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Riven Build Guide by RisingFork

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RisingFork

Jungle Riven- The River Runs Deep. Updated for Season 4

RisingFork Last updated on February 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, my name is RisingFork and this is my guide on jungle Riven. This is a role you do not typically see on Riven, but nonetheless i have found it to be very viable and effective in both low elo (bronze and silver) and moderate elo (gold). Riven has the ability to snowball extremely hard and has a strong kit/high skill cap for some nice counter play and outplaying. If you are helped in any way by this guide please upvote so other people can find it and therefore improve their play as well. So, here is my guide on jungle Riven, i hope it is both helpful and enjoyable for you to read. (On a side note, i am currently in the process of optimizing this guide for season 4 and will be constantly updating it)

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Planned Additions

1. Pretty pictures explaining what I'm saying.
2. Rework of my pretty pitiful explanations of early, mid, and late game.
3. Team comps and situations to jungle Riven
4. Finishing the counter-jungling section
5. A section where I show off match history of myself and others, seems to be all the rage these
6. Whatever else comes to mind.

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Pros / Cons

-Extremely Mobile Champion through her Broken Wings and Valor
-Strong Clear Damage with her passive and 4 AOE strikes
-Good ganks with a stun, a knockup, and 4 dashes
-Can execute turret huggers and runners with her Windslash
-Not blue dependent (give it to the mid)
-Fun as hell to play

-Only two moves with any CC, both with low effect range
-Limited by moderate Cooldowns
-Needs good team coordination
-No natural sustain in the jungle
-Her sword is broken in half

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Summoner Spells

Tier 1 Spells
An obvious necessity. You need this to clear the buffs early, and then to secure dragon/baron later. No questions asked with this one.

My personal favorite choice as a second spell. This is the most common spell in the game for a reason. It allows you to escape and make plays offensively. I strongly recommend it.

Tier 2
I have been seeing this spell much more frequently recently. It provides good ganks through ward teleporting, and it is usefull to stop or start splitpushing.

A decent alternative to Flash. This is acceptable if you either dont feel confident with flash or your a very low summoner level. Otherwise i would advise flash.

A decent spell if you want more CC. Only tier 2 because Riven has high mobility even without flash. Your stun and knockup should be adequate though.

An alright spell to secure kills, and screw Dr. Mundo and Volibear with. You do not really need it since Riven has a very strong execution move however.

Tier 3
You already have a shield that scales with AD. Unnecessary and redundant.

Obviously not in this game mode, so we ca disregard it.

..........If you want to feel like a badass you could take this

If your not playing Teleport and Revive Karthus, this is a no go. Plus, the cooldown is just too long to be viable. Homeguard boot enchantments also make a nice substitute for this spell.

Playing a melee champion, you can expect some cc. While this could be nice against a nice aoe lockdown, flash and smite are just to far superior to switch out for this.

Your job is kill people/yordles/creatures. Also lost a lot of viability when it became a more team oriented spell, at least on Riven.

Again, the cooldown is just to long for use other than checking Baron/Dragon. Maybe this is a tad more viable however due to the reduction in warding ability.

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Flat Attack Damage-These flat AD marks will allow you to clear the jungle more easily and do more damage early on. I prefer them over armor pen runes since Riven's abilities scale extremely well with bonus AD.

Flat Armor-Flat armor runes will help in the jungle since Riven has no natural sustain. They will also help mitigate early game AAs.

Scaling Magic Resistance-Typically, you will not be getting chunked for mad damage from magic sources early game. However, as the game goes on these will help lower the amount of magic burst you will take.

Flat Attack Damage-The same as the marks. Better clearing, better sync with abilities, and better early damage.

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Offense Tree
Sorcery 4/4-Riven is highly dependent on her abilities so CDR is a must for chasing, fleeing, and most importantly fighting.

Double Edge Sword 1/1-Riven is what i would call a high risk high reward champion. This means when you engage you are enaging ti kill or be killed, preferably the first option. This mastery then gives a 1% positive difference in damage output to damage received.

Brute Force 3/3-Gives 10 free AD at level 18 which is perfect for Riven, as all her abilities scale with AD

Martial Mastery 1/1-Gives 5 free AD right off the bat, which helps tremendously with early clearing of the jungle. Also gives a good early boost to damage output in general.

Executioner 3/3-Increase damage to targets to enemies with low health. Wow, i believe our ultimate does the same thing. The synergy is real.

