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Jayce Build Guide by darkeisbein

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkeisbein

Jayce Support - Your friendly neighbourhood Full AD Support

darkeisbein Last updated on January 18, 2017
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Why Jayce Support

Jayce Support seems very counter intuitive at first. While he has some Utility (A knockback an AoE slow and a team wide speedbuff) that’s hardly enough to consider him over other supports that just offer more. His base damages are pretty decent but not enough to keep him relevant after the earlygame is over. Jayce Supports power is hidden behind the fact that Jayce has enourmous AD ratios. While other ranged champions usually build AD and AS+Crit to gain a high damage output Jayce can just purchase raw AD. And raw AD is surprisingly enough very cheap making it affordable on a support budget. The trick to it is just buying AD Components until you have no other choice but to upgrade something since your running out of inventory space. The most efficient Item to accomplish this is the B. F. Sword. Occacionally I just build 3 B. F. Swords but there are also other components that are worth considering over a BF sword (more on that later). Aside from AD Jayce also wants mana and CDR. Luckily those stats are easy to come by as Support. Nomad's Medallion, Ionian Boots of Lucidity and good runes and masteries easily get you to 40% CDR and give you good manaregen to enable you to spam those empowered Qs.
Having all that stuff sorted out let’s talk about Jayce supports niche. With his Q +E combo in ranged form he has pretty good poke. On top of that he also has decent Single target DPS with his Autos and the other skills (above all Ranged W) as well as some good single target burst. This also means that he has very good damage against objectives (towers and epic monsters) for a Support. He can also push pretty well especially after having bought a Tiamat. Overall this makes him a great Support if you want to poke, do high damage to single targets or splitpush. Or in other words: he can poke and fulfill ADC duties almost as well as an ADC. And if the game goes on for long enough you can forget the 'almost' part and literally become a second ADC.

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What changes in the preseason

The main change of the preseason Jayce support is effected by are the changes to armorpenetration-Items. Serrated Dirk is now an Item worth purchasing. The upgrade to duskblade gives barely any stats anymore (most of the stats are in the new NIghtstalker passive which is hard to utilize) and thus can be delayed longer. It still gives good stats and has a great buildpath (and non of the other BF-Sword upgrades are great on Jayce) so it is still a core Item. Edge of Night is also great with a good statline and a useful active. With the Maw of Malmortius being a CDR-Item now I think that it is best to reduce the amount of CDR in runes to 15% scaling and slot in some more Flat AD in the Quintessences instead. There are also some small changes to the masteries but it shouldn't drastically alter the playstyle. I also removed Tiamat form the build since your waveclear is good enough without it. The price reduction on Eye of the Oasis was definitely nice aswell.

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Pros and Cons

-Strong Poke on par with that of Vel'koz
-Great damage pre level 6
-High damage against single targets
-High damage against towers and epic monsters
-Potential Splitpusher
-Can turn into a fully fledged ADC in the lategame if he gets the farm/kills

-Low utility
-Requires an ADC with a decent earlygame (sorry Kog'Maw)
-Can have trouble helping your ADC when you fall behind in lane

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You wan’t to get to 40% CDR and runes are just the cheapest way of getting CDR. These runes give you 30% CDR which amounts to 20% CDR at level 12 (40% with Boots and Nomad's Medallion). You also get scaling mana-regeneration yellows because Jayce is just mana hungry. For reds you take flat AD because they are just better then the other offensive options (armorpenenetration) for Jayce.

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Core Build:

You will first try to get Nomad's Medallion, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Sightstone and 3 AD Components. For these first 3 AD Components get:

Up to three B. F. Swords: B. F. Swords give you a lot of damage. This is your go to Item if you just want more damage. While it is not ideal to get 3 BF Sword Upgrades on Jayce it is very rarely a consideration since a game will have to be very long for you to get full build and thus it isn’t worth shaping the build around it.

Situational components (you may want to get one instead of a B. F. Sword):

Hexdrinker: This Item doesn’t give you as much damage as BF Sword but it gives you survivability against AP assassins and burst-mages. The build path into Maw of Malmortius is also pretty good so that’s a boon.

Serrated Dirk: Good stats and all the Items it builds into are good on Jayce. It's also the next best purely offensive Item to build for when you don't have enough money to buy a B.F. Sword.

Last Whisper: This item is usually a bad choice since it only reduces bonus armor (a.k.a. Armor gained through Items, Runes, Masteries and Champion Skills). At around 80 Bonus Armor on an enemy it breaks even with BF Sword.

