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Shaco Build Guide by Kaberos

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kaberos

[Jungle]Nutcracko - One of the best junglers i have played

Kaberos Last updated on September 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello. I recently have been playing with shaco a lot and been trying a lot of different builds. I met a friend named Nikatta and so far has shown me the best shaco build i know. So, the credit for this build goes to him, I am just a publisher :)

I have used his build a little bit so far but i can see that my damage output has gone to the skies, I was able to oneshot a vayne with doubleclone today and a fizz that was not even able to open zhonyas vs me.

I strongly recommend everyone to use this build. It will help you play better and get your ranked rank higher.

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Pros / Cons

-shaco is a very good ganker because of his ability to go invisible for a very large amount of time around 3.5 seconds
-has a good damage output as he can crit without crit items and runes with his Q and also his clone can deal tones of damage by attacking and exploding
-can disguise himself by using his ulti inside his Q and forcing the enemies to aim the clone
-can clear jungle very fast and counterjungle
-has many ways to escape a fight by his Q, W, R spells

-early game he needs to gank pretty much or otherwise he falls behind in levels
-low mana pool so blue is needed
-takes time to master and achieve good ganks
-has to be acurately positioned behind the enemy adc
-must use q to escape and engage which is really difficult
-depends highly on teamates for early gank

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Unique Skills

Shaco is unique in many ways. First of all he is one of the best ***sassins as he can escape and go invisible in many possible ways. Secondly he can clear jungle faster than anyone as his jax in the box is an amazing ability. This, gives him the opportunity for massive counterjungling and picking the enemy red buff even after his blue buff. Also, his damage is very high, almost double his normal damage, as his close is really strong with this itembuild too

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These are the "Must" masteries a jungling shaco should have. They maximize jungling speed, damage output, health output and achieve easy early gankings cause of his huge burst to lvl 2-6 targets as 2 dorans rings bring him to 100 ad easily

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Another route is using movement speed quints but i highly not recomend it as it is very risky and useless lategame. I would stick to the damage runes with flat armor and magic resist seals and glyphs

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Backstab is an underestimated passive, most people don't even think about how much extra damage you can do if you hit someone in the back. It is particularly strong during ganks if they try to run. It is also very useful in the jungle if you effectively place your Jack In The Box to make the monsters turn their backs toward you

Deceive is Shaco's only gap closer, and reason that he ganks so well. It puts out a significant amount of damage as well. Many people forget that if you initiate with this you're left with no escape, and that is why I typically run ghost on him, so I can initiate with Deceive.

Jack In The Box is one of the most useful abilities (not including ulti's) in the entire game. It can be used as crowd control/ ganking (fear), escaping, warding, and jungling. It is typically good to put a jack in the box behind the enemy during ganks to prevent escape. If the enemy is ganking frequently (ex: Jungle Alistar) not only should you counter gank but place many Jack In The Boxes near exits of the jungle.

Two-Shiv Poison has an active and passive ability which are both incredibly useful for ganking,escaping, and most specifically denying all escape attempts. You definitely want to max this out first due to the amount of damage it deals in the early levels, and the AD scaling is pretty high on it. It should be used to poke prior to team fights, and should be saved for when an enemy uses Flash denying their escape.

Hallucinate is one of the most unique, and most difficult ultimates to use in the game. It can be used to split push, 1 v 1, escape, Dragon, Baron, and vision. Split pushing is what you will see any Shaco do, you go push a lane ult, and drop a box, and due to his many escapes he can't really be caught out. In team fights you typically want to do a Q + W + E combo on anyone in the back line particularly the AD Ranged Carry. Once you do your combo there is no way to figure out which clone is which, and by the time they do figure out it's typically too late. It is very simple to use to do a level 6 dragon by yourself, and also when your team does do baron it allows it to be cleared almost twice as fast. The most skilled Shaco's will use the Hallucinate clone as an escape tool by sending the real Shaco, and clone in opposite directions. This will split the enemy team off reducing the damage output giving you more time to escape, and wait for you cool down on deceive. The most secret, and probably one of the most effective uses of Hallucinate is to block damage. If you time Hallucinate properly you can dodge turret shots, the last tick of ignite, or any target/AOE abilities.

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Creeping / Jungling

At 0:59 start putting jaxes on your blue buff until 1:55
The blue buff should die in around 3-4 seconds. Take Q spell and start going to enemy red buff.
When you arrive put 2 jaxes in the box in the enemy bush next to red. If you have put them and the enemy jungler has not shown then go ahead and take red buff, and then gank midlane while the enemy jungler is trying to figure out where his red buff went. Also use jax in the box to find the enemy jungler and counter him with any chance

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Ranked Play

Just some tips:
-At early levels pick a lane that is being countered and camp it. If you see another lane needing help run to it and help the person so that you acquire kills
-Use your Q spell efficiently and very cautiously because it is a good engage but also your only escape
-Have fun playing shaco. He is a clown afterall!