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Riven Build Guide by UnitedAmerika

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnitedAmerika

Jungle Riven - 15 Minutes Can Save You 15% or More

UnitedAmerika Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
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Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 9

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Hello! This is one of my first guides on this site. I am writing it in a hurry and plan to be expanding on it in between games. Thus please forgive any grammar errors or typos. I will proofread tomorrow (9/16/2011) and correct errors, clarify, and make the guide pretty.

So far my experience with Jungle Riven have been great, they are downfalls but it’s the same as any jungle champion. If a lane goes weak and starts feeding and allow farm can be difficult to deal with but Riven is a excellent farmer that can help stabilize a lane but is very squishy until Warmog’s.

This is a pretty simple build, if you've jungle before this should be very native to you. I play one game with Riven in lane and the next as a Jungler. After that, I never look back. I really like Riven as a jungle champion simply because her ganks are fast, hard and strong. She's very mobile and with her AOE stun ganking will be simple and straight forward.

Feel free to comment and post your input. ^^ Thank you~

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Change Log

Newest Changes first!
-Did some corrections on the first half of the guide.
-Updated Jungling guide.
-Change boots to boots of mobility, add a few items to situational items.
-Added Sit. Items. Plan on making a VOD of jungling and a more detail introduction to jungling.
-Added Core items, Rethinking boot choice. Boots of Mobility may be the better boots for Riven.
-Mobafire had some sort of issue and Ki Strike(Yi passive) has replace Ki burst. It has even done this in the comments below. Guide is fix for now...
-Move Ki Burst to second priority spell. Valor is great but Ki Burst will reduce the number of close calls and give you a larger presence in the game.
-Change title, was debating between that and "Geico 15 minutes can save you 15% on your insurance.
-Got some icons to work!
-Added a ganking section!

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Pros / Cons

-Mobility, she is one of the fast champions even without boots. Use her skills to increase Riven's mobility.
-Solid mix of burst damage with auto attack and a strong passive Runic Blade.
-Amazing Ganker, the above pros with her stun makes her a strong aid in any lane that needs help.
-She's cute

-Her joke is not funny.
-Squishy before Warmog's Armor
-Need to be comfortable with smart casting to play
-Need to know how to position yourself to gank

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Runes are more preference then anything. I strongly suggest getting comfortable enough to figure out what runes you like to play with.

Currently, I've been doing

3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation 9x Greater Mark of Desolation for the armor pen. This helps both early game and late game with increase damage.

9x Greater Seal of Attack Damage for more damage but these should be play around with to find out what works for you!

9x Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction for cool downs to increase both your mobility and Damage output. Once again, these should be look at to find out what works for you. Magic resist may help you a lot in terms of survivability.

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A pretty standard 21/0/9 for a AD jungle champion. Not much to explain.

Note, I do take Good Hands for the 10% less death. While you may think this is a waste, late game that 10% helps a lot when team fights go wrong or when you feel kind and save a ally who made a huge mistake. Plus the addition EXP to help with leveling while jungling and usually masteries for a jungler.

If you want me to explain each mastery, I can. I just feel it should be pretty self-explanatory.

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Summoner Spells

, simply because it makes you able to jungle at lvl 1.While Smite does lose some of it’s use in late game remember you can use it on Champion’s pets.

, because it can help you escape and pick up kills. Flash is consider one of the most overpower skill in the game. Simply cause it can allow you to completely jump over a champion’s skill shot. When ganking take note if they have Flash you may want to save yours to counter theirs.

, This could be a acceptable replacement for Flash. I have read guides that say Ghost is better overall than Flash for ganking. Feel free to try it out and find what works best for you.

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Skill Sequence

- This is your major damage output. It what makes you able to jungle, gank, and increases Riven's mobility. Make sure to utilize Broken Wings to it's fullest. That includes using auto attacks to gain benefit from Riven's passive Runic Blade. Remember Runic Blade only stacks 3 times. I personally max Broken Wings first.

- Offers Increased Mobility. Remember to move click after casting this ability!
- Main damage skill, by performing a slash move forward. On the 3rd attack she knocks enemies back. Important to use Ki Burst before the 3rd attack

Broken Wings does not allow Riven to go thru walls.

- This skill is what makes your ganks so scary. Having a AOE stun that early in the game makes you a legitimate force to be reckon with. See one of your lanes getting push too hard, head on up and show them who is boss. While it does provide damage; I use to only put one point in this at lvl 4 this was a mistake! Since then I tend to max Ki Burst second. Ki Burst recieves a lower cooldown and more damage with each level. Early level ganks are all about the burst damage.

- AOE Stun, it's great
-Cooldowns reduce with each level
-Extra AOE damage. The Area of effect is very small.
-After some thought, this spell should be prioritize over Valor the increase damage will make jungle faster but for the time being I think Valor should still be the 2nd Spell.

