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Amumu Build Guide by Raiatsu102

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raiatsu102

Jungle Amumu

Raiatsu102 Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, this is a comprehensive guide for a jungling Amumu. I have played many games with this champion (both jungling and laning) and I really enjoy him. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to jungle, gank, and team fight with Amumu.

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Pros / Cons


  • Very good tank with constant percentage based damage to enemies around him.
  • Game changing ultimate that gives your team time to kill at least one person
  • Amazing ganker with red buff and proper use of his stun

  • A very slow jungler without blue buff
  • If counter-jungled early game, he may have a tough time getting back into the game
  • He is pretty squishy early on.
  • He's a very sad mummy.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration I like these because they increase the area of effect damage on your Despair and Tantrum in the jungle. I say area of effect because your passive, Cursed Touch reduces the magic resist of the thing you are attacking.

Greater Seal of Armor These are essential because the armor helps so very much in the jungle and you are a tank - more armor never hurt anyone*.
*Except the other team

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist These are helpful because you are tanking.

Greater Quintessence of Health I like these on almost every character I play. 78 extra health at level 1 is such a useful thing.

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This is a basic jungler mastery page: grabbing a point in smite and then going into defense and utility. Most people don't go as deep into utility as I do but the Quickness and Blink of an Eye buffs are just too useful to pass up. especially since Amumu is really slow and Flash is godly. I only grab 1 point in Harden Skin because it gives the most damage reduction per point. The next two only give half a point of damage reduction.

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Cursed Touch - Passive ability - Auto attacks reduce the magic resistance of target by 15/25/35 for 4 seconds

Bandage Toss - Skill shot that hits the first non-friendly unit, stunning them and pulling you to them.

Despair - Toggled area of effect ability that deals a portion of enemies' maximum health in magic damage per second

Tantrum - Passively increases your armor - Deals damage to enemies around you - Whenever you are hit, the cool down of Tantrum is reduced by half a second

Curse of the Sad Mummy - Immobilizes all enemies around you, preventing them from moving and attacking as well as dealing damage - DOES NOT STUN. THIS ABILITY WILL NOT INTERRUPT CHANNELED SPELLS (i.e. Katarina's Death Lotus or Karthus' Requiem)

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Building a tank is always very situational. If one of the enemy mages is fed, you want to get more magic resistance before you get a lot of armor. My build gets both armor and magic resistance (focusing a bit more on armor first).

Always get Cloth Armor and five health potions first. I have never used all 5 health potions while jungling but they are a good thing to get in case the other team decides to try to kill you. I'll explain the best jungling route later but once you come back. You should have enough gold for Boots of Speed and a sight ward. If you have enough gold for a Mana Potion, go ahead and buy that as well.

If there is a support on your team, ask them to get Aegis of the Legion and you can skip that in your build and go straight for Guardian Angel. I honestly do not know why more people don't get this item. It is a relatively cheap item that gives both armor and magic resistance with a passive that is beyond useful. If I ever have Curse of the Sad Mummy and Guardian Angel at the same time I know that I can tower dive for my team with ease.

Now if the enemy team is very magic heavy or one of their mages is fed, grab a Negatron Cloak before you finish your Guardian Angel or before you even start it.

Both Aegis of the Legion and Guardian Angel require multiple items. always buy the item that will benefit you the most first. If the enemy team is magic heavy or has a fed mage, buy the Null-Magic Mantle first. If they are attack damage heavy, buy the Chain Vest first.

Once you get Force of Nature, you should be as tanky as you need to be with about 70% reduction for both magical and physical attacks. At this point, you probably don't have a lot of health which isn't a huge deal as all attacks do basically nothing to you but more health never hurts. Buy Giant's Belt first and then build the rest of Warmog's Armor. NEVER FILL YOUR LAST ITEM SLOT. Always have room for a ward or two.

If you got Aegis of the Legion, you are done at this point. buy wards and elixirs as you please. If you didn't get Aegis of the Legion, you should try for another Warmog's Armor because it's awesome.

