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Janna Build Guide by The Storms Fury

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Storms Fury

Janna - She will blow your Elo up [Patch 5.6] (Stream)

The Storms Fury Last updated on March 25, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 21

Threats to Janna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kennen Kennen is not played as Marksman at the moment, but if you play against him you wont have any problems. His low range makes him a good target for poke, although not for a gank, because of his movement speed boost. Most of his abilities are useless if he play on AP and you can deny his ultimate with your ultimate. Try to dodge his Q, so he can't land his stun on you, but you should never lose this lane. Recommended Items: -
Nunu Nunu is not in the support-meta at the moment, but even if you play against here you wont have a lot of problems. Your E perfectly covers up his damage from his Q, while your Q/R is an easy way to interrupt his ultimate. Just be carefully if you walk in an unwarded bush, as soon as you suddenly lose a lot of movement speed, cast your Q right in the bush! In the lategame he can be very dangerous because of his attackspeed boost, especially if he plays with a Marksman as Vayne or Kog'Maw. A good Nunu can also give a very good peel, because of his mega slow, although Janna is still more useful. Recommended Items: Boots of Swiftness, Locket of the Iron Solari, Mikael's Crucible
Taric Taric is a weak champion, especially against Janna. He got no skillshots so you don't have to dodge, but your movement-speed is high enough that you can run away before he reaches you after he stunned you. He also has no gap-close which makes it just very easy to protect your Marksman from him. Just play passive early, since he has a nice damage early and a heal, so trades wont win you the lane. In a teamfight Taric is completely useless, so just don't throw it early. Be also careful when he reaches level 6, since he got a high burst damage. Recommended Items: Mejai's Souldstealer
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Hey, my name is The Storms Fury and I am a Diamond player on EUW. I play Janna in every game possible when I queue up in ranked and of course she is my main since a long time. I trained her ages and think I finally master her to 100%. So I decided to share everything I know with you guys. I made this guide on LolKing and Solomid already and after they both were a success I want to post this Janna-Guide on other websites too. I really hope that my guide will help you to become a better player.

I also started hobby-streaming, if you are interested just check it out here. :)

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: With this Runes your movement speed with Boots of Swiftness, Nomad's Medallion and Zephyr on level 5 is about 500. You escape easily and survive more often than with any other runes you could take.

: The main damage, in the early lane phase, comes from their Marksman -> Armor Runes

: Health is useful both AD and AP damage. Since there are also a lot of AP Supports, this Runes will be very useful.

: AP Carries deal the most damage in the late game. -> Magic resist per level Runes

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++: This masteries will help you during the lane phase. Health is always useful and reducing the auto attack damage is especially nice against champions like Caitlyn and Ezreal.
+: This masteries will help you in the late game. Since I recommend buying a lot of defensive items, you will get a pretty good bonus on health, armor and magic resist.


: I really like this mastery because I stay as long as possible on a lane to get XP and money, even if I am low on health. A faster back-port can safe your life once you decide to go back.
+: Janna is the fastest support and with this masteries you will escape every enemy who chases you. It also make it a little bit easier to dodge skillshots or bait the enemies for your team.
: As support, you will use your trinket more often and more effective. This mastery will give you a little bit of support while you are supporting.
: This mastery can be very useful, especially if you play against a support who doesn't use this mastery. Since you have your summoner spells earlier up, you can fight the enemies as soon as your exhaust is up and improve your chance of winning.
: It does't happen a lot that Janna get kills, but if it happens it is possible that you get a buff, as example because of a greedy towerdive, which you should use as long as possible. There are also some games, where you get a full AD team and they let you blue-buff so you can spam shields and howling gales.
+: Makes the lane phase easier, especially against champions with a strong poke. The 10 Mana you get can also be very useful.
+++: The team with leading gold wins most of the time. 4 masteries which increases you gold can bring you a huge advantage against the enemy team.
: This is a very important mastery, if you buy my recommended items you will have up to 4 active items, which all have a lower cool-down time thanks to this mastery. Also the cool-down reduction on your abilities is very useful, since you wont get a lot of cool-down reduction early.