Spell Weaving 1/1-Increases damage from abilites when you auto attack. Remember how AA'ing after an ability does bonus damage? Even more great synergy here.

Blade Weaving 1/1-Increases AA damage when you use spells. This is honestly kind of ridiculous how this synergies so well with Riven. This also means though that the Q>AA>Q>AA>Q>AA comboing is so important.

Warlord 3/3-Increase bonus AD by 5%. Just another boost to our damage and shield

Devastating Strikes 3/3-Gives 6% Armor and Magic Penetration. The armor pen is huge as everything hurts a little bit more with this. The magic pen is well, pointless, but i would rather have 6% magic pen than no magic pen.

Havoc 1/1-Increase damage dealt by 3%. This doesnt seem like alot but it helps prevent those guys who always get away with less than 10 hp.

Defense Tree
Recovery 2/2-As Riven has no natural sustain, the bonus regen from this mastery helps keep her alive in the jungle.

Tough Skin 2/2-Helps make the initial jungle clear easier and less taxing on your hp

Veteran Scars 3/3-Provides extra health to keep you alive in the jungle and during ganks.

Bladed Armor 1/1-Helps clear the jungle faster by making the jungle monsters hurt themselves.

Juggernaut 1/1-Increased health=Increased fighting ability=Increased wins

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Standard Build
Elder Lizard-Provides sustain, CDR, and attack damage. These are all stats greatly benefit Riven.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity-I dont know what lucidity means, but these boots go great with Riven as they provide 15% CDR. Combined with masteries and other items these boots allow 40% CDR, AKA the maximum.

Black Cleaver-In combination with Riven's quick combo this item can reduce an enemies armor by 25% in seconds. Also grants more attack damage and cdr, along with armor penetration.

Ravenous Hydra-This item really adds to Riven's offensive power by granting a nice aoe active, aoe aa's, and some nice sustain in the form of regen and lifesteal.

Last Whisper-This item is picked up a little later to help shred through the armor that the enemies are building to counter the crazy fed jungle Riven.

Warmogs-This item grants a ton of health and regen. This helps Riven to still be able to engage late game without being insta-killed.

MR Heavy Build
Elder Lizard-Provides sustain, CDR, and attack damage. These are all stats greatly benefit Riven.

Mercury's Treads-These boots will provide decent MR and tenacity to mitigate enemy CC

Spirit Visage-Provides a hefty amount of MR, sustain, and CDR. The sustain and CDR are crucial components on Riven and the MR obviously helps lower magic damage.

Maw of Malmortius-Gives even more MR! Also gives AD the lower your health is. Finally, this item also gives a spell absorbing shield to protect from the killing blows from magic damage.

Black Cleaver-In combination with Riven's quick combo this item can reduce an enemies armor by 25% in seconds. Also grants more attack damage and cdr, along with armor penetration.

Last Whisper-This item is picked up a little later to help shred through the armor that the enemies are building to counter the crazy fed jungle Riven.

Tank/Instigator Build
Ancient Golem-Gives health and sustain which are key for tanking and instigating. Also gives tenacity which reduces CC, probably the most important stat for initiating.

Ninja Tabi-Provide armor for tanking and an AA reducing passive to help negate AA poke and kite.

Black Cleaver-In combination with Riven's quick combo this item can reduce an enemies armor by 25% in seconds. Also grants more attack damage and cdr, along with armor penetration.

Randuin's Omen-Gives health and armor which are again, great for tanking. Also gives an AOE slow active which is great for initiating. Finally, any enemy who AA's you will be slowed!

Spirit Visage-Health, regen, and MR for tanking. Also provides a nice bump in CDR for increased gap closing.

Sunfire Cape- This is more of a late game item after the rework. Provides good health and armor for damage soaking, but also does AOE magic damage around you that is great for when you are initiating into the middle of the enemy team.

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Jungling Route and First Ganks

Quick Overview

-Start either red or blue.
-Smite the buff creep when you can execute it. (make sure no allies are around when you smite as they will leach experience from you)
-Then proceed to either wolves or wraiths depending on what you started.
-Clear the buff camp that you did not initially, smite should be up within a few seconds of starting the camp.
-Proceed to gank whatever lane is viable at the time, or look to counter gank for overextended teammates.

In Depth

-Start with your hunters machete and 5 health pots.

-At this point you have 4 options. You can start red,start blue, start enemy red, or start enemy blue.

