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Yorick Build Guide by McZeddy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McZeddy

Jungle Graveyard | REWORKED Yorick Jungle Guide (WIP)

McZeddy Last updated on September 30, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Tough Skin
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Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

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Hey guys,

I am McZeddy, from Bulgaria. I started league a week before Kindred came out and it's been my favorite game since then. I recently got to Platinum as a Bard main, but I was interested in the Yorick rework a lot and when it came out I wanted to try and do some unique build on him which works well and I did it. Yes, this is my first guide on here and I would appreciate ANY feedback from you.
I have a youtube and twitch channel, I'm not very active there but if you're bored af you can check them out:
Youtube - has a Yorick Jungle Clear vid
Twitch - I stream mainly ranked games only, as a Primary Support/Secondary Jungle. Of course, you already guessed what my role in 98% of the games is.

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Fury synergises very well with this build, as you will be shoveling a lot with basic attacks mainly, some bonus attack speed helps with jungle clearing and pushing.We don't take Sorcery since we aren't a caster, although Last Rites would do a bit more damage, but we aren't going for 45% CDR to spam Qs so Fury would do more than Sorcery here.

Double Edged Sword and Expose Weakness are both good options here. Double Edged Sword just gives you a bit more damage, but you take slightly more damage, which is OK because we are going tanky. Expose Weakness helps with ganking, as your teammate would do a bit more damage to the enemy you are ganking, it sometimes makes the difference between a kill or escape. However, it doesn't do much in teamfighting since you are a single-target damage dealer and would take too long to apply it to all enemies, so Double Edged Sword is a better option. Feast doesn't do much on Yorick since you have that heal on every Last Rites you hit on something. Feast was also nerfed (more cooldown if I recall correctly).

Vampirism makes your sustain in the jungle even bigger. Also sometimes wins you a fight, since you have a good attack speed from Enchantment: Bloodrazor, you get a good amount of life steal while fighting.We aren't running 45% CDR, so it's also a good source of healing when Last Rites is on cooldown. Natural Talent needs you at a higher level in-game to take some effect, in my opinion having that life steal from Vampirism throughout the whole game is better than having some bonus AD and AP from late game.

With Oppressor you do more damage when your target is movement impaired (slows, stuns, taunts, etc). You will be constantly getting this bonus after building Frozen Mallet as it slows your target with every basic attack you do, which is basically an endless 40% slow as you have a good attack speed from Enchantment: Bloodrazor.(unless your enemy escapes by a Flash, some sort of dash ability or if they use some CC on you) With Bounty Hunter you get 1% bonus damage for each unique champion you've killed.That means you get 5% bonus damage when you get a kill on their top laner, mid laner, jungler, ad carry and support. Seems a bit tough and takes a lot of time to stack, while Oppressor 's bonus is much more reliable.


Unyielding gives you % bonus armor and magic resist. With this build you will be buying some armor and MR, so this just makes these items and your runes a bit stronger. You don't really need Recovery , Yorick has very good sustain and even more when you fully stack your Strength of the Ages , you will be healing like crazy when pushing and jungling.

With Tough Skin you always get a bit reduced damage by all the jungle monsters, and this helps since you are a jungler, after all. This also works for enemy champions, but is more effective on basic attack reliant champions, such as most AD Carries(but not only them of course). Explorer is also good since you will get some bonus movespeed when heading towards lanes for a gank, so both are very useful for a jungler. Tough Skin saves you a lot of hp from just jungling though.

Runic Armor works quite well with Yorick. You get percentage bonus to all healing effects on you(including life steal and regeneration). With it, you get more health from Last Rites, Stalker's Blade, Vampirism , Strength of the Ages , more regen from Spirit Visage and Banshee's Veil(if you build them of course). All that is definitely better than just 50 health from Veteran's Scars .

With Insight your Smite and Ghost/ Flash have a bit lower cooldowns. This is extremely helpful, even if 15% summoner spell cooldown reduction doesn't sound as much.You can have times when your Smite isn't up yet when it's a good time to get Dragon or Baron Nashor , where less than a second makes the difference between which team gets the buff.Same goes for Flash and Ghost. Insight just makes things less risky. Perseverence won't do much, as you get more health regen the lower your current health is. With Yorick you can easily get back to a good amount of hp from just one jungle camp clear with Strength of the Ages or if you have a Red Brambleback buff.Otherwise, you will probably just recall anyway.

Swiftness is extremely useful on Yorick. It makes that hard time getting to your target (in order to start doing damage) quite easier. It helps in teamfighting as well, where crowd control on you is a bit less effective. Legendary Guardian is good for just teamfighting 5v5, where all enemy champions will be close to you(that's what you need in order to get the best out of Legendary Guardian . Swiftness helps not just for teamfighting, though, as I stated.

Strength of the Ages . This is a complete must for Yorick with this build. It gives you more HP the more large monsters and siege minions you or nearby ally kill. You get good stacks for it from jungling, as well as pushing. Later on when you get the max 300 HP bonus, you will heal each time you or nearby ally kill a large monster or a siege minion for 6% of your max health. As you can notice, almost all items in this build give you health, the healing from this is HUGE.

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Skill Sequence

Take your first point in Last Rites at level 1. Use it for auto attack reset when fighting or jungling, however for you can also use it to dig some graves around (last hit minions/jungle camps) and get the ghouls from Shepherd of Souls to help you with clearing/pushing/ganking.
On level two take Mourning Mist, and try to hit at least 2 monsters with one E.The damage isn't a lot since it scales with AP but it is damage, while Dark Procession doesn't do damage.
Third level - Dark Procession, which you mainly use for ganking, although it can still help with CERTAIN clears. You can take it at level two if you start from Gromp as you can block Blue Sentinel with the wall, making him unable to attack you while you do.
Max Last Rites first of course, more sustain and damage. Max Mourning Mist second, the cooldown reduction through leveling makes your target harder to escape you. (for example if enemy uses Flash or some sort of dash through your Dark Procession, or CC on you).Even though having 3 points in Dark Procession make a huge difference(the wall's health is 3 instead of 2, it's very difficult to be destroyed earlier), 2 levels just for the wall seem a bit too much to me, so we are maxing this last. Of course, you get Eulogy of the Isles whenever you can, the %damage when Yorick attacks an enemy targeted by the Maiden of the Mist is huge.

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Smite Well, you're in the jungle now so...
Ghost Helps a lot with early game ganking, which is the key to victory with Yorick. Also easier positioning in teamfights, and dealing with constant kiting while you try to get to your target. You can take Flash instead if you are more comfortable with it, but I personally favor Ghost.

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Creeping / Jungling

Yorick's first clear isn't bad at all, he has a very good sustain and stays healthy throughout the whole clear. There are also some cool little tricks you can do in the jungle, which I will be showing you in a video I'm currently working on. He can also easily take solo drake at lvl 6 very quickly and even baron at a later stage of the game.
As you can see in the video below, you will get three ghouls from Shepherd of Souls by clearing this part of the jungle in the way it is shown. When you clear Crimson Raptor you can go for a gank mid or take the Rift Scuttler and gank bot. If the time isn't good for a gank, proceed to your next part of the jungle, and if then the top lane isn't gank-worthy, just recall, get your first items and continue being a jungler.(jungling, ganking, pushing, protecting towers when laners are away and if needed)

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My first games when I came up with this build

Try it for yourself also and let me know if it worked out ! :)

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Guide History

17/09/2016 - Guide Published
18/09/2016 - Jungle Clear Video