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Master Yi Build Guide by Skaeling

Juggernaut Yi

Juggernaut Yi

Updated on November 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skaeling Build Guide By Skaeling 6,240 Views 12 Comments
6,240 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Skaeling Master Yi Build Guide By Skaeling Updated on November 18, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



This build is for ELO HELL! I have never been to high elo yet (my personal max is 1200). This build, however, is amazing! Everything here is focused around 2 central thoughts

1. Early game dominance
I used to build Master Yi, my favorite champion as it was said in the high rated guides, and tried to follow the guidelines given in them. And I failed utterly. No matter how good my damage was, at low elo a Master Yi simply gets crushed. He is very fragile early game, therefore cannot really gank, if he lanes he is an excellent target, and the only way you will be successful is id you get fed somehow. But trolls tend to be in your team all the time.
So I took everything that was bad about yi, and turned him into a monster. And it works.
2. Usefulness for team
In lobby, when I pick Master Yi, often my teammates call me "troll", "******", "noob" etc. This is because they are used to failing Master Yi's. With this build I have carried my team 70% of my games.

Don't know if this works with Normal Games, but I guess you own even more with it.

Why is this build so good:
Once the build is completed, you have:
4.5k+ life
102 MR
140 Armor
350 Damage
81% Crit

So in other words you can fight, and win against half of their team, even alone.
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-Amazing single target damage
-Good chaser
-Good escaper
-Very good farmer
-50% defense against magical
-60% defense against physical damage
-4500 health
-40% Slow
-Short CC durations
-Good ganker, from the beginning on

-No lifesteal
-No serious AOE
-Damage not as high as of full AD Master Yi

So why is this build better then other Yi builds ?
Because even of you have no lifesteal, your health pool is 2+* larger, your defense is considerably better, and with Juggernaut and Mercury's Treads less squishy.
I use to build him with Berserkers, PD, TF, IE, BT, BT/BC.
The downside of this build is that as soon you get in a fight you will be CCed and killed.
And this HUGE downside is countered with this build, yet keeping all what is amazing about him.
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Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation
Standard AD runes, you don't want to itemize for Armor Penetration, and no one, except the enemy "Tank" will stack armor.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
This is for late game MR. Its painful what a bad synergy MR items have with Master Yi. Being a jungler you don't need mana regen.
Greater Seal of Armor
This is for early game armor. If you get less damage in jungle, you will not be killed while ganking, helps you with towerdiving and against AD enemies.
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Going all the way through the Defense tree we get:
-Additional max health
-Damage reduction
-Movement speed
-Disable reduction

This new tree is so awesome for Master Yi. From the worst early game champion you go to be 1 of the best.

But of course we want to deal damage so 9 points in Offense:
-Attack damage
-Attack speed
-Armor penetration

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1. Doran's Blade: Normally I get this when they have <3 AD champions. Damage, health, lifesteal. All useful.


Doran's Shield
Get this if they have 3+ AD champions. Jungling with this is safer, and awesome. Makes jungling with Master Yi ******ic. Armor, health, health regen. All useful.

Normally I don't consider ANY other items. The additional 100 health is just so awesome, you can gank mid at lvl 2, even before they really begin to farm(they will be lvl 1). The enemy either dies, or your ally gets dominance right away, and the enemy loses a Flash.

2.As you want to gank ALL the time, you need Boots right away.

3.If the enemy team has 4 AD players, which is not rare in the trolling low elo, get Ninja Tabi. It's so good against them, and gives you the +2 movement speed for cheap. If you chose Mercury's Treads jump Nr3.

4.Get Dagger for faster jungling and better ganking. Building Mercury's Treads right away is a waste of gold, and damage potential.

5. Zeal
Awesome. MS, AS, CR!

Mercury's Treads

7. B.F. Sword
By now getting more attack speed is worse then getting AD, because you should have maxed [Wuju Style]. Now you need raw damage.

7.5. Vampiric Scepter You definitely need this, get it either before, or after B.F. Sword
Sell this as late as possible.

8. Phantom Dancer
Single best item for Master Yi, especially with Wuju Style maxed.

9. Infinity Edge
Awesomeness lvl 2.

You have reached a point where your damage output is phenomenal. You take down squishies in seconds. In teamfights wait for someone to initiate, then go for the squishies.

10. Warmog's Armor
This gives you so much health, its ridiculous.

11. Frozen Mallet
Health, damage, slow. Just excellent.

12. Atma's Impaler
This gives you so much damage, and raises your crit chanche, and armor.

By now you solo towers in matter of seconds, without minions. This is where multikills happen, given the game reaches this stage.

If you come so far, you might be called hacker, cheater, OP, "Yi noob champ" and other funny things. It always makes me smile!

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Skill Sequence

I used to think alpha strike is good. And is the only good ability for teamfights. I was wrong. Maxing Wuju Style allows you to itemize for attack speed and proc more [Double Strike]. So except for the fist point in [Alpha Strike] always go for Highlander> Wuju Style> Alpha Strike> Meditate.
Under exceptional circumstances, like Karthus you might want to take [Meditate] earlier, or as soon as he reaches lvl 6.
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Summoner Spells

He needs it, otherwise the fist few minutes get too long in the jungle, and you cannot gank in time.

With this you can towerdive, and escape, or land that last hit. Later on if you backdoor have this and your Highlander ready, and you can escape anything. Normally if you backdoor, always make sure to have mana for Highlander. Dont waste it pushing. Otherwise you WILL fail.

This combo is a must for Yi junglers. EVERYONE in elo hell takes flash, so unless you don't have it they will escape.
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Last words

This is my first guide, and I am not a native English speaker.
I hope this will help all Yi Lovers, who felt yi is not viable in low elo ranked.
Please give me feedback if this works at higher elo.
If you decide to rate it, please keep in mind that this is low elo Yi adaptation.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Skaeling
Skaeling Master Yi Guide
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Juggernaut Yi

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