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Talon Build Guide by Vapora Dark

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vapora Dark

Jungle Talon Mini-guide

Vapora Dark Last updated on January 27, 2014
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This isn't a real guide

Think of it as more of an addition to The New Talon. People have been asking me for advice on jungle Talon and I figured I'd write a mini-guide. I'm on limited time right now so this is going to be a VERY VERY SHORT GUIDE. When I have more time I might do something else with it, but right now this isn't going to be very detailed.

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Why Jungle Talon?

He's a better mid laner than jungler, and there are by far better junglers. There is pretty much no reason to jungle him unless, like me, you just really want to play Talon, but mid is taken. Or the mid laner hard counters you. ( Looking at you Kayle )

I don't recommend jungle Talon. But it's playable, and if you do want to try it, this is how you do it.

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How to play

Start Hunter's Machete + 5 Health Potions and start on whichever buff your bot lane can help you with, depending on which side of the map you start on. You do this because if you start there, you have your ADC and support helping you, whereas if you start on the other buff, only your top laner is helping you. You'll have it easier if you start where your bot lane is.

After doing the first buff, do wraiths, then do your second buff, then gank if you think you can get a kill, or keep on jungling. Don't waste your time trying to gank pushed lanes, don't bother ganking lanes with no CC, don't bother trying to gank a full HP Dr. Mundo.

You'll mainly want to gank mid lane whenever you can, as they're generally the squishiest and easiest lane for you to gank. When ganking, don't go in through the brush, go behind it so you're coming at the enemy mid laner from behind, rather than from their side.

Always keep an eye out for opportunities to gank or counter-jungle. If you're on top side and you see the enemy jungler ganking bot, take their wolves and leave 1 wolf alive. This helps set the enemy jungler behind, and the wolves are easier for you to clear than Wight or golems.

You generally don't want to bother ganking bot lane until you're level 6 or the enemy bot lane is low and pushed. Once you have Boots of Mobility you can gank as often as you want.

Rush Spirit of the Elder Lizard before anything else ( starting with Spirit Stone ), don't buy boots until you have it. It gives you insane gold income, and the passive gives your ganks a higher chance of success. You can also try and gank more often seeing as the time you don't spend clearing jungle camps you'll be stacking conservation stacks anyway, so it'll make up for the fact that you've been trying to gank instead of farming the jungle.

When you succeed a gank, help your laner push the lane by taking their CS. This benefits the both of you because you get ahead in XP and gold, and if the lane gets pushed to the enemy tower faster, the enemy will lose more CS and XP while they're dead.

If one of your laners goes back, cover his lane unless you're wanting to gank. Take all the CS he would have missed but don't push his lane, you just want to make sure CS isn't being wasted by dying to your tower or minions without giving anyone XP or gold. And being on a lane farming means you won't lose HP to jungle camps while still receiving gold income and XP.

Late-game you're basically just a normal Talon but with Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Smite. Read my other guide for more details.


Greater Glyph of Attack Speed aren't 100% necessary, but they're super good for clearing the jungle, as Talon's early clear is super low. It'll help you sustain in 2 ways, both by proc'ing the Hunter's Machete passive more often, and killing monsters faster. ( You take less damage if the monsters die faster, obviously )

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The End

That's basically all I can think of at the moment. Anyone with experience jungling / with Talon, feel free to give feedback in the comments if I forgot anything important. Tomorrow I'll maybe make this slightly more in-depth, but I don't plan on making this a full guide, this is just to complement my other guide without making that one look ugly as hell.