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Wukong Build Guide by Jammo1818

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jammo1818

Jungle Wukong - A Complete Guide

Jammo1818 Last updated on June 29, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Complete Wukong Guide



Wukong was the first champion I bought when I started playing League of Legends, because he was my favourite fictional character (but more on that later). At the time he wasn't played too much, but now that the meta suits bulky bruisers you see him being picked up with increasing frequency in LCS and public matches.

I have experimented with many (and I mean many) different builds and items, and I have found this one to be the best. The early damage output allows fast clear time, and more successful ganks, getting yourself and your lanes ahead. Then the bulky items allow you to be one of the best teamfight initiators there is, and survive once you've popped Cyclone. I even find myself able to duel pretty much any champion with this build, once even a fed Kha'Zix... that was fun.

I'll cover the usual: items, abilities etc. But in this guide I will also tell you guys the real Wukong, the fictional character, from chinese legend.

Runes and Masteries

So I know what you're thinking, all attack damage runes huh? Well I find the attack speed he gets from Nimbus Strike is enough to clear quickly, and the extra attack damage is far more useful throughout the game as a whole. Armour and magic resist runes are irreplaceable really, nothing special there.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

The same logic is behind the masteries as behind the items, favouring early damage rather than tankniness.

Item Build

1.Spirit of the Elder Lizard

When I started jungling Wukong I used the Spirit of the Ancient Golem but after noticing all the pro players using the lizard in the LCS, I decided to switch. It's better on him. This is for the simple reason that you don't specifically need to be tanky for your first item; you're not sitting in lane taking harrass; so when you do go into lane for a gank, damage is far more preferable. This bad boy has given me many first bloods.

2.Mercury's Treads

By far the most annoying thing is getting cc'd while you're spinning away destroying their back line. And when ganking a lane it's a little annoying getting stunned or slowed as soon as your cheeky face appears. These boots help with this a lot. The other contender's for ideal monkey shoes include Ninja Tabi and Boots of Mobility. The Ninja Tabi are great when against a heavy auto attack team, packed full of Master Yi's and Tryndamere's. Other than that they don't offer that cc resist these do. The Boots of Mobility are not necessary for walking into lane since you will be invisible for the gap close, easily getting into range for a Nimbus Strike. From there the rest is history.

3. Black Cleaver

The The Brutalizer is such a good item for a jungler, in general. On Wukong, it is deadly. This item provides a huge increase in damage, and a little extra health on the side, which is always nice.

4. Sunfire Cape

No justification needed for this item really. What I would note is that the passive is especially nice for wukong, because if you're playing him right you should be in the middle of as many enemy champions as possible spinning away; with the Sunfire Cape burning them all at the same time. Just for fun.

5. Maw of Malmortius

Magic Resist and Attack Damage, super useful. The shield is great too, and not just as most champions would use it. The clone from Decoy actually gets a shield too, and for some reason people think that that must mean it is the real Wukong. And of course there's nothing more satisfying than seeing ultimates and large cooldowns used on your clone, this adds to the likelihood of that happening.

6. Randuin's Omen

Again super useful based on its tanky stats alone. But like the sunfire cape there is a really nice time to use it on Wukong which you can't do on other champions. When you dive in, and after the knock up has finished, use Randuin's Omen and the AoE slow will stop the champions getting out of range of your Cyclone.

7. Banshee's Veil

By selling the Spirit of the Elder Lizard you sacrifice some damage sure, but hopefully by this point in the game (full build time), your APC and ADC have some good damage items, and you can sacrifice it like this without consequence. The veil itself is especially useful for when you gap close, blocking out the cc which someone on the enemy team is sure to fire at you completely. In terms of why it is better than the more popular Spirit Visage, it has tankier stats permanently, and you don't have any self heal anyway, so the main function of the Spirit Visage is kind of useless.


Stone skin

A very powerful passive, late game gives you 40 extra armour and magic resist during teamfights. Not too shabby. It has a range of 1400, which is the same as the max range of Arcanopulse. More than covering teamfights, where you are at the center, basically.
In terms of the real Wukong, one of his 72 transformation magics was to turn into stone. Pretty sure on this. Feeling less sure as I type it, but there you go. Bah it's not like you guys can call me out on it. Yes, it's one of his transformations. ALso he was born from a magic stone... it might be to do with that...

Crushing Blow

Wukong's legendary staff, which he receive from Ao Guang the Dragon King, was able to be manipulated by Wukong's power. He could stretch it in size, to the height of a mountain, and himself with it, fighting as a giant. When you use Crushing Blow, you gain extra range on that auto attack, with the staff growing in size. Not quite a mountain, but useful to bear in mind as you chase down targets. I know when playing Wukong your job is to destroy that back line, but landing Crushing Blow onto their tank as you fly by is very useful for your team. For the next three seconds your adc can wreck him, effectively gaining another Last Whisper for that time. Teamwork is as always OP.


Perhaps the most definitive power Wukong had. He could pluck a hair from his body, bite it, and it would turn into a clone of himself, one that could move, talk, and fight like him. I guess it would be pretty OP if Decoy worked like that.

