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Irelia Build Guide by just1rape

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League of Legends Build Guide Author just1rape

Irelia is beast

just1rape Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Hello again..... This time its a bad guide for Irelia. I started to play her like 1 month ago, she is very fun to play. This guide is focusing for sololine Irelia. Hope you will like it. :) I really do like irelia, she is unique to me. Everytime I play her, its so fun and im always overfarmed *****. Buuuut hope you will like this bad guide!

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Pros / Cons

Very fun to play
One of the best sololiners in the game
Easy to play
Can chance 1v1 to victory with Equilibrium Strike

Hard to play
Boring to play
Really can't handle the sololine
Can't farm
No stun

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These are my recommended runes

greater mark of desolation greater quintessence of vigor

greater mark of desolation These are for Bladesurge and maximizing your earlygame damageoutput. + Some extra damage to minions, nice way to farm.

Usually in vs sololine is DPS champion so these are for that, you won't take that much damage, great way to survive.

Ok, magic resist is almost the most imporant thing as a sololiner, you are facing almost everytime Mordekaiser or Jarvan IV , because Mordekaiser's abilities deal all magic damage, so thats why, and Jarvan IV 's flag deals magic damage too, so you wont that much damage, answer to your problems.

greater quintessence of vigor Most imporant thing is this. You always need some healt regen that you can be in a lane much more longer.

Other runes that you can use

Want to deal more damage with your Equilibrium Strike and / or Transcendent Blades, sure, why not?

Dodge to save? Take ahead, and if enemy team has like Tryndamere, take pls, to dodge Tryndamere's attacks are perfect.

Straight to MR? Gogo, not bad at all?

These runes are great too, if you don't need extra hp regen, take these, more health you have, more survivability. ^^

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Pretty stadard masteries, 0/21/9 taking the Spatial Accuracy and some hp & manareg.

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Items, why not taking FoN?

My core items

This item is a must have on irelia. This item gives the best damage to all Irelia's abilities. Building early Sheen is the most important thing here, gives you the chance to farm very well with your Bladesurge and not only that, you gain crit, moment speed, attack speed, health and damage (plus the slow of the Phage.

Best choice for Irelia. With your passive Ionian Fervor you can escape with any snares, stuns, slows etc, no one can hold you enough back.

I choose this because it gives magic resist and attack speed, great way to restore your health with Hiten Style. No one like Lux or Morgana can stop you now.

Magic resist, armor and the passive of this. Can save you alot of times, I know that the passive is 5 mins long, but worth it. Now you are not the focus so easy kills to your team.

Other recommended items

Enemy team has high DPS champs and at the same time atk speed monster little bit like Master Yi. Take this if you have to go offtanky bitaach.

For the extra crit chance with the Trinity Force and 80 damage? Crazy item!

Wanna go with more moment speed, atk speed, crit? Sure, nice item but not the best one. :3

Trynd? Get this. Some other high dps noobs with some fed? This item is right here, cheap. ^n___n^

I think this is very nice item on Irelia. Gives you the power to have +100 attack damage and the lifesteal, because you are the farmer here, you should get this.

Some annoying champs? The slow here is perfect, take this, + great combo with Thornmail :) Now you are really tanky.

Some reasons why not taking Force of Nature.

1. You have enough MR to survive.
2. Moment speed is good enough to catch up enemies with no ghost.
3. Hp reg? You already have enough.

This is why you don't need, but if you are facing a BIG ap team, take, not recommended but still. :f

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Passive, abilities.

I think this is the best passive in the game, you wont be snared, etc with your 75% tecanity, Mercury's Treads.

Farming skill in early levels, useful to stack up The Bloodthirster if you get one. n_n

This is one of the reasons why you are a solochamp, with this, you wony lose any health.

The stun / slow, this is your CC, can save you, use it careful.

Restores some hp and dealing some damage, not that useful but I take these because if im very low hp, this will resotre SOME hp so you don't need to go back that often anymore.

Ability Sequence
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> > >

Maximizing the Hiten Style first, because you don't want to lose your health. Then Bladesurge. Farming farming with your great item, Sheen. And the last but not least Equilibrium Strike. + Taking the Transcendent Blades Whenever you can.

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Summoner Spells

My recommended summoner spells.

These spells gives you the extreme sololiner power. Flash is for the safety reasons. And Teleport gives you the powa of coming back to line. Ghost is for if you feel that you don't have enough moment speed.
Some other spells

No enough damage to kill your enemies, take Ignite. If your team doesn't take exhaust, you should take Exhaust.

Don't even look other spells.

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Your farming is kinda easy when you get your Sheen just try to lasthit minions, Bladesurge is for that too, no mana_troubles, just lasthit with your Bladesurge IN EARLYGAME. And when you are farmed enough to mid game, take your items, lategame farming is for some items if you don't have enough gold for those. Btw, overfarmed Irelia is win usually!

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Thanks for your time, please test this guide before trollvoting, thanks and goodbye.