ionian Fervor making her less vulnerable to CC.
I use the Feast mastery because I usually start with Doran's Blade and that 3 health and 1 mana per unit is a really , really good advantage for me .
Fury and Brute Force will help you in the early game , because you really need that attack speed and attack damage.Also , the mastery points from defense are important because you need them in early game to boost your health and block few more damage.

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Passive : Ionian Fervor

The more they are the better it is , so Irelia has a great anti-CC passive especially in teamfights when both team gather together and start killin' each other lewl.. That's sad.

Q : Bladesurge

Great gap closing tool , great farming tool , it resets its coldown when it kills a unit.

W : Hiten Style

This is your main damage skill , it has great sustain passive and helps you out because it deals true damage, it is also a great escape tool .

E : Equilibrium Strike
Has stun / slow , very good after you get close to your enemy to CC him , the bad part is that if the enemy has the health bar lower than yours you only slow him instead of stunning him and that can provoke an uncomfortable situation.

R : Transcendent Blades
Another great sustain tool , has pretty wide range , easy to control , great for push or wave clear.

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Ok so here we are , now I will explain each and every item I pick from my build.

Crystalline Flask - I pick it when I have enemies that can poke me hard and that I can not trade with , like Olaf , Ryze , Jax , and I also pick Crystalline Flask when I know I can easily poke my enemy.

Doran's Blade - Ok , so I pick 2x of them because as I said I do not build BotRK in early , I rather get it in late game because I honestly pref. to get Zephyr first .

Trinity Force - I get Tri-Force because it is Irelia's core item and it improves her with each and every stat on it , the movement speed , the poke , the crit , the attack speed , it is all there, all she needs ^^ .

Mercury's Treads - I pick them most of the time because they stack well with her passive
Ionian Fervor and that makes me feel more safe in late game .

Zephyr - Another high advantage damage item but also close gapping item because of it's mobility advantage , damage and attack speed.

Randuin's Omen - One of my fav. tanky items , because it gives you health , armor and has a great passive that can stack with your E nicely , I pref. it instead of Sunfire Cape because it may affect your E because of it's passive.

Banshee's Veil - It has a spellshield , I pref. it instead of Spirit Visage because it has that great regeneration , yes I know Spirit Visage stacks nicely with Irelia's skills , but I think that BotRK is enough to help you out so I pref Banshe .

Blade of the Ruined King - I usually build it earlier when I am against champions I can not really fight against that well and when I know I need great sustain .

Frozen Heart - I usually buy this against because they have insane attack speed only from their skill's passives , so you might want to keep it close when you are fighting Olaf and Jax it also gives you a great ammount of armor and 20% cd .

Guardian Angel - When you know you die fast because you are being focused , or you have a high bounty on ya , you can go for it either in early mid game , either in late game instead of Blade of the Ruined King as another tanky item.

Frozen Mallet - I use this against champs with high mobility like Quinn , Nidalee , even Jax .

Warmog's Armor - Can be a good replacer for Guardian Angel if you feel like you need more health than armor and mr.

Sunfire Cape and Thornmail - Are pretty good against champs like Vayne and Zed because they have high mobility and high damage so Sunfire Cape would damage them as long as you are close , and Thornmail damages them if they damage you .

Maw of Malmortius - It is a great pick against AP champs that can harass ya and really stacks well with your health items.

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Ok so Flash is a core spell for Irelia because it also helps you escape or get closer to your enemy and pick up a kill or maybe do a nice play , it is pretty well to be used just take care when you Flash over walls because you might fail it and probably miss a kill or die trying xD .

I can tell you guys when to pick Teleport and when to pick Ignite shortly . So you guys might wanna use Teleport against champs like Shen , like Jax , maybe like Olaf also , even tho I now see a new Olaf meta with lots and lots of Ignites at least in Gold/Platinum , but not picking Teleport as a top laner you may lose a lot , like dragon fights , or ganks , or a fight and that might cost you some teammates flame and blame ( I experienced it )

So picking Ignite is not wrong but as I said Teleport is the new meta because it has a very high importance for your team and also low cd if used on turrets and if you have the Distortion , but Ignite is good if you are pretty sure you can not trade a champ without dying , so you may wanna get it against Tryndamere , Dr. Mundo , Darius and so on , but you must be careful because if you pick Ignite take care because if your enemy has Teleport you might wanna stun him with your E.

Other Viable Spells :

You can also go for Exhaust against Jax , Olaf but Olaf is not really vulnerable against that slow applied from Exhaust so it would be just a use of 50% of the Exhaust on Olaf , as for Jax it can be pretty useful since he is basic hit realiable and that might cost him his life , or even against a wild Yasuo that may appear on top xD .

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Team Work & Team Comp. + Laning Phase

So I will be talking a bit about teamwork too and a nice Team Comp.

Early Game

Starting with the Laning Phase , in the early game Irelia is a bit harsh to play , you can either get owned or own the enemy , make sure you are farming a bit before you recall because you must get one of these Sheen , Phage because as I said Irelia needs items to do something well . After getting one of these two you might wanna start trading damage with your enemy , I suggest lvl 6~9 , mostly 9 try to kill him . Irelia has a high sustain so don't be affraid to use your Q to farm but you will need Crystalline Flask cause as we all know Irelia is mana hungry . If you get a nice early and get 1 or 2 kills you may start ganking also because if in most of your cases you will pick Teleport you could take the opportunity and gank bot lane maybe or assist at a dragon fight or w/e can make you help your teammates.

Mid Game

The mid game is pretty easy for Irelia but you must also consider you must finish fast the game because Irelia can not protect the adc since she will be focusing the enemy mid laner or adc , but you also got to make sure you inform your team when you engage just by pinging or something , because the team may not have such mobility as you do and you might end up in a 1v5 because your team can't follow you.

Late Game

Late game is now maybe pretty harsh for Irelia because she cant do much , her damage falls in late , she can get tricked by the enemies Guardian Angel or she might end up fighting a very tank opponent like Shen or Cho'Gath or w/e you understood , even the probability is that you might end up just taking out a Guardian Angel and then die , so the sooner you finish the better it is as they say xD .

Great Champs Irelia Works Well With ( personal opinion )

- Riven is great in team with Irelia because they both have that great early damage , they can combo with their stuns and they have high mobility.
- Rumble has lots of slows and a great ult that can help Irelia get close to her target and even help her in late game taking out enemies.
- Trundle ! Yes my friends he can help her out a lot because Trundle also has a high damage and he can use his Pillar to block the enemy and also get a nice wide range for Irelia .

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Well , I hope you guys like the guide and leave me some reviews to help me out improve this build.

See ya around ^^ !