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Creeping / Jungling

The best place for Amumu to start is at blue buff. Get a leash on the big golem and then turn on your Despair. Once you lose a bar of health, pop a Health Potion. Wait until the big golem is at 420 health before using Smite. This will prevent blue buff from being stolen. Kill the two mini golems, grab a point in Tantrum, and move on to wolf camp. Kill the big one first. Use Tantrum when it comes off cooldown. Pop another Health Potion and kill the wraith camp. You should be able to kill them all at the same time if you auto attack the blue one while using Tantrum. Grab a second point in Tantrum. If you have over half health (which you should), just attack the double golem camp without using a Health Potion. Recall once you finish these and buy your boots and a ward. Go get red buff (again only use Smite when the lizard has 500 health) and get your first point in Bandage Toss. You are now ready to gank.

I see a lot of Amumu players start a gank with their Bandage Toss and I don't think it's very smart. I like to run up and start auto attacking with red buff before I even think about using my stun. Only use Bandage Toss if they are a) trying to kill your ally or b) getting away. Save it as a last resort and your ganks will be much more effective.

Only gank lanes that are stalemated or pushed towards your tower. If a lane has been pushed by your team, tell them to stop pushing. Mid lane is never easy to gank so only do it if they are by your tower. Feel free to just walk up to enemy laners and just damage them a bit. This is similar to a roaming Alistar. Just bully people. If you don't get a kill off of a gank, then you most likely sent the enemy back to base. Either way, they get less experience and less gold.

A problem that I have is that once I hit level 6, I stop jungling and just try to gank constantly. This isn't terrible but I tend to get behind in levels. Don't worry if this happens to you. Amumu isn't extremely level dependent after 6 and a few minutes of laning will catch you up plenty. Amumu also isn't very reliant on buffs after level 6. Make sure to give blue to someone who needs it over you. Red buff is a different story. With your gap closer, it can be beneficial to have red over someone else but if there is a Xin Zhao or some similar AD champion with a gap closer then give it to them. During late game, buffs are almost always better off with someone else.

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Skill Sequence

Like I said above, I don't like using Bandage Toss to start fights. I like just walking up and attacking people first. Always have Despair on (when there are enemies around) and use Tantrum liberally on enemy champions. If the opposing team clumps up, use your ultimate on them. Save your Bandage Toss for people who are getting away and for people who are attacking your carries (Against a Tryndamere, I always save this for his Undying Rage).

During a team fight, make sure to auto attack the people that need to die first. Your passive is extremely useful against enemy carries. 35 magic resistance reduction is a lot for someone who only has 70 magic resistance. I tend to switch between auto attacking the squishies and stunning the people trying to kill my carries.

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Team Work

Your job as a tank is to soak up as much damage as you can so that your allies can live. If an ally is about to grab turret aggro, get it before he does. If it is between you and a carry dying, die. I cannot count the number of times I have turned around and ran back into the enemy team so that my carry (ad or ap) could live. It is your job to die before anyone else. The more time the enemy team spends attacking you, the less damage your team is taking which means they are doing more damage.

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Unique Skills

Your Bandage Toss allows you to get very creative when running away or kiting. You can jump through walls if there are enemies on the other side. I once kited the entire enemy team by going around a corner and then jumping back to their last champion. Do things that are unexpected and you will get away with them. No one expects you to jump back into the enemy base when you are being chased by their entire team and that's why it will work nine times out of ten.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must have for any champion in my opinion. This is great for escaping ganks and getting in the middle of the enemy team for your ultimate.

Smite is a must have for any jungler. I don't care if you are Warwick or Nunu, Smite is essential. And for a jungler like Amumu who needs blue buff to jungle efficiently, smite is required to ensure you get it.

No other summoner spell is more important than these two for a jungle Amumu

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Amumu is probably one of the best junglers in the game because of his ability to turn into an amazing tank that can win team fights for his team with his ultimate. Crowd control wins games and Amumu has more than enough to go around.

Feel free to comment below with criticism or praise :)