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Shaco Build Guide by dailin877

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dailin877

Jacks are wards too.

dailin877 Last updated on October 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why shaco?

First off I'd like to say thank you for looking at this build. I have been trying very hard to find champions that ward well.

Usually I play;
Janna and do nothing but annoy while warding.
Nidalee and use bushwack to keep awareness while i build pure AP.
Teemo and be useless in lane until 6th.
Zyra and use plants and buds to keep sight.

All of these options seemed flawed to me.

After looking at all the champions with sight granting abilities I found found shaco's jacks have a low CD and last 1 minute giving almost green ward area sight. Even if i did nothing but plant 2 jacks in river and tribrush i could still have one for use every 30 secs.

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Warding and Jacking

While playing defensively with a decent adc and jungler it is not hard to keep the important areas sighted.

2 must ward areas is- river and tribrush
a jack in each keeps the sight. The issue being that once someone has traveled it your sight is gone. When getting frequently antiwarded oracles or a vision ward is a must.

Once laning phase has switched to mid phase you should have both Wriggly's lantern and sightstone maybe ruby sightstone. This gives you a constant 3-4 wards, not counting jacks. After this the only ward to buy is vision to stop opponents from warding.

In late game situations where wards are being countered and having to infiltrate the opponents area to ward becomes a challenge for most supports. Shaco can outplay these issues. This is mainly due to decieve. It always an extra "flash" to escape and stealth the check bushes. Here is the fun part, planting a ward does not remove stealth. So a Shaco can decieve toward a bush step in, plant the ward and step out without ever giving sight of him or the fact he warded.

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Building support

Not gonna lie the only useful thing Shaco has for support in lane is his two-shiv poison,and that is only for its slow.

So in the items above i have listed a few interesting items that may make him a bit more useful.

If you prefer AP Shaco;
Rylai's crystal scepter - adds a slow to jacks
Liandry's torment - Causes jacks and shiv to leave a decent damage over time
Twin Shadow's - allows kage's lucky pick money item to be used for a hunt and slow clicky

If you prefer AD Shaco;
Frozen Mallet - causes attacks made to slow
Ravenous Hydra - attacks deal area damage for you and clone
Blade of the Ruined King- gives a slow clicky

Some prefer just to be a support;
Locket of the Iron Solari - decent aura with a team shield clicky
Randuin's Omen - area slow clicky
Abyssal scepter - aura that reduces magic resist of nearby enemies
Mikael's crucible - heal + cleanse on a clicky

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Quick Item sets to help

boots of speed and a vision ward

next a money item, preferably one that will be used in an item
philosopher's stone for support/defensive (used in mid game example)
kage's lucky pick for ap
Avarice blade for ad

Following with wriggly's lantern for a constant ward and armor. And then sightstone and eventually ruby sightstone.

Then finish boots and follow up with whatever items are going to best fit how you wish to play Shaco support.

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Runes and Masteries

the runes above are what i use for basic supporting.

Marks flat mana regen for early lane sustain (hybrid penetration also works)
Seals gold per 5, with quints 5.25 gold per 5.
Glyphs Cooldown Reduction / level grants 10% at 18.
Quints gold per 5, grants enough money to not need kills or cs.

10% cooldown reduction, with runes and blue buff is 40% which is capped.
Gold at start and per 5 allows steady money while not killing.
movement speed for warding and escaping.
Experience boost to make up for missing lane experience.

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Other important shaco information

I am almost positive their are guides out there that explain how to play a support.
You know where to ward, what you need to do, and how to use clickies and auras properly.

As well as many guides as to how to play AD or AP shaco.

This guide is not meant to conflict with them. It is simply to help players ward and play.

Supporting 101 VG0C Style by OdenApocolypse - has great information on warding.

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This is first draft, sorry no pictures or videos. Doing a quick run of the guide. If i get enough positive feedback I will expand including pictures and more links of other builds that assist.