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Twitch Build Guide by ScooterMcG

It Will Only Hurt Till They Die

It Will Only Hurt Till They Die

Updated on November 30, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScooterMcG Build Guide By ScooterMcG 7,796 Views 0 Comments
7,796 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ScooterMcG Twitch Build Guide By ScooterMcG Updated on November 30, 2017
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Hi everyone, I'm ScooterMcG, and this is my Guide to Twitch. I have really enjoyed working on this guide and would appreciate any feedback you have, questions you'd like answered, or whatever else I can do to improve this guide for your needs. Twitch is one of my favorite champions to play because he can snowball quickly, sneak in on enemy champs for quick ganks, and fade away into the bog of eternal stench from whence he came.

So below I will do my best to expand on Twitch's abilities, Runes, and Item build and explain why this build is the one your enemies will come to fear. I hope you find it useful
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+ Ranged Champion
+ Spray and Pray makes for great team fights
+ A little attack speed goes a LONG way
+ Good slow for pursuit or evade with Venom Cask
+ Good farmer
+ Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky

With a good lead or with a solid build, Twitch is perfect for assassinating would-be split pushers. Utilizing good timing to enter the lane invisible with Ambush can lure enemy teams into uneven team fights that Twitch can quickly end with the speed burst and Spray and Pray. With this rune set up behind him, Twitch packs a serious punch that is near impossible to escape once he begins to farm.

- Squishy
- Does not have the best ADC range
- Very timing dependent
- Weak escapes
- Can block temporarily block himself out of turret
- Needs items/weaker early than other ADC options

While no one on lane should IGNORE Twitch, his initial damage is not comparable to Miss Fortune or Jhin. Speed is the name of the game for Twitch, and that means items are necessary. If the enemy champs are good at zoning you out in lane, they could snowball over you. Attacking an enemy champion as your wave approaches turret means you will need to wait for your poison to wear off before you can push the turret.
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I have chosen to take the Precision and Domination trees for Twitch because they synergize so well with his abilities. Below is a more in-depth explanation of these relationships.

Lethal Tempo
Taking Lethal Tempo adds speed and, as mentioned previously, speed is the name of the game. Many other players like to take Press the Attack. This can also work well, but the ability to go over speed cap paired with his Spray and Pray, as well as the added speed bonus from leaving (Q) Ambush makes Twitch's damage almost impossible to keep up with. It's worth noting that Lethal Tempo also procs off of (W) Venom Cask, meaning that dropping a cask under an enemy champ even if you don't pursue them can give a burst of speed for wave clear.

This is necessary for sustain in exchanges with champs. Getting that extra health back for takedowns can keep you viable in team fights or allow you to stay on lane and take advantage of your opponent's absence.

Legend: Alacrity
What's the name of the game? SPEED! With every unique champion takedown, Twitch gets faster and faster, stacking that attack speed.

Coup de Grace
As Twitch gains speed and reduces enemy health faster, his attacks will also hit harder. Paired with the speed boost from Lethal Tempo, this means you are hitting faster and harder with every bolt Twitch fires.

Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact synergizes extremely well with Twitch's (Q) Ambush and Lethal Tempo. Coming out of the invisibility from Ambush provides extra lethality paired with the added attack speed Ambush provides stacked on with the attack speed bonus from Lethal Tempo. Triple utilization of runes and abilities makes this a no-brainer choice.

Relentless Hunter
Not only will Relentless Hunter help roam speed, but when (Q) Ambush is active, Twitch leaves combat. This means that he can move faster to either pursue or evade enemy champions. If in pursuit, this means he gets on target before they can escape and starts raining speedy pain on them. If in need of escape, this extra speed boost can help augment Twitch's already lackluster escapability.
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Flash: Run my squishy little Twitch, run! Pop your Ambush and as soon as you vanish, flash in any direction other than straight back down lane. This can help you to escape ganks and also makes it difficult for champs like Jhin to get a read on your movement. Heal: Again, squishy Twitch might need some help with sustain. This can keep both you and your support alive in tense fights. The extra speed boost from Heal can also be enough to get you out of troubling situations. Teleport: I would only take TP if your supp has heals, but Twitch's ability to split push and/or assassinate mid-to-late game makes this a really solid choice as well. Also, if you're having a heavy back and forth with the opposing team, Twitch has the attack speed to be able to sneak their Nexus with turrets down. Don't expect this at higher levels of play, but every now and then you might be able to get away with it.
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ADC strengths vary from champion to champion, even if there are a lot of builds that make sense in cross-over. So let's examine some of these Items and see why they work for Twitch.


