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Darius General Guide by Cerealsentinel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cerealsentinel

It's okay to be afraid... if your'e bad.

Cerealsentinel Last updated on November 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fiora If you want a demonstration of how this matchup should go, watch the Stickfigure spotlight 2.
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Hello everyone, my name is "Cerealsentinel" and this is my first ever guide. In this guide I hope to demonstrate the power of a Darius that can actually take a punch, rather than this full AD ****.

Darius' kit is given to him for a reason, its so he can sit in the middle of the enemy team and laugh whilst he drives his axe through everyone's skull. Granted, a full AD Darius may be able to completely decimate someone 1 v 1. But this is a team game, and you can guarantee there will be team fights, so armour up, its gonna be a good fight.

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Item build

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Early game

First things first:
DO NOT SPAM YOUR Q. Yes they will get hurt and yes they will have to sit back and lose some cs, but you will push outstandingly hard and get ganked really quickly (junglers generally start their bottom buff and head top after double buffs are obtained). I know this from experience, and there is nothing more frustrating than giving up a kill you KNOW shouldn't have happened. Therefore the way to win early game as Darius is to try and hit as little farm as possible when using q, or if you are pushed and it wont matter if you cleave all the minions. Darius will win most trades, due to his passive, but this doesn't mean you need to sit in the middle of the minions acting like a beyblade.

Trading and the cooldown game:
Like I stated above, it's easy to win trades as Darius. But you can win them even harder with less risk if you play the cooldown game correctly. Lets take an example. Imagine you are verses Garen in the top lane. To win the cooldown game, you want to fight BETWEEN his cooldowns (just AFTER he uses his spells) to minimise his retaliation damage. Garen relies on his Q and E to output damage, so you wait for him to use those spells, THEN engage. Simple enough.

If/When you get ganked:
If you push your lane out without wards like a moron, your'e gonna have a hard time. SO BUY A ******* WARD. I main top/jungle, and when I jungle and see people leave base with no wards, it gets my goat. if you die because the jungler ganked you, it's noones fault but your own. So buy wards and don't push. However, that said, there will be times when you get ganked and there wasn't much you could do about it. the tip is to STAY CALM. Don't use your abilities randomly! There is a second part to Darius' passive which makes him good at escaping ganks, even with his low mobility kit. For every bloodies enemy champion, Darius gains a bonus 5% movement speed. So before you mash your flash and spam every ability screeching like a wounded bird, wait until you can clip both champions with your Q (unless it's clear they cant both be easily hit, in which case, settle for hitting just one). if they keep chasing and you think you have the defenses to deal with them shortly, you could try flashing under tower and pulling one of them back. This is a hilarious way to snag a kill and annoy the enemy.


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