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If you get 2 or more AP Champs in your team you get
If your team is mostly based on AD Champs or you have mana problems you get

If the enemies got 1 AP Champ and 3 AD Champs you since you slow their attack speed as long as you life.

If the enemies got 2 AP Champs and 2 AD Champs you get since the health helps you too against AP.

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Skill Sequence

Passive: Increases the Movement Speed of all allied champions while they are moving toward Janna by 8%.
Active: -
Range: 1250
Passive: -
Active: Knocks enemies up and damages them.
Cost: 40/50/60/70/80
Cooldown: 12
Range: 1100-1700
High Mana cost and less effective than shield and slow in the early game. -> max. it last.
Passive: Janna has bonus movementspeed and is able to move through units.
Active: Slows and damages the target.
Cost: 40/50/60/70/80
Cooldown: 12
Range: 600
The movementspeed bonus and the slow are increasing with every level but the shield is still more important as Support -> max. it as second main spell.
Passive: -
Active: Shield yourself or an allied champion which increases the damage until it breaks.
Cost: 70/80/90/100/110
Cooldown: 10
Range: 800
As a passive Support the shield is the most important spell -> max. it first.
Passive: -
Active: Knocks the enemies away from Janna and heals yourself and unit next to her.
Cost: 100
Cooldown: 150/135/120
Range: 725
The heal increases with every level and the CD decreases -> max. it at level 6, 11 and 16.

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Summoner Spells

: This is the most important summoner spell for Janna. Q-Flash-R combo.
: Important against their ADC in lane phase. Always use exhaust against their highest damage dealer.
: Okay against fast champions without burst (Singed, Shyvana, Rammus,..).
: Good against champions with auto-focus attacks/AoE Damage (Karthus, Fiddlesticks, Lux, Galio,...).
: Okay against champions with auto-focus attacks (Karthus, Caitlyn, Veigar,...).
: Okay against champions with AoE Stun, otherwise you wont be the focus (Veigar, Galio, Amumu,...).
: Okay with poke team or mana addicted champions (Urgot, Nidalee, Jayce,...).
: Good against healer or sustain champions (Soraka, Mundo, Aatrox, Fiddlesticks,...).
: Good with premade counter jungler or global ulti champions (Nunu, Caitlyn, Ezreal,...).
: Useless for Janna.

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Warding blue Team

Full Map



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Warding red Team

Full Map



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Marksmen Synergy

Caitlyn works great with Janna. As a Marksman with a very high range for poke and 2 abilities which scale on AD, she fits perfectly together with Janna who can give her up to 50 bonus AD (even more if you buy AP items). Jannas Q and Caitlyns trap works very well together, which makes ganks also a lot easier. Caitlyn alone has a very strong peel and even a good escape but with Janna in a teamfight, Caitlyn is impossible hard to get killed.
If Caitlyn casts her ultimate on a low health target and a teammate of the enemy team want to block in, you can flash next to him and use your ultimate to throw him out of Caitlyns ultimate so it hits the focused target. If Caitlyn casts her Q or have her passive up and wants to poke an enemy always shield her for the bonus damage.

Vayne will be the strongest Marksman with Janna if she plays well. Her true damage makes her to an awesome lategame Marksman, her invisibility & knock-back/stun makes her not as easy to focus as the most Marksman, all she needs is an Support who can give her a lot of peel, like is Janna. The hardest time will be early, on the lane. Because of her short range, the enemies will try to poke and engage her on lane, to deny her so she wont be useful later. Try to poke back as good as possible if they focus Vayne and prevent the incoming damage to her with your shield. Vaynes early damage is fine so you can actually fight a 2vs2, the biggest mistake/problem appears, if you go deep with her to attack the enemies, Vayne will stand in the middle of the enemy minions, because of her short range. Try to fight if they engage you or if you made a fast wave clear. Once you win a trade and the enemies bottom are afraid of you you can play passive and farm up, especially if the enemy Marksman is stronger in the early game than in the lategame.
Once you group and the teamfights starts, you have to stick with Vayne and peel for her. There will be up to 3 enemies on Vayne (Top, Mid & Jungle) which means 3 from your Team should focus the enemy Marksman. You can peel better than every other Support, which means that you can protect your Marksman better than the enemy Support, at least in the most games. Of course it is hard to protect Vayne from 3 enemies, but once your Team managed to kill the enemy Marksman they will help you and the teamfight should be won for your team.

