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Jinx Build Guide by DrChiko

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrChiko


DrChiko Last updated on May 21, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Jinx with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Ashe isn´t really a problem for Jinx. She has no escape spell and no stun until level 6. You outrange her with your Switcheroo!. Start with Doran's Blade and harass her as much as possible.
Miss Fortune I think its not easy to lane against Miss Fortune, but you outdamage her in mid- and late-game. Her Double Up can hit you hard. Just stay back in early game, farm and wait for ganks. Dont play risky against her. Start with Doran's Blade or Long Sword

Table Of Contents

» Pros And Cons
» Summoner Spells
» Supports With Jinx
» Matchups Against Jinx
» Jungle Matchups Against Jinx
» Masterties
» Runes
» Abilities
» Tips, Gameplay,and Tricks With Jinx
» Warding, Yes Warding With Jinx
» Building Jinx
» Jingle Jangle WITH Jinx

Welcome To My Guide!

Hello everyone ! Im DrChiko and Im bringing you a somewhat detailed guide to the explosive and destructive world of Jinx! Jinx is a versatile marksman armed with an arsenal of eclectic weapons. Her assortment of arms wreaks a ton of havoc, enabling her to deal brutal bouts of damage at the expense of mobility. One of the most important concepts to playing Jinx is harnessing the power of Switcheroo! - to safely harass her enemies from a distance with her rocket launcher before unleashing a hail of minigun pain when the moment calls. Jinx can snowball from botlane and destroy everything in her path. I made this guide as something I could improve and work while I, myself improve and climb. You may disagree with some of my choices in this guide, and that is totally fine everyone as different opinions !


+ A huge burst.
+ A passive that allows an escape if you kill someone.
+ A lot of controls.
+ Very good late game.
+ Insane wave clear with late-game rockets.
+ Extremely fun to play
+ Outstanding turret pressure with minigun passive, even without attack speed items.
+ Decent global presence supposing you can hit your ultimates
+ WORKS well with almost any support
Jinx is strong all-around, making her able to fit in pretty much every team composition. She can fit very well in poke, siege and pick comps. Her passive makes her very strong at cleaning up, because once you kill one, you can run quickly towards your next target.Her W Zap! and E Flame Chompers! also give her a HUGE amount of CC compared to other ADCs

Cons :(

- Hard To Master.
- No Escape Spell.
- Early Mana Struggles.
- Very Short Range in pow-pow, the mini gun.
- Not very Mobile, no escape. her kit can help you get away in many situations, flash is a must.
- Struggles in early 1 v 1's without her support
Jinx kit doesn't have many weak points. In my opinion her early game is the toughest part of the game, one that she does not excel compared to many other ADCs, with that said she can still out range and poke long ranged ADCs with Switcheroo!. Building resistances against jinx can slow her down, and make her waste her mana very quickly making you defenseless be careful !

Summoner Spells

*Travels your champion a short distance in a blink!*
Flash is currently absolutely necessary on every AD Carry in order to make plays, manage situations and escape. Flash is indisputably the best summoner spell in the game, when you have the ability to blink across a area of the map it allows you to use it very aggressive to chase down enemy champions through the jungle but also defensively to dodge enemy skill shots and CC and escape over walls, this is why it's imperative on Jinx as she is an immobile marksman.If the enemy has Flash and you don't, expect to be outplayed son.

*Heal yourself and the nearest ally for a portion of your health. And gain a small movement speed buff temporarily.*
Heal is a great summoner spell on Jinx and for almost every ADC, the ability to help sustain trades in botlane as well as save your support is crucial for winning botlane. It also helps prevent being fully bursted by assasins. It can also be used as a temp speed boost to get away instead of flashing since heal has a much shorter cooldown. This is a to die for spell on Jinx and this works well with flash.

*grants a temporary shield scaling on your level.*
This spell would only be the alternate choice for heal on Jinx and its not really recommended. Its not as useful as heal, and it also doesn't give you permanent health that Heal gives you. Barrier can be useful on Jinx in the right circumstance, you can use it to soak up damage when you dice in to a team fight or bait enemies into diving you. The duration of this spell is pretty short so you need to make sure that you use it when the enemy is outputting the most amount of damage.

* a self-targeted summoner spell. Its primary function is to remove active crowd control effects, allowing the summoner to continue pursuit or escape.*
Cleanse will now remove any and all of the following effects: Blinds, polymorph, slow, charm, snare, root, stun,silence, taunt and DOT (Damage over time) effects. basically a QSS but as a spell. Only take it for heavy CC comp like Leona Amumu Morgana Sona etc.

*gnite is a targeted summoner spell that deals a moderate amount of true damage over 5 seconds and reduces healing on the target by 40% for the duration, revealing them for the duration. *
Jinx does tons of damage and Ignite compliments that. In my opinion Ignite is a nono on jinx because of other more valuable spells like heal. In most cases supports usually take ignite, you still have that extra kill potential regardless if you take ignite.

Personally I take Heal and Flash on all my AD Carries but, i do like to change it up with a ignite or an barrier now and then, but on Jinx I do recommend Flash and Ignite


* Fury : 4/4:
Fury is a great mastery for Jinx the extra 4% attack speed helps her attack speed steroid from her passive scale faster as well as allows her to last hit easier.

* Feast : 1/1: This mastery is very good in lane, it synergies well with dorans blade bought in the beginning of the game for lancing phase. It gives you health back every 20 second, which will ensure you are at a higher % HP than your lane opponent.






Tips, Gameplay,and Tricks With Jinx


Warding, Yes Warding With Jinx


Building Jinx


Supports With Jinx


Matchups Against Jinx


Jungle Matchups Against Jinx


Random Matchups Against Jinx


Jingle Jangle With Jinx