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Irelia Build Guide by Thedroll

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thedroll

Irelia - The Queen of Solo Top

Thedroll Last updated on April 3, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my first ever made guide. I want to share with you my way on building Irelia. I've never lost even one ranked with her and I really love this way on building her. ^^
I'll discuss about what Runes, Masteries and Items I build for her and whats viable on her from my oppinion.

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I go flat Armor pen/Attack speed Marks, flat Armor Seals, flat Magic Resistance per lvl Glyphs and flat HP Quints
I take the Armor Penetration for more damage with Bladesurge and Transcedent Blades OR I take flat Attack Speed for more True Damage and lane Sustain with Hiten Style.
Flat Armor Seals for more tankyness early game and a little end.
Flat Magic Resistance per lvl Glyphs for better tank mid - late game.
And last but not least I take flat HP quints for better sustain early and a little more dmg with my atmas(Not important at all).

I think that Armor pen or Attack speed is best for Marks and I think that Magic resistance per lvl is best for Glyphs
You could use Dodge on seals, but I think that you can not really rely on them so I got with Armor instead.
You could use Armor Pen Quints if you want more damage or you could take Hp reg for even better sustain, but I think that the hp ones is good enough.

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I take 0/21/9 in Masteries. 21 in defensive because the extra tankyness you recive from it is really great, you get more CC Reduction and more Hp Reg which is really great.
Take the other 9 points in Utility, this will give you less Cooldown on Flash and Teleport, less deathtime (10% which is really good) and some extra Movement speed.

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I start of with a Regrowth Pendant and one Health Potion. My first time back I alway try to grab a Philosopher's stone and a pair of Boots of Speed and/or Heart of Gold, deppends how good your farm goes and who you're against in top. When I got my two gp/10 items and Boots of Speed I try to get a Phage for more Damage with Q and R, some HP and the really good slow, I dont know how many times the Phage have helped me to get a kill. Now you should try to get your Mercury's Treads. After a while I'll get Atma's Impaler for obvious reasons, Dmg, Armor and Crit.
I build my Phage into a Trinity Force, sell Philosopher's stone and buy Warmog's Armor and then a Randuin's Omen, but if you're against a heavy ap team then consider Force of Nature instead of Randuin's Omen.
If you die alot you can just buy a Guardian Angel quickly.

Starting items: Regrowth Pendant and one Health Potion
Early game: Philosopher's stone, Heart of Gold and Boots of Speed
Core: Guardian Angel, Atma's Impaler, Trinity Force and Warmog's Armor
Situational High AD: Randuin's Omen Frozen Heart
Situational High AP: Force of Nature Banshee's Veil

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Skill Sequence

I always max Hiten Style(W) first for better sustain in lane and really nice True Damage.
Then I max Equilibrium Strike(E) for the nice damage and the slow/stun and I put a point in Transcedent Blade(R) whenever I can.
I max Bladesurge Q last cause I dont find it really great, it's ok when you got Sheen but I mostly use it as a close-gaping ability.
You could max Equilibrium Strike before Hiten Style if you want,cause it's a better nuke and slow but I think that Hiten Style is better cause it has True damage AND gives you HP on each attack which is really good in both laning phase and in teamfights.

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Summoner Spells

I take the standard solo top Summoner Spells cause I find Teleport really useful, you can teleport to a ward at Dragon and turn a teamfight around or you can teleport gank, or you can teleport to defend a tower and some more stuff.
I take flash for obvious reasons, you can flash from a gank, a tough situation or flash after another who've flashed away from you.

I really love Flash so thats why I take it over Ghost but after the Flash nerf I think that Ghost can be a little bit more usefull in some situations.
You could also take Ignite or Exhaust instead of Teleport.

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So, this is how I build my Irelia. I really hope you enjoyed reading it and please leave me some comments and vote, and if you can please tell your friends who plays LoL about this guide. I would really love if we could discuss the masteries and the items
I've got 1 Penta kill and 4 Quadra kills with this build so far. So I wish you all good luck and now go out there and kick some ***es with the coolest char in the game! >8D Thats all from me, bye and thx for reading. ^^