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Xin Zhao General Guide by luigidragon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author luigidragon

Jungle Zhao Yun from the Dragon Pants

luigidragon Last updated on March 10, 2013
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Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 21


Utility: 9

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I'm Pants are Dragon, and I main'd Xin Zhao when I found outwas a very good item on a main tank Jungler.


NOTE: Some replays don't run anymore, so I can't access some previous replays for some videos.

S1 : GOLD!

S2 : 2250 ELO

S3 : Diamond I


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Because your a tank, who has great base damage.


Sometimes I will 21/0/9, it gives you more burst early game but I tend to not like it as much because I like to be super tanky mid/late.


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AS Reds: Faster Jungling, more madred procs.

Armor Yellow: For jungling, and early game defense.

MR Blues: Just for early game defense, but you can go AS blues or whatever you prefer, I just don't have IP for AS blues.

MS quints: More map mobility.


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Summoner Spells


: Your jungling.

: Just the most useful summoner spell.

: My opinion is its good for all in on ganks, but flash brings so much utility.

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[title]Passive: Challenge[/title]


15% armor shred, and the ability to not knock way your target with . so good!

[title]Q: Three Talon Strike[/title]


max 2nd, as it has the 2nd highest base cooldown.

[title]W: Battle Cry[/title]


max last but put 1 point in it at lvl 1 for jungling.

[title]E: Audacious Charge[/title]


4 second cooldown when maxed out because of Q 3 sec reset. provides a slow every 4 seconds and 240 magic damage wtf? OP

Max first because it has the highest base cooldown.

[title]R: Crescent Sweep[/title]


very good skill, it has really good base damage and gives a free Janna ult with a special ability to single out someone. Very unique.

always use right when you E in. so E-R-W-Q-A-A-A-E. Don't use it at the end of Q because it has current health % damage.

always use whenever, as it's generally up in 60 seconds (Q reduces it)

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Item Build and explanation of items

I always buy aand . I like to ward for top/mid because im sooo nice and the health potion I know will be useful at some situation.

start /
start to build up to
[highlight]SITUATIONAL BUILDS:[/highlight]

Enemy Double AP?
I advise you to tell support not to get Runic, as you will be trying to get it ASAP.

then because the enemy ADC would probably have at the moment.

then finish .

Enemy Standard Meta?

Tell support to get Runic Bulwark

Last Item could be :


My opinion on and why I don't like it.

- Don't need life steal, already have a sustain mechanic.
- Would rather have a then that item.

The only 2 things I like about it is that you can do dragon/baron faster and you get 2 wards, but I could care less about the life steal/attack damage and the bonus 5 armor, I would rather have 10% CDR and 250 health.

[highlight]Explanation of every item I use[/highlight]

: Passive = an Auto-Attacker's worst nightmare.

: This item is all you need for killing creeps, you already have a built-in sustain so that is why I don't get wriggles, I also get this over because I have an attack speed steroid, which will proc the passive of [imgsmall=items/madreds-razors.png].

: This item is awesome, it gives you so much for what the upgrade costs, and TBH I think it needs a small nerf. When upgraded it gives you 200 more health, and on top of that an active that can give your whole team a total of 230 * 5 = 1150 hp at level 18. So you'd probably get it at lvl 10. So you'd be getting about 150 + 200 = 350 more health for 600g + 20 more armor. DA FUQ? Usually I have 150 armor at lvl 10 with this and [imgsmall=items/ninja-tabi.png] and can do a lot of things early game.

: Good for auto attackers, and in general for if top lane is AD.

: Good for double AP, and if the other team has a lot of CC. Careful though, this item is really expensive from . That's why I'm tedious of getting it.

: It got a nerf, but the reason it's so good is because the flat 1,000 health it gives. Try killing me in 1 shot, oh wait you can't.

: Good item, because it gives an exceptional amount of MR for your whole team to survive the burst from the enemies. This item is also another reason not to go 1v1 the enemy carry since the aura will not be given to teammates. Should stick with your carries.

: An item to replace your boots at late game.


: AP is a no-no.

: It's decent but, this doesn't give hp as does, so would rather get that.

: Too expensive for what it's worth, needs to be buffed. Only said to get it to replace boots.

: Already have a slow, no need, maybe late game if you really need it for chase/peeling. Also is pretty expensive.

Xin Zhao needs health to be tanky.

TBH I know some games you just can't carry, but building more damage won't help you carry since you'll just be melted in team fights. If you want to do more damage I suggest getting more cooldown reduction.

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Early Game

I feel that Xin Zhao is a strong ganker, and counter ganker because of the CC he brings, and the burst damage he brings.

Once you get, you can dive and live through a level 1 turret for a long time.

Usually when I jungle Xin Zhao, I always have the mentality of ganking crazy like mad. So I will have about 30 cs while the enemy jungler has 50 cs. I always will have low CS because ganks win games. So look for ganks, look for potential tower dives and look for kills on the map.

The best ganks I love are counter ganks, as these ganks can snowball a game so hard that its a 20 minute surrender.

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Mid Game

Mid game you should have
Baron times!

