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Jax Build Guide by gandza kid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gandza kid

Jax The Ultimate Jungle Troll

gandza kid Last updated on July 16, 2012
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AD Jax / Semi Hybrid

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Well, I would like to say that this is my first ever build here on Mobafire!, so I hope the critics are hard so I learn from any mistakes I make (honestly i can take it :D ).

My purpose of this build is to make new Jax junglers and make the old ones better, also not to disrespect to any other person, but I don't believe there any proper in-depth jungle guides that help you understand what you are doing.

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Intro to jax

Well if you don't know who Jax is Im here to tell you. Jax is considered a assassin/fighter champion. Most people think of Jax as a Glass Cannon (someone who does tones of damage but will die quickly if focused), but in my Jungle Jax build ive worked on making him more durable while maintaining his damage output. Jax is built in many ways and can serve many roles on the team such as jungler, solo top and dps bot (though i think his skills are best used in the jungle, or top lane).

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Pros Vs. Cons

- High Burst
- Tankyer than other Jax builds
- Crazy jungle speed
- your Leap Strike and Counter Strike
damage is not wasted

- Maw of Malmortius helps you bait like
a god

- Burst isn't as high as AP Jax
- CC hits Jax hard
- If they invade your fked
- Ranged champs will put you out of your misery FAST, if you lane ( Talon.......)

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I hope the reasoning for my runes is straight forward, but who doesn't love a good explanation;

Marks- Greater Mark of Attack Speed attack speed marks should maximize your jungling speed and help you gank faster and secure kills better, and speed up your passive stack Relentless Assault.

Seals- Greater Seal of Armor I picked up these runes for several simple reasons: they help you take less damage from creeps, less damage from people like Tryndamere, and for the simple reason you become to squishy without them.

Glyphs- Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist I roll with magic resist per level because jax DOES have a weakness to AP champions like LeBlanc so the magic resist helps with CC. I don't get anything else because if I went for armor or hp that doesn't help his low magic resist. Also if jax is being focused by a melee champ just tap "e" and you dodge all there attacks anyway.

Qunit's- Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed I go with straight attack speed to help you blow through the jungle (self explanatory) but he does not need these quints this is just a luxury feel free to pick something else up here if you want.

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Items (explanation)

Well... lets start off from the begging shall we?

Vampiric Scepter- life steal you need it to keep up your hp, while your e is up all the jungle creeps cant touch you and your hitting them and getting hp back cool right?
Boots- your a jungler, get boots jungle faster, gank faster, getaway faster.

Wriggle's Lantern - the holy grail of jungle items: you get life steal, damage, armor, and a killer creep/minion damage.

Berserker's Greaves- THIS IS NOT A MUST HAVE ITEM. if you feel like your jungle too slow, not doing enough dps, get em. if not feel free to invest in ninja tabi or Merc treds depending on situation.

- Maw of Malmortius well you just bought all this attack speed lets put some damage behind it shall we?, as well as magic resist which Jax needs; as well as gaining attack damage the less health you have (amazing for baiting) and the best part its passive which puts a spell shield around you to take any slow's stuns debuffs and damage to me this item is like a Infinity Edge and a Banshee's Veil (feel free to replace this item with an Infinity Edge I often do when they have low AP teams I just prefer this item in ranked).

Phantom Dancer- a must have for Jax, it makes your Relentless Assaultstack faster , your Grandmaster's Might passive stack faster, and increase your movement and attack speed. whats not to love? I prefer having the movement speed and crit chance than say a Wit's End or another hybrid item.

Hextech Gunblade- this is the item that will replace your wiggles, it gives you more damage, more ability power for your ability's + a killer Active that helps you escape or chase down those pesky little Udyr's. I often build this item last and opt with the high hp of the [Trinity Force]] or a Warmog's Armor.

Warmog's Armor- this is what gives you your survive ability in team fights and what puts you over 3k hp, the passive gives you lots more hp, the regen is nice but not all together usefull now that its late game.

Trinity Force- well this item doesn't necessarily have to be the last item you buy, but I value all the other items less than this one but I feel I need my other items before i get this one, so if you feel the need to buy one after Berserker's Greaves because every part of it helps Jax dominate mid and late game.

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Second item build

it has been suggested to me to build a more hybrid style Jax so here is what I was able to put together. at the moment i cant play LoL so im going to test this item setup tomorrow and give you the feed back :D (untested as of 2/29/12)

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Items (why AD Jax?)