- Valor offers a health shield base on AD and causes Riven to dash forward. This makes Valor great for both mobility and starting a ganks. I use to max this second which was a mistake! Now what I do is put 1 point in Valor at level 2 for the increase mobility and the shield.

- Valor is useful escape or a great way to catch up to enemies.
- Valor does not allow Riven to go thru walls.

- Still theory crafting with this ultimate, early game it’s pretty straight forward. You cast Blade of the Exile, do damage, and do Wind Slash aka Blade of the Exile a second time if needed. Late game, I'm not sure if you want to rush and do Wind Slash and hit as many targets as possible, or hold on to it till they low so Wind Slash does the most damage possible. Something we all going have to learn about thru experience but I’ve been mostly saving Wind Slash to pick up kills that try to escape.

- Blade of the Exile does not go away after you use Windslash.

My Ideal Skill sequence is:
Mix in Auto attacks! Your passive Runic Blade only stacks 3 times!
-> -> -> -> 2x -> Windslash!

BUT, you have to be highly reactive cause sometimes you need to stun right off the bat, etc. etc. Thus get use to your spells.

Icons do not seem to be working for some of Riven's skills, they are enter correctly. They case sensitive in odd ways both Ki burst and Broken wings need to have the 2nd word lower case while Runic Blade needs uppercase. I have yet to get Wind Slash to work this is mostly due to it's a secondardy skill and not in Mobafire database as a secondardy skill.

Additional note, there is discussion over Valor vs Ki burst on which should take priority. I play on testing this more today and coming up with some hard numbers.

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Core Items

– This is a core jungle item. Wriggle's Lantern is a must early game and mid game. It adds lifesteal, attack damage, armor and a free ward! In late game, you will want to sell Wriggle's Lantern item for a The Bloodthirster.

- These boots are awesome. While Riven is mobile you leave Riven open to attack by using a lot of your abilities to move around the map. These boots allow you to cover almost the whole map in a manner of seconds. I strongly urge you to use Boots of Mobility. Note, late game you will want to replace these boots with either Berserker's Greaves in cases of low to no crowd control or Mercury's Treads when they have a lot of crowd control.

– Everything a ganker could ever ask for. Cool down reduction, increase armor pen, increase attack damage, increase attack speed and increase movement speed. Make sure to use it active ability. It’s helps a lot.

– This is what makes you a huge threat. No longer are you a soft Riven that can be pushed around by towers. At this point you should be enjoying Riven and getting plenty of kills and assists. Plus with Riven’s strong farming abilities you should be able to full max out your Warmog's Armor in no time.

This section is still under construction- Hopefully most items make sense.
Working on situational items section now!

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Situational Items

There are a lot of Situational items in this game that are great. I may have not cover all of them but I try to cover the most common ones you may need. One of the best way to improve your game play is to familiarize yourself with the items and other Champions.

- These are your most common late game boots. These are arguable the best boots for anything. The 35 tenacity helps you deal with crowd control that could put you out of a fight before it even got started.

– Boots are a situational item. Please react to what the other team is doing. Berserker's Greaves is for when they have no crowd control(stuns, snares, etc.) Right now, these boots may be a poor choice. I’ve currently am growing to like Boots of Mobility a lot for a increase ability to gank early game. Boots of Mobility also allow you to save your skills more for when you actually need them. Like usually sell Boots of Mobility late game(team fight) for the ideal boot either Berserker's Greaves of Mercury's Treads.

- Another solid boot choice, this can help you catch up with fleeing targets and secure the kill.

– If the team has a lot of stuns Banshee's Veil is very useful for getting thru that. The magic resist and increase health is a nice boost as well. May want to get a [Quicksilver sash] if you’re getting taken down by surpress or Mordekaiser's ultimate.

– Another great item to cancel out summoner spells, Mordekaiser’s ultimate and a wide range of crowd controls. It even use to take care of crowd control that didn’t even exist! (Sleep] Sadly, it got nerf and no longer removes sleep. It has always annoyed me how many people complain about Mordekaiser but never get this item. It really stops Mordekaiser dead in his tracks to be able to remove his ignite and his ultimate. A very under use item.

A good item to take down champions that normally stack armor you will feel a huge difference by getting this item.

This item gives good magic resist and has a very good passive. This is not a late game item in my opinion. If you’re going get this item, get it in the midgame. It’s very good against Karthus and Brand.

Most expensive damage item in a game but it’s worth it. If you can perform well enough thru the early game/midgame you deserve a reward. This is that reward.

A excellent late game replacement for Wriggle's Lantern. Increase life steal and damage is always good but if you’re having a hard time staying alive do not get this item.