Infinity Edge
The damage and critical strike chance off of Infinity Edge pair up to make Twitch punch incredibly hard. I try to build Infinity Edge first because of the pain it brings. But if you're having to play safe under turret, it may be worthwhile to push Runaan's Hurricane first for farming capabilities. Either way, Infinity Edge should ALWAYS be one of your first two items.

Runaan's Hurricane
The attack speed and critical strike from Runaan's Hurricane bump up Twitch's DPS significantly. More importantly, however, the mutli-shot capabilities do effect his Spray and Pray, meaning you are scattering damage like mad during team fights. This can be useful to push early because of the massive farm potential.

Phantom Dancer
Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and Critical Chance all make this a valuable tool. But even above that, PD allows you to avoid that pesky minion block. This can be especially useful in your (Q) Ambush, allowing you to easily chase down or evade enemy champions despite lane congestion.

My typical purchase order for items is B. F. Sword and Berserker's Greaves on First Backs, Infinity Edge and Zeal on Second Back. Runaan's Hurricane and Zeal on Third. Phantom Dancer and Vampiric Scepter on Fourth. This builds my speed and starts me off towards whichever lifesteal item I choose to buy. With two attack speed items in the core, your next item can focus on adding more punch to your speedy attacks.

Optional Buys

Lord Dominik's Regards
I tend to prefer Lord Dominik's Regards over Mortal Reminder. Twitch's health does not scale as much as most champs, so LD will ignore the same 35% of armor as Mortal Reminder but will also scale damage against your tankier opponents. You can always check the health bar to see whether or not to take Lord Dominik's Regards. A health difference of only 500 means you are doing an extra 10% of damage. If they have health tanks like Garen or Malphite, this will help you tear them down.

Mortal Reminder
When you are fighting against a team comp with strong healing capabilities (such as a Soraka or Sona match-up), Mortal Reminder can be very useful because of its Grievous Wounds passive. This item packs a serious punch, but I still find it generally lacking in comparison to Lord Dominik's.

Maw of Malmortius
For countering strong AP compositions, Maw of Malmortius provides both constant defensive capabilities with magic resist as well as a last-minute shield/spell vamp/life steal. This can be a great item for sustaining in team fights against casters.

Trinity Force
There are few things more gratifying than watching a tanky support or jungle try to run away from you while you just ping shots off of the back of his skull and gain movement speed. Trinity Force is a fantastic pursuit item and the spellblade passive can get incredibly overpowered with Twitch's builds.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Youmuu's Ghostblade can aid in Twitch's escapes and pursuits, helps him hit like a rapid-fire cannon, and improves Twitch's roam, making it impossible to predict when he'll sneak up on unsuspecting champs that overextend themselves.

The Bloodthirster
Bloodthirster is my go-to lifesteal item. 80 Attack power, 20% lifestyle, and the overheal shield make this item hard to compete with. An extra bonus to lifesteal with Twitch, similar to Teemo, is that poisons count towards the damage he receives healing from.

Death's Dance
Death's Dance is another powerful lifesteal item. I tend to find the "bleed" benefit of the item less useful than Bloodthirster's passive. However, depending on your play style and how far ahead you are, Death's Dance can be effective. If you have the health to support running Death's Dance, I would not recommend running Lord Dominik's Regards with it, as you likely have a health pool that prevents LD's passive being worthwhile. If you run Death's Dance, run Mortal Reminder.

Mercurial Scimitar
While the attack damage may not punch quite as hard as either BT or DD, Mercurial Scimitar can be a great combination of defensive/offensive item against AP heavy teams. If my team is behind and I need to be able to sustain longer in fights, I will take Mercurial Scimitar.
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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Spray and Pray
Level Spray and Pray every opportunity you get. This is Twitch's bread and butter for full health exchanges and team fights. The increased range allows you to maintain your distance while you skewer the enemy champs with pain.

