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Janna Build Guide by KikoHyuuga

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KikoHyuuga

Janna Pocket Guide ~KikoHyuuga

KikoHyuuga Last updated on January 29, 2015
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Here it is my second guide!
Janna is one of the best support champions in LoL, she has great cc abilities, an amazing shield and a great support ability. She's great for assists(with her speed buffs and speed debuffs nobody can run away from Janna and her team!). Janna ultimate heals ,like a lot, and it can sustain all the team during a team fight. Btw my Janna skin is Frost Queen!
Hope you'll like it! ^_^

Here it's Janna Lore:
Spoiler: Click to view

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Flash is very important for Janna(actually for most of the champions) because it's great for escapes and of corse, for kills. Exhaust completes Janna's movement speed set even more, with the enemy slowed it's more easier for your allys to kill him when he's running away. Heal is also recommended, it gives a nice support heal during the early game and mid game.

Clarity is not a bad choice at all, but for me it's almost useless at the late agme when you have a decent mana regeneration. Smite for jungling(jungler Janna lol??). Ignite is not good at all when you are playing support. When playing as an AP Killer Janna it's decent. Barrier it's not the best choice but it's better than other spells. Teleport it's almost useless in a champion with such an high movement speed like Janna. Ghost can be replaced by Flash and I have to admit, I really like to imagine Ghost with a fast champion like Janna.

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Masterys and Runes

Janna's masteries consist in 4-0-26. Sorcery, Summoner's Insight , Intelligence are necessary because Janna needs a LOT of cooldown's reduction. Fleet of Foot and Wanderer are great for Janna. Like I said I like Janna with a lot of movement speed to place wards and to travel from lane to lane to shield and heal her team. Greed and Scavenger are necessary due to Janna's weak farming.
Janna's runes are great for movement speed, and they can cover her mana hungriness. Cooldown reduction is very importante to because most of Janna's abilities don't have cooldown reduction when they are leveled up.

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Early Game

~Like I said Janna's speed is one of the things I most like in Janna so Boots of Mobility are necessary in my build. Sightstone is very importat because you need yo ward your lane to prevent you and your ally to get ganked. I absolutely recommend 3x Faerie Charm. This item is very very cheap, it helps you with your mana in the early game and you can upgrade it into Morellonomicon.

Midle Game

~ Ruby Sightstone is almost the same thing as Sightstone but it gives you extra life. You can upgrade Boots of Mobility to Boots of Mobility - Alacrity to get even more speed(Captain and Distortion upgrades are good to). Talisman of Ascension is one of the best items with Janna, i always buy it. It gives you a decent cooldown reduction, gold bonus, more speed, and plus mana regeneration. But what i really like about this item is it's active. It's perfect for support because it'll give your team, for a short time, a speed buff and it's great when your enemys are running away with low life.

~It's now the time to upgrade your Faerie Charm into Morellonomicon to win extra AP, great mana regeneration and cooldown reduction. And now my favourite Janna's items combination: Ardent Censer and Locket of the Iron Solari. With Locket of the Iron Solari you can shield all your allys(nearby) during a teamfight. With Ardent Censer passive all your shielded allys get a 25% attack speed bonus for a short time. This combo is simply amazing during a fight. It works very well with champion like Irelia and Fiora, but it fits well in all your team!

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How to farm with Janna?

~Janna is not the best champion to farm at all but she can do some harassment to melee champions.
~ Scavenger is extremely important in this aspect because it'll give Janna extra gold(an adc farms better than Janna). This way Janna can harass while her allied farms and you'll get some gold anyway! Your ally will probably be at an higher level so Inspiration is great at moments like this ^__^. Talisman of Ascension is awesome to(to get more extra gold)

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Ability, Technics and Tatics


When playing Janna as a support your main lane will probably be the bot lane with an ADC.
It's very important to evolve your shield first(you want to see your ADC killing your enemys with a great protection right?). Howling Gale is Janna most useless ability, in my opinion, as support, but at the same time it can save your life many times, and it can garante you and your ally a lot of kills!(Don't get me wrong, Howling Gale is not useless at all i just don't like it as a support ability but it's great with an AP attacker Janna and good for kills when the enemy is running away) The same goes for Zephyr. I personally love this ability because it gives Janna extra movement speed and it's great for escapes and it's great for slowing your enemy speed when he wants to run away(and it has a decent AP damage).
In team fights Monsoon is your team best friend. It puches back your enemys and it has a preety decent heal, for all your allys(that are around you), this ability is one of the reasons you should evolve AP because it'll give your heal extra power.
Talisman of Ascension and Twin Shadows are amazing when your enemys are runnig away with a very low health. Locket of the Iron Solari is almost perfect with Ardent Censer. With Locket of the Iron Solari you can give your team a decent shield during a team fight and with Ardent Censer all your shielded allys get an attack speed buff, amazing right?

Thanks for reading my Janna Guide!, don't forget to write in the comments what you tought about this guide and what I need to do to improve it!

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