AD Jax why?: wheres all the ability power you ask? well Hextech Gunblade is more than enough for me, and Jax's Leap Strike, as well as his Counter Strike are both based off of his attack damage. But the main reason I chose to build Jax AD is so that he can continually do damage rather than burst Leap Strike+ Empower+ Grandmaster's Might and then be left looking silly in the middle of five enemies while you wait for your cooldowns. Don't get me wrong Jax can do some AP burst that even Nidalee would shake a fist at. But with attack damage it does not make Jax as mana reliant as he would be if he were built off of Ability Power , AND LAST: you can take down them nasty turrets in seconds without a Guinsoo's Rageblade.

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Skill Sequence

Should be self explanatory but here it goes:

Relentless Assault: what makes jungling possible, it in crease your attack speed every hit ,causing a snowball affect to happen, making wraiths last about 5 seconds before there all dead. (the bonus per hit increase as you level so by level 18 you should be soloing baron with ease :D.

Q: Leap Strike- max this second use this a utility to jump on an enemy and stun them with your e, this is a good source of damage at lvl 3 because it is based of your attack damage to give it extra kick. This skill should be max after you have maxed Empower.

W: Empower- this is your second most important tool of the game it gives your basic attack a nuke + it resets your attack animation to make you do to immediate hits if timed properly which you can see in my video and also shown by Phreak in the summoner show case of Jax. so max it first to optimize jungle speed and damage done while ganking.

E: Counter Strike: this is your main jungling tool AND GUESS WHAT, you only need one rank to maximize its potential. This AoE stun prevents creeps from hitting Jax while he can still hit them and regain health from his life steal Vampiric Scepter. This is also your main ganking tool: tap- E Counter Strike- Q Leap Strike - W Empower- and E Counter Strike again to end the dodge and pick up the free kill (works every time). This combo sucks up half there hp + there still being hit as they are stunned. Max this last as it is just utility and you only need one rank at level one to jungle.

R: Grandmaster's Might As of about a week ago since writing this build Jax got another overhaul and made him even more durable in team fights (more Magic resist/ armor when active), its 3 hit passive helps you clear small and, large jungle camps with ease, and to deal extra damage to champs in team fights or the odd 1v1 that some poor soul decided to intitiate against you. Take this point when ever you can because it helps more than I can put into words.

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Summoner Spells

Smite: well your jungling, jax actually doesn't need this skill BUT it makes jungling about 30 seconds faster

Flash: flash is probably the most use full spell there is in terms of offence and defense. Run in as bait do some damage flash out team picks up a penta.

Clairvoyance why the hell is this here? This spell is here because if your support or tank is to ignorant (and some times they will be you have to take this item because you need this to see if they have taken there blue or red, check your own blue and red, helps you spot ganks before they happen and, even steal baron. ( I would swap out Flash for this Spell.


Surge: useful helps all of jax's stats most likely other option instead Smite or Flash

Heal: not really the best on jax, ment more for tanks/supports

Exhaust: helps pick up kills and get away, sure... you could take this instead of flash if you wanted.

The list goes on... in the end its your choice not mine.

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Creeping / Jungling (What you came for in the first place)

here is the order that I always follow like a ritual because it has never failed me,(btw I made the route my self through experimenting several ways, this one was the best).

Wolves: while waiting for blue to spawn kill these guys with a nice tap to Counter Strike you shouldn't take more than 50 damage seriously... ( Don't worry about Counter Strike's cool down it will come back before you get to blue).

Blue buff get a leash (you don't need one but it is extremely recommended) as soon as the big guy aims for you let him hit you once or twice tap Counter Strike (so you get hp back from life steal) after the stun wears off put a Smite on him.

Pass the empty wolf camp to wraiths pop Counter Strike followed by your Empower big one should die as your stun ends kill the small ones move on. Wraith

Small Goloems tap Counter Strike/ Empower then lvl your Leap Strike should be easy shounlt lose that much health.

RED buff now your smite just got off of CD so engage Counter Strike / Empower / Leap Strike (spam Empower/ Leap Strike if necessary)
Smite wow look at that your almost full hp with a clean jungle.

Now you have two options, if your blue team you ended near bot lane/ if purple your up top, you can either gank, or counter jungle. At this time you don't have enough money to get Wriggle's Lantern and Boots of Speed so go get first blood or if there is no oprotunitys, just counter jungle the enemy's wolves or wraiths and take your own. Do that till your filthy rich (2k+), go back with a tap of Recall because your just got first blood, or under leveled their jungler good job!, as soon as you have Wriggle's Lantern and Boots of Speed your set to jungle insanely fast for the rest of the match, and you can get some beautiful ganks good job to you!

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OMG Video time!

Ill have more videos on the way keep watching my build for new material and edits!

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Wow you made it to the bottom

well if your reading this you've probably read the rest of my guide and i thank you for that, leave a comment to tell me how to improve, what I did right, or if you think I should add or take our something! if you down vote that's cool just tell me why thats all i ask.

Thank you for reading,
Gandza Kid

ps. (That's my summoner name so you can add me if you want)