Further Buildpath:

After getting these Core Items upgrade your support Items to Eye of the Oasis. You should now have room for another component. After that go for completed Items. Good further purchases are:

B. F. Sword: At any point if you have free slots you could just fill one with a B. F. Sword. It’s a great Item. It doesn’t build into anything useful though at this point so only get it when you think the game will be decided soon.

Elixir of Wrath: This Item is very cheap and gives you a lot of AD. It’s far more efficient then BF Sword and gives you some in combat sustain on top of it. Given that you are support which means you don’t have much gold usually and fully upgrading all Items you have built so far it is very often a good choice to just get this instead of banking a huge amount of money to upgrade your last Item or two.

Lord Dominik's Regards: A good Item if you want to do more damage against tanks and the enemy is stacking Armor.

Mortal Reminder: Similar to Lord Dominik’s Regards. Get this Item if the enemy has many champions with healing or a champion that relies on healing is fed and causing trouble.

Duskblade of Draktharr: This is a great B.F. Sword upgrade because it is cheaper then the others. The passive also helps you with your warding duties which is rather useful. Sadly it is hard to use the true damage on Jayce.

Maw of Malmortius: Get this if you got Hexdrinker earlier. It is a great upgrade that’s almost as cost efficient as just getting AD components.

Edge of Night: This Item gives good stats for the price but the real selling point is the Active. Very useful against certain champions, especially when there is mainly one champion to look out for or you are trying to assassinate someone.

Youmuu's Ghostblade: This Item is probably the best completed Item for just increasing your damage output.

Death's Dance: This Item gives you a bunch of AD and caps your CDR out. It also gives you lifesteal, a stat that isn't on many Items in this build. I'd usually prefer Maw over this but it is a valid choice if you aren't struggling with the enemies magic damage dealers.

Mercurial Scimitar: When you have Problems with Hard CC this Item might be the Item for you. It can also be a source for that highly appreciated lifesteal that gives ADCs their phenomenal sustain in the lategame.

Infinity Edge: This Item actually adds a good amount of Damage when you have a lot of AD already. This is certainly a good Item if you want more DPS. Plus it builds out of one of those BF Swords you will have lying around at this point.

The Bloodthirster: Very expensive for the damage it provides but at some point your going to have to upgrade your B.F.Swords anyways. If you need a little bit more tankiness or want in on that lifesteal sustain this is a good choice over Infinity Edge.

Rapid Firecannon:
If you went for Infinity Edge this is a good Item to increase your DPS while also giving you the great unique Passive. I wouldn’t consider other AS + Critchance Items over it since Tiamat is just better for Pushing then Stattick and Runaan’s and your damage barely scales with AS making the additional AS on Phantom dancer no much of a plus point. If you want DPS against tanks go for Lord Dominik’s instead.

On Control Ward:

Like every other build you should try to have one pink ward out from the first back to the end of the game at any time. However this get's complicated by the fact that this build often blocks all 6 Item Slots with components. In order to still have a Pinkward out you will have to think ahead. Place your Pinkward in safer positions than you usually would a support so it doesn’t die while you have an inventory that’s blocked by B. F. Swords.

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Jayce Support largely plays like regular Jayce in top or mid would. You poke with your ranged Q and Q+E combo, Act like an ADC When the fight starts with ranged Autos and ranged W to dive into melee range when you see an opening. Some differences exist though especially in earlygame.

Earlygame/ Laning:

The ranged form is your default form during this time. Poke your enemy with Q and look for opportune moments to autoattack them. If an autoattack exchange is possible go for it since W adds a good amount of damage to your autos. You can also use W to destroy wards enemies place before the go invisible which is very useful while fighting for sidebush control. When you think you can gain something from an all out fight (wich is likely since you deal a lot of damage early) activate Q and W in your ranged form (and maybe E to get in faster) and transform into your melee form to go in with Q. While fighting of a gank you have several tools at your disposal. First your ranged E to give you and your ally some movementspeed as well as your R which gives you movementspeed every time you activate it. In Melee form you have a knockback which is very useful against melee opponents. It has a longer range then the standard melee range so you can use it before the opposing Udyr or Leona is able to stun you. You also have an AoE slow on your Q but that one requires you to jump to an enemy. It still might be usefull to get away when an enemy is blocking your escape-route or to get closer to an enemy to be abled to knock him away with your E and safe your carry. Keep in mind that you do a lot of damage early so you might be abled to simply scare a ganker of or even turn the gank around. One thing that is important to keep in mind in lane is to not rush for Sightstone and Boots just because you can’t get a BF Sword. Just get your nomads a pinkward and maybe normal Boots and get your BF Sword on the next back.