Tristana is one of the best late-game champions, because of her insanely high range & attackspeed with Q, her ultimate which can be used as disengage and her jump, for an easy escape. Tristana got the best self-protection compared to all other Marksman and with a Support like Janna, she is nearly unkillable. The biggest problems will appear on the lane-phase. Although she got high health compared to other Marksmen, her low auto-attack range and low damage will make it hard to win the lane. As always, shield your Marksman from incoming damage and disengage as soon as the enemies engage, so Tristana can farm as good as possible. Once you both reached level 6, you can start to trade and fight against some enemies, but be careful most Marksmen and Supports are stronger on level 6. Ganks are always possible for you, since her jump can use as engage with a strong slow and of course Jannas CC is always useful. After level 6 ganks work even better, since both Ultimates can knock the enemies in every direction you want to. If you both have your ultimate up and are bot on the 2vs2 lane you can try to get behind 1 enemy, knock him/her to your tower and let Tristana jump behind them and use her ultimate to throw the enemy into the tower. In the lategame stick with Tristana but you will soon notice that you wont have a lot of problems to protect her, as long as they don't have very strong gap-closer.

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Early Game/ Lane Phase

As soon as the game starts you go in a bush near the buff which is on the south-east to defend your jungler from invades and to give your team some vision. (If the enemy team has typical "invade champions" I recommend to place your Warding Totem and move somewhere else so you have more map control)

Once you have pulled the buff for your jungler (use your E) go with your Marksman to the bot lane. You have to be carefully, sometimes the enemy jungler starts with the buff next to the top-lane and the enemy bottom lane is able to wait for you in a bush. If you know that the enemy jungler starts with the buff near the top-lane I recommend to take the longer but safer way to your lane.
Once you, your Marksman and the enemies have reached the bottom lane, the "lane phase" begins.


You can decide if you want to play very aggressive, fight and trade a lot and try under higher risk to get kills and money earlier in the game by winning against the enemy Support & Marksman. Of course the chance of being ganked is higher and it is also possible that miss-plays happens and you lose the fight. If you still decide to play aggressive I recommend to place your Stealth Ward early.
Place the Stealth Ward in the trybush near the "Krugs" if you are in the red team with the base north-east on the map.
Place the Stealth Ward in the river next to the "Dragon" if you are in the blue team with the base south-west on the map.

When you have enough map vision to see the enemy jungler early enough you are able to begin a fight. Although Janna is a passive Support with the best disengage existing, she is able to to pick up an early fight and win it. If your Marksman is ready, shield him and let him use the full potential of the bonus AD you gave to him. Try to knock both enemies up or safe Q to interrupt an engage from the enemy support. If you are winning the fight and they try to run back, slow one of them with your W. If you are losing the fight go back and deny them to follow up or engage with your Q.


There is also the possibility that your Marksman doesn't want to risk so much and decides to concentrate on farming. You job in this situation is to make it possible for your Marksman to farm and also try to deny the farm of the enemy Marksman, which is really hard as Janna. If the enemy bot-lane decides to play aggressive they will try to engage you and especially your Marksman, which you must deny. It is a lot easier if the enemy Support is melee / tanky than ranged / AP. If they engage physically try to interrupt them with your Q and W but if they engage with their abilities use your E. If you deny their engage a few times successfully they are most likely to stop it and also concentrate to farm. If you were not able to deny their engage and are losing the bot-lane, ask your jungler or your mid-laner for help.

