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Jarvan IV Build Guide by roroer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author roroer

jarvan-solotop tanky/dps op of demacia.

roroer Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there! This is my second guide i've made. and this is about another one of my most favorite champions Jarvan IV. With this build, you will demolish anyone in your path while still being able to go in there and come out alright. I hope you enjoy! PLEASE NOTE THIS GUIDE IS NOT FINISHED! I WILL BE ADDING MORE!

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Pros / Cons


  • Very viable in solotop
  • Deals plenty of damage while being tanky(with this build atleast)
  • Very cc heavy
  • He can make a crater, pretty ridiculous.


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Most people think jarvan is a tanky person who should take 9/21/0 but with this build, you get your tankiness off of your items
( Frozen Mallet, Frozen Heart, Warmog's Armor, and Atma's Impaler). With this setup of masteries, you can deal damage and have a tad more armor/magic resist than most people on your team. You may be more "squishy" than your tank(if you have one), but you can go in first and be doing damage. That is what this build is meant for jarvan to do.

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Summoner Spells

- This summoner spell is the best in the game in my opinion. It has plentiful uses depending on the situation. One special thing that Jarvan can do with flash is trap enemies in your Cataclysm and use flash to escape over the wall while the enemy team is trapped inside. This will not only buy you personally time, but buy your team time also.

-I Personally like this move for 2 things:

  • gets rid of pesky runners getting away with a sliver of health
  • healing effects such as Volibear's passive Chosen of the Storm become reduced making it less useful
so early game overall this spell makes you get fed on jarvan. I see some other viable choices, but i prefer ignite.

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Other Summoner Spells

-This summoner spell is not the best but it still comes in handy early game solo top and late game. It allows you to base and still not be pushed to the turret with this. Late game back doors can also be prevented with this. But other than that, there's no reason to use this. Plus if someone else takes this you shouldn't, you only need one person to stop back doors.(just so you know back dooring is pushing a lane without being noticed by the other team.)

-This move can be used to help catch up to a running enemy or to disable an enemy champion ,rendering them useless. Since you are jarvan and have some of the best abilities for catching running enemies (such as Cataclysm and your E-Q combo) I think that Ignite is a more viable choice.

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- A very good starting item for someone like jarvan. It gives the benefits you need to sustain solotop such as health, armor, and health regen. Also with your armor pen. runes you can still hit decently hard. So i recommend this item to start with on Jarvan.

-This, in lane, is where about 1/4 of your damage output is coming from. The "sheen proc" will set off when your when you jump in with your Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike. After your sheen proc has come back, use Golden Aegis to catch up with your running enemy, and hit even harder.

-This is, in my opinion, the best pair of boots you can get for anyone who isnt an AP caster. The CC reduction makes any hard stun cluster less...deadly. With these you can get CC'ed first in teamfights and come out earlier than if your tank with Ninja Tabi (for some reason) then go back and make it so their squishy little Ashe can't get away by using your ultimate Cataclysm.

- With this, your damage will start increasing rapidly. With your items, you can hit very hard. All the health from other items in the build increase your AD by about 60 at level 18 with the full build. This damage makes you a foe not to reckon with and you'll hit like a truck. Also with the armor, your just making it even harder for them.

-Usually, your getting this item late in the game. It is a really great item and helps you out late in teamfights against ap carries like Brand and allowing you to get in their face before they burst you to hell. BUT- if the enemy team seems to be doing more magic damage than physical damage, get this before your Frozen Heart because this will become more beneficial.

- The only importance for this item in this build is because of Atma's Impaler. Other than that, the health makes it harder to die, but not much else. This item is usually for tanks, but since your half-tanking, it's an item that is still viable.

- This item i like a lot for the anti-physical dps stats such as armor, an attack speed debuff so they hit less to everyone around you, and the cool down reduction so you can hit them with your cc(crowd control) more often. Not only that but it gives Jarvan IV something he craves alot- MANA! So overall this item is practically perfect for jarvan IV in my opinion.

- The reason this item is in this build is because its an upgrade to your sheen. Since the phage effect is already in play with your Frozen Mallet, its just handy to have for the little benefits like movement speed, damage, health, and attack speed.

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-Instead of Mercury's Treads pick these up if your team needs to be doing more damage. Or if their team isn't as cc heavy as you thought. Just an alternative item you might end up needing.

philosopher's stone-If your in a cc heavy lane or are getting put back on farm because of enemy early game kills/ganks, this item will be great. The gp5 will benefit you well and the hp/mana regen work very well early game. I prefer doran's first just because of the armor and health, but the mana regen will allow you to get more farm and "poke" at your opponent without going to base. So just pick up your philo stone if your falling behind in your solotop lane.

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sight ward
sight ward

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Skill Sequence

-Your passive. This can be landed on the same unit every 6 seconds doing a proportion of their current health as damage. One of the best passives riot has come up with in my opinion. Use this passive by using it to last hit and get chunks of enemy champions health before fights emerge in lane. Remember this though- it only does current health, not max health, so to get the full potential of this passive hit them with more health.

- Since this move has the most benefits in lane i find maxing it first makes it easier to pick up kills. Also, I prefer the AoE on his flag because it is more effective than the one on Dragon Strike in most cases.The benefits of the flag being placed may not seem like much, but it gives you a slight edge during level1 fights. So overall, I believe Demacian Standard > Dragon Strike.

- This, taking at level two, allows you to lunge towards your flag (which i hope you already know). Something u might forget about this move though is the armor debuff to enemies hit. So if they have a hefty Rammus hit him with this move to make him less resistant to all your attacks. Around level 15 you can lunge to your flag twice before it disappears because of cool down reduction from you leveling dragon strike up. I recommend lining up a second knock-up if your dealing with someone alone. That knock-up may end up saving you if your soloing someone such as Fiddlesticks with a move like Drain which you know he will use and can be canceled with most types of cc (slows don't disable moves like Drain!)

- This move is a big mana drainer, so use it only when necessary for the extra shield or slow. One thing i see some other jarvans do is use golden aegis when they get the jump on someone in lane when they are too close to their tower to die. DO NOT DO THAT! You only put yourself in more danger like that by costing yourself a big chunk of your mana for no reason making a gank from someone like Lee Sin an impeding doom! Only because you couldn't use your E-Q-auto when your teammate's getting killed, and your in the other bush with 30 mana! So only use golden aegis for an escape or a chase in the middle of the lane.

- Your ultimate that you should always level at 6, 11, and 16. This can be used for a cleanup kill when your Q and E combo is on cool down. IT can also be used to save a teammate in distress, but please for the love of god make sure you check they are outside the area of your ultimate. that can end up getting them killed, then you getting raged at, so check with the ring area they put in a while back. This is the exact reason they did that update ,too.

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Early Game

philosopher's stone

->Remember this! Sell your Doran's Shield at anytime you think it would be suitable. But do not, for any reason, SELL THE philosopher's stone UNTIL LATE GAME!LET IT PAY ITSELF OFF FIRST!

1-3: If you can, try not to engage on fights that you don't have the upper hand in. In league of legends, its all about being a step ahead of your opponents. So, just E-Q then auto attack once then walk off to farm again for harrasment. Also, keep an eye on your mana before your first base to pick up a philosopher's stone and a ward (for the ward, stick it a little passed the bush to give you more time to react to a gank, but not so far you can't see the area from their golems/red). The philo stone has great stats and allows you to not have to worry about your mana as often. so when you get to about 900 gold, ask your jungler to hold lane, or try and kill/make your lane opponent base so you can too.

4-9: By now, you should have a philosopher's stone, Sheen, Boots of Speed, and a Doran's Shield if you didn't sell it yet. Maybe you have your Phage too if your dominating lane. just keep on farming and hurting the turret until it dies. Don't push the enemy turret without a ward or knowing where the jungler is though. Once you have killed your turret, you can go gank another lane to help push another turret or just help the jungler take dragon (if it's up). Just keep a watchful eye on your lane incase their solo top tries to push your turret.

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Mid Game

philosopher's stone

10-15:Around this time, you should have the items above ^, just try to be in all teamfights that errupt and try to predict where one might happen in a few moments. Also, ward dragon. This way you can take it and have that extra gold for your team. If you see any unoccupied lanes, try and farm them too. The minions dieing are waisted exp, so why not you have it? Also, push a tower or two if nothing major is happening on the fields of justice.

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End Game

(note that around the time you buy your warmog's it's okay to sell your philosopher's stone)

16-18: around now, one team is probably pushed up to their inhibitor turrets. If this is you, do whatever you can to try and prevent them to getting an inhibitor. If you do, you just made them have a lane that will auto push your's, this is a very bad thing. If neither team is pushed up that far though, make sure that you have plenty of wards if you still have an open inventory slot. If you don't have an inventory space, and your team isn't buying wards, tell your support to. This should be something they do the whole game. Also, keep an eye for free push lanes, enemies pushing your lanes, and a possible teamfight area. When you buy your frozen heart, you are done with your build so you should buy the elixers, and an oracle. Buy the oracles first because it REALLY helps to be able to get rid of wards, teemo shrooms, ect. Plus you have nothing else to buy so why not buy it everytime you die? One thing that might help you one time is if you see the enemy team doing baron, try and take it by going on a suicidal on it. If you have flash, you could even make it out alive! But if you do die, it's no big deal because its better for you to die than your carry. Not very much else I can tell you except don't go into fights you think you might not win. Goood luck out there!

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Team Work

  • Use E-Q to initiate. This will keep the enemy team up in the air long enough for the team to land a stun or two
  • use cataclysm as an arena to trap enemies in and ranged teammates out. EX:trap Irelia inside the circle while Caitlyn stays outside auto attacking.
  • get into the middle of the fight and use Golden Aegis for the the slow to everyone allowing your team to catch up.
  • try and use your E-Q combo to keep enemies off running teammates.

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Tips & Tricks

1-One trick with jarvan's moves and flash is that you can triple lunge with flash, E-Q, your ultimate. But you've have to be quick with pressing the right keys in the correct order. It should be -D(or F) E Q R- that is your triple lunge combo. Try it out sometime.


3-Watching the buff bar on an enemy champion helps very much on jarvan. Keep watching their buff bar after hitting an auto attack to see when your Martial Cadence is allowed the hit again

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Thank you for reading my guide! Please leave a comment below on your opinion. I will read all comments to see your feedback and make changes accordingly. Just a shout-out to Jhoi Jhoi for making a guide on making a guide. That guide helped me make this guide and my previous guide on Shen. Please leave constructive feedback if you up/downvote my guide so i may fix it for future readers.