At this point you are basically a slightly weaker version of regular Jayce. This means you mainly try to poke in your ranged form. If there is an opportunity to autoattack enemies go for it. One thing to keep in mind is that you are the guy with the sightstone on your team. So place wards. You can Use ranged Q or even the Q + E combo to avoid facechecking bushes. One thing to keep in mind is that you can push (and splitpush) really well if you should have decided to go for a Tiamat.


This is very similar to the midgame but your even squishier and do more damage with your Autos. So as soon as a fight transitions out of the poking phase into an actual fight position and play like you would with an ADC. You will have good pushing power even without Tiamat but especially with it so don’t be afraid to push a lane when a lane has to be pushed.

General Gameplay Tips:

One of the main duties of an ADC is to deal a lot of damage to objectives (epic monsters and towers) especially towers. Since you are almost an ADC you can fulfill those duties as well.

Q + E Combo:
The Q + E Combo in your ranged form is your main form of poke once you leave the early levels. One thing to keep in mind is that it can be used in different variations since it is composed of two separate skills. The best way to do it if you just want to poke is to use your Q first and then use your E in quick succession. That way your opponent won’t have as much time to mentally prepare for your Q as if you were to cast E then Q. Another way to use the E is for the speedboost. This can be very useful for escaping. You can still use your empowered Q though. Just use Q after you walked through the E you placed in front of you. Also when using the Q + E combo while chasing make sure to position your E in such a way that your entire team can walk through it for the movementspeedbonus. It is fairly wide so you should be able to shoot a Q through it even if it is oriented differently.

Using your Melee E for Damage:
This is a fairly simple one but keep in mind that you can use your melee E for damage (it does more damage than an auto) and that it has a higher range than your regular melee attacks. Just make sure that you kill the opponent with it, you wanted to end the trade anyways or you can swap into ranged form right after knocking the opponent back.

Regenerating mana with melee autos:
You can gain mana back by attacking minions in your melee form. If you force your opponents out of lane and want to push you can even do this during the laningphase.

Don't forget to activate Tiamats active during fights or while pushing:
Just don't forget it. It is basically a free auto.

You have a strong burst rotation in Ranged Q + E and ranged W into Melee Q + W + E fitting in as many autos as possible.

Don't be afraid to steal kills/farm:
While you are the support you do scale of gold as well as regular Jayce. In Addition to that you deal high damage and can push/waveclear very well. So don't be afraid to steal farm or kills from your teammates after the laning phase is over, the gold is not lost on you.

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Switching stances gives you a movementspeed buff, use this while just traversing the map or during chases.

This is your main source of poke throughout the game. It can be used to scout bushes and reveals a small area upon impact or reaching the end of it’s flightpath. Can also be used for pushing and lasthitting.

Good burst damage. Can also be used to farm/push since it has a good AoE.
Max Q first since both abilities get a good basedamage increase.

Your main DPS-Tool. Use this while attacking towers and epic monsters. Also use it while fighting champions as often as possible. The buff persists through changing stances so don’t forget to activate it before diving in with your Melee Q. You can also use this skill to kill a ward before it becomes invisible.

Some additional damage that goes largely unnoticed. Useful for pushing.
Max W second since it increases W-Ranged damage by a huge amount.

An important component of your burst rotation. The utility of a teamwide speedbuff is also very noticeable

A knockback and singletarget damage spell. This knocks an opponent in the air for the entire duration so it can be used for CC. The knock-up duration is the same even when the flight is cut short by the enemy hitting a wall. This is also a strong damage spell (basically an additional stronger Autoattack).
Max E last since leveling it barely increases your damage output.

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When teammates flame you for the pick

When playing this build it will probably happen occasionally that you get flamed by a teammate for the pick. It is usually best to just ignore it or if you have trouble ignoring it to mute the player. You can't get reported for playing an off-meta build so don't worry about it. If you want to play Ashe support in draft don't prepick her since people like to ban prepicks they deem troll. Sometimes ADCs assume that you will steal their farm so it is sometimes helpful to assure them that you wont steal farm.