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Jax Build Guide by Thunderstriky

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thunderstriky

Jax Bruiser On Top! My Way to raise Elo! Simple guide for ea

Thunderstriky Last updated on January 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to the League of Jax!

This is my way to play Jax. I think it's the best. Try it and watch how it works :)
I am Thunderstriky and it´s my first guide help me and give me feedback, i´m happy about every vote and i would be glad if you comment your vote.
Have fun with the guide I hope you'll enjoy playing Jax.



+ Doesn´t need items in early to deal damage
+ Easy escapes with Leap Strike
+ Hard to counter
+ Dominate 90% of 1 vs 1 fights
+ Can stun up to 5 enemys with Counter Strike
+ Good Farmer

- Melee
- No crowd control but Counter Strike but it does no real damage
- When in CC easy to kite
- After Leap Strike is used very hard to reach enemy
- Hard to get fulltanky down; takes very long when Jax not fed

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Masteries and Runes


Jax has to be tanky, the DMG will come during the game. I think these Masteries give a good start and an easy lane sustain. In the Defense-tree, Relentless and Tenacious are very nice for Jax, because more mobility is very good for him. in the Offense tree the Weapon Expertise is very nice, armor pentration is important, because you won´t get it through your items, that´s why we take the greater mark of armor penetration and the greater quintessence of armor penetration. For the start we get some damage and some armor ( Greater Glyph of Armor & Greater Seal of Attack Damage). These runes will bring some good damage and tankiness for your early game at the top.

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Summoner Spells

You take Flash and Ignite. Flash to escape with ur Q on a Mioion or Mate and Flash you will have a 100% escape. And your ignite is for a bit dmg or for a Tower Dive on a low life enemy.

Other possible Summoner Spells are :

  • Teleport: Is an option but is useless as long as you don't fail.
  • Exhaust: Is a viable Spell however our Support got the Exhaust.
  • Ghost: Well some more movement speed why not? We dont take Ghost, because Flash is much more useful with Jax in teamfights and at all everywhere.

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Skill Sequence and how to dominate on lane (playstyle)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

You start with your E Spell for the first 1 vs 1 on the top or for the lv 2 gank from your jungler or for if u get ganked on lv 1 from the enemy:
1 vs 1: You will deal a lot of DMG because of your runes. The enemy can´t autohit because you will DODGE DODGE DODGE, and when it ends its a very good early damage to win the First Blood.
Allied ganks at his level 2: you can stun enemy so your mate can reach him; easy first blood
Enemy ganks at his level 2: You can stun both enemies so you can maybe escape without your flash
In the rest of the game you max your Q-Spell you play AD-Jax not AP and Jax lifes from his w-q combo autohit. You will do your early 1 vs 1 (easy win with jax's Counter Strike!) and then you farm until level 6. Then its only about this:
Autohit (Minion)
Autohit (Minion)
W( Empower)
Q( Leap Strike) (Enemy)
Ulti-Passive-Autohit (Enemy)
Video shows W-Q-Ulti-Passive-Autohit ingame (as you see, at first i do 2 hits on the minions, then i activate my Empower and jump on Graves with Leap Strike and my next hit on him is the Ulti-Passive-Hit):
Everyone will write in chat: NERF JAX HE'S OP!

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Item Building

You start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion. Its the usual start and its the best for Jax. Why? You need mobility, movement speed is a main point of what Jax needs, when Jax can´t catch someone because he´s slowed or stunned he cant do anything :) Thats why you will buy Mercurial Scimitar later, but we will talk later about this. The next item, is Vampiric Scepter, for more sustain, so you don't have to leave your lane, after every fight.
You go on with Phage, it gives health and some DMG and if you are lucky you will slow your enemy and pick up an easy kill.
Now you upgrade your boots to Ninja Tabi for some armor. Okay, the standard item with all bruzers, Trinity Force (Tons of Damage). That´s a 'must' with Jax because of the Sheen for your w-q combo Autohit (explained in Skill Sequence) and because of the attack speed for your Ulti and the Movement Speed, its just OP!
Zephyr is a very OP item for Jax. Now you have the Tenacity of the Mercury's Treads other jax´es would buy (YOU NOT!) and a lot attack speed and more movement speed and as we know jax needs movement speed ! :)
Hextech Gunblade is for a bit lifesteel in the end and a nice slow with only 60 sec CD. You wont get a red in the lategame because its for the ADC so you buy this.
The next item is Mercurial Scimitar. As I said, the movement of Jax is very important if you are stunned in teamfight or something you will get useless so its a very nice item to get a bit more damage and tankyness for the teamfights. If you want, you can buy instead of Mercurial Scimitar a Warmog's Armor if u think you need mor HP than MR and DMG.
The last item Guardian Angel just talks for itself. If you have this item nobody wants to fight you. Now you have a lot of armor, a revive and a lot of damage from your other items, it's just op.
Now you have DMG, TANKYNESS and a SLOW. Nobody will escape. You're Jax. You're op

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Jax toughest opponents





For me, it is Singed the most annoying champ on my top. Normally you can chaise with your Phage slow and your stun all enemys until they die, but rule 1 in play vs singed is NEVER CHAISE SINGED! So, you have a lot of problems to get him down, if he´s good. You jump on him and he just Fling you away and slow you as hell with his Mega Adhesive. As we have learned, Jax is a champ who needs mobility, if he can´t reach his enemy. Because of no mobility, he will become very useless. And if you try to reach him, his Poison Trail will kill you.
  • So, my tip vs Singed: just play passiv-tower-farming and wait for ganks. When you have a few kills singed won't be a problem anymore.

Nobody thinks, but its true! Fizz is a very hard counter to jax! He's almost so annoying as Singed. The problem with Fizz is that he can destroy your whole playstyle. Your first chance to win vs him is Level 1 and Level 2. When fizz has all his 3 skills he can outplay you very easy. He just do his Urchin Strike together with Seastone Trident, and then he can escape with his Playful / Trickster. And here is the problem. He can jump with his Playful / Trickster further than your Leap Strike range is so you can´t reach him if he plays a bit smart.
  • My tip: CHANGE YOUR LANE WITH MIDLANER OR JUNGLER!! It´s not fair what fizz will do with your life.

The last counter, that will cause you problems is Cho'Gath. He´s not so strong against Jax as the last two, but he´s annoying, too. Let´s say if Cho´gath plays AP he has a chance, if he place his skills well. If not you can easy dominate him. The problem is: You do your DMG with your w-q combo, but if you jump on him, it is easier for him to hit his spells and if he has some AP it will be very annoying damage.
  • My tip: Try to do your jump after he used and you dodged his Rupture.

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Change Log

19.01.2013 Grammar and Spelling, first tries with BB-Codes
20.01.2013 including a selfdone video and more BB-Codes, Grammar and Spelling! :D
21.01.2013 did some games for you to show that it works ingame here some normal stats with this build:

23.01.2013 did start my 2nd guide, will make this a bit better after i finished my 2nd guide :)
26.01.2013 did a little but important change, to the items