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Jarvan IV Build Guide by GeneralPizza

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GeneralPizza

Jarvan IV - The Fall-Back Jungler...

GeneralPizza Last updated on August 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Before getting started, I'll explain the general uses behind Jarvan and which build from above to use.

First and foremost, he's a pretty solid jungler, despite the situation at hand. Picking him blind into an enemy team isn't a bad idea because he's a safe pick. Your personal experiences with Jarvan will gauge instances in when you shouldn't use him, based on enemy picks.

Here's an example of when Jarvan was picked into a Thresh player who had great mechanics, and the Jarvan pick actually ends up losing one of it's greatest assets...the Dragon Strike into Demacian Standard...

The video below, however, highlights how versatile Jarvan IV's Dragon Strike into Demacian Standard can be!

Before you go into game, you need to decide how you're going to play Jarvan because the runes, masteries, and build will be decided from that point forward. The easiest and most simple way is the "Generalized Build". It's very tanky and offers a good amount of Cooldown Reduction to annoy the enemy team with your presence. The damage, however, is abysmal, so carrying your team isn't exactly possible with that build. So, if your goal is to be the support-type tank Jarvan, then you'll use the "Generalized Build".

Now, the "Aggro Build" is for more seasoned players, so to say. What's important to notice about this build is that it is indeed odd, but that's the beauty behind it. Nobody expects a Jarvan with that much attack speed and attack damage barreling at the AD carry, not to mention still effectively tanking their damage. You've basically become a beefy assassin with sustained damage by using this build. It is much harder to pull off and does require some successful ganks to get rolling, but it's quite strong nonetheless. The "Aggro Build" is one you should choose if you're on the more selfish side of things and believe that carrying the game is your duty.

The "AOE Jarvan" build is for people enjoy a different outlook and perspective on Jarvan's possible damage potential. With this build, Jarvan can output a good amount of true damage, while also being a bruiser back-line diver. If you just want to play something fun, quirky, and have a bit of a challenge, while not throwing the game, then this build is definitely the one you want. The "AOE Jarvan" build is also very good in teams that have a lot of AOE damage!

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Picks and Bans

As a jungler, you either choose to wreck house in lanes with bullies such as Ahri and Jax, or you go for a solid team-comp. Jarvan does good for both of these types of plays. Try to avoid using Jarvan if Nidalee or Jayce are picked because although he brings good engage behind the poke, it seems to fall flat pretty fast because the amount of people pressing forward with you is limited. Having a dive buddy to go in with Jarvan is ideal!

An example of a good bully team that properly uses Jarvan is:

An example of a good team-comp that properly uses Jarvan is:

Notice that both of the teams above have at least one other person who will dive into the back-line with Jarvan, should that be necessary to win the teamfight!

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+ Good early game ganks
+ Easy to learn
+ Solid go-to jungler
+ Good amount of Crowd Control
As you can read in the ganking section of this guide, Jarvan has really good kill security in his ganks because of the amount of times he can literally jump to his opponent. Not to mention good hard and soft Crowd Control and a terrain-changing ultimate. Jarvan excels at the early and mid game phases, given the proper hand.


+ Ultimate can be counter-productive
+ Incorrect building can cause massive problems
+ Not a carry jungler
I've had many instances where my own Jarvan's will block me from entering teamfights. Things like that can cause teamfight loses. Many people build random items and consort them on Jarvan (in gold and platinum at least...) and this causes massive late game problems. Jarvan doesn't carry, so if your lanes go bad, you go bad!

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From the beginning of the game until your first back...

The safest start is the red buff, however, you can determine for yourself which buff you want to start at. Get a pull down to 500 HP on the first buff you take, and kill it without smiting it. Then go to your second buff and kill it with your smite. By now, you should be level 3 with all your skills. Pick a lane that looks ripe for killing and gank it. Do not gank the duo lane this early without a very good reason! A failed gank would be the enemy getting away for free, or killing you or your laner. A successful gank would be the ganked enemy blowing a flash to escape, or dying. If your gank fails and you still have half-health or more, try a gank on the other solo-lane. If your gank succeeds, clear your jungle, then back for your first items. A successful gank will usual yield all of the first back items. If you fail in both lanes, then clear your jungle and back. With that, you should have the first back items.

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From your first back...until the first second tier tower falls...

Basically, keep ganking lanes that don't have flash to capitalize on their losses. This will get you your early game items fast. Try to collect at least one dragon if your team is up for it. Then, if you haven't done so already, by 20 minutes start trying to 5-man push a second tier tower. If all goes well, you'll have enough gold to get your early game items and you'll be sit to transition smoothly into the mid game. Jarvan excels in these early fights. Make good use of his ultimate and knock-up to disrupt and disorder the enemy team while your team slowly burns them away!

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From the first second tier tower falling...until the first inhibitor turret falling...

Basically, try to teamfight when your ultimate and your team's ultimates are off cooldown. Great time to abuse Jarvan's amazing mid game kit. The knock-ups and and ult will be crucial for your team's success. Your shield slow will also be maxed, so pick-off potential will be higher and cleaning up will be less of a hassle. Contest as many dragons as possible! This is your time to shine as jungle Jarvan!

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From the first inhibitor turret falling...until the end of the game...

So, to put it simply...most Jarvans can't handle the ADC at this point in the game. Not alone at least... With the build, runes, and masteries that I've provided, I've found it easier to handle those AD Carries in the late game with Jarvan. The "Aggro Build" will pretty much completely annihilate the AD Carry. The "Generalized Build" will turn your into a near-indestructible force that must be dealt with accordingly.

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The simplest gank pattern to do is to drop your Demacian Standard, then follow it up with your Dragon Strike. After the enemy has fallen, use your Golden Aegis to lock them down and secure the gank.

For a even more secure gank, while the enemy has flash or another flicker type move, you can lead by just walking in and using Golden Aegis to slow them down. Then when they use that flicker, follow up with your Demacian Standard into Dragon Strike to lock them down and murder them.

Only use Cataclysm if the enemy flickers and you now longer has your knock-up combo, or if the enemy is still not dead, but close to approaching tower range.

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  • jhoijhoi for her guide making stuff! It really helped!
  • Knightro for providing good feedback that I later used to update the visual appeal of my guide!
  • The respective owners of the Youtube videos used in this guide.

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