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Vayne General Guide by Jineba

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jineba

Jineba's Vayne Guide

Jineba Last updated on June 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sivir 1 of the easiest couners for Vayne simply due to the fact, she can tumble her Q and none of Vayne's skills are damaging spells besides her E.
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Most of you should know who Vayne is by now. The best 1 on 1 ad-carry in the game however she is still mechnically hard to master. Most of the players now would love to be like Doublelift and I would feel the same. However if you're like me you're still practicing your way but, lacking certain key factors of Vayne. Coming from a Vayne main and first picking her everytime I get to ad-carry. I still have a 61% win ratio with her in ranked out of around 78 games this season. But, that also includes all the penta kills I've got with her with the correct positioning and focus. Anyways let's get started on the guide :3

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Pros / Cons


*High Mobility
*Funnest Ad-Carry To Play
*Best Kit To Outplay Enemies
*W Deals True Damage
*Her Q Can Dodge Skill Shots
*Her Ult Gives Her Attack Damage And Stealth Per Q For 1 Second
*Mechnically She's 1 Of The Best AD's Still
*Hyper Carry AD-Carry
*She Can Jungle And Be Built As A Tank And Still Do A lot


*Very Tempting To Try To Outplay In 1 vs 3s And Die
*Can Make You Feel Like You're A God
*Very Weak Early Game
*Can Be Countered By Non CC Skill Shots
*Focused 24/7 Even If You're 0-20
*Very Hard To Master Mechnically
*She Has No Good Looking Skins Besides Dragonslayer
*You Will Get Reported For Not Carrying Late Game jk :3

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Ranked Play/Team Work

Early Gameplay

As you should know Vayne is a farm dependent or kill dependent AD-Carry like most AD-Carries.
But, what seperates her from most is her high mobility and hyper carry kits. So early game you want to play as passive as you can until you can freely farm and look for opportunites to trade. Trading efficenly is very important in bot lane as it can help you get to you're late game and carry the game. So always look for opportunities such as their long range harass skills are down and try to auto Q and E them for the percent damage. Or if you have a good support make sure you always focus the AD-Carry in every engage he/she does. Most people will go for the supports because they are closer but, if you're fighting someone such as Sona, Zyra etc. Anyone with high burst potentials and low HP pools then you should condemn the support first and position yourself to where you can take the least amount of damage from the AD-Carry and get the support as low as you can. But, First of all to win the trades you must know when to back out early. So what you do as Vayne is you back off everytime you get the W proc's off or whenever you feel like you'll lose the trade if you commit too hard. A good way of knowing is to look at their positions and look at yours. Yes I know it may be hard because some of you tunnel vision but, note that if you pay attention to that stuff you will be a better AD-Carry. Also, note it's not very nice to blame your supports for losing trades you can always position yourself better and have awareness of what their doing. However in some cases, it's just not possible for you two to beat the other comps in trading. But, always keep your spirits up and never blame others for your losses because that only causes them to dislike you and eventually ruining their mood to win this game.

Mid Game

My favorite part of the game is the Mid Game as Vayne. By now you should have 2 of your cores or 1. So what you want to do is simply position yourself by your surrounding Mid, Top, Or Jungle. Never leave their sides because you never know when someone might sneak up on you and if you ever feel like they would. Ask your support to ward that brush or roam to that spot together to avoid any caught offs. Also note, that you should be slightly behind them so whenever they engage you are behind them and fighting with them. You could:
1.) Find a out of positioned carry and ping to iniate on them or iniate yourself
2.) Fight with your team and slowly win the fight together
3.) Go for the AD-Carry or Mid laner if you can reach them

Late Game

Now then we finally got to the most important part of the guide. How to team fight as Vayne in late game. Which is very complex since there are millions of situations you can be in. But, overall what you should do is have map awareness. Always scout their position and your positon. And if you have full build by now which you should or you're still behind. Then you should stick behind your teammates until they iniate and you can freely auto. If you had troubles with gap closers such as Jax or Shyvana jumping onto you every team fight. Tell your teammates that they are jumping onto you and that you need them to stick by you at all costs to peel. Note, you shouldn't tell your teammates that it's their fault because as usual it just leads to drama you don't want. Just politely tell them to kindly position themselves towards you and win the team fight together. Also note if your fighting someone such as Malphite or Orianna remember to tell your teammates to not clump up together so you don't get chain ult'd. The key factor to winning team fights is teamwork and positioning on all roles. So if you know your job and know your role you can get out of any situation with ease and come out on top. As Doublelift and his teammates show he is always behind his teammates or trying to get the 1 he thinks he can burst or kill before anything erupts. Like humans we all make mistakes so there will be times you will lose a team fight. So if you play to improve and learn from your mistakes overall, you will become a better AD-Carry every game you play. And overcoming every obstacle that comes your way once you learn how to properly position and focus correctly. But, with Vayne you should always use your ultimate immediately when the team fight erupts. Quickly think and focus on whoever your teammates are on. You will quickly see them drop in numbers and start to retreat. But, since your Vayne and your passive allows you to chase enemies you should be able to clean it up. The only real threats to Vayne late game is either Kog'Maw, Caitlyn, Jinx, Tristana and the burst champions. But, if you remember to position yourself to the point where you are safe to kill the other enemies you will suceed. I know most of you might know it but, let's face it. We all tunneled before in team fights and lost it. So if you keep practicing that positioning, focus, map awareness, and orb-walking. You will eventually be as good as Doublelift, Hi Im Gosu, Or Even Piglet. Well, let's face it they have better pings and computers then us. But, hey at least you'll have good mechanics overall right?

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Now that the guide is almost done I would like to point out this guide is only for those who wish to become better as a Vayne or AD-Carry in general. And yes, I know I am not a known player but, I do have knowledge about my roles and champions. Considering the fact, I do play every champion in the game and knowing each champion's build, skill, mechanics, skill orders etc. For all you Vayne mains I wish you all good luck and I hope this guide helped. The team fighting works for all AD-Carries and is not only for Vayne and the creep scores. Anyways, wish me luck on getting to Platinum 5 :D. As for the rest of you good luck and you can reach gold and above if you just try hard enough! ^_^


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