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Rammus Build Guide by Ragnarson

Jungle rammus, quick, easy, and very deadly

Jungle rammus, quick, easy, and very deadly

Updated on July 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragnarson Build Guide By Ragnarson 3,104 Views 0 Comments
3,104 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragnarson Rammus Build Guide By Ragnarson Updated on July 16, 2011
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Hey guys! welcome to my jungling rammus build. ive had rammus for a while, but have decided just recently to pick him up again. Im very glad i did. rammus is a great champion for those who like tankier champs, myself included. Hope you enjoy my build!
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: the armor pen. gives you a big edge throughout the game. whether your jungling and taking out creeps, or ganking from the woods, the extra damage will come greatly in handy.


: as with all tanky champs, armor is your best friend. this hold particularly true with rammus. combine this armor with your W-DEFENSE CURL, and you take much lower damage. this particularly helps early game grabbing blue buff early.


: magic resistance is almost as important as armor with rammus. this lets you start ganking mages early and effectively


: the health is there to give you some extra breathing room whenever you might need it.
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you want defensive heavy masteries, as should be obvious with a rammus. you want the one point in offense just to get the benefit to your smite summoner spell. with utilities, you want to get to the point that you gain the extended duration of buffs. the defense masteries will help you mostly in early game grabbing those quick levels.
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Pretty basic start to a jungler. a single CLOTH ARMOR and 5 health potions should be plenty to get both blue buff and take out the wolves. if you find yourself a bit low on health, dont be afraid to jump back to base. i usually do and grab a few more health pots. next, you want to build the cloth armor into NINJA TABI, because its cheap and you want the move speed. next, THORNMAIL, rammus's signature item. its damage return works beautifully with rammus's defense curl. next, i like to build a FROZEN HEART, both for the armor and mana. rammus without blue buff gets very mana hungry. as of the last 3 items, i tend to not build them in the order shown. i usually get WRIGLER'S LANTERN first, then RANDUIN'S OMEN. finally, i get SUNFIRE CAPE, which again goes beautifully with your defense curl. the reason i get WRIGLER's LANTERN is that the armor is great, the AD helps a bit, and the lifesteal keeps your health up longer in the jungler and in lane. the free ward also helps a lot.
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Skill Sequence

You want the first point into defense curl hands down. this lets you return increidble amounts on damage back to those neutral creeps, while your still attacking. this gives you a definate edge. next you want a point in powerball. this lets you perform ganks, and it lets you travel very quickly to the next jungle spot. then another point in defense curl to make your life easier. 4th level is when you get your dangerous taunt. this lets you gank with the best of them. the skill order with your ganks should be:


you should be ready to gank by level 4.
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Summoner Spells

SMITE is essential for a jungler. thats pretty basic jungling 101. the teleport i like to have for when your team starts throwing up wards, the river ward in particular will be perfect set ups for your ganks. thats another benefit of wrigler's lantern as well. that free ward can give you excellent map control. teleport to ward, powerball into the gank, then proceed will the combo listed above.
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Creeping / Jungling

your jungle route is pretty much left to right.


this should get you to level 4, if not fairly close. by the time your are finished with one lab, the wolves should be back up. go grab them for the gold, them get ready for ganking! i would not recommend getting dragon solo till level 6. of course, i would not recomment dragon solo period. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR SOME HELP. dragon helps everyone on your team, so it makes sense that they help kill it. this also saves you so that you can jungle some more, or go into a gank right away.
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Unique Skills

rammus is a great champion and there are 2 things that set him apart from most other tank/jungling champions. those things are his PUNCTURING TAUNT, and his TREMORS. the taunt lets any gank go into your favor from the start. keeping a foe in place for 3 straight seconds is very handy! with rammus's TREMORS, the biggest thing is that you should not be afraid to just use it on a turret. it does a lot of extra damage and can give your team a quick turret lead. the other great thing is that its cooldown is next to nothing! with blue buff, you have maybe a minute wait at level 1. at level 3, its a mere 45 seconds! you can destroy minion waves and easily tank turrets!
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well thats all there is! i hope this guide helps you get used to JUNGLE RAMMUS! thank you in advance for any comments!
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i dont think enough users realize this, and least of all the guests who come looking for builds. i would like to say thank you to MOBAFIRE for making guide making so easy and convinient! its truly just a breeze with all of the help they give! thank you!
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as a tank, you do need to be wary of true damage dealers. people like olaf can take you out no matter how much armor you get! just play it safe and smart.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragnarson
Ragnarson Rammus Guide
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Jungle rammus, quick, easy, and very deadly

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