This ability is what separates the good Wukong players from the great ones. It has many uses, I'll cover a few of my favourite situations to use it here.
When fleeing - obviously, but the timing of when to use it is pretty critical, something which can only be learned with practice.
Blocking skillshots - Everyone knows about blocking an Ace in the Hole with it, however there are so many more things you can block with it. javelin's and other abilities like this can be blocked, you have to turn away from the enemy champion (even if you want to get closer after blocking it) then activate Decoy. This is because it drops the clone behind you, so if you want it there to block skillshots coming from your front, you have to turn around first.
Dueling a champion - when against a melee duelist as wukong, without your ultimate, you can use your clone. This isn't for its base damage, but to let them use their cooldowns on it whilst you wait for yours to recover. The most important thing to note is not to stand between your clone and the enemy champion. There's no need to catch skillshots for your clone, he's got his gloves on, ready to go. So after E, Q, W, move around to the side and wait for the E and Q again to come up. With this you can duel any champion like Riven or Kha'Zix, as long as you have some slight mechanical skill. Some might say it is best to let the attack speed buff of Nimbus Strike wear off first then go invisible until the refresh, however this is not a good tactic. People will burn their abilities instantly upon seeing you engage on them, so by activating it right at the start you will dodge most of them.

Nimbus strike

When Wukong was learning from the monks the transformations needed for becoming a sage, one power he learned was called cloud hopping, or "cloud trapeze", where he could jump from a magic cloud he creates, to another, and another, covering great distances at a time, 108,000 li or 54,000km. In time he learns to just surf the magic cloud. Nimbus Strike is a little nod to this, as he gap closes on his magic cloud, and his hair-clones hit other targets. Remember them? In game this is your jungle clear ability, and the start to all your fights. It does a fair bit of damage, but the main use is the gap close. If you are low and running away, and fancy a bit of juking, this is a good way to exit the bush and run back somewhere.


No reference to the mythology here for you unfortunately. A thing I would mention about Cyclone is the cooldown. It is pretty short, and with the cooldown reduction from your The Black Cleaver it is even shorter. So your main damage combo is E Q R, then after the ult wears off its on your mechanical skill from there with the other abilities.

Quite often you will be faster than the target you are ulting, due to the movement speed buff, and your high movement speed in general. if you are "right clicking" the target, Wukong will stay at the max range of Cyclone, even if he is faster. What is better, is to control him yourself with movement clicks, keeping pace with the target, and trying to keep them in the center of the Cyclone, basically on top of Wukong. This means after the Ulti is over you are in range to use Crushing Blow, land a few auto attacks, then use Nimbus Strike to re gap-close. Unless they are a tank they are not surviving all this.

Another little tip, flashing does not cancel Cyclone. Often you will ult one target, with more champions sitting behind. If you flash between them, you can catch the new champions with your ult, whilst still damaging the old one with the back side of your spin.

Jungle Route and Ganking

Start with the ancient golem , then take the wraiths and elder lizard . This will put you at level 3 near bot lane or mid with a fresh red buff. Ganking top earlier is inadvisable, they're too tanky and without Cyclone the chance of success is fairly low, plus by doing red second you can have it for a second gank if you are able. When ganking bot lane, if they are pushing or it is frozen in the center, go in from the usual bush. Use Decoy then Nimbus Strike. However it gets more interesting when your lane is pushing. This means you should be able to walk into the bush closest to your tower unseen, and use Decoy to cross between that bush and the next. You can jump on them from behind out of nowhere, almost always resulting in a kill. I wouldn't spend too much time trying to gank before level 6, have some jungler impact, but mainly try to farm your way to 6. Then it's gank as much as you like, wherever, whenever. Good times.

Team Composition

Wukong is a good champion to set up a "wombo combo" with his ability to lock up all the enemy champions at once. Good partners include orianna, able to put the ball on wukong as he dives in, then use shockwave before Cyclone to group them around it and trap them in. Other AoE damage champions combine nicely, there's a huge range of possibilities. A special mention goes to yasuo, though my friends and I don't play him, I can see how in theory he would fit in nicely.

Pro's and Con's

  • Great early damage
  • Great late game tankiness AND damage
  • Strong Teamfight ability and utility.
  • Fun
  • He is the Great Sage Equal to Heaven from chinese legend.

  • Cannot duel other junglers such as Lee Sin until level 6
  • Squishy until built otherwise
  • Pre - 6 ganks aren't that good

The Legend of Sun Wukong

This part doesn't have anything to do with League of Legends, it's put here for your interest only. If you don't care then i'll take this opportunity to say thanks for reading! I hope you have fun playing Wukong.

Journey to the West is one of the most famous books in China. Top five I'd say. The story follows the journey of a monk to the west to recover some scriptures, who on the way is given some powerful companions by the great bodhisattva Guanyin. One of them is Sun Wukong, and the first part of the book tells his story. I have spent some time writing up a summarised but still detailed version of this. I also spent about two minutes doing a short version. As well as these I have linked a trailer for a movie about the story I will tell, to give you some visual representation as well to go with my words.

This is the story of Sun Wukong

Recently released in china, it became the top grossing film for the first day of all time. Can't wait for the American release.

Short Version

Spoiler: Click to view

Long Version (better, much better. Promise. Honest.)

Spoiler: Click to view

For information, in Journey to the West Wukong has to wear a head band which tightens when the monk reads a certain enchantment, and thus has to behave. After the journey, where wukong helps the monk fight off many demons and monsters, he is made into a true Buddha, and makes peace with Heaven.

The advert for the Beijing olympics in the UK. It tells the story of the journey to the west characters journeying to the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing.

Thanks for reading! Took some time to make this guide, I hope it was interesting/helpful or any kind of positive adjective really. See you next time.