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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Theawesomeonehhh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Theawesomeonehhh

Its time to feast! (Kog'maw Ap) (Work in progress)

Theawesomeonehhh Last updated on February 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hiya guys, Im usily not a fan of guides having introductions, but because this is my first guide, I thought hey might as well tell you who I am. Im Theawesomeonehhh, also know as Gerry, Currently, Im an advide league of legends player, Maining mid and adc. Ive decided to start writing guides because well, a lot of guides tell you why you buy this item or that, but they never teach you how to learn the champion, just how much success they have had with the champion. Also, All feedback and suggestions are welcome

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Pros / Cons


1. Scales extremely well
2. Late game A#$ kicking machine
3. Easy to warm with due to void ooze
4. Has extreme range with Bio-Arcane Barrage
5. Has a bada#$ passive, True damage aoe on death !
6. Isn't he adorable ! Kog'Maw

Cons: LeBlanc
2. Gets out poked early
3. Needs items to be strong
4. Squishy as hell
5. Very mana heavy
6. Skillshot relievent
7. Has no escape

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Caustic Spittle
Well, You know, When they jump on you, you do get a bit of damage down, Which helps with tanks but well, You know ! It kinda sucks. Yes, stop yelling at me saying "Gerry, Its free attack speed and armour and magic resistance shread". Well true, but its not worth maxing, and if you get the chance to use it, You might be about to die to a line of tanks you squishy little adorable creature.

Void ooze
Welcome to kogmaws bread and butter, Im gonna do half of your health, slow you, and then your going to get destroyed by me and my team, have a nice day, -Love, The kogmaw you stupidly fed. In all seriousness, Void Ooze is an amazing ability, Clears waves super fast, Its AoE, and scales to 70% of your ap, 70% I tell you ! This is your strongest ability for chasing, 1v1s, And teamfights, Its extremely strong I tell you !

This ability is, Well interesting. Kog'maw gains a huge amount of auto attack range, And starts dealing percent health damage, Theres not much to say besides Hi tanks, Dr. Mundo sad ! ! 1v1 me bra !

Living Artillery

Ever wanna shoot people down with a lazor ? If so, Go play viktor, But this is as close as you will get to being useful, and getting your lazor. Living Artillery gains range per levels into it, Scales with ap and ad, and can pull off some funny plays. This ability doesn't cost much, but if ur spamming it, Its cost goes up everytime. Either way, Learning to aim this is key !

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Ive choosen these mastery's because, Kog's early game is quite poor, but Getting some early ap from Mental Force and Arcane Mastery. It might not be much, But its gonna add up very quickly. Ive also taken points in Archmage , Executioner , Arcane Blade , Devastating Strikes and Havoc to allow me some extra, but free damage through out the entire game, Plus they all work well with kog'maw's ultimate Living Artillery

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Greater Mark of Mana

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

So, Ive taken some fairly standard ap runes, Starting with some ap quints, To get extra early ap, Some Magic penetration, Which definitely helps early and late game, Helping killing those squishy targets even easier, And then magic resistance and armour, Just to help keep this squishy guy alive

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First of all, If you want me to go indepth on starting items and other things, Your going to need to ask, But for now ill only mention your core items.rod of ages

Well, This item is awesome, Getting it early is huge. It passively stacks over time, Giving you extra ap, Health and mana, If you level up you gain mana and health over a few seconds, And it also helps kogmaw spam all dem abilitys. Also, This item is so under estimated, because the 450 health you gain is more then enough to save your life, countless times.

Rabadons deathcap

Really, Do I have to talk about this mom ? fine..... Alright, Build this item, It gives so much ap, and makes all your other ap, 30% more, Happy mom ?

Sorcerers shoes

well, don't you wanna ignore some of the magic resistance ? Then get these, you need boots anyways, because well, GOTTA GO FAST. So, Why not get some extra damage while your at it

Seraphs Embrace

Well, This items gives tons of mana, Some extra ability power, and lots of mana regen, this combined with rod of ages should allow you to spam out your Ultimate, Plus in a bad spot, you get a shield that saves 500 hp ! Woo !

Void staff

Lets get ap and do a ton of extra damage because were ignoring even more magic resistance ! Not much more to say here

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How to learn kog'maw

Alright, First thing you wanna do, is learn his range, Go to a lane in a custom, and use all your abilitys a few times, just to see how close you need to be.
Now, The last hitting on him is werid, My advice, Learn someone like Sivir or Ashe, Who are adcs, learn to cs with them, because Kog'Maw does have some attack speed, so he's a lot different then your normal ap mid. Honest, kogs not to hard to learn, But u need to be able to get them ninja reflexs, he might not be a ninja, but start being one, Get dem reflexs, Place 3 wards, Click to each of them as fast as you can, Stand in a bush to do this, and try not to leave the bush, this will also help with any champion in the game, by helping your clicking speed and skills. Last but not least, Theres no way to practice aiming kogs ults, Besides aiming his ults, Just try and lead the Living Artillery, Once u click the area, The ult will land 0.6 seconds later, So try to lead it half a champion away

Also, Ive mentioned using wards for your mouse, this is a trick ive started to use ever seen I say this video, But I definitely think Its worth a watch, It explains some good practices for league of legends, And overall should help your success with any role and champion

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Mordekaiser Difficulty 2/5 Mord should get wrecked in this matchup, Mord doesn't have the range kog does, and kog can easily poke him out of lane, Just farm up, And punish him for mistakes, Don't forget about his shield though

Leblanc: 6/5 Don't..ever....EVER...make his happen, Kog, Should just go afk

Gragas: 4/5 You can take Gragas, But you must play super safe, and just poke, he can outpoke you, so dodge his barrels, be ready for his ult, you have no escape, so if he knocks you forward, FLASH. Its your only way out, He can chase you down hardcore.

Ahri: 3/5 You should win this match, It might not make sense, Sense your squishy but think about it, After all the ahri nerfs, So she has to hit charm to be any good, Stand behind minions, Kog'Maw main damage goes through minions, so stand behind minions when fighting ahri and you should be fine, now if she hits you with charm, You might see your passive

Kassadin: 5/5 Im guessing you never first picked kass and they picked kass into you, because never pick Kog'Maw against Kassadin. Winning this lane, Is going to involve your nice jungler being in kassadins face the entire time. The only think you do have, Is large poke range, with your Bio-Arcane Barrage you do outrange her silence, she is melee, so punish her for csing, thankfully shes poor at pushing you to turret, so try to get her poked down, your both going for mana early, so spam your Living Artillery when you get it, she must be shut down !

Karthus: 3/5 I rank this in the middle, only because of his ultimate. Kog'Maw out ranges him, Out pokes him, and isn't as mana hungry as karthus, Overall you should bully him, bully him and pretend your Swain and bully him some more. Just don't be caught low.
brand: 4/5 Poke plz, Just poke, if he combos you though, he's going to do all of your health, your just to squishy and he has extreme range, try not to let this matchup happen, but if you do, Call your jungler
Ziggs: 3/5 This really is a skill matchup, To extreme pokers who scale incrediabley well, and can have a huge impact on the game. The higher the elo you have, the harder this match will be, because you must dodge all of ziggs bombs, if you do, hes not going to be able to poke you