-If you choose to start your own blue; clear and smite blue, then clear wolves, and then your own red buff (smite will be up by then).
-->Purple Side At this point you can proceed to gank top lane in 4 ways. You can come through the lane bushes in your top laner has pushed. You can also come through the river if the enemy top laner is pushed. You can also sit in the top lane tri bush on your side and wait for the enemy jungler to gank, and proceed to countergank. Finally, you can come behind the enemy tower and dive. I dont advise the last option unless the enemy has extremely low hp and has no flash/escape. If you choose to gank mid lane you can do it in 3 ways. You can come straight from the mid lane top side brush if the enemy is over extended or has no escape. You can come from the left wall on the top side brush to have as much time as possible. Finally, you can just sit and wait in either of those two places to countergank.
-->Blue Side You can now proceed to gank either bot or mid lane. Ganking mid lane would work the same as if you were on purple side except the side of the map would be reversed. Now the approach to bot lane is different than top lane however. Ganking bot lane as blue side gives 3 ways to approach. First, you can come through the lane bushes if you bot lane is pushing. You can also come through the river if the enemy bot lane is pushed to your tower. The river is often warded in the bush, so if your are going to gank that way you must commit. DO NOT just sit in the bush, go straight into the as fast as possible. Riven is very mobile and can close gaps/dodge enemy cc easily. Finally, you can come from the tri bush if the enemy is diving or about to dive, or if you want to just wait for a countergank.

-If you choose to start your own red; clear and smite red, then clear wraiths, and then your own blue (smite will be up by then).
-->Blue Side At this point you can either gank top or mid. If you gank top you have 4 options. You can first come through the lane bushes if your top lane is pushed. You can also come through the river, but if you do it is the same situation as ganking bot through the river. DO NOT wait in the bush as it may be warded. Commit and go hard in the m*****f****** paint. Another option, which i prefer, is to come through the enemy tri bush. This way you can sandwich them between you and your top laner and if you dont get a kill you will most likely get a flash. Finally you can camp out any of those 3 spots and wait to countergank. If you go mid you can do one of 3 things. First is to charge through the topside brush. Second, is to come from the right side wall on top side brush, this way you can get either a flash or kill most likely. Finally you can camp the other wall of top side brush and wait for a dive to gank and screw up. Oh, and you can also countergank.
-->Purple Side In this situation you will most likely want to either gank bot or mid lane. Ganking mid lane operates the same as if you were on blue side, except the sides and entry routes are reversed. Now, if you want to gank bot you have 4 options. Like usual you can just camp in one of the following areas and wait to counter gank. The first of the other 3 options is to come through the lane bushes if the enemy is being pushed to their tower. Secondly, you can come through the river but like usual you must not hesitate in your attack. Finally, you can come from the enemy side tri bush and catch them off guard if they are pushed.

-If you choose to start the enemy red or blue please see the counter jungling section right below, i don't know why i made a separate section, but I'm just OCD like that.

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Okay, so counter jungling is essentially leaving the safety of your own jungle and invading the enemy's jungle to accomplish 1 or more of these following goals.

1. Killing the enemy jungler

2. Stealing the enemy buffs

3. Clearing/Trolling enemy camps

These objectives can be accomplished under a set of different circumstances and a variety of different ways.

Counter-jungling is usually circumstantial but i would like to point a few examples of planned counter-jungling.

1. If you see that the enemy jungler is a champion likeAmumu or Fiddlesticks who is highly dependent on blue buff you have a strong possibility to counter jungle them at their red. So basically this is the process. You will want to start blue. You should smite the buff when you start it so your smite will come back sooner (before the enemies comes off cool down). Then, proceed to the enemies red buff. If you enter the bush closest to the entrance to the camp, you will be able to have vision of the buff and still be concealed by the bush. At this point you need to keep tabs on the top and mid laner. If they both disappear at the same time you may want to GTFO as the camp may be warded. If not just sit and wait until the enemy jungler appears. When the enemy jungler starts to clear the camp get your smiting finger ready. When the camp gets low enough smite the buff monster and proceed to attack the enemy jungler. Most likely, the enemy jungler, will be quite confused and inactive for 1-2 seconds, as they will have to process what just happened (i am not kidding, i have seen people just stand dazed and confused). This provides you with a great chance to kill the enemy jungler as well, since they will have lost health clearing the camp.

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Early Game (Coming Soon)

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Mid Game (Coming Soon)

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Late Game (Coming Soon)