ALWAYS take Contaminate first. Your auto attacks aren't the strongest at the beginning of the match, so the extra poison damage from Contaminate can make all the difference. Also, being able to pull off a last minute Expunge against running enemies can result in a kill or could also mean finishing off a group of creeps to ensure the most efficient cs in a tight spot.

The primary thing to understand about the Ability sequence is the early choices. I prefer taking Ambush second rather than the usual Venom Cask because it allows for an early push against your opponents. The attack speed buff from Ambush paired with Lethal Tempo means you will be putting down rapid damage in an early trade and will either score an early kill or push your opponents off lane for free farming.

Venom Cask
Venom Cask gets maxed out last because the primary benefit it provides is the slow. If you can slow an enemy champion long enough to get in range for attacks, you will add stacks for your Contaminate much faster and more efficiently thank your Venom Cask.
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I really am a firm believer that almost any pairing can work if the bot duo has experience together. However, if you are running solo and your supp asks for preferred champs or who works well with your play style, it is important to know how different supports synergize with your abilities. That being said, this is entirely based on your own play style and level of aggression. I will share the champions I prefer for supports along with an explanation, but you may find others that work better for you.

Support Synergies

Leona is a fantastic option for Twitch. She is a tanky CC warrior who can either stun champs in place for pursuit or escape or, if they're foolish enough to group up, her Solar Flare can stun/slow an entire team in place for Twitch's Spray and Pray, a truly deadly combination.

Zac is another tanky CC option that pairs well with Twitch. If Zac uses Elastic Slingshot followed immediately by Stretching Strikes, you have a knock up followed immediately by a double slow. Even further, if you need that extra bit of time to get damage in on the targets, Zac can Let's Bounce! and keep enemy champs in range. These abilities can also be incredibly beneficial for escape.

Blitzcrank continues our trend of tanky CC supports. His Rocket Grab can be vital in getting a quick kill off and separating the enemy ADC from their support or vice versa. He also hits hard enough and seems to inspire enough fear in most other champs that he can effectively zone off opposing champs from his ADC.

Rakan in the hands of a skilled and experienced support is always a danger for the opposing team. Gleaming Quill offers poke and a decent early game heal. Grand Entrance provides a knock up for CC and Battle Dance provides both a shield and an escape for Rakan himself as well as a way to deliver the heals from Gleaming Quill. His high mobility and utility make him a strong pairing. The Quickness offers similar benefits to Leona's Solar Flare by taunting and gathering enemy champions into a small group, allowing for Spray and Pray to be utilized at its maximum efficiency.

Thresh Leads back to the tanky CC supports. Death Sentence is not as effective of a pull as Blitz's Rocket Grab, though it is still invaluable in fights. Thresh's hook can pull him to the enemy, whom he can then trap in The Box, but this potentially puts him at risk whereas Blitz's Rocket Grab pulls the enemy champ in for Static Field. This tends to make Blitz a more viable option, but Thresh's ability to get incredibly tanky in mid-to-late game can balance this out if you aren't worried about making a slower push. If Thresh pulls himself to an enemy and then uses Flay, he can still bring the enemy close to the ADC and will likely grab a minion or two as well, which will cause obstacles for the enemy trying to escape. Also, Dark Passage makes up for Twitch's relative lack of escapes while also providing a shield.

The key with Twitch is that he seems to synergize well with tanky CC supports. They offer a stability and survivability in lane to balance him out and can survive well enough on their own under turret in the event that Twitch needs to recall for a quick buy and top off on health.

Jungle Synergies

Lee Sin
Lee Sin is a danger for almost any team anyway. However, his knock back works so well with Twitch, especially because Twitch doesn't need to rely on a skill shot or accuracy shot, as with Jinx's Zap! or Jhin's Deadly Flourish. If an enemy champion gets knocked out of your Venom Cask, it isn't the end of the world.
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I am still developing the Lane Phase information for my guide, but I wanted to get the basics out there so I can start incorporating feedback as soon as possible. So please let me know what you think, what questions you have, or what you would like more information about.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, and check back for updates!

Have fun and good hunting.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScooterMcG
ScooterMcG Twitch Guide
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It Will Only Hurt Till They Die

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