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Mid Game/ Lane Phase/ Dragon/ 6+

Once a team is strong enough to do the drake the situation on the bot-lane will get more intense. The most important thing is to have vision on the area around drake. This means you should have Sightstone already and buy at least 1 Vision Ward. If your team is ready to do the drake, you and your Marksman should kill the minions as fast as possible in order to push the lane near the enemy tower. If you are able to do this, it is a good time to rush the Dragon, as long as your jungler is ready for it. If the enemy bot-lane follows up, they will lose a lot of minions and maybe also their tower. If they decide to stay and safe the tower and take the minions by their own, you will be able to kill the drake. (If you are not able to push the lane but they were, you have to decide by your own.)

It can happen that the junglers decide to gank bot and try to delete his enemy in order to pick up drake more easily. It can happen that there are between 5 and 10 champions on the bot-lane since mid can follow up and top can use (if selected) teleport. In such a situation you have to stay calm and protect the most valuable player in your team and focus the most dangerous enemy with your abilities and spells.

Anyway, sooner or later one team will start to attack the Dragon. If your team is the lucky one, your job is not only to do what a Support should do but also to deny the enemy jungler, if he tries to steal the drake. Since no kind of CC helps against the cast of smite, you must use your ultimate in order to knock the enemy jungler away from the drake in the right time. In case you knocked him away to early, use all your abilities and spells on him to prevent him from coming near the Dragon again.
If the enemies are doing the drake you are not able to do much by your own, expect to put wards around the drake to give your team some vision.

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Late Game/ Team Phase/ 13+

Once a few dragons had been slain, some towers had been fallen and your team finished their core build already it is slowly time to finish the game. There are different options to win a game and in every one of them the Support can decide which team will win in the end.


If your team decides to group up and win with a well played teamfight, you will have the most important task to achieve: Protect your teammates from the enemies and prevent their deaths. It is simply to explain but hard to play. You will stay next to your Marksman, as long as he is as useful as a Marksman should be in the lategame and peel for him, which means to give him enough room between himself and the enemies in order to let him autoattack without getting killed. Use all your spells to deny all kind of engage but keep exhaust until they attack him, so their damage wont harm him as much. If just 1 enemy is on him try to keep your ultimate, since you will need it if more enemies engage at the same time. If you peel long enough for your Marksman he should be able to kill at least 1 enemy, while the rest of the team focus THEIR Marksman. If the teamfight happens in a very small area, you would be able to exhaust their Marksman in order to give your team a engage and damage advantage.

Baron Nashor

If the enemies are hiding behind their towers but your team is not able to destroy those, you must get the buff from Baron Nashor. Your task is simple: Ward the area around baron and destroy the vision of the enemies. Once you were successful with your map control your team is able to start. Like in the Mid Game, you must protect your team but also deny the enemy jungler from smiting Baron. Once you killed the Baron you will be able to push and take some Inhibitors or just finish the game.


If you are behind and the enemies make a lot of pressure with objectives and pushing, try to defend the inhibitor towers and force them to make a dive. If your team deletes the enemy minions while you shield the towers every time they try to push, they are forced to dive you. If they they dive, they are most likely to have a tank who engages first and takes all the tower shots without losing to much health. Your task in this moment is to make a good ultimate, which knock this tank out of the tower range, which means the tower focus a new enemy Champion, but also heal your teammates and peel for them a bit. After you used your ultimate, peel a bit more for your team but try to keep the enemies under the tower. If you are able to do this, the enemies will die very fast and you gained gold and are probably able to push back or take objectives.

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Pros / Cons


fastest support
strong shield
best disengage
can be played with every ADC
AoE Heal
slow and knock-up


very squishy
low damage
bad engage
no basis heal or sustain

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Some ranked games I played as Support Janna

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Highest winrate I achieved Season 4