Time for you to lead your team to push towers, maintain control over dragon/baron and win.

This is where also the best team fights come alive, as late game it's protect your carries.

[highlight]TIPS FOR WHEN YOUR BEHIND:[/highlight]

- Turtle and farm.

- Wait until other team throws (baron attempt, tower dive)

- Kill any over extenders if you can

[highlight]TIPS FOR WHEN YOUR AHEAD:[/highlight]

- Keeping tabs on dragon, baron and when they are up. Always getting them

- Group and push mid.

- Do some really hard split pushing.

- Pink baron, and try to do it.

- My cheese tactic, send top lane bot and make him push really hard so the enemy team tries to kill him and let your team stick around baron so you can get it.

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Late Game

coordinate with your assassin (zed/diana/irelia)

ask if you are going for the adc or apc whatever

if you guys do not focus the same target she will live that is why you'll need coordination

initiate E in and hit as many people with your ultimate as you can as you get more tankier the more champions hit.

after you have initiated analyze the situation.

who is on your carry? focus them

are you below 20% health? flash out and stay behind your carry and using your skills only when they are up and you are safe from dying.

protect you're carry from any threat that would be otherwise death to him.

unless your coordinating with an assassin to kill their carries, your going to want to protect your carries.

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Team Fights


you are the initiator, unless you have something better like.


hit a lot of people with [imgsmall=skills/xinzhao/r.png] and get rly tanky. 2+ is good.

if you are just going to try to pick up 1 kill , E-R-W-Q for max burst. and disengage since most cooldowns are down.

Most people will dive the enemy carries alone, while relying on their own team to clean up the trash behind him and saying "I tanked their whole team, how can you guys not kill the people behind me?". Don't be one of those guys who think that, team fighting is a lot more complicated.


Before a team fight, ask your team if you're going to go for enemy carries or protecting your own.

You would want to go for enemy carry if you had these on your team.(, ) The dive comp.
- Using cooldowns on the enemy carries
You would want to protect your own carry if you had a tanky front line.() or peeling.
- Using cooldowns on everyone who is attacking your .

There's so much variables in a team fight its hard to go over them all, if I have forgot any please leave some questions in the comments and I'll update them here.


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Jungling and related jungle stuff

Always get a leash, and a no smite.

[highlight]Blue Side:[/highlight]

VIDEO: Ok so 3 tips to analyze when your about to gank for top.

[.]You will meet the enemy Jungler at top. So you can sit in your top lane's bush and wait for a counter gank (tell him to push)
[.]Analyze the enemy top laner, did he start with a sight ward? Is it still in his pocket? If he did start with it and you see its gone, chances are he warded the baron pit. So what you want to do is go around through Tri-Bush.
[.]If no ward, just walk straight from blue and gank him.

When ganking:

- If he flashes and has no other escapes, its best to flash with him and go for blood. You have red so it's no worries.
- Combo: E-W-Q. Also with each auto, keep moving with the enemy.
Example of moving with the enemy:
Reasons why I don't like starting blue golem on blue side.

[.]Bot lane is always warded when I'm done red. So the only other lane I can gank is mid, which at most I will make them burn a flash. Sure I can come back later but I'm hungry for blood.
[highlight]Purple Side:[/highlight]

VIDEO: Gank Top

Picture: [imgext=]
Gank Tri Bush
Picture: [imgext=]
Gank River
Picture: [imgext=]



[highlight]Don't feel like a gank will come out of either lane?[/highlight] That's fine, just start farming jungle.


Getfirst for invades. As it's a gap closer, and it's AoE. This will put you behind in the 1st 3 levels for jungling, but it's worth it for a invade.

Knowing when to dragon is key, remember its every 6 minutes.

Here is a checklist of when to dragon.

[.]Bot Lane went back?
[.]Enemy Jungler is top?
[.]Killed enemy ADC
[.]Killed Mid?
[.]Vision ward on dragon, and pressure on bot/mid.

Here is when not to do dragon.

[.]You don't have smite and enemy jungler is around.
[.]Any time it could be an even fight. 4v4/5v5
[.]Soloing it, unless you went wriggles otherwise it will take a long time without help.

BARON NASHOR aka Dragon V2 every 7 minutes
Alright I have a trick for doing Baron Nashor and saying it will probably be exploited and people will probably never fall for it.

If I'm ahead, I'll tell our top to push bot really hard to make the other team chase him, even if he has to die for it. once we see the enemy team heading for him we will start Baron and get a free baron.

Counter Jungling

Yeah I never really counter jungle, I just don't like its high risk high reward play.

The only time I counter jungle is if I'm far ahead, or I know I can take there buffs with team coordination.

Other times I take their blue/red if I see the enemy Jungler far away from his blue/red buff at 7:05 (Which ever he started at.)

Counter Ganking:

Find your enemy jungler, then set up in a place where he will come and you can come kill the enemy jungler with your allied laners.

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Commentary on My Xin Zhao Games


A video commentary of my Xin Zhao.

A shortened version of the previous commentary.

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Final Comments

Thanks for reading my guide, I know he got a bit nerfed. But I think he's actually balanced now.

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