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League of Legends Build Guide Author 5forwards

Jax - Are You Dead Yet?

5forwards Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Brute Force
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Expanded Mind
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Utility: 0

Chapter 1

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Jax - Where did the tanks go?

This is the build I use for Jax.He gets extremely strong,especially late game.

Pros :

Good chaser
Good 1v1 champion against melee champs (Dodge)
Great Damage
Great pusher


Squishy early game
He's likely to be the first target in ganks/team fights
CC is his worst enemy
Jax hasn't got a good escape skill to flee from a battle


A pretty good passive,especially for jax,giving you 3 points of hp for every 1 AD, and 2 points of hp for every 1 AP.

A great skill for jax,you can use it to chase,flee,damage a target,or move to a target.Can be cast on friendlies.

Another great skill,when activated,it charges your weapon,so your next hit deals damage +40% damage of your AP/AD in magic damage.Should be used b4 using .

Another really good skill for jax.Whenever he dodges,he can use this skill in order to damage+stun his enemies nearby.That's why dodge is very useful when equipped on jax.

Jax's ulti.A powerful skill.(Passive)Every 3 hits jax damages his target and stacks up attack speed up to 10 stacks.
(Active)Grants 20/35/50 MR + a percent of his dodge in MR.

Although jax generally deals a lot of damage,he has some problems surviving enough to deal the damage.



:A great skill to flee from a battle and/or chase a target.Definately what jax needs.

:Good skill to get you a kill early game.Can definately help you to increase your damage aswell.I prefer to get this over exhaust/flash.But that's me

:Similar to ghost.I prefer ghost though.Take whatever suits your type.

:It can blind melees,or it can slow enemy champs.

Ok Spells:

:It can save you a lot of times,although I don't prefer it.

:Will definately save your life a few times,although it's preferable having ghost/flash/exhaust.

Bad Spells:

:You don't need it.No champion needs it.

:Although it might help you early game,it will be a complete waste later on.

: You won't go jungling at start...

HP quints:Jax is squishy early game,so +hp would definately help him a lot early game.
Desolation marks:Armor penet= more dmg by penetrating your target's armor.Great against tanks.
+MR glyphs:Great for jax,he has the dodge for melee champs,so +MR would help him against any magic abilities.
Evasion:More dodge=you're getting less hit=more stuns.


These are the items I usually use.

First of all,be aware of your enemies.Do they have heavy CC?Are they melee?
If melee get :Ninja Tabi
If they have a lot of ccs (teemo,olaf,rammus,taric,morgana,sion,kassadin) etc etc get:Mercury's threads.
If you want my opinion on this,I usually get ninja tabi for more stuns.

Guinsoo's Rageblade:Why get this?It adds damage +ability.Definately what you need.The passive is what makes it even more op with you.This passive will stack with your ulti's passive making your AS great at start.

Madred's:Why get madred's so early?I'll explain.By that time most of the enemies will have about 1500hp (non tanks).That means that you shall deal 30 dmg + 60dmg.If u add the attack speed it provides,it means (more ulties so even more dmg) plus more times the dmg b4.In the meanwhile,''tanks'' will be easier than supports to kill.

Bloodthirster:This item is next.Now you need even more dmg and the very valuable lifesteal this item has.This way you'll last more in battles and do even more dmg.

Guardian's Angel:It's time for some surviveability.This item grants you both armor and MR,while the passive will make you godlike.That way you'll avoid dying when you're the first to be hit in team fights.

The Black Cleaver:This item combined with madred's will make tanks FEAR you.You've got a lot of attack speed so getting Last whisper wouldn't be that wise.Besides,the black cleaver adds even more dmg.

If you want to rape tanks use this:


Or you can use this:


Of course it's up to you to decide which one you're gonna use,although I usually use the 1st one,and the results are amazing.


1.You can use your skill to anybody including (enemies,friendlies,teemo's traps,monsters,creeps.)This skill is a life savior in many occasions.
2.Use your skill b4 using your leap strike if u want to engage a battle.You save time and by saving time you deal more dmg.
3.Sometimes it's preferably to attack enemies when creeps/monsters are attacking you.That way you'll dodge more=more stuns.
4.Don't go rambo early game,jax is really squishy early game,so whatever you do,try not to go first in battles.Let someone else go first.

Please comment and rate.All feedback appreciated.