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League of Legends Build Guide Author Medzo

Jarvan: For Demacia!

Medzo Last updated on May 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to Jarvan

Jarvan. The ultimate offtank. This guide is designed to help people new to Jarvan or Jarvans looking for different builds. Jarvan is best played as an offtank. He will do decent damage, have moderate CC, be bulky, and under the right conditions he can initiate. Also, he can solo lane 1on2 quite well. Thats right, Jarvan is currently one of the best champions in League Of Legends. Even if you do not enjoy playing him you should strive to understand him if you want to do well in ranked games.

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Pros / Cons

- Can initiate fights.
- Has crowd control.
- Is beefy.
- Does great damage for a beefy champion.

- Ultimate can be carefully avoided with flash and movement spells.
- Ultimate can work against your team if poorly used.
- Can have mana issues.
- Needs moderate farming.
- Requires positional awareness to excel!

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Any great player already knows that builds are not static. In order to play a champion perfectly you must understand why certain items are good. You will determine the choice and order in which you purchase your items based on the current game. The item order I have listed is the generic 'best path' that I have found. However there are many times when you will change the order of items gathered, or get different items all together.

Starting with Regrowth Pendant and a Mana Potion. This is a great way to start with many tanky champions. It provides great regeneration at the low levels. This will allow you to take a little damage while you score some last hits on minions. Additionally you will have the most expensive item for your first philosopher's stone. The mana potion will allow you to use Dragon Strike early on. For more information on using dragon strike in the early game check out the skills chapter.

Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stones are an amazing item for the early and mid game! When you have these guys they will allow you to be super aggressive. You will have great health and mana regen. Mana can be an issue with Jarvan but NOT with two philos stones. Oh, they also provide the best gold per 10 cost for worth ratio in game. A lot of players like to get a heart of gold instead of a second philosopher's stone. While heart of gold is a strong item that upgrades into an omen, it is not as efficient and useful as a second philosopher's stone. To the unknowing this setup may look a little silly, but once you try it you will swear by it.

Additional gold per 10 information:
Philosopher's Stone: 22.5 HP/5, 10 MP/5
HP/5 is valued at 29 gold/point (based off of regrowth pendant)
MP/5 is valued at 55.7 gold/point (based off of meki pendant)
Net worth before factoring in gold/10: ~1210 gold
Cost Efficiency: 1210/800 = 151%

Heart of Gold: 250 HP
HP is valued at 2.64 gold/point (based off of ruby crystal)
Net worth before factoring in gold/10: ~660 gold
Cost Efficiency: 660/825 = ~80%

--> Ideally you will first return to town with 1915 gold, or 1515 gold if you're laning against attack damage only champs. This way you can buy your two philosophers stone's and return with boots and your null magic mantle. When you return you will be very very scary. When you take damage you will regenerate it quickly when you back away into a defensive position. Then you can return to aggressiveness with full hp and mana. An additional gold a second is nice too.

You might wonder why get merc treads if you're getting philo stones. After all you can upgrade the philo into a tenacity item. The answer is because you will end up selling the philo stones for item slots if you reach a late game. Also, merc treads provide more tenacity and give a nice magic resist boost Jarvan can make use of well.

--> The trinity force is an all around amazing item for any offtank to have. The phage brings a little health, damage, and chance to add additional CC to your targets. The Zeal brings a little crit, attack speed, and movement speed. The Sheen brings a little mana and a slight additional damage after you use an ability. This is an expensive item, but it is easy to farm up with Jarvan and the philosopher stones. There is almost no game where you will skip this item. However, sometimes you might want to get a Negatron Cloak or Chain Vest that make-up your banshees or sunfire cape for additional tankage before trinity. The best way to tell when to do this is by hitting tab often and having good map awareness. Is an enemy carry getting fed? Then you will probably need one of these two items faster.

Catalyst The Protector --> Banshee's Veil is an item that is very hard to go wrong with. You will make use of every component of the item. I typically strive to get the Catalyst The ProtectorCatalyst first if magic resist is not an immediate need. The health is always useful for Jarvan and the mana, while currently not an issue, will be very useful when you sell your philosopher's stonePhilosopher's stones. If there is an enemy ap carry that has been fed, or a significant amount of magic damage on the enemy team, grab a Negatron Cloak first.

--> Sunfire's cape will give you a little armor, more hitpoints, and a 35 dps aura, an all around nice item for Jarvan. You will want to get the Giant's Belt first for extra hitpoints, unless armor was an immediate need.

Warmogs armor, it gives you lots of health and a little regen. Its a great item for being beefy, and it also adds damage when you get your Atma's Impaler.

Atma's Impaler. It will give you a little crit and a little more armor, which are both nice. The armor will help you tank AD champs and towers a little better. The real beauty of this item is the passive which will turn your high hit points into extra damage!

Additional Items

Sight WardSight Wards. These little fellers will win you many games. If you're playing solo top you will want a few of these in the early and mid game to cover yourself from ganks. Then you will especially want to buy these guys when your team has taken all of the outer towers. Warding the enemies team jungle at this stage will win you lots and lots of games!

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E->Q->Q->W->Q->R ->Q->E->Q->E->R ->E->E->W->W->R ->W->W

Martial Cadance
Jarvan's passive. It is great harassing damage you can afflict on someone every six seconds. Another reason why health regen is great on Jarvan early game.

Dragon Strike
Dragon Strike is the skill that I prefer to level up to max first. When you connect this ability with Demacian Standard you will jump forward and knock up enemy champions.
Early Game:
Use Dragon Strike to last hit creeps when they are in the back or you are in danger of taking too much damage by getting in melee range. This is extra powerful if you can align multiple low creeps and exceptionally powerful if you can align an enemy champion with the creep to score lots of damage on the hero and get the last hit.
Mid and Late Game:
Dragon strike can be used to farm minions and deal damage to enemy champions. But most importantly this ability is used in conjunction with the Demacian standard to knock enemies up.

Golden Aegis
Even though you skill this up last it is a great ability. It will slow enemy units inside of its area as well as give yourself and your allies a shield that increases with the more enemy champions inside of it. As you can imagine it is best used at the start of a teamfight. But it can be used quite well when you're next to a fleeing champion.

Demacian Standard
The first skill you should grab. It increases your armor and attack speed as a passive. Its active allows you to throw it on the ground and give an aura to your teammates which will give them your passive. This is a great spell to leash for your jungler. The main use of this ability is to connect your Dragon Strike to knock up enemies. But be sure to atleast have your standard down for team fights so your teammates can get your great passive!

This ultimate can be used to awesomeness or mega noobiness. Try to avoid locking in friendly champions that are low health or running. Attempt to lock in champions that cannot get away easily with a movement ability like Tumble or summoner spell Flash. A good ultimate will force an engagement or prevent a hero from getting away from a ranged carry or melee carry that is not in immediate danger being locked inside. Your ultimate also does a decent bit of burst damage. So don't be afraid to use it solo to get some kills. Remember that you can do harm with this ability and that you may need to cancel it by clicking R again.

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Runes can be changed based on your play style, but I enjoy this setup a lot.

Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation for armor penetration allows you to do more damage. Quite honestly this is your only real choice.

Greater Seal of Resilience for extra armor is always great for offtanks. I think this is the best seal.

Greater Glyph of Warding for extra magic resist. Again, great for offtanks.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness for additional move speed. This is more optional than necessary. I absolutely love quints of swiftness. They can save you, get you kills, and even just get you to locations faster. Other great choices include quints of fortitude for health and greater quintessence of desolationquints of desolation for extra armor penetration.

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Defense tree is great for Jarvan since you will be doing a good bit of tanking. A point in offense to increase the power of your exhaust, if you take it. And 8 in utility to grab awareness. You will want to get to 6 as soon as it is possible because you might be able to get a kill if you have been harassing with Dragon Strike.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust. It can be used to slow retreating enemies or to lower the damage significantly of 1 AD champion. Specifically this is a great spell to use on a bruiser champion when you lock them in your ult or you are in a bad situation.

Flash is a great spell for getting away. Use it to jump over walls. As jarvan you can use flash to jump a wall immediately and then use your Standard and Q to jump another wall or close a distance fast.