Make sense to get with Warmog's Armor, but your health will only be giving you around 65 damage with it. There are other items that you can pick that will give you better damage and if you need more armor then Frozen Heart or Thornmail

Great item against attack speed champions. If you having trouble with fast shooting champions this item may help.

They have all AD champions? Make them regret that decision with some spikey punk rock armor.

A great item, let me count the ways I love thee. Health, Armor, Cool down reduction, chance to slow attackers attack speed and move speed and that's passive. It has a awesome active that is AOE.

A good item that provides both attack damage and armor. Sadly, since it's a hybrid item there are items that provide either more damage or more armor for less cost. Still, a lot of people like this item.

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Jungling 101: Basic Information

Source site of all below images:
I claim no credit for any images use in the jungling sections unless otherwise stated in the image. If any issues or concern about the images please contact me thru private message. Thank you.

With that said, Welcome to Jungling 101.
My goal for this section is to inform you of the basics.

Before introduction the creeps in the jungle. You must first realize the benefit of jungling is instead of having one solo lane, you now have two solo lanes and hopefully your speed in completing jungling has you close to being a solo lane as well. This gives you a strong level advantage when it comes to ganking and team fights but the current metagame almost all teams will have a jungler.

Lesser Creeps

Name of lesser minions order left to right: Giant Wolf, Wraith, Golem
Benefits: Experience and Gold.

Blue buff Golem and Red buff Lizard

Benefits: Experience, Gold and a buff. Blue buff from the Golems gives cooldown reduction and mana regen. Red buff from the Lizard Elder gives fire damage and causes your autoattack to slow your targets movement speed.
Please note the location of the Red buff Lizard Elder and the Blue Buff Golems in the above map.

This guide will not go over Dragon or Baron Nashor .

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Jungling 102: Jungle Routes

I current see Riven with two jungle routes. There are benefits and cons to both routes. Feel free to add your input about routes in the comment section.

Blue route:

This route I would not do without a leash. A leash is when a ally champion gets the creep aggro by attacking them. This allows you to get some free shots in. You focus the blue golem, using potions, skill Broken Wings and auto attack Runic Blade casting Smite when you can kill it. After securing Blue, you should be level 2 once the camp is cleared. I suggest getting Valor continue towards the wolves and use your skills while remembering about your passive Runic Blade I tend to engage camps with Valor] Auto attack then go thru [[Broken wings. This is the rough part about this route, you are not level 3, smite is down. Thus jungling experience helps a lot here since you can die on the Wraiths. Continue on to the Wraiths and engage when you're ready, focusing the blue wraith. After this, you will head to Golems and these should be pretty easy. At this point you should back to buy since you probably low on health and don't have any potions. After backing, head to Red buff Lizard and take that. From here determine either to continue jungling or to go help a lane.

Safe Route:

This is my current prefer route. You start at the Golems and use Broken Wings and your passive Runic Blade and casting Smite on the first Golem you engage. This Golem should go down pretty fast, simply use skills and potions to clean up the 2nd Golem. At this point you should be level 2, I suggest getting a point in Valor. Then using Valor and Broken Wings head to the wolf camp. I only go thru the cycle once and the cooldowns are fine by the time I reach Wolf camp to engage. I start the engagement with Valor follow by a autoattack. Then clean up using Broken Wings. After the Wolf encampment is done, I then head to the Wraiths. Here I smite the Blue Wraith and quickly clean up the other Wraiths. You should be in good health and able to continue to jungle at this point while just reaching level 3. Here you can either put another point in Broken Wings and attempt a counter jungle or put a point in Ki Burst and go for a level 3 gank.

Jungling is a lot about map awareness and helping the lanes. You cannot ignore the lanes. They are a priority and you should check up with them often.

For more jungling information see Hahano's Jungling 202: Beyond The Basics guide.

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Ganking a lane.

This is where Riven truly shines. This is not the end all of how to gank. Each situation needs to be taking into account.

First, make sure to communicate with the lane. Let them know what's going on. I personally prefer to engage with Riven since I tend to have bad luck with people in lane starting the fight. They tend to get over aggressive which can be a huge give away to season players.

Located a good target, and communicate that with your teammates. This can be base on position, health, or other factors. Make sure to check if a lane is struggling and help it.

Position yourself then Flash(or Ghost) follow by valor into the lane. If you're position well this will put you right ontop of your target if not use Broken Wings. Now Ki Burst to stun the target. Then start/finish Broken Wings with well time autoattacks for to gain benefit of your passive Runic Blade.

Note, depending on position you may not need to use Flash or Ghost and can save your summoner spells. I tend to never need them when ganking middle lane.

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Will be updating this guide with more information. It's just skin and bones to give people some ideas.

If voting down, please express your concerns. Thank you.

Screen shot from my last